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Learn About the Culture of Maldives through These Festivals and Events

Maldives has always been world-renowned for its pristine beaches, luxury resorts and thrilling adventures, however, there’s much more to the island nation. This land of exotic island beaches Maldives celebrates an array of events – be it national occasion or spiritual festivals, with extreme fervour and enthusiasm attracting people from all walks of life; and each event has its own importance among the natives of the island as well as tourists.

Read on to know about some of the top events and festivals celebrated in Maldives:


Since Maldives is entirely an Islamic country, Ramadan is one most important festival celebrated here each year. Also known as “Rorda Mas”, the festival has a lot of religious reverence. It is a month long festival held in the months of August and September, which is called the 9th month of Islamic calendar; and all the Muslims fast for 30 days. It is an ideal time to sample some of the amazing local foods and delicacies in the entire nation.


Eid-Ul-Adha is one of the major religious festivals in Maldives which is also known as Eid-e Qorban, Qurbani Eid and the Festival of Sacrifice. It marks the end of the Hajj pilgrimage and is celebrated on the 10th day of the Thul Hijjah as per the Muslim calendar. People from different parts of the world visit here to be a part of this four-day festival that begins after the early Morning Prayer and exchanging of gifts and is followed by an array of events including music concerts, traditional dances, sports competitions and some older Eid customs.

Independence Day

Independence Day in Maldives has a lot of significance as the day celebrates the freedom of the country from Britain. This day is held annually on July 26, and it is considered to be a perfect time to be in this fascinating destination. All the islands of the nation are filled with parades, performances, food and various festivities exhibiting modern themes as well as traditional values. If you happen to spend your holiday on a resort island, you are certain to indulge in special novel experiences, activities, menus and spectacles.

The National Day

Also called Qaumee Dhuvas, Maldives National Day is held on the 1st of Rabee ul Awwal, the third month of the Islamic calendar. As the day celebrates the victory of Muhammad Thakurufaanu over the Portuguese in the year 1573, it is one most importance day in Maldives. It falls sometime in the month of February or March; and one will see a number of parades and marches all across the country. The capital of Maldives, Malé is the best place to experience the rich essence of the event.

Prophet’s Birthday

The 12th day of Rabee ul Awwal – the third month of the Islamic calendar, Prophet’s Birthday is an ideal day to have an intriguing cultural experience in Maldives. As the day celebrates the birthday of holy prophet Mohammad, it has a lot of religious significance for the Muslims. He was the one who advocated the concept of “Oneness of God (Allah) in the nation. The event takes place on a grand scale and the mosques in the capital as well as all around the country are crowded with worshippers.

Five of the Best Holiday Experiences in Auckland, New Zealand

Located in the north of New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is a buzzing urban hub visited by a large number of tourists all throughout the year. Famed for its captivating historical museums, stunning high-rise buildings, public galleries and natural delights such as glistening Aucklandislands, crystal-clear beaches, wildlife reserves and an array of cruising options and adventure sports, the city offers a lot to do and see for visitors of all sorts. Here’s the list of some top experiences in the city:

Auckland Harbour Dinner Cruise

One of the major draws of the city, this 2.5-hour sailboat cruise on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour takes you through the stunning sights of Auckland. Visitors are served with a three-course meal during the cruise; they can choose between dining in the downstairs cabin or on deck to take in fascinating sights of the harbour. There’ll be a knowledgeable captain to share a lot of interesting information about the harbour and its history. Visitors can also have a wonderful time here steering the boat and helping the crew to hoist the sails.

Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb

If adventure is your thing, this should definitely be on your list! It is a fully-guided tour that takes you right to the top of the bridge giving a 360 degree view of Auckland. Participants are accompanied by a professional guide who helps them walk safely on a specially engineered catwalk. While you get to learn a lot about the bridge and spot Waitemata Harbour, Sky Tower, and other attractions through the walk, the last stop is a bungee jumping site, one of the thrilling spots in the city where you can take the plunge from and indulge in the lifetime thrilling experience of bungee jumping. You are provided with office lockers to keep your belongings before embarking on the adventure.

