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Five of the Most Colourful Religious Festivals in Sri Lanka

The tiny teardrop shaped isle, Sri Lanka is well-renowned for its religious festivals apart from the endless beaches, spectacular national parks and timeless ruins. The island-country celebrates its festivals with great zeal and turns into a true delight during the celebrations, drawing visitors from far and wide. Below is the list of five top-most festivals celebrated in Sri Lanka; take a look and be a part of them if you happen to visit the country around them.

Duruthu Perahera

Counted among the greatest and most wonderful cultural festivals in Sri Lanka, Duruthu Perahera is considered to mark the beginning of Buddhist calendar in the country. This 3-day Gautam Buddhalong festival is celebrated with great enthusiasm by devotees and tourists alike to commemorate Gautam Buddha’s first visit to the country 2500 years ago. It is held at Kelaniya Raja Maha Viharayacan where you would love a stunning sight on the final day with decked up elephants, acrobats, drummers, singer and torch-bearers conjuring up a grand procession.


Called the “Festival of Lights”, Deepavali is one of the most celebrated festivals among the Tamil Hindus of Sri Lanka. It is the starting of the New Year for Hindus in the country and you’ll get to see all the homes beautified with Kolam and Rangoli – the multi-coloured drawings of folk art Deepavalisignifying sacred figures. People illuminate their houses with candles and diyas, and pray to Lakshmi – the Hindu Goddess of wealth fortune and prosperity on this prosperous day. Another interesting thing about the festival is people dress up in new clothes and distribute sweets and gifts to their near and dear ones.


Ramadan is the month of fasting celebrated in Sri Lanka like other countries. The Muslim people all over the country wake up before dawn to have a meal just before the Fajr prayer, keep fast the entire day and wait for the call of evening prayer to break their fast. They have Ramadanscrumptious snacks like pakoras, samosas and Kanji to break their fast, which is known as Iftar. The entire nation turns into a delight during the month and kids studying in Muslim schools get a month holiday.


Also referred to as Tai Pongal, Thai Pongal and the First rice festival, Pongal is a multi-day Hindu harvest festival of South India when farmers honour the Sun God ‘Suriyapakaran’. The three days of the festival are called Bhogi Pongal, Surya Pongal and Maattu Pongal; and it is said that the festival marks the end of winter solstice and the start of the sun’s six-month-long journey northwards. The celebrations include decorating rice-powder based kolam artworks, offering prayers in the homes as well as temples, getting together with family and friends and exchanging gifts to make the social bonds stronger.


Held by Sri Lankan Buddhists, Poson is an annual festival celebrating the arrival of Buddhism in Sri Lanka in the 3rd century BC. Also known as Poson Poya, it is the most important full moon holiday of the year and the second most important Buddhist festival of the year. While the festival is celebrated all throughout the country, the most important ceremonies are held in Anuradhapura and Mihintale. The Buddhist monastic complex on the mountain of Mihintale is the focal point of this religious festival where Arahath Mahinda Thero, a Buddhist monk preached Buddhism to one of the kings of Sri Lanka.

5 Lakes to Visit around Coimbatore

Coimbatore, along with being a busy business hub of southern India, is home to some of the most splendid natural attractions, delighting holidaymakers from all over the world. There are plenty of lakes in the city where families and groups can spend an entire day having fun, relaxing time.

Take a look at a few of them:

Ukkadam-Valankulam Lake


Spread over an area of 1.295 square kilometres, Ukkadam-Valankulam Lake is an ideal spot to explore, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The lake is located between Trichy Road and Sungam Bypass Road and features a railway track passing over it and connecting Coimbatore Junction and Podanur. While a majority of people visit the lake to enjoy evening sunsets, bird lovers can spot different species of birds including Purple Moorhen and Little Grebes flying over the lake.

