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Some Magical Experiences Awaiting Newlyweds Boarding Flight for New Zealand

Stunning natural beauty, countless adventure options, cosy weather all-year round, gratifying shopping and delightful dining – these are a few reasons why a trip to New Zealand is such a hot favourite with newlyweds! Let’s dig a little deeper and discover some magic places in New Zealand, some popular, some not-so-popular! But all these guarantee you a romantic escape to be remembered, lifelong!

Lake Tekapo for Stargazing

Far away from noises of any city, this little heaven has such a magnetic charm that needs to be felt to be believed! About three hours drive of Christchurch, Lake Tekapo is one of the most beautiful lakes in New Zealand, impressing visitors from all over the planet! Make sure you catch a glimpse of the milky-way, visible from the lake, at any clear, calm night, just to make your holiday memorable and worth the cost of travel tickets and other expenses. The breathtaking backdrop of Southern Alps Mountains will bedazzle you during the day.

Lake Tekapo

Lake Tekapo

Zealandia to Relax in the lap of Nature

If you’re looking for something more authentic and more natural during your romantic holiday in New Zealand, head to Zealandia! A haven for rare wildlife, this unique eco-sanctuary is perfect for long romantic walks through scenic tracks or/and some adventures, if you like. Visit the museum to peep into New Zealand’s unique natural history. Savour delicious dining at Rate Cafe and buy some souvenirs from the store, just to get the maximum bang for the money invested on flights and honeymoon package!

zealandia by Br3nda/ CC BY

zealandia by Br3nda/ CC BY

Lake Roturua for a romantic cruise to Mokoia Island

Mokoia Island, in the heart of the Lake Roturua, was the setting for New Zealand’s coveted love story of Hinemoa and Tutaneka. And perhaps that’s why most love-struck couples grabbing tickets to sojourn the lake take a cruise ride to the island. In the region, serenity and solace seem to be omnipresent! Surrounding natural beauty and interesting Maori culture bring added appeal to its ethereal elegance.

Lake Roturua

Lake Roturua by JSilver/ CC BY

Auckland’s West Coast

Wild black beaches, stunning coral reefs, soothing serenity and impressive cliff-top trails – this place is for those who want to escape from the mundane routine and find a little tranquil oasis of their own. The breathtaking sunset views from these beaches will make you fall in love with them and set you on a quest for air tickets to arrive here, time and again!

3 Things You Must Include in your New Zealand Holiday Itinerary

How often does one get to see mesmeric views that defy the mundane reality of life? Not very often! It is no wonder that tickets for flights bound for New Zealand sell like hot cakes at all times of the year. For a country which is divinely blessed with natural wonders, New Zealand shines as a perfect holiday destination with a plethora of unique experiences that encourage people to hunt for tickets to the dreamy landscapes.

For those who plan to board flights to New Zealand for the best holiday ever, here are 3 things that you should not miss.

Abseil to Discover the Myriad Marvels of the Lost World at Waitomo Cave

Waitomo Caves  by Robert Nyman/ CC BY

Waitomo Caves by Robert Nyman/ CC BY

One of the multifarious attractions of the North Island, the Waitomo Caves have been instrumental in enticing a large number of tourists to book tickets for New Zealand. The bewitching glow worms in the Waitomo Caves, the limestone embellishments of the Aranui Cave and the descent through the spiral staircase of the Ruakuri Cave are some of the experiences that are worth a lot more than the money invested on flights!

Tour the Magical Wonderlands of the Hobbiton Movie Set

Hobbiton Movie Set by Jessica M. Cross/ CC BY

Hobbiton Movie Set by Jessica M. Cross/ CC BY

Who doesn’t look for a shred of magic in their lives? But if you are looking for otherworldly indulgences, Hobbiton Movie Set in Matamata, Hamilton is the place to be. It is indeed a sheer delight to witness the vivid imagery of the lush country side that was much appreciated in movies like ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘The Lord of the Rings’. The Hobbit Holes and the Green Dragon Inn are a ‘must-see’ when you go frolicking in the emerald slopes of Hobbiton.