Auckland Discovery City Tour

A visit to the city is not complete without this half-day city tour. You can discover the best in the city on this tour; ranging from the stunning sights of yachts in the harbour to heritage listed buildings to the most iconic views over the city. Auckland Domain and a village of Parnell are a few of the highlights. You would also love to taste the different varieties of wines from popular wineries such as The Goldie Room Mudbrick and Te Whau, have a lunch on the Pride of Auckland yacht, and enjoy various cultural performances and much more during the tour.

Kayaking – Okahu Bay

Okahu Bay, a small sandy beach off Tamaki Drive is counted among the best places offering wonderful kayaking opportunities in the region. Be it the amateurs or the professionals, this is an ideal place for all to experience the thrill of kayaking. Besides kayaking, you can spend a perfect day here discovering the well-known Mission and St Heliers bays, and a number of cafes and restaurants along the coasts. You can also hire a boat for an individual experience.

Horse Riding on Muriwai Beach

With sparkling black sands and large colonies of gannets, Muriwai Beach is a stunning beach located in the west coast of the Auckland region. The beach is renowned for its wonderful horse-riding opportunities suitable for all, from casual riders to complete beginners to those a bit more experienced adventurers. The rides are held all throughout the week from morning to evening; and the horses here are totally kid friendly, making it an ideal family activity.


Things to Know Before Visiting Abu Dhabi | Travel Tips

Just like any other holiday destination, Abu Dhabi too has its list of Do’s and Don’ts which every traveller visiting the city should know. Here are some travel tips that will come in handy on your trip to this popular holiday destination.

Abu DhabiWhen to Travel

Abu Dhabi is a year round destination and offers a wide range of things to do throughout the year. The best time to visit however is from October to April when the weather is relatively colder than the rest of the year. While Abu Dhabi offers a whole host of fun filled outdoor activities and brilliant sightseeing options during winters, there is no dearth of several places of interest as well as indoor events and activities that keep the emirate abuzz during the summer months. You can enjoy the famous Summer Sales in Abu Dhabi with fewer crowds.

What to Wear

Lightweight clothes suffice for most part of the year. However, for winter months its best to carry something warm such as a light jacket or a sweater as temperatures drop in the evenings. As to the style of clothing, just keep in mind that Abu Dhabi is a relatively conservative emirate and tourists should avoid revealing attire at public places including beaches, malls etc. Particularly during the Holy month of Ramadan you must stick to more conservative clothes. Its best to restrict those swimsuits and beach wears at the private pool or beach of the resort where you are staying.

Abu DhabiShopping & Tipping

Abu Dhabi is a shoppers’ paradise, especially during summers when you will get almost everything on sale. While credit and debit cards are widely accepted at shopping malls and high street stores, it is best to carry some cash when shopping at the traditional souks (local markets) and small shops. It is not necessary to tip at the restaurants because a service charge of 10-15 percent is generally included in the bills. In case you are at a local cafe or small restaurant that do not add service charge, you may tip around 10-15 percent of the amount. You may also tip your cab driver if you wish to.

Drinking & Smoking

Alcohol is served at the hotels and resorts as well as sold at liquor shops across the emirate. However, the consumption of alcohol in public is strictly prohibited. Smoking too is not allowed in public areas. If you wish to smoke, there are designated smoking areas present at various public places like hotels, restaurants, cafes, malls, and at the airport too.


Multiple transport options are available to travel within the city. You can hire a taxi or rent a car for a convenient commute within Abu Dhabi. The city also has a 24 hours public bus service which is the cheapest means of transport.