Singanallur Lake

A popular tourist destination known for its lush greenery, Singanallur Lake remains a must visit for the nature lovers. One of the nine large lakes in the city, Singanallur Lake is best explored in the spring when different kinds of birds can be spotted here. It is a famed picnic spot visited by the locals largely during the weekends to unwind in the nature’s beauty.

Aliyar Reservoir

Lying in the foothills of Valparai, Aliyar Reservoir is a charming spot where travellers can have a relaxing time. The forest and Green Spread Mountains, surrounding the reservoir, all add to the beauty of the place. The area is around 65 kilometres from Coimbatore and appeals with its beautiful parks, aquarium and the mini theme park. While the incredible scenic views impress all travellers, one can also enjoy activities like boating and sightseeing.

Thoonakkadavu Lake

Less than two hours’ drive from Coimbatore, Thoonakkadavu Lake draws visitors from far and wide for a relaxing time. Surrounded by lush greenery and boasting clear waters, it is a lovely place where you can sit for hours with your family and friends while treating your eyes to stunning views and indulging in activities such as boating and golfing. There are tree huts near the lake that can be explored as well.

Kurichi Lake

Popularly known as Kurichi Kulam, Kurichi Lake is an ideal picnic spot appealing to all visitors. The lake is situated on the way to Pollachi offering easy access to some other major tourist destinations in the city. There is a park around the lake with a walkway for enjoying a walk as well as a bicycle track. Bird lovers may get a chance to spot different species of birds around the lake.

Most Beautiful Places to Explore in Jordan

Presenting an ancient world in the seclusion of Middle East, Jordan impresses with a desert landscape, World Heritage Sites, busy beaches, stunning monuments and tourist-friendly towns. A holiday in the country can transport you to an Arabian fantasy where you can enjoy lavish camping, swimming and mud bath experiences, incredible water sports adventures and a lot more.
Read on to find out about five most beautiful places in Jordan:


One of the seven new wonders of the world, Petra is a famed historical and archaeological city with breathtaking splendour and terrific ruins. Also popular as “Rose City” because of its structures carved out of stones, it is a wonderful place nestled in a secluded valley. Petra was Petraestablished in the 4th century BC as the capital city of the Nabataean Kingdom and was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985. Every year a large number of tourists visit the city to explore the timeless beauty of its 30 metre wide and 43 metre high Al-Khazneh temple and some nearby historical attractions such as Dead Sea and Madaba.

Dead Sea

Bordered by Jordan to the east and the West Bank and Israel to the west, Dead Sea is a salt lake and officially the lowest place on earth – 428 metres below sea level. One of the most intriguing lakes in the world, Dead Sea offers a relaxing holiday experience amidst breathtaking beauty Dead Seaand soothing rich mineral spas. The high salt content makes it possible for people float freely in the sea! A series of amazing hotels and spas in the surroundings are a wonderful treat to explore here.

Wadi Rum

Also known as the Valley of the Moon, Wadi Rum is a protected desert wilderness boasting of dramatic sandstone mountains, golden dunes and small dessert camps. This unspoiled natural Wadi Rumwonder has the most colourful sunsets in Jordan that can be best enjoyed on an off-road drive through the heart of the desert. Enjoy camel rides, enjoy an overnight in the desert, try traditional Jordanian food or pass through the region in open-backed jeeps!

Mount Nebo

Lying in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, Mount Nebo is an elevated ridge approximately 2,330 above sea level, and is known to be a prominent sacred spot. As per the Hebrew Bible, the location of the ridge is a place where Moses was granted a view of the Promise Land. Mount NeboVisitors would love to discover the panoramic views of the surrounding landscape including the areas of the Dead Sea, the Jordan River, the West Bank and even Jerusalem from the top of Mount Nebo.