Soothing Hot Pools and Canopy Tours amidst the World of Maori in Rotorua

Rotorua  by matthew Hunt/ CC BY

Rotorua by matthew Hunt/ CC BY

Rotorua often features on the itineraries of people who board flights to New Zealand. What these holidaymakers seek from the dynamic region is the solace of soaking in the abundant hot water pools, strolling through the spectacularly green and beautiful terrains and witnessing the awe-inspiring age-old customs of the famous Maori tribes. The Maori villages are not only the best place to go to for a cultural boost, but are also the best places to sample some primitive styled culinary outcomes.

Most Popular Volcanoes in the World That Offer Amazing Holiday Experience

Who would have thought that powerhouses of destruction called volcanoes will become some of the most sought after attractions in the world? Volcanoes have always created curiosity among people. They have been praised, feared, talked about but they have never been ignored. Here is a quick peek into some of the most popular ones in the world that offer great experience to a traveller with a keen curiosity about this natural phenomenon.

Mayon Volcano, Philippines

Mayon volcano by denvie balidoy/ CC BY

Mayon volcano by denvie balidoy/ CC BY

Known for its perfect symmetry, Mayon Volcano is also known as the ‘Perfect Cone’ and ranked as one of the most popular attractions in Philippines. The conical shape of Mayon makes it look incredibly beautiful as a classic volcano. People who are booking tickets on flights to Philippines and have an interest in volcanoes should certainly visit this place. Situated in the province of Albay, the volcano stands about 2,463 metres.

Mount Etna, Italy

Mount Etna by SNappa2006/ CC BY

Mount Etna by SNappa2006/ CC BY

Sicily boasts the tallest and the most popular volcano in Europe that draws a large number of tourists every year who block tickets on flights to Sicily. There are a number of myths associated with this mighty creation of the nature. Roman poet Virgil wrote about this volcano, according to him, it is a home of a mythological god Hephaestus and a one-eyed monster Cyclops. A guided tour to Mount Etna is one of the most amazing experiences in Sicily. As Etna is still active, it is important to take guidance before visiting.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji by Emran Kassim/ CC BY

Mount Fuji by Emran Kassim/ CC BY

The highest mountain in Japan witnesses more than 200,000 tourists every year. Mount Fuji is almost perfectly conical in shape and a significant symbol of Japan, ever shining in culture and artistic creations of the nation. For a number of months, the volcano remains completely covered in snow, which adds even more charm to the place. En route, tourists can find huts and tree houses to rest. Those who are planning to tour Japan should certainly check out this place.

Mauna Loa, USA

Mauna Loa by Lauren Bacon/ CC BY

Mauna Loa by Lauren Bacon/ CC BY

Considered to be the biggest volcano above the sea level, Mauna Loa must be visited at least once in a lifetime. One of five volcanoes forming the Island of Hawaii in USA, it is the most amazing place to experience the true might of a volcano and an incredible sightseeing destination  for  every tourist disembarking at USA flights . This scenic volcano can be visited anytime of the year but it is important to check what Hawaii Volcanoes National Park officials have to say about the weather and several other factors.

Hong Kong – A City Teeming with a Spectrum of Entertainment Choices

Hong Kong features on the itineraries of many travellers who book tickets to explore the multifarious facets of the city, a majority of which are entertaining to the core. What keeps up the spirit of merry-making in Hong Kong is the abundance of varied entertainment venues that are speckled across the city and offer numerous audio-visual and experiential delights.


A Symphony of Lights- A Must-See Attraction

Those who disembark their flights in Hong Kong and wish to get enchanted at the very first sight may head straight towards the Tsim Sha Tsui waterfront, which is one of the best vantage points to enjoy the daily show. A Symphony of Lights portrays the attitude of the city with flashes of multi-hued laser lights depicting Awakening, Energy, Heritage, Partnership and Celebration.

The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

The aesthetic souls who find pleasure in creativity and art can find their retreat at the Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts. The value for the money invested on flights can be attained by experiencing one of the many theatrical, musical and dance performances that the institution hosts on a regular basis.

The Hub of Entertainment- South of Hollywood Road (SOHO)

A favourite spot for locals and tourists alike, SOHO attracts one and all with its multitude of cafés, bars and restaurants. Tourists who book tickets to Hong Kong must visit the enchanting area which has retained the primitive charm of its architecture amidst the burst of modernity that graces the place. And one must also not miss out on some souvenir shopping before boarding their return flights.

The Hong Kong Cultural Centre

Visiting Hong Kong necessitates the experience of diving into the cultural affluence of the city. The Hong Kong Cultural Centre boasts of multiple theatres and stages that house a large congregation of masses who are willing to witness some of the finest orchestras and other musical events.

