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Maori Festivals Gratifying the Cravings of Foodies in New Zealand!

New Zealand’s majestic mountains, black sand beaches, lush landscapes and rich wildlife redefine the natural exquisiteness and lend a new meaning to words like ‘Sublime’ and ‘Surreal’! Travellers book flights to experience the magnificence of the country’s tranquillity and also to feel the thrill of adventure activities. However, one aspect that brings numerous culture vultures to the country is Maori people, their traditions and lifestyle. Contemporary lifestyle of the nation is incomplete without defining old yet enchanting way of life of Maoris. Holidaymakers buying tickets to taste the richness of authentic New Zealand gastronomy should consider being part of notable Maori food festivals.

Kawhia Kai

The festival remains at the top of the minds of epicureans to savour the indigenous delicacies by booking cheap flights to New Zealand. Colloquially, the event is known as Kai Food Heaven where sumptuous menu highlights an array of mouth watering seafood dishes to satiate the taste buds of locals as well as tourists alike. Hangi Kai is a must-try speciality which is served in a hand woven basket. Travellers should check the availability of tickets arriving at RaglanAirport, which is around 30 kilometres from Kawhia, for the month of February. In 2014, the food fiesta is scheduled for the 8th day of the month.

Hokitika Wildfoods

This wild food festival entices foodies from around the world, with its servings made from herbs and spices taken from the wilderness of New Zealand. The annual festival starts spreading the aromas of plethora of unique fares on 8th March, 2014. Entry tickets will be available online from December 2013. Main highlights of its extensive menu are NZ Swamp Fowl, Muttonbird, Mountain Oysters and Wild Pork. Besides appetizing starters, meals and drinks, the festival also features variety of live shows and gigs to keep the momentum.

Maketu Kaimoana

Maketu, the pie capital of New Zealand, celebrates popular annual festival Kaimoana festival which represents Maori culture beyond seafood. Travellers’ spending money on tickets for flights to peep into the cultural sophistication of New Zealand must consider being part of this fest that is held in the month of March every year. Entertainment options at Kaimoana features numerous activities such as helicopter rides and wine tasting events in addition to astounding music and dance shows performed by popular Maori groups.

Hornbill Festival: The Cultural Cauldron of Northeast India

Every year in December, one of India’s fascinating cultural fests is celebrated in Nagaland – the Hornbill Festival. Showcasing unique traditional arts, awesome culture and myriads tribal games of Nagaland, the festival entices keen travelers from far and wide to book flights for the Indian state. The 2013 version begins on December 1st and continues till December 10th. If you too are intrigued and interested, then here is all that you need to know about this amazing cultural extravaganza.

What is Hornbill Festival All About?

A tribal and folk dance fest, Hornbill is attended by all major tribes of Nagaland. It takes place at Kisama Heritage Village, around 10 km from the state capital Kohima, and is celebrated with great zeal and enthusiasm. Hordes of tourists, not just from India but from all over the world, grab cheap flights and holiday deals to witness the unlimited fun and entertainment at this a week-long event in country’s northeast region.

What to Expect?

The major attraction of the fest is the Hornbill National Rock Concert wherein famous bands from all over the subcontinents come to complete. For artists, it is a chance to show their talent and gain popularly, while the visitors find it an excellent opportunity to indulge in the rich traditions and exquisite arts of northeast India. Plenty of food stalls serve an array of ethnic delicacies and leave epicureans gloating over their decision of booking cheap air tickets on-board flights for visiting this wonderful place. Shopaholics can also satiate their appetite in the night market during the fest.

How to Get There?

If you’re booking flights tickets to India to attend the festival, remember that a permit is required to enter the state of Nagaland. Tourists must travel in groups of at least four people. The nearest airport is in Dimapur, about 74km from Kohima, which is well connected to many major airports in India. Direct flights for Dimapur are available from Delhi, the capital city of India. Kisama Heritage Village, where the festival is celebrated, can be accessed by buses and prepaid taxis from Kohima. Since the festival is one of the top draws in Nagaland, one must book the accommodation and flights for visiting the place in advance.

Top Three Unusual Restaurants in Dubai

UAE’s dazzling emirate, Dubai simply bursts at its seams with innumerable recherché restaurants. But what sets it miles apart from other destinations is availability of restaurants that are a little out of the ordinary. No wonder, a number of European gastronomists book tickets on international flights bound for Dubai with a desire to dine in style. Here are just three unusual dining pads for gourmands on flights bound for Dubai.  