Top Five Market Places in Delhi You Must Explore during Diwali

Delhi has always been a favourite destination of shoppers from all over the world; and Diwali is the time when the city becomes a mecca for shoppers. From swanky malls to lively markets, all come abuzz with colour and excitement, and turn into a glitzy delight during the time of the festival.
DiwaliHere we’ve compiled the list of five happening markets in Delhi you must explore to get the true feel of festivity and make the most of it:

Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi

There is no denying that Chandni Chowk is a very famous and one of the oldest markets in Delhi offering full medieval bazaar experience. Already colourful and lively, the market turns all the more happening and crowded during the time of festivals, especially Diwali month. You should not miss to discover this chaotic shopping street that is lined by hawkers and porters with narrow lanes, and filled with beautiful candles, clay pots, clay lamps and fairy lights all throughout the festive month. Besides, the place is world-renowned for its food scene with its olden restaurants and sweet shops that are crowded with tourists and locals all year round.

Paharganj Market, Delhi

Located just right opposite New Delhi Railway Station, Paharganj is a hidden shopping treasure trove in Delhi renowned for its leather products and cheap silver ornaments. It is one street market in the city which is not so popular but is no less than the famous street markets here. If you happen to visit the market during the time of Diwali, you will get to spot vendors selling intricately-designed diyas, earthen pots, beautiful pieces of lamps and fragrant candles. Those who head out on a shopping spree in the city during Diwali must spare some time to explore this vibrant market.

Tibetan Market, New Delhi

Comprising of a strip of road just before entering the main market of Janpath, Tibetan Market is an ideal place to grab affordable and authentic Tibetan home decor products. Diwali is time when the market is flooded with a wonderful array of earthen diyas, designer lamps, beautiful lights and various other decorative items. Here you can also get your hands on some bohemian clothes, jute bags and artificial jewellery such as earrings, rings, bracelets, anklets and more.

Dilli Haat, New Delhi

Quite popular among locals as well as tourists, Dilli Haat in INA is one happening place to explore in the city. It is just perfect to buy a wide range of handicraft products from different states. While this market is lively all throughout the year, it gets quite colourful and quirky during the festival time, especially Diwali month. You can spend an ideal day here shopping for colourful lamps, a stunning range of beautiful diyas and candles, and various other home decor items. It is a beautiful hub of artists and you would love to spot an assortment of original designs here.

Dariba Kalan, Old Delhi

Dariba Kalan is a 17th century market lane located in Chandni Chowk, close to the old Jama Masjid. The market is popular for comprising a number of silver jewellery shops; some of them are more than 100 years old. It comes alive during the time of Diwali and Dhanteras, and is over crowded with people that visit here to buy silver coins and ornaments. Besides, there are several famous eating lanes close to the market including the Paranthewali Gali and the Old Famous Jalebi Wala foodies cannot afford to miss here.

Top Things to Do When In Sharm El Sheikh

Away from the pyramids, tombs, and historical sites of Egypt lays the beautiful beach holiday destination of Sharm El Sheikh. Famed as one of world’s top beach and water sports destinations, it attracts a lot of water adventure enthusiasts as well as families.

Sharm El Sheikh Sharm El Sheikh is home to a number of amenity-rich resorts and places of tourist interest that will leave you spoilt for choice. When in Sharm El Sheikh, here are the things that you must try.

Visit Ras Mohamed National Park

This magnificent natural reserve lies at the tip of Sinai Peninsula some 38 km south of Sharm El Sheikh, and is one of the most beautiful places in Egypt with sprawling desert and untouched mountains. The white sand beaches, saltwater lakes, mangrove forests, and mesmerizing diving and snorkelling sites are its key draws. Some of the hotspots to visit in the national park are Aqaba Beach, Old Quay Beach, and Shark Observatory cliff top.

Try Watersports

Water sports enthusiasts from all over the world flock to Sharm El Sheikh for a variety of adventures on offer. The place has top notch diving and snorkelling sites that house excellent coral reefs, shipwrecks, and highly diverse marine life. Waterskiing, kite surfing, windsurfing, glass-bottomed boat trips are some of the other water adventures you can try.

