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The Little Known Places in Miami – The Magic City

Miami is a paradise on Earth! This seaport city in the US state of Florida has a pleasant climate, ideal for the ones who want to relax on sun-soaked beaches.


At night, the restaurants, bars, and pubs turn into lively party venues. Of course, we know that you are probably aware of the famous attractions, so we have mentioned some of the lesser known ones here.

The Ancient Spanish Monastery

The Ancient Spanish Monument is a hidden gem! Its construction began in 1133 AD and was completed eight years later. Subsequently, it was deconstructed stone by stone and shipped to the US in the form of huge wooden crates. In 1952, the crates were purchased by two entrepreneurs. Over a period of 19 months, it was re-built as a monastery. This magnificent monument with its jaw-dropping past is absolutely not to be missed.


Opened in 2011, this lively bar offers reasonably-priced drinks and foot-tapping music. Entertainment options such as a dart board, pool table, and jukebox ensure lots of fun-packed moments. To save some cash, visit during the happy hours (5 PM – 9 PM). Foxhole is the perfect venue for birthday and special events.

Casabe 305 Bistro

Casabe 305 Bistro presents mouth-watering Venezuela-Caribbean fusion food. It’s a very popular place and even serves weddings, private parties, business/gallery events, and entertainment/TV/film productions as well. The charming ambience coupled with commendable service has been appreciated by past visitors. Casabe 305 Bistro is the brainchild of Diego Vicente Texera – a popular Venezuelan Chef.

The Barnacle

Created in 1891, The Barnacle gives a spectacular view of frontier life during The Era of the Bay, when all travel to and from Miami was solely by boat. Situated on the shore of Biscayne Bay, the building was the residence of Ralph Middleton Munroe, one of Coconut Grove’s most powerful and charismatic pioneers. This is a great hang-out place for friends planning to spend fun times together.

J Wakefield Brewing

Located in Wynwood – one of the most varied and art-driven districts of Miami, the J Wakefield Brewing makes and sells a wide range of beer such as Stush, UJP, El Jefe, and La Nada. It also features wall-length murals of Star Wars characters along with comic book lithographs. Public brewery tours are conducted. No reservations are required to participate in them.

Marvellous Attractions in Miami Beach

It may not be an exaggeration to call Miami Beach one of the most scintillating places in the world. As the name suggests, it is especially popular among beach lovers.


The pastel buildings from the 1930s add a dash of old world charm to this beautiful place and attract many tourists every year. It sure makes sense to grab a flight to this awesome destination in the US for your holiday. Get familiar with some of the main attractions in Miami Beach.

South Beach

You will be enthralled here. Located in the southern tip of the Miami Beach, South Beach is an ideal party destination that attracts countless tourists. This happening place also offers marvellous views of the ocean. So, after partying hard, one may simply relax by flopping down on a beach chair and gazing out at the ocean.

Collins Avenue Shopping Districts

This is a must visit place for shopaholics. There are over 30 designer shops here that offer a wonderful cosmopolitan shopping experience. If you are looking for upscale retail therapy, there is a sea of choice to take your pick from. Some of the major shops here are Versace, Kenneth Cole and Armani.

Lincoln Road

Lincoln Road is a colourful place full of life and offers a plenty of things to do. Help yourself to indescribably great food at the restaurants here or go shopping for a wonderful experience. This traffic free stretch is also a lovely place to indulge in some people watching by simply strolling around at a leisurely pace.

South Pointe Park

The tranquil environment of South Pointe Park is said to inspire poetry in some. The park has walking paths, food stand and a lovely grassy area. It also features a miniature water park, which attracts kids. Besides, fantastic views of the ocean make this place all the more delightful.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Miami Beach Botanical Garden is a paradise for the one who loves nature. Home to a variety of native plants and trees, this garden is also a scintillating picnic spot. It has three themed areas, namely Japanese garden, edible garden and water garden. You can know about the history of the garden and the plants here from the tour guides.

Fun and Frolic at Coconut Grove Festival, Miami

Coconut Grove Arts festival was started by the tightly knit, warm Bohemian community of Coconut Grove in the 1960s. Moving forward; presently, the 52nd Annual Coconut Grove Arts Festival has become one of the most anticipated art events of South Florida.


The main reason behind its popularity is the brilliant art and music performances, the delicious food and a weekend full of fun activities and events. As the festival is held on the same weekend of the month every year; it makes the planning easier for attendees. If you are planning to visit Miami between the 13th and 15th of February, 2016 and are in love with music, art and food, make sure to book tickets for this grand affair.