Among the best-preserved Roman cities in the world, Jerash boasts plenty of ancient ruins surrounded by green mountains and valleys. Situated 50km north of the capital Amman, the city is the perfect illustration of the grand, formal provincial Roman urbanisation through the Jerashsoaring hilltop temples, paved streets, spacious public squares and plazas, and classic theatres. Hadrian’s Arch, the Temple of Apollo, the preserved Roman Amphitheatre and the Forum complete with its semi-circle of elaborate columns, are some of the major attractions to explore during a visit to the city.

La Tomatina fever is rising; pack your bags already!

Each year, this crazy festival of tomatoes in Spain attracts thousands of visitors from different parts of the world. In the year 2018, you will see the festival being held on the 29th of August. If you are wondering what really goes down at this iconic festival, let us take you into the fascinating journey of festival La Tomatina!

La Tomatina

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

All about the festival

Often termed the world’s biggest food fight festival, Tomatina sees several metric tons of overripe tomatoes being smashed on the streets each year. Held in the town of Bunol near Valencia in Spain, Tomatina is famous across the world for the fun it promises and the record-breaking number of tomatoes being squashed each year. Started off as a festival played in honor of the patron saints for Bunol, it has become more global over the years and people from across the world have started visiting just to celebrate this unique food fight with their family and friends.

There are Lorries full of tomatoes arriving into the city, and the participants have to make way for them. Cannon is fired to mark the beginning of the festival at 11 am. This starts the tomato battle where you can rub, squash and smear people with tomatoes all over. The second cannon ball is fired at 1 pm and that means the end of the fight.

Some things to keep in mind

  • It’s essential that you squash the tomatoes well before you throw them at people, otherwise people can get hurt
  • It’s a good idea to cover your head. Some people also wear special eye gear to prevent tomatoes or water from going inside their eyes. Tying your hair is a good idea too so it doesn’t get tangled while you tomato-fight
  • Ideally, one shouldn’t be carrying valuables along because there are all the possibilities you would lose or damage them. However if you absolutely have to carry things with you, it’s best to keep them in waterproof bags properly tucked into your pockets so that you don’t lose or damage anything
  • Making prior bookings for stay and travel will help you get the best deals, because if you’re late you may end up paying a bomb for the same
  • It is wise to choose a hotel that’s close by to the festival area, so that you don’t have to travel much back and forth in your ‘tomatoed’ clothes
  • People make all sorts of preparation for this festival. They paint their faces in the theme, they carry water guns with them
  • It’s going to be ideal to wear comfortable shoes and clothes that are easy to move around in
  • It is important you don’t get carried away in the energy of the festival and the chaos so caused; no ripping of other people’s t-shirts is allowed
  • One must avoid bring sharp objects to the festival as they may harm others

The Most Adventurous Rainforest Experiences in the World

Here’s a look at the planet’s most majestic and mysterious rainforests which you can visit!

Daintree Rainforest, Australia


Situated in Queensland, Australia, Daintree Rainforest is one of the oldest rainforests in the world.  It covers an area of around 1,200 square kilometres and is home to the Daintree National Park. The Daintree River runs through the forest and extends from Mossman Gorge to the Bloomfield River. The forest has some of the oldest plants in the world such as Psilotopsida and Lycopsida. There are a host of guided tours you can be a part of here at the Daintree Rainforest.

Kinabalu National Park, Malaysia


Situated in the western coast of Sabah in Borneo, Malaysia, the Kinabalu National Park is a UNESCO world heritage site and is most famous for being home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. People visit here from different parts of the world to witness the beautiful landscape and terrains and it serves as one of the best places to hike, camp or trek in the country.

Amazon, South America

The largest rainforest on the face of the earth, the Amazon spreads over a span of 5, 500, 000 ㎢ and through several countries namely Colombia, Venezuela, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana. However a major part of it lies in Brazil. It is home to thousands of species of plants, animals, birds and insects. There are several guided tours available to the Amazon rainforest.  You need to be careful though as some of the world’s most venomous snakes and dangerous animals and other reptiles, such as poison dart frogs, jaguars, piranhas, anacondas etc., are found here.