The Alluring Magnetism of Wan Chai

Known for its abundance of affluent literati populace, the Wan Chai district is also the best place to indulge in the opulent indulgences of Hong Kong that have sprung up in the guise of numerous bars, restaurants and shopping complexes.

Most Exciting festivals to Experience a Thrill-filled Holiday in Spain

Thrilling vibe of Spain is flaunted by several jaw-dropping and heart-pounding fiestas. To add novelty to your adventure experiences, plan a trip during below mentioned fiestas to your travel itineraries. These are jovial and certainly worth the cost of air tickets for flights arriving in Spain.

Pyrenees to Costa Brava Bike

One of the most exciting events of Spain that compel holidaymakers to grab flights tickets is Pyrenees to Costa Brava Bike Tour. This thrilling event commences from the impressive Barcelona, allowing bikers to complement and praise the stunning views. The route is filled with a wide plethora of attractions, which are unique to the destination. One may even sight the wonderful train for the Tour De France while passing through the breathtakingly beautiful routes to French Pyrenees. Keen bikers can further climb and descend from one of the highest cemented roads in the Pyrenees (La Collada de Toses), and enjoy the tempting Catalan fusion cuisine.

Costa Brava Bike by Arturo Espinosa/ CC BY

Costa Brava Bike by Arturo Espinosa/ CC BY

La Tomatina

This week-long gala event comes packed with a repertoire of events that include music concerts, fashion parades and fireworks. It is a food fight festival that usually takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year in the Bunol near to Valencia in Spain. The festival starts after a brave soul climbs up a two-story high wooden pole to reach the coveted ham at the top. Renowned as ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’, it is one of the reasons why tickets on Spain bound flights remain revered commodity especially before and during August.

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

Running of the Bulls

Promising a near-death experience to the participants, Running of the Bulls in the old town of Pamplona is one of the most thrilling and breath-taking festivals in the entire world. During this festival, people in large groups assemble awaiting the official commencement by the mayor. Minutes after the announcement is made, a rocket is fired towards the sky and the partying begins with great fun and excitement. The run starts at 8 am in the morning from a particular place where the bulls are kept and ends in the Pamplona’s bullring.  The thrill begins just after the bulls are released and they approach in a very fast speed towards the partakers. The total stretch is of over 825 meters and the average time of the run is over 3 minutes.

Running of the Bulls by Chelsea Nesvig/ CC BY

Running of the Bulls by Chelsea Nesvig/ CC BY

Cascading Waterfalls & Unfathomable Caves – Meghalaya’s Humble Offerings

The relatively small state of Meghalaya, tucked amidst the plush greenery of the north-eastern region of the Indian subcontinent, teems with some of the most gorgeous natural formations- caves and waterfalls! Numerous tourists, who hail from different parts of the globe, book tickets to Meghalaya to witness some of the best (not to mention longest and deepest) caves that one can find on the planet.

The reward for embarking on such a thrilling journey often comes in the guise of an unforgettable glimpse of the ‘divine’ waterfalls that adorn the region. Here’s a peek at some of the best caves and waterfalls in Meghalaya that are certain to take your breath away.

The Elephant Falls

The “Scotland of the East”, Shillong, takes pride in housing the Elephant Falls. The charm of the waterfall lies both in its beauty and the ease of accessibility. Tourists who arrive on flights to India may shed their inhibitions of trekking on unaccommodating terrains to reach the waterfall as the area is well maintained for a good view and some awesome photography options.


The Elephant Falls by ASIM CHAUDHURI/ CC BY

The Seven Sisters Waterfall

Locally known as the Mawsmai Falls (or Nohsngithiang Falls), this natural formation justifies the word ‘breathtaking’ to its best possible extent. The splendid hues of the dawn and the soulful shades of the dusk well compliment the array of rainbows that form during the daytime. And no, it’s not a dream. It’s the Seven Sisters Waterfall in Meghalaya!!


The Seven Sisters Waterfall by Guillaume Baviere/ CC BY

Mawsmai Caves

The Mawsmai Caves, being one of the public caves in Meghalaya, give tourist enough reasons to book tickets to India. The well lit cave is an abysmal path, adorned with various rock formations that can be conquered on foot, albeit with cautious measures. Once done, you will emerge at the other end feeling like nothing less than a glorious victor!