First ice lounge in entire Middle East, Chillout is a popular restaurant-bar in Dubai. Featuring -5 degree Celsius temperature, this stunningly beautiful bistro unfolds as an apt retreat to beat Dubai’s scorching heat. The restaurant-bar features an exclusive interior where everything from furniture to fittings is made of specially prepared, crystal clear ice. With its tantalizing menu and cool ambiance, it is no wonder why Chillout has become an unmissable attraction for most epicureans and sun-downers who invest on air tickets aboard Dubai bound flights.


Ranking among the world’s highest restaurants, Atmosphere is another chi-chi fine-dining venue that promises to tickle pink every epicurean hopping aboard flights destined for Dubai. Set on the 122 floor of Burj Khalifa, Atmosphere is a neck-craning restaurant that certainly is breathtaking in more than one sense. A superb menu of international fare with sea food and grilled meat and hypnotic views of the majestic Dubai Fountain and endless skyscrapers, this restaurant is undoubtedly among the best in town.


Ossiano at Atlantis, The Palm hotel is highly acclaimed not only for its exquisite a la carte menus but also for the mesmeric views of the aquarium that dominates the walls of this restaurant. The restaurant ensures a pleasing rendezvous with marine life including sharks and rays from close quarters. The menus consist of contemporary cuisines prepared by three-star Michelin chef Santi Santamaria. Ideal for an intimate dining experience, Ossiano is a wonderful venue for newly weds and honeymooners booking air tickets aboard flights destined for Dubai.

Top Three Indian Restaurants in New York City, USA

New York is a dream city in many respects and food is one of them. USA’s premier crowd puller is brimming with all sorts of restaurants and the variety on offer is simply staggering. The specialty eateries have been the traditional favorites, especially among those who know their food and are not ready to compromise on the authenticity. Among others, Indian restaurants are rather popular with locals and tourists in USA. A number of Indian eateries can be found in New York but only a handful of them truly deserve a visit by true-blue foodies.



As far as popularity goes, Junoon is right up there when in comes to restaurants specializing in Indian cuisine. Holidaymakers with flight tickets to the USA and are looking to satiate their taste glands and also have a thing for Indian curries can simply not afford to miss out on this one. Traditional fare with contemporary touch is the mantra here. At helm is Vikas Khanna, a celebrated, Indian chef. Junoon fare is really a must experience, especially after having to go through unimaginative food served in flights!


This one is as much as for vibrant interiors as it is for its great food. Guests will surely love the funky spiral lights and orange-colored furniture in here. The crowd here is equally vivacious and is mostly young. Diners in this USA eatery will be served traditional Indian food, with lots of fiery curries. Lamb chops are must-try for first-timers who need to feel happy after spending a lot on air tickets!!

Tamarind Tribeca

For many, Tamarind Tribeca is the best Indian restaurant in New York and one of the best in the USA. So much so that Indian tourists who crave for authentic Indian dishes are pushed to grab flight tickets to NYC and sate their desire! Diners are recommended to have a go at the eatery’s chicken tikka masala to truly revel in the experience. Lamb chops aren’t bad either and equally recommended for those who are visiting Tamarind for the first time and do not wish to experiment.

Shopping & Eating at Cairo International Airport: A Real Pleasure!

Egyptian capital, Cairo is a terrific tourist destination. The city has all the charisma, mystique and the romanticism to capture the interest of even those holiday makers who aren’t supposed to be easily pleased. Every year, millions book flights to the city airport, with many of them being first-time visitors. Cairo International Airport is well adept in handling the demands and desires of incoming and outgoing passenger traffic, and maintains a long inventory of passenger services and amenities. Let us talk about two of the most basic yet very useful ones.


Dining at Cairo International Airport

There is simply no dearth of dining options at Egypt’s busiest airport. Some of the planet’s most well recognized brands as well as a plenty of local eating joints can be found at different locations of the airport. Variety is not a problem either. Owing to Egypt’s central location, Cairo is popular stopover for travelers from all corners of the world, and hence the diversity in passenger traffic has led to the emergence of restaurants with various sorts of cuisines. So, while you have an American fast food major, Burger King at Terminal 1, you also have an Asian food specialist, YUMCHA at Terminal 3. For those who prefer a rather cheap fare, there is a McDonald’s. Bill Bentley’s, Puro Gusto, Gino’s Pizza and Pasta, Cilantro and Segafredo Cafe are some other dining options that can please passengers who have flights to and from Cairo International Airport.