Sundarbans, India

Home to the Bengal Tiger, situated in India and Bangladesh, a tour to the Sundarbans can be an amazing experience. The forest covers a total area of 10,000 ㎢ and flaunts a network of marine streams, mud shores and mangrove forests. Along with the tigers, the region is home to numerous other wildlife species, birds and reptiles.

Valdivian Temperate Forest, Chile and Argentina

Encompassing an area of 248,100 ㎢ in Chile and Argentina, the Valdivian Temperate rainforest have dense growth of bamboos, ferns and the evergreen angiosperm trees as well as the conifer trees. The world’s smallest deer, southern pudú, and South America’s smallest cat, the kodkod are some of the wild species that can be spotted here.

Your Basic Guide to Preparing for Oktoberfest 2018


One of the biggest festivals in the world, attended by as many as 6 million people, Oktoberfest is set to run from September 22nd until October 7th 2018. A celebration of Bavarian culture, the festival features a diverse variety of cuisines, fine Munich beers, traditional music and dance. The participants fly here from far and wide and get together for a great time at one of the many beer tents to enjoy the fine German hospitality.

If you are planning on attending the event this year, here is all the information that you will need:

Reaching the Oktoberfest

It is highly recommended that you don’t drive to the festival as getting a parking spot is a bit of a hassle. Most tourists opt to take the train to the Theresienwiese or Schwanthalerhohe stations served by U4 and U5 lines of the metropolitan underground and from there simply walk to the festival for 15-20 minutes.

The Oktoberfest Budget

Though it is free to enter the tents and fairgrounds, you will have to pay for your food and entertainment every day. The daily average budget for food and 5 pints of beer, however, is estimated to be around €100 per day. You can keep an eye open for ‘Family Tuesdays’ and Midday Oktoberfest deals (Monday-Friday) for discounted admissions to attractions in order to bring your budget down.

Significant Oktoberfest Activities

Oktoberfest is not only about drinking and dancing as there are umpteen games, shows, rides and other attractions open for visitors to explore. This time, there’s a new range of white knuckle rides that are claimed to bring your heart to your mouth. The attractions will stay open 10am -11.30pm from Monday to Friday and from 10am to midnight on Friday, Saturday and October 2nd. On Sundays and other holidays, the timings will be from 10am-11.30pm.

Brewery Tents to Watch Out For

Augustiner tent serves beer from large wooden barrels rather than the steel ones used everywhere else on the festival grounds. Bräurosl (Pschorrbräu tent) is more than 100 years old tent, with ability to seat up to 8400 people. Football fans will love to visit Löwenbräu tent, the traditional meeting place for fans and players of 1860 Munich football club. Besides, watch out for Armbrustschützen tent (Paulaner), Winzerer Fähndl – Paulaner tent, Hippodrom (Spatenbräu) and Schützenfesthalle (Löwenbräu).

Food Tents to Watch Out For

If you are seeking Bavarian cuisine during your visit, you must have Obatzda (a fatty, spiced cheese-butter concoction) and Weisswurst (a white sausage) on your list. For other traditional fares, dishes such as  Hendl (chicken), Schweinsbraten (roast pork), Haxn (knuckle of pork), Steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick), Würstl (sausages) along with Brezn (Pretzel), Knödeln (potato or bread dumplings), Kaasspatzn (cheese noodles) and Reiberdatschi (potato pancakes) will be your best bet.

Top 5 Beach Destinations in Central America


With the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean on either side of it, the Central America is home to some of the most captivating beach destinations in the world. If you are planning a beach holiday in Central America anytime soon, you need to know about these top five beach destinations that ensure a terrific experience to all travellers.