Krem Liat Prah

After you have endured long-haul flights to India, let the aura of Krem Liat Prah soothe your senses. Being the longest cave system in India, Krem Liat Prah houses some of the most mystical locations within its periphery, some of which are yet to be discovered. And when in Meghalaya, who doesn’t want to be a discoverer?

So, hop on the flights that are bound to India, and let the mysteries unfold at their own pace.

Niagara Wine Festival – A Tempting Reason to Book Tickets to Canada in September

“Wine, it’s in my veins and I can’t get it out!” – This old saying by famous actor Burgess Meredith can be understood only by wine lovers. And any party is incomplete without the exclusive wines, especially in Canada. Hence, the Niagara Wine Festival remains one of the greatest reasons for locals as well as international holidaymakers (wine lovers) to visit the Canadian state of Ontario in September. The sixty third edition of this internationally acclaimed event is going to take place from 13th September to 28t September, 2014 and visitors will get an opportunity to sample classic winesfrom various wineries and vineyards of Canada.

Niagara Wine Festival by Craig Hatfield/ CC BY

Niagara Wine Festival by Craig Hatfield/ CC BY

Travellers who have already reserved air tickets for Canada for September can include this festival as a part of their tour itinerary. The event is one of the best grape and wine festivals across the world. For visitors who wish to have a sip of vintage wines in a cosy atmosphere while relishing the panoramic sights of the surrounding area, reserving the Harvest Lounge Pass is the best way to enjoy the fest. This pass is entitled for VIP access to the park as well as the lounge and the commemorative glass. On the other hand, The Niagara Wine Festival Discovery Passes are the tickets to three weekends of wine and culinary adventures at wineries across Niagara. Discovery Pass holders can enjoy eight experiences per pass, including Merlot Magic, Between the Lines Family Estate Winery, Colour Me Happy!, Colaneri Estate Winery, Château des Charmes etc.

Apart from the culinary delight and wine tasting, winery tours, cultural programmes, wine seminars, after dark movies and hundreds of events will be taking place to entertain the guests. Get deeper insights on wines including its history and recent trends, by the experts at Cool Climate Oenology and Viticulture Institute on every Saturday from 20th-27th September, 2014. Enjoy live musical performances by internally renowned bands Desire, Trouble & Daughter, Flat Broke, The Wheat Kings etc.

So, what are you waiting for? Reserve online tickets to the festival and sip sip hurray!

Most Popular Events in Thailand That Foreign Tourists Will Love

Thailand is famous for many things and among them its events have a prominent place. There are a number of major events that are popular among foreign tourists as well. Here is a quick look at just three of them.

Loy Krathong

Loy Krathong by John Shedrick/ CC BY

Loy Krathong by John Shedrick/ CC BY

Anyone who has watched Disney’s famous flick, ‘Tangled’, must have enjoyed the floating lanterns scene. Now, how would you like to see it in reality? Take a tour to Thailand and experience the charming festival of light. The event is celebrated in November on the evening of the twelfth lunar month. At this time of the year, all the water bodies around the country come to life with the celebration of the festival. Those who are booking their flights tickets to Thailand in the month of November should certainly put this place on their ‘must visit’ list. Be a part of this festival, float a lantern and enjoy the view – Loy Krathong is a true delight.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival

Experience the spectacular parade of fabulous flower floats, explore the wide array of activities and enjoy the fascinating views – Chiang Mai Flower Festival is all about culture mixed with fun. Chiang Mai hosts this event to boast its breathtakingly beautiful flowers and ornate plants which bloom in the early February. A number of contests are organized in this event that offers an amazing experience. Anyone who loves orchids should not miss this festival if they are around. One of the best things to watch in this event is the floral floats; they compete to find the most magnificent and spectacular displays.

Chinese New Year Festival

There are countries that celebrate New Year once and then there is Thailand! The country celebrates its New Year not once, not twice but three times. Due to the massive Chinese population and the traditions being influenced by the Chinese culture, Chinese New Year is one of the biggest events here. A huge number of tourists book their tickets on flights to Thailand, every year at this time to be a part of this event. Streets get decorated; and shops are bejewelled with a number of items. Travellers, who wish to experience the culture of Thailand, Chinese New Year is one of the most popular events to explore.