Shopping at Cairo International Airport

Like dining, shopping is big at the airport. Keen shoppers who have heard a thing or two about Cairo’s specialty shopping would be able to start their retail expedition right from the airport, as soon as they get off flights! The duty free adds to the magic and surely turns up the heat for compulsive buyers who are boarding Cairo bound flights. Egypt Air Duty Free, at Terminal 3, is the place to be for cheap bargains. It is a huge arcade and offers a wide range of global brands that are not to be found in any other airport of the country.

Cairo Airport Duty Free, on the first floor of Terminal 1, is another option for making up for expensive flights tickets with pocket-friendly deals!

Popular Ecotourism Attractions in New Zealand

New Zealand is a fine holiday destination that thrives on it natural pristine beauty and incredible adventure pursuits. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that folks who crave a perfect ecotourism journey would do best to get hold flights to New Zealand. Vacationers have the following options and much more to round of their ecotourism holidays in the country in the most gratifying manner.


Poor Knights Islands Marine Reserve

PoorKnightsIslands may look a little ordinary from the mainland but those who know will tell you that the islands have a long history attached to it. While the islands are off limits to preserve the indigenous flora and fauna, the waters off shore are in no way off the radar of tourists who love an eco adventure. On the contrary, the marine reserve makes for the perfect venue for ecotourism in New Zealand. It is one of the finest diving sites, offering adventurers a wonderful incentive to endure long-haul flights to New Zealand.


WhiteIsland (also known as Whakaari) is the only sub-marine volcano active in New Zealand. The shore of the place is perfect for checking out the region’s immaculate natural gift, with crystalline craters, sulphur- stained cliffs, and a toxic lake of rather effervescent colours. Of course, not many would like to land in these volatile surroundings but those who will surely believe they have found the origin of life itself at WhiteIsland!

Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Area, for both its volcanic landscape and cultural inheritance of the aboriginal Maori tribes. Tourists who land here after getting off from their flights in the country will surely be persuaded to explore this strange but incredible place. At Tongariro National Park, tourists will be able be see several extremes. Active volcanoes to lush forests to snow-capped mountains – the wonders never stop to roll at here! And of course, for eco-tourists, it just couldn’t get better. Hiking is the activity of choice for people who wish to explore the region in a comprehensive manner after spending money on flights.

A Brief but Useful Guide to Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport

Bangkok is undeniably one of the most well-known and celebrated holiday destinations on the planet. Estimates put the figure of tourists visiting Bangkok at well over 10 million in a year! Naturally, this puts a lot of focus on the city’s international airport. Suvarnabhumi Airport, also known as Bangkok International Airport is among the busiest in the world, with around 50 million passengers using it in the year 2012. A long list of regional and international carriers offers flights to the Thai capital. Take a look at some of the salient features of Suvarnabhumi Airport that’s sure to help tourists who are landing in Bangkok for the very first time.


Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport Hotel

A world-class hotel is found on the premises of the Bangkok International Airport. Novotel Suvarnabhumi Airport is located very close to the airport’s main terminal and is linked by a 200 meter, air-conditioned underground walkway. Further, the hotel is well connected to city downtown and its CBDs.

The Novotel features more than 600 rooms, and is a perfect option for fliers who are keen on finding an accommodation close to the airport after disembarking from flights. The property has four restaurants and a bar, and serves a large range of popular Western and Asian dishes. It also houses a swimming pool, fitness center, spa facilities, beauty salon, shopping arcade, etc.

Shopping & Dining

Holiday makers and business travelers would never be heard complaining when it comes to shopping and eating options at the airport. Those who are disembarking flights or those who have flights to catch can spend some time at the duty free shops, regular stores and/or airport restaurants. Duty-free goods are available at 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors while eating joints can be found on 3rd and 4th   floors of the airport building.

Other Services

Just like any well-developed modern aviation hub, Bangkok airport is replete with all sorts of services and facilities that prove to be highly useful for travelers who are boarding flights to Thailand. There are lounges, medical clinic, ATM/currency exchange, car rental agents, prayer rooms, and a host of other such helpful services.

Top Things to Do During Winter Holidays in Delhi

Magnificent monuments, intriguing museums, astonishing nightlife and loads of shopping; Delhi is truly a holidaymaker’s paradise. The capital city is thronged by tons of travellers all year-round for its fascinating fusion of the old and the new. However, it is the winter when this gorgeous town comes in its most dazzling form and allures hordes of vacationers to grab cheap flights to India. If you too have been dreaming of taking Delhi tour, then now is the perfect time to search for best deals on flights and holiday packages for the destination. Take a look at top things to do when visiting this India’s leading metropolis.