Monterrico, Guatemala

Situated on the Pacific coast of Guatemala, Monterrico is a beautiful town famed for its black-sanded, volcanic beaches and annual influx of sea turtles. Steeped with a sultry, tropical flavour and amazing volcanoes and lined by resorts and homes with thatched roof and rustic-wooden slat, the town is fast becoming popular among travellers as a thrilling beach excursion from Antigua or Guatemala City. This town is also popular among surfers due to the strong tides here.

Roatan, Honduras

One of Honduras’s Caribbean Bay Islands, Roatan attracts huge crowds of tourists from across the globe. Part of the enormous Mesoamerican Barrier Reef, the island is popular for its marvellous beaches, thrilling dive sites and wonderful marine life including whale sharks. With their reef protected waters, the beaches are ideal for kayaking, snorkelling and swimming with dolphins and many other water adventures. A shopping mall, a string of resort hotels and a cruise-ship terminal are other exciting features of this town.

Ambergris Caye, Belize

The largest island in Belize, Ambergris Caye was declared the best destination in Central America by the World Travel Awards. Sitting on the second largest coral reef in the world, the island presents a relaxed Caribbean vibe along with incredible diving, snorkelling, cruising and caving opportunities on the beaches. The Hol Chan Marine Reserve and the great Blue Hole are some of the best diving sites here. Taking a boat from the mainland or Caye Calker, or flying in are the only ways to get to the Ambergris Caye.

San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua

Located on Nicaragua’s southwest coast, San Juan Del Sur is the hub of stunning southern Pacific beaches. Famed for its clipboard Victorian houses, a gigantic statue of Christ on a neighbouring hillside and incredible surfing and fishing opportunities, this town is an ideal beach destination with dozens of beaches on the Pacific Ocean. Here, each beach is unique with its own ocean current and geography and can be easily accessed by shuttle, rental car or taxi. Besides, with a wonderful assortment of dining, drinking, nightlife and shopping venues, this place makes for a perfect holiday spot.

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio on Costa Rica’s central Pacific coast is perhaps the most beautiful national park in the world, packed with white-sand beaches, coral reefs and rugged rainforest. While the park excites you with all kinds of thrilling wildlife and dense jungle stretches, the pristine white sand and sparkling blue waters of the beaches are just picture perfect. Playa Espadilla, Playa Espadilla Sur and La Playita are some of most popular beaches here.

Top 5 Reasons to Visit Jordan

Jordan is a land of World Heritage Sites, delightful desert landscapes and friendly towns, several of them fast emerging as red-hot tourist destinations. Here are five specific reasons to book holiday packages to Jordan. Petra – one of the 7 new wonders of the world Located in the south-western desert of Jordan, Petra is a popular historical and archaeological city delighting visitors with its breathtaking splendour and terrific ruins. Also known as “Rose Petra City” due to its structures carved out of sandstones, Petra is one of the most beautiful wonders of the world to discover. Listed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, this ancient city is famous for the timeless beauty of its 30 metre wide and 43 metre high Al-Khazneh temple and nearby historical spots such as Dead Sea and Madaba. Amman – a haven of Middle Eastern arts and culture The capital of Jordan, Amman, with a long history dating back to 13th century BC, is an exciting place for the history buffs. Home to interesting Greek and Roman ruins, museums and galleries, and old souks and markets, Amman offers a glimpse into the region’s history. This capital city is Amman, Jordanalso an ideal hub for the art lovers, presenting exhibitions from Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi artists through some prominent attractions such as I’Weibdeh and Jabal Amman. Besides rich history, the city amazes visitors with exclusive modern wonders such as luxurious malls, cafes, bars and residential districts. The wonderful ancient sites at Jerash Like Petra, Jerash is another popular reason to visit Jordan and revel in the magnificence of history dating back over 6,500 years. A few hours’ drive from the capital Amman, Jerash is the most interesting Roman site in Jordan surrounded by hilly wooden areas and fertile basins. A Jerashmajestic unification of ceremonial gates, temples, theatres, colonnaded avenues and soaring hilltop temples in the city promises to take you back in time. The major highlights of Jerash include the Temple of Zeus, the South Theatre and the Hippodrome. The quintessential desert of Wadi Rum A well-renowned tourist attraction in the Middle East, Wadi Rum is one of the world’s most stunning desert landscapes and a protected desert wilderness in southern Jordan. The splendour of this desert valley is a result of many years of accumulation of dust and sand and is where you can experience the real life version of the Arabian nights! With dramatic sandstone mountains such as Jebel Um Ishrin and natural arches like Burdah Rock Bridge, this place astonishes you with a perfect blend of nature and history. Roman ruins at Umm Qais A town in Northern Jordan, Umm Qais is perched on a wonderful hilltop overlooking the Golan Heights, the Sea of Tiberias and the Yarmouk River Gorge. It is a place that delights you with everything you can expect from an immaculate desert. Known for its proximity to the ruins of tUmm-Qaishe ancient Gadara, it is where history buffs can indulge in the magnificence of a large number of Roman remains. The major highlights of the town include Umm Qais Resthouse, West Theatre and Lookout Point. Besides, you can visit Ottomon Village and explore the impressive houses built around central courtyards.