Top 3 Waterfalls in the World That are Sure to Stun You with their Lustre

World is an enormous platter peppered with an array of ingredients ranging from spices of culture to aromas of history and desserts of nature. The variety of desserts comprises of diversified facets such as lush jungles, majestic mountains, breathtaking landscapes and gorgeous beaches. If you are an avid dessert lover, don’t miss out on trying the specialty on World’s platter known as Waterfalls! Our earth is home to myriad of cascading waterfalls. Let’s check few most stunning ones.

Sutherland Falls

Sutherland Falls by chiropractical/ CC BY

Sutherland Falls by chiropractical/ CC BY

Natural grandeur of New Zealand does not require much of introduction. While taking about waterfalls, this splendid country is home to some of the most dazzling ones in the world. Sutherland Falls is considered as one of the world’s tallest. It is located near Milford Sound and its scenic beauty incorporates snow capped peaks of green mountains and Lake Quill. Hikers booking tickets aboard flights to the Kiwi Nation must keep this site in their itineraries. While hiking along Milford Track, hikers get an opportunity to revive their soul while admiring the grandiosity of nature.

Niagara Falls

Niagara-FallsNo list of waterfalls is complete without the mention of Niagara Falls. These falls acts as a border between USA and Canada and is one of the most enchanting attractions in both countries. Several travellers’ board flight to Canada or USA to experience the magnificence of Niagara Falls. It is well connected by train and road network from New York and Ontario in USA and Canada respectively. If you are visiting here from New York, main highlights are Maid of the Mist, Cave of the Winds and Aquarium of Niagara whereas the Ontario side is famous for Niagara Parks, Maid of the Mist and Journey Behind the Falls.

Iguazu Falls

Iguazu Falls by SF Brit/ CC BY

Iguazu Falls by SF Brit/ CC BY

This heart-pounding waterfall is located near the borders of Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay. Hence, if you are interested in exploring its unparalleled charm, you can consider grabbing tickets for any of these three nations. These falls are way taller than Niagara Falls and are often flocked by travellers who strive to explore an undefined aspect of Mother Nature. Iguaçu International Airport in Brazil and Iguazu International Airport are easily accessible from these falls.

Top 4 Most Popular Music Festivals in UK that People Are Eagerly Waiting for

There are a number of music festivals that are celebrated in UK but some of them are simply amazing and must watch at least once. In August, there are some major music events taking place. People who are booking their flights tickets can be a part of these events. Here are just four of those events enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for.

The Green Man Festival

The Green Man Festival by Nicholas Smale/ CC BY

The Green Man Festival by Nicholas Smale/ CC BY

Americana, psychedelic, indie, folk – The Green Man Festival brings it all. Some of the popular DJs are playing everything that ranges from modern electro and stoner rock to dub-reggae and psychedlia. It is a four day event that includes three days of music. There will be more than hundred acts playing different genres across 5 stages.

Shambala Festival

Shambala Festival by cybermunkee/ CC BY

Shambala Festival by cybermunkee/ CC BY

Shambala Festival is four days of sheer fun. As the event is family friendly, anyone who is up for some fun can join. Masses of workshops, woodland antics, roaming theatrics, crazy carnivals and a lot more is going to take place at a secret location. There is a large area dedicated for kids’ play in case parents are wondering.  The festival will start from 21st August and continue till 24th August.


Bestival by Mike Mantin/ CC BY

Bestival by Mike Mantin/ CC BY

This festival is all about fancy dresses, secret stages, colours and loads of fun. Those who are looking for some really great time should definitely be a part of this. It is a multi-award winning 4 day music festival that offers a line-up of great music names and scene setters. Boutique campsite, Bollywood Cocktail Bar, ancy dress en-mass and a lot more will ensure a unique experience. The Country Park on the Isle of Dates is slated from 4th to 7th September.


Creamfields by Gerardo Lazzari/ CC BY

Creamfields by Gerardo Lazzari/ CC BY

With about 60,000 ravers coming to join the adrenaline rush, Creamfields is world’s large scale outdoor event that draws people from all around the world. It is a hugely popular British dance music festival featuring top DJs and live acts. A number of travellers book tickets on flights to UK to be a part of this event. It is three days of crazy fun that will remain unforgettable in your heart. The fun starts on Friday 22nd and will go on until Sunday 24th August.