This year, the festival will host more than 300 artists from across the globe, who are going to perform in relaxed outdoor settings. You will see various artists, woodworkers and sculptors work their magic. The best part is that you can buy these brilliant artworks. Some of the painters focus on the surroundings and the scenery of Miami for inspiration, while others use their own flavour and blend to create a wonderful collage of various art forms.


In the last few years, the food in the festival has evolved from the carnival like stalls and stands selling fast food to gourmet food for a delightful culinary experience. The festival promises something for everyone, including families, friends and kids.  Many local chefs come together to entertain and astonish the attendees with their brilliant food and artistic culinary genius. Coconut Grove has been home to some of the best chefs in Miami and a hub for the culinary arts.

Music and Performing Arts

If you are a music lover you should head to the Peacock Park, which becomes the waterfront stage of Coconut Grove during the festival. Throughout the duration of the festival, you will find a large number of local and international musicians entertaining the crowd. The schedule is full of various Latin groups, jazz performers, Caribbean-influenced music groups and various bands performing a mix of rap/funk/Latin music. Apart from the main stage, you will find a number of small-scale music, dance and theatre performances being conducted at other venues.

Taste the Best of Latin Culture with spectacular Calle Ocho Carnival in Miami!

Culture and merrymaking go hand in hand in Miami, and the myriads of carnivals that the ‘Magic City’ celebrates all year-round indicate it. If you, too, are keen to witness one of the biggest cultural fairs in Miami, book flights to the city and be here in March to be a part of the spectacular Calle Ocho Carnival! The week-long event transforms the city into a vibrant party hub, with tons of spectators assembling to celebrate the colourful Latin culture on the streets of Little Havana. In 2015, this huge gala will kick off from March 15 and is expected to enthral one and all with loads of fun, food, music, culture and more.

Here’s what all one can look forward to after netting air tickets on flights to enjoy this Miami carnival!

Carnival-in-MiamiCultural Merrymaking: Calle Ocho is both a cultural fest and a boisterous street celebration. Held along the SW 8th Street, the carnival sees Miami’s Latin community coming out loud and proud to pay homage to their cultural heritage. Talented artists from all parts of the USA gather here to perform on various styles of Latin music, from hip hop to meringue and jazz to rap. Enthralling sounds of the Hispanic and Caribbean nations fill the air with intense patriotism! Various cultural events, magic shows and interesting competitions just add to this enigmatic aura, promising the visitors whale of a time and maximum bang for their monies spent on travel tickets and holiday deals.

Delicious Latin Delicacies: If you’re a food-lover, Calle Ocho Carnival is your opportunity to savour some of the most incredible Latin flavours. You will see innumerable stalls and shops serving foods from different countries like Colombia, Nicaragua and Costa Rica. The local cuisines of Florida and the rest of the USA are also offered to delight epicureans who attend the event after disembarking their Miami flights.

Sit Back and Relax: When in Miami, it’s almost irresistible not to indulge in the soul-soothing serenity and solace which the city’s magnificent coast has to offer! Be it the vibrant Crandon Park Beach, beautiful Matheson Hammock Park Beach or secluded Virginia Key, top beaches in Miami are truly a delight to be at.

Two of the Best Literary Festivals in the World for Avid Bibliophiles

A lot of travellers are always keen to explore the myriad of events that are held around the world. Some of them adore cultural extravaganzas; some fall for musical affairs while several others plan trip for basking into literary events. If you are also among avid bibliophiles and seeking an ideal literary festival, then you might like these two most popular literary festivals of the world. Read on!

Miami Book Fair International

The much celebrated Miami Book Fair International offers a special treat to book lovers round the globe. To be held in November this year, this extravagant festival will be hosting exciting events, parties and readings, peppered with celebrities of poetry and prose, making it one of the well recognized pre-eminent literary festivals in the entire world. The Book Fair will see more than 350 international authors during a weeklong carnival who will participate in different conferences and seminars to discuss upon major social issues. This year the festival will be celebrating its 31st anniversary and on this special moment there will be readings and discussions with noted authors from entire world. This event remains a popular choice amongst book lovers who disembark flights to Miami during the month of November.