10 Top-Rated Amusement Parks in the USA

With some of the most exciting activities, interesting adventure sports and fascinating recreational lures, American amusement and theme parks are among the best in the world. Take a look at some of the USA’s most famous amusement parks!

Cedar Point, Ohio

Packed with over 70 exciting rides, Cedar Point is among the oldest amusement parks in the USA. The park is home to exhilarating roller coasters, a variety of other rides and an array of enthralling adventure activities. Matterhorn, Scrambler, Ocean Motion, Professor Delbert’s Frontier Fling, Super Himalaya, Lake Slide Landing, Lily Pad Walk and Thunder Canyon are among the most popular rides here. Special rides and activities for kids are also available. Moreover, carnivals, and cultural events and festivals are regularly held at Cedar Point – much to the delight of the visitors.

Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom, Florida

Famed for its numerous exciting engagements, Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom is one of the must visit family attractions in Florida. Featuring some of the most thrilling rides and activities such Disneyas Country Bear Jamboree, Cinderella Castle, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, Enchanted Tales with Belle, Haunted Mansion, Jungle Cruise, The Magic Carpet of Aladdin and Astro Orbiter, the park has something to offer to every member of the family.

Island of Adventure, Florida

With innumerable things to do and enjoy, the Island of Adventure is a sought after attraction in Florida. Featuring many exciting rides, games and thrilling activities, this place has a lot in store USAwhen it comes to recreation and entertainment. MEN IN BLACK Alien Attack, Hogwarts Express: Hogsmeade Station, Kang & Kodos’ Twirl ‘n’ Hurl, Woody Woodpecker’s Nuthouse Coaster and The Simpsons Ride are few of the highlights.

Six Flags Magic Mountain, California

Opened in 1979, Six Flags Magic Mountain is one of the most famous theme parks in California. Known for its exciting rides, thrilling adventure activities, fun games and other engagements, this park is a major attraction of the city. BATMAN The Ride, Apocalypse, Buccaneer, Canyon Blaster, Cyclone 500, Dive Devil, Full Throttle and Gold Rusher are some of the must try rides in the park. Besides rides, events and special shows are held here all the time.

Hersheypark, Pennsylvania

First opened in 1906, Hersheypark is a popular theme park in Pennsylvania. Featuring a total of 76 rides – each one different from the other – a visit to this fascinating place is truly a unique experience. Sidewinder, Laff Trakk, Wildcat, Wild Mouse, Cocoa Cruiser, Dry Gulch Railroad, Ferris Wheel, Kissing Tower, and Music Express are few of the well-known rides at the park.