Qutub Minar and Red Fort: Step Back in Time

These are two of Delhi’s World Heritage Sites, and are indeed among the hottest attractions for tourists grabbing tickets on flights for holidays in India. If Red Fort is one of the most magnificent examples of Mughal architecture, Qutub Minar brings out the best of Islamic arts and architecture. Built in 1192, Qutub Minar is one of the tallest brick minarets in the world. Red Fort, along with its beautifully carved architraves, is known for a superb Light and Sound Show which narrates the rich history of the city.

Sarojini Nagar and Select City Walk: Shop till You drop

There is no denying in the fact that Delhi is a shopper’s paradise. From budget friendly markets to the uber-stylish malls; the city has got everything to leave shopaholics spoilt for choice. Budget travellers can save a lot by shopping at Sarojini Nagar market. This lively market-place is a one-stop spot for all items, from clothing to footwear and bags to artificial jewellery, and allows one to make the most of the monies spent on cheap flights for visiting India. The swanky Select City Walk Mall is replete with showrooms of international brands and trendy stalls (rooftop) which will offer you everything shopping-worthy. Cherry on the cake are the numerous winter sales at the markets and malls.

With myriad dining avenues offering a variety of delicious cuisines, Delhi also leaves epicureans gloating over their decision of grabbing deals on flights for India holidays.

Top 3 Things to Do For Families with Kids in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi is a place for all – be it those who have culture and religion on their minds or the ones who seek a luxury trip after spending on flights or the families who wish to treat the younger members with a flurry of enriching activities and avenues. While a lot has been written about Abu Dhabi’s cultural wealth and lavish hotels, a precious little can be found that deals with kid-friendly attractions of the city. Here is a quick attempt on the latter.


HiliFunCity: Al Ain is home to HiliFunCity, one of the best places to spend a day of fun and frolics with family in the UAE. It is colorful theme park that teems with a variety of rides, not only for kids but also for adults who love a bit of thrill. Daredevils are usually most enamored by the Sky Flyer, billed as the most extreme ride in HiliFunCity. Kids will perhaps be gravitated towards more subdued but no less fun options like circus train, bumper cars or the electric boats on the Crazy Marina. There is no need to worry about all the exertion and famishment as within the theme park, there are plenty of food outlets and picnic tables. Tickets for the theme park are priced reasonably. Certainly, a must visit for families who are boarding Abu Dhabi flights to have some fun.

Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center: Families would love to educate their wards something about the big cats after investing on flights. And what better place than Abu Dhabi Wildlife Center to do so! Tickets can be booked for one hour guided tour, which will allow guest to spot animals like cheetahs, tigers, lions, leopards and jaguars. Cost of tickets for children under 12 years old is almost half of that of adults.

Abu Dhabi Ice Rink: Tourists who book flights for summer adventure in the UAE and are looking to escape the heat can book tickets/passes for Abu Dhabi Ice Rink. It is not a very expensive prospect and can be termed cheap by UAE standards. Kids will love to whiz away on their blades searing the ice, having a wonderful time in the process. Parents who need some relaxation can opt to sit in an on-site cafe.

South Africa’s Kruger National Park Impresses Tourists!

KrugerNational Park is to South Africa what Taj Mahal is to India – most important not only in terms of country possessions but also from the perspective of tourism. Millions of tourists, from different parts of the world, put in money to book flights tickets, hotels, and overall holiday packages for South Africa, primarily to explore the country’s rich wildlife and KrugerNational Park is the place to do so for them.


Located in the north-eastern corner of the nation, KrugerNational Park is huge and is one of the largest game reserves in Africa. It is at this national park where people get to greet the “Big 5” of African wildlife. In totality, there are around 150 species of animals and over 500 species of birds in Kruger. No wonder, people seem so desperate for affordable flights and hotel packages for South Africa! Beyond game watching, tourists can do a lot more during their trip to Kruger. Here is a very brief region-wise account of things to do in the KrugerNational Park, something that’s sure to help first-time visitors.

North Region Highlights

This is the premier place to spot hippos. A majority of them are found around the Letaba and Olifants rivers. Elephant and water buffalo are also present in this part of the park. The far north is rather isolated with dense Mopani Woodland.

Central Region Highlights

Those who are booking tickets on SA bound flights to revel in the big cat sightings, this is the zone to be in. Lion, cheetah and hyena are often sighed here. Impala, buffalo, giraffe, wildebeest and zebra are other animals that can be found here.

Southern Region Highlights

Game watchers, who book tickets and board South Africa bound flights, will find very few large cats here. White rhino, impala, kudu, giraffe and baboon are more in numbers. This part of Kruger is also home to several rare flora and trees such as Coral Tree and Lavender Fever Berry.