DSC Jaipur Literature Festival

A good portion of literature lovers’ book flights tickets to India just to be part of the world renowned Jaipur Literature Festival. Being one of the finest literary festival on the earth, this gala event aims at bringing together some of the greatest writers and thinkers from across the globe. The JLF forms the largest literature festival in the entire Asia Pacific region and hosts many amazing events that include book readings, performances, debates, workshops and other interactive activities that compel travellers to book tickets aboard flights arriving in India. Scores of remarkable, sensitive, brilliant and witty authors from America, Europe, Africa and South Asia make their way to this event to present their best work. The carnival even features live music sessions and interactive workshops, which assure a space to dream, dare and imagine.

Magical Miami – Satiate Your Fantasy for Best of Beach Fun and Food


The ever-glowing city of Miami is such a destination where sparkling beaches and food are obsessions. Loads of holidaymakers buy tickets aboard USA flights with the agenda of sunbathing and treating their taste buds with the best of the world. Miami is a paradise on earth with sunny weather and crowded cool beaches accurately delivering the perfect holidaying experience. The locals in this modern city of USA are very friendly who pile up the oddity of America and take you to an all new world. Sand lovers and epicureans taking flights to the destination are truly rewarded with the wonderful coast and delicious food after landing here. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the stamping ground to relish the ultimate of beaching and finest of eating!

South Beach

The quintessential South Beach is a compelling halt for every sand lover boarding flights to the beautiful city of Miami. Located on the Ocean Drive, the beach definitely defines glamour and glitz with its lively crowd spotted all over. You will witness legions of celebrities drunk in intoxicating flavours of Miami. This white sand-covered stretch is very popular amongst the models for fashion shoots as well. This trendiest era is just not restricted to sun’s grace, but the holidaymakers can even savour the eclectic flavours of USA. They can make way for Big Pink, a classic American place known to regale with exotic American cuisines or check out the other eating joints like Cheeseburger Baby, La Sandwicherie and Puerto Sagua.

Virginia Key Beach

The historic Virginia Key Beach is segregated into two different sections holding two distinct entrances. Travellers taking Miami flights are immensely impressed with its picturesque vistas. With a very decent crowd visiting the place, this remains a busy destination for family holidaymakers. An important part of the spot is also highlighted by the Virginia Key Park. The park remains much occupied during the weekends when families come to relax. Within the proximity of the destination are a countless dining options that lure the epicureans to treat themselves with a blend of international and local cuisines. Some of the best bets are Jimbo’s, Vero’s By the Bay and Atlantica Fish House & Market in Bayside Hut.

Tantalizing Nightlife – Another Excuse to Book USA Flights

Whether you’re looking for a lively party or a relaxed evening at a cosy bar, there are plenty of options in the USA for a prefect nightlife-centric holiday trip. The USA has some of the best nightlife hotspots that never fail to impress with fun-filled nightly celebrations.



Travellers reserving tickets for USA flights arriving in Miami often get pleasingly stunned by the happening and chic nightlife scene of the city. The trendy South Beach neighbourhood in the city generally steals the show with its ever celebratory mood. You’ll discover everything from plush dance clubs to luxurious lounges like Cameo, LIV, Mynt Lounge etc., in and around its art-deco streets. Enjoy refreshing drinks and exotic cocktails at hip and happening spots in true blue Miami style at this Magic City of America with a Latin twist.

Las Vegas


The iconic city of Las Vegas needs absolutely no introduction! With its reputation as a giant playground for both the hedonists and the hermits, Las Vegas makes merrymakers’ scramble for flights bound for the USA! You can party hard at some of the worlds’ most amazing nightclubs like TAO, Pure, Marquee, LAX etc., and spend an evening wooing the lady luck at one of the many palatial casinos such as HAZE and Ghostbar. But if you are looking for less flashy pursuits, make your way to the Fremont Street and spend a romantic night over a drink or two.

New York City


You will discover that no city in the USA has a wider variety of nightlife options than New York City. Travellers can spend an evening in numerous ways, whether sipping on refreshing cocktails or enjoying at one of many lounges and dance bars like Santos Party House, S.O.B.’s, Club Shelter, Marquee, etc. Music lovers must do well to enjoy karaoke nights with friends in the city.



Travellers arriving on flights bound for the USA would be amazed to see how America’s Windy City, Chicago turns to a party mosaic full of live music, dance beats and theatrical performances as soon as the scarlet sun fades down the ocean. The city features a staggering range of posh lounges and fantastic nightclubs such as Crimson Lounge, The Violet Hour, The Green Mill, Spy Bar, Primary etc. But more matured visitors may head out to one of the many quiet, cosy bars and enjoy a relaxed night out.