Knott’s Berry Farm, California

Best known for its exclusive rides and theme based activities, Knott’s Berry Farm is another popular amusement park in California. Opened in 1920, the park is home to some of the best adventure rides, thrilling roller coasters, and outdoor sports and games. While rides like Coast Rider, Jaguar, GhostRider, Pony Express, and Supreme Scream are big hits with the guests, the different splash games, carnivals and events have their own charm. Enjoy drinks and delicacies at the in-house cafe and restaurants.

Epcot, Florida

Famed for its Spaceship Earth icon, Epcot is yet another fascinating amusement park in Florida. The place has exhilarating adventure rides, exciting roller coasters, thrilling water sports and interesting and fun activities. The American Adventure, Bruce’s Shark World, The Circle of Life, Coral Reefs – Disney Animals, Frozen Ever After and House of Whispering Willows are among the popular rides here at the park.

Disney California Adventure, California

A recent addition to the list of theme parks in the US State of California, Disney California Adventure is a must visit attraction. Featuring an array of fantastic things to do and exciting Disneyactivities, this park is a perfect place for kids and families. Besides the rides, Animation Academy, The Bakery Tour, Flik’s Flyers, Golden Zephyr, Games of the Boardwalk and Grizzly River Run are loved by the families coming here. Dance parties, carnivals, food festivals, theatre shows and other events are regularly held at the park.

Busch Gardens, Florida

Busch Gardens is a beautiful animal themed amusement park in Tampa. Known for its exhilarating rides, breathtaking roller coasters, and family-friendly shows, this place is a perfect entertainment package for all. It is home to around 12,000 animals including species of a few native ones.

Kings Island, Ohio

From thrilling rides to exciting events and numerous other attractions, Kings Island has something to offer to everyone visiting it. Located in the heart of Ohio, the park is packed with a whole list of USAinteresting rides, such as Xtreme Skyflyer, Drop Tower, Slingshot, Windseeker, Character Carousel, Flying Ace Ariel Chase, Peanuts 500, Adventure Express, Diamondback, Invertigo and Firehawk. Besides, the island hosts a series of entertainment events, festivals, shows and carnivals.

Two Best Places for Wine Tours in South Africa

South Africa produces some of the finest wines in the world. Boplaas Cape Tawny, Rabelais Blend, LeeuwenKuil, Driehoek, Shiraz…the list of exquisite wines available throughout the different regions in the country is endless. Not surprisingly, South Africa has different wine routes to offer. Take a look!



Stellenbosch in South Africa is home to an astonishing number of wine estates. You can head to Delheim, Brampton Wine Studio, Brenaissance Wine & Stud Estate, Ernie Els Wines or any other wine-growing estate. Apart from fresh and aged wines, these wine destinations in South Africa also serve locally produced variants of cheese and pizza along with freshly prepared farm bread.

As far as the wine tasting goes, many of these places, along with offering wines at studios, take you to tasting sessions inside magnificently maintained age-old vine cellars. No wonder, Stellenbosch in South Africa is considered a heaven for wine enthusiasts.


Franschhoek is a small village in South Africa famous for its wine production abilities.  Famous wines produced here include Merlot, Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinotage and Chenin Blanc. The elegantly-landscaped wine estates are treat to the eyes while the wine produced regales the taste buds. The level of popularity of Franschhoek can be gauged from the fact that the village has a tram service dedicated exclusively to the wine enthusiasts.

The hop-on hop-off wine tour tram service starts at the ticket office located in the village and takes you through the beautiful wine yards and estates spread all over the village. Tourists signing for the tour can hop off at different wineries converted to tram stations and buy wine tasting sessions as per their choice. The memoirs and wines purchased during the tour can be handed over to the conductor and collected from the ticket office at the end of the tour.

Wine tour organizers in Stellenbosch and Franschhoek usually take care of hotel pickups, lunches, estate sightseeing and drop offs. However, before you confirm your booking please check whether your hotel falls under the pickup range or not.  It is also common for sommeliers to request private wine tasting sessions for extra charges.