Spend an evening at Naama Bay

Naama Bay area in Sharm El Sheikh is all about spending a relaxed holiday by the beach. The beautiful beachfront of the bay is a perfect place for sun lounging where you can rent cabanas and loungers. There are several cafes, street hawkers, and shops that line up the pedestrian promenade and are a good choice for some souvenir shopping while you are here.

Visit Saint Catherine’s Monastery

Unlike other places of historical interests in Egypt, Saint Catherine’s Monastery is quite different. Located just 2 hours drive from Sharm El Sheikh and at the foothill of Mount Sinai, this is where Moses received the Ten Commandments. The monastery is home to a museum that has safely preserved ancient manuscripts. Visit the monastery on a day trip and you can also include a hike up the Mt. Sinai for some adventure.

Explore the Old Market

Also known as Sharm al-Maya, Old Market is the main market area of this town. The best time to visit this market is after sunset when the place is enlivened with locals and tourists alike. Traditional shisha, beautiful Arabic lamps, crafts, wood work, and spices are some of things this market is famous for. You will also find here traditional cafes and restaurants to spend your evening.

Top Holiday Experiences in Langkawi, Malaysia

Situated off the coast of Penang in Malaysia, Langkawi is a beautiful holiday destination to experience true island living. Dominating an archipelago of over 100 islands and islets, it Langkawiappeals with its laid-back atmosphere, pretty beaches and natural scenery. Take a look at some of the best experiences you can have while holidaying in Langkawi:

Head to Eagle Square

Located in Kuah – the main town on the island, Eagle Square is one of the most iconic spots in Langkawi visited by many tourists all throughout the year. The major draw of this place is a huge statue of eagle about to take flight and standing at a height of some 12 metres. It is one of Langkawi’s best known manmade attractions welcoming visitors to the island via ferry. You can combine a visit here with several other points of interest including Taman Lagenda Langkawi, and various other scenic bridges and pretty fountains.

Discover Underwater World Langkawi

Those who love to discover marine life must make a visit to Underwater World Langkawi, a family-friendly aquarium located in Jalan Pantai Chenang. There are hundreds of marine animals including sea shores, seals and rock hopper penguins, and fish to spot here. The main highlight of the aquarium is a fascinating glass tunnel walkway through a salt water tank that stretches for some 15 metres and allows you to observe the aquatic life up close from every angle. You may also get a chance to spot here turtles, stingrays and sharks.

Take a mangrove tour of Kilim Geopark

One must take a mangrove tour of Kilim Geopark to discover the true beauty of Langkawi. Also called the Kilim Karst Geoforest Park, this nature reserve is full of breathtaking flora and fauna, and amazing geological formations like mammoth limestone rocks, caves, beaches, fossils, lagoons and seascapes. The best way to explore the reserve is to take a scenic boat tour that takes you through the rugged caves, limpid pools, and areas of forest lands in almost 2-3 hours. You can also get off at certain spots in the mangrove swamps to walk around and explore the beauty on foot.

Take the Langkawi cable car ride

If adventure is your thing, do not miss to take the Langkawi cable car ride that takes you to the top of Mat Cincang Mountain. This 15-minute ride will take you through the stunning views as you sweep over lush rainforests and past tumbling waterfalls. Standing at a height of 708 metres, the peak offers breathtaking views of the island. The journey starts from the Oriental Village which you can discover before or after your ride.

Explore the beauty of Air Hangat Village

Lying just north of Kuah on Jalan Ayer Hangat, Ayer Hangat Village makes for an interesting place to relax in Langkawi. It is home to therapeutic hot springs that are just perfect to unwind at. These hot springs are natural salt water springs that are known to heal all kinds of aches and pains. You can choose a private open-air Jacuzzi or a larger communal pool to soak in and spend an ideal relaxing time. There are also a range of other spa treatments including soothing massages offered for visitors.