New Orleans

Most visitors booking flights to the city of New Orleans in the USA get startled by the city’s distinct nightlife flavour! The city comes alive with neon-lights and deafening music after dark. Party-goers on flights to the city in the USA may let their hair down and party till the wee hours of the morning at one of the many clubs and lounges including Cosimo’s, Golden Lantern, St. Charles Tavern, Bridge Lounge, Davenport Lounge etc.

Get a Glimpse of the Magic City With Miami By Land and By Sea Tour


Glittering skyline, gorgeous waters and grand parties define the grandiosity of the glamorous Miami. If you are booking flights to visit Miami for first time, possibilities of getting baffled with a wide range of attractions are quite high. It’s very easy to get rid of this bewilderment. How? Be a part of ‘Miami By Land and By Sea,’ a notable tour which is said to be the most viable option for travellers who have never experience the Miami charm before. Let’s know more about this impressive half day tour.

What to Expect

Since you are visiting the Magic City for first time, you will be glad to see the itinerary of this short tour that offers a trip which is divided into two parts: Land and Sea. Each trip would take around 90 minutes and the tourists also get an opportunity to stop at preeminent spots to peep into the cultural as well as historical attractions. While cruising through the waters, get to know about the islands and their history narrated by the onboard guide. Keep up with your appetite with light snacks and beverages that are available for purchase. Remember, meals are not provided.
Attractions You Would Stop By

Little Havana


This neighbourhood offers a glimpse of Cuba and its real attraction Cigar. Tourists can take a look at the art of rolling cigar and enjoy a complimentary coffee. Little Havana’s main highlight is Calle Ocho or 8th Street which is dotted with numerous restaurants and Latin shops making it a must visit site for shopaholics and epicureans booking Miami bound flights.

Baltimore Hotel

Constructed in 1926, this awe-inspiring hotel is one of the most remarkable landmarks in the city. It is designated as National Historic Landmark and is a prime choice among business travellers boarding flights landing at Miami. Moreover, it is frequently visited by celebrities as well as politicians.

Art Deco District

Art lovers investing in tickets aboard flights to the Magic City find their haven at this US historic district which is home to numerous historic buildings including several plush hotels and swanky restaurants.

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Top Beaches for Tourists for Scintillating Vacations at Miami

Miami enjoys world wide fame for its exceptional beaches that provide fun and rejuvenation to one and all. The vast expanse of crystal clear water and dozen miles of powdery white pristine beaches are inundated with activities galore to keep the tourists reserving flights for the city hooked for days. Here is a look at the top beaches of the town for those who have grabbed seats on Miami flights!

Top Beaches at Miami

South Beach

South Beach completes any holiday to Miami! Hordes of sun worshippers and entertainment enthusiasts flock here for a perfect tan and lively activities. The immense possibilities here can be explored on a day tour or a complete weekend tour of the beach. The Art deco architecture around the beach that lends the area a retro look remains one of the key reasons luring tourists to book flights for holidays at the beach.

Matheson Hammock Park Beach

Surrounded by dense mangrove forest, this tropical beach is a wonderful destination for lounging all day long. The stupefying man-made lagoon at Matheson Hammock Beach is refreshed naturally by the tidal movement of the Biscayne Bay. The calm waters and serenity around make it a perfect venue for families booking flights for holidaying in Miami.

Crandon Park Beach

Another beach that will catch the fancy of families boarding flights for scintillating vacations at Miami is Crandon Beach. The place is dotted with lanky palm trees swaying fantastically to the rhythm of winds and providing shady region for relaxed reading sessions. There is also a park having beautiful picnic tables with grills, and clean and hygienic restrooms with rejuvenating showers.

Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park

The historic lighthouse and nature trails at this beach enjoy enormous fame among locals and tourists bagging seats on Miami bound flights. Bill Baggs is a great spot to have rendezvous with the setting sun. Sunbathing, kayaking, swimming, pinicnicking and biking are the prominent activities here that fascinate the excursionists disembarking flights at Miami.

North Shore Park Beach

This awesome beach destination is blessed with luxurious strip of sand offering excellent picnic opportunities to locals and excursionist alike. The amphitheatre at North Shore Park Beach is a spectacular choice to catch impressive shows on breezy evenings.