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Cultural Charms of Hong Kong: Top 5 Sites to Explore


Along with stunning skyscrapers, magnificent beaches and luxurious shopping malls, Hong Kong is home to an array of cultural treats that can be enjoyed by the holiday makers. From temples and museums to traditional villages and Chinese gardens, there’s a lot to explore here!

Lam Tsuen

Located near Tin Hau Temple, Lam Tsuen is inhabitated for over 700 years. The area has two towering banyan trees which are believed to fulfil wishes of the visitors! Expectedly, a number of people make their way to Lam Tsuen asking for good fortune; the Lunar New Year is the time when Lam Tsuen sees most crowds. Besides, you can explore the unique charm and customs of the surrounding villages.

Hong Kong Heritage Museum

Displaying the early history, art and culture of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum is a fantastic place to explore. Situated beside the Sing Mun River with greenery all around it, the museum stands on a 7,500 square metre space and features six permanent galleries. The rotating exhibitions including the most interesting Cantonese Opera Hall that boasts a traditional bamboo shed theatre, and hands-on activities offered for the kids are major draws for the museum.

Sam Tung Uk Museum

Offering an insight into the pre-skyrise history of Hong Kong, Sam Tung Uk Museum is a museum restored from a Hakka walled village in Tsuen Wan named Sam Tung Uk. The village was constructed in the 18th century and was later converted into a museum in the 1980s, displaying the non-tangible Chinese heritage and the life of the Hakka people. The museum has been modified with some changes such as a reception area and an exhibition hall. Besides, the preserved ancestral hall and standalone houses from the original architecture of the complex draw the attention of the visitors with traditional furnishings and Hakka equipment on permanent display.

Yim Tin Tsai Village

Situated in Port Shelter, a harbour containing many islands in Sai Kung, Yim Tin Tsai Village is a small offshore island offering a beautiful holiday experience for the visitors. Just a 15-minute boat ride away from Sai Kung, the island was originally inhabited by many Hakka villagers and is also called “Ghost Island”. Ching Po School, converted into a heritage centre, and St Joseph’s Chapel, a Grade III historical building, are the key tourist attractions of the island.

Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre

Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre is an art colony and multi-disciplinary artist centre. It was an industrial estate and reopened as an arts hub in 2008 after a facelift. Boasting studios, galleries and a small-scale theatre, this creative community impresses with workshops, performances, art festivals and exhibitions. Besides, there is a beautiful Heritage Tea House where visitors can enjoy dim sum lunches and premium brews, and learn about the ceremonies of Chinese tea.

Street Shopping in Hong Kong – Visit 5 Most Popular Street Markets

Besides being home to the famous Disneyland, Ocean Park and Lantau Island, Hong Kong is also known as a shoppers’ paradise with a wide array of shopping malls and street markets.


But it is the street shopping in Hong Kong that promises the most exciting experience to shoppers who visit this former British Colony from all over the world.

Temple Street Market

The largest night market in Hong Kong, Temple Street Market is not just a terrific place to buy interesting stuff but also an exciting spot to spend some beautiful evenings. This 600-metre long, lively market lies in Kowloon, just one block west from Jordan MTR Station. From fake label clothing, watches and footwear to cooking ware and household items, you can shop for all kinds of stuff here. Moreover, you can enjoy delicious street food at this market.

Ladies Market

Ladies Market boasts of three parallel streets and is always teeming with tourists. Located close to the MTR Station, it is a busy shopping street with a number stalls, selling clothes, footwear, fashion jewellery, souvenirs and trinkets. Don’t let the name of the market fool you, there’s plenty of stuff for men and kids too! Do try street food snacks such as fish balls, won ton noodles and crepes while here.

Jade Market

The biggest outdoor market in Kowloon, Jade Market is a jewellery wholesale and retail area, popular among tourists as well as locals. You can buy jade, pearls, semi-pearls in all sizes, shapes and forms – be it in the form of jewellery, little statues, carvings or chops. Located between the Jordan MTR and Yau Ma Tei MTR stations, the market is a must visit for anyone who has a fondness for the glittering stones!

Stanley Market

An erstwhile fishing village, Stanley Market is an ideal place to enjoy the cultural charms of Hong Kong. Situated in south Hong Kong Island, near the beach, the market is famed for selling art and crafts, calligraphy paintings, faux-antiques and a wide array of other souvenirs. Besides shopping, you can enjoy a stroll along the beach and take delight in the beautiful surroundings of the place. Also, there are different restaurants and bars in the area – where you can enjoy the local favourites!

Jardine’s Crescent Market

Jardine’s Crescent Market is a roadside market that appeals mostly to teens and young adults. Like the Ladies Market, the place offers fashion products, ranging from apparel and socks to accessories, watches and knick-knacks. Indeed, a visit to Causeway Bay is not complete without unravelling what Jardine’s Crescent Market has to offer!

Holidays to Hong Kong – Top Experiences to Unravel In the City


Ancient architectural wonders, rich wildlife, great hospitality, modern temptations, and a vibrant culture – Hong Kong has every element that makes for a great holiday experience. Read on to learn about some of the city’s most appealing experiences that present a wonderful time to the travellers.


Be it soaring skyscrapers, colonial forts, ancient temples, or terrific theme parks, Hong Kong has the best of it all, treating its guests with the finest of touristy wonders. Victoria Peak, Hong Kong Disneyland, Lantau Island, Peak Tram, Clock Tower and Hong Kong Museum of History are some of the most well known attractions in the city, ones which you certainly must visit. If you wish to visit a Buddhist temple, head to Tian Tan Buddha, also known as Big Buddha, one of the noted Buddhist temples in the region.


A great place to enjoy the best of sun and sand as well as a range of thrilling water sports, Hong Kong beaches promise an unforgettable time to the visitors. Ham Tin Wan, Clearwater Bay, Kwun Yam Wan, Cheung Sha, Big Wave Bay, Turtle Cove and Pui O, Hap Mun and Repulse Bay are among the most frequented beaches here. Besides sunbathing and swimming, snorkelling, diving and kayaking are the popular activities among the travellers visiting these beaches. Live music shows, food festivals and beach parties are held regularly at most of these beaches. Moreover, whales, turtles and other marine animals can be spotted at some of these beaches.


Hong Kong has a fabulous food scene with the city being home to several outstanding restaurants. If we talk about traditional delicacies that remain must try for tourists in Hong Kong, the likes of wontons (dumplings) roast goose, wind sand chicken, fake shark fin soup, shrimp and chicken balls, phoenix talons (chicken feet), steamed shrimp dumplings, fish balls and sweet sour pork come to mind. Apart from enjoying food at the upscale restaurants or causal cafes, you can enjoy the local fare at street side eateries.


With over two-thirds of the city’s territory comprising of wetland reserves, protected parks and natural habitats, Hong Kong is home to many species of birds and animals including a few native and endangered ones. You can spot monkeys, bats, wild bears, pink dolphins, black faced spoonbill, masked palm civet, red lacewing butterflies, ring tailed lemur, purple heron, rufous burrowing snake, green turtle and water buffalo here in Hong Kong. Aberdeen Country Park, Tai Po Kau Nature Reserve, Mai Po Nature Reserve, Sai Kung East Country Park and Kowloon Park are among the noted wildlife conservation parks here.


Be it unique souvenirs, Chinese artworks, silk products, antique jewellery or artefacts, you can find a lot of stuff at Hong Kong markets. Kowloon Street, Temple Street Night Market, Jade Market and Jade Street, Stanley Market and Ladies Market are some of the areas where you can shop for all kinds of interesting and unique stuff. If you are looking for luxury labels and brands, visit popular malls such as Elements Shopping Mall, IFC Mall and Pacific Place.



Offering a glimpse into the rich and vibrant culture of Hong Kong, the festivals hosted by the city are massively popular among the tourists. Chinese New Year, Spring Lantern Festival, Ching Ming Festival, Tin Hau, Cheung Chau Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Buddha’s Birthday and Hungry Ghost Festival offer travellers a wonderful opportunity to revel in the region’s splendid cultural flair.



Home to beautiful night markets, illuminating harbours, pristine beaches, and exciting bars and clubs, Hong Kong assures revellers of a great time. Popular party spots in the city include Lan Kwai Fong and Soho, Wan Chai, Volar, Ce La Vi Hong Kong,   Play Club, Dragon-i, Drop, Fly Hong Kong, Magnum and Tasmania Ballroom. Also, the world’s largest light and sound show, Symphony of Lights in Hong Kong is a must experience.



A beautiful fusion of diverse religious groups and nationalities such as Cantonese, British, Indians and Shanghainese, Hong Kong culture, understandably, is quite diverse. Best reflected in the architecture, temples, festivals, events, sports, languages and food, this fascinating city is surely a cultural delight! In fact, Cantonese Opera is a classic example of the prevalent Cantonese customs and practices.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China: A Must Visit For Every Nature Lover

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is one of the most exquisite national parks in the world and a must visit for anyone who is a true admirer of nature’s breathtaking beauty. It is sits on the northwest border of the Hunan province in south-central part of China. Impeccably adorned with some of the most scenic mountains, emerald lakes, deep caves, mesmerising valleys and utterly intriguing cultural heritage, this glorious place has emerged as a true natural repository and a source of inspirations for legendary movies like Avatar. Visiting this remarkable place would do adventure enthusiasts a world of good. The memorable experience is certainly worth their time and money invested on flight tickets.

A Bit of History

Zhangjiajie boasts a rich history. Once, it was a place where no one would have thought of stepping foot. It is believed that Zhang Liang a notable strategist of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD) lived here in fear of Liu Bang, the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. It was considered to be extremely remote and inaccessible. Over the course of time, things have changed and in 1982 it was recognised as China’s first national forest park.


Breathtaking views, rich culture, amazing cuisines and a galaxy of entertaining activities to do – Zhangjiajie is an action packed place that keeps you entertained to the core. Huangshizhai, Golden Whip Stream, Yaozizhai, Yuanjiajie, and Yangjiajie are the five scenic areas that you should not miss. A large number of travellers book flights tickets every year to explore the mystical charm of this place.

Important Accommodation Info

There are about 854 hotels that are open for guests throughout the year.

Among them, 53 are star-rated hotels – 2 five-star, 6 four-star, and 37 three-star hotels.

How to Get Here

Once you are in China – no matter where – getting here is a cakewalk. There are a number of airlines that offer frequent flights from Shanghai and Beijing. Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines are the most prominent ones.

Nearest Airport

Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport is the nearest one. It is connected to more than fifty destinations in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.