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Gaiety Galore at the 38th Annual Powell Street Festival, Vancouver

Come August 2014, and the city of Vancouver, British Columbia will light up with the radiance of sheer joy and merrymaking as the 38th Annual Powell Street Festival is about to commence on 1st of August and will continue till the 3rd of August, 2014.

A Time for Endless Fun and Frolic

The Powell Street Festival, conceived by the Powell Street Festival Society (PSFS), commemorates the friendly relations between two nations, Canada and Japan. Tourists who have booked tickets for their Canadian holiday during this time can be a part of the largest Japanese-Canadian Festival in the country.

The Powell Street Festival gives enough reasons to the creative souls to book flights to Vancouver to participate in the celebrations. It is an amazing place to witness some of the finest exhibits of

Japanese art, music and food.

The primary reason why most musicians and artists book tickets to Canada to attend the event is that the Powell Street Festival not only facilitates the ongoing trends but also encourages new found talent to shine amidst an enthralled crowd.

Attractions and Highlights of the Festival

The 38th Annual Powell Street Festival will have a plethora of performances and activities to delight locals and tourists alike. Tourists who have booked flights for Vancouver for this time will get an exclusive opportunity to indulge in some of the finest dance, music and art shows.

Many acclaimed performers like Erika Mitsuhashi, Takuro Otani and Double Ropes Caravan will be a part of the event. The ‘Displays and Visual Arts’ section includes reputed names like Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie, BC Bonsai Society and Vancouver Ikebana Association.

For those who appreciate theatre and performing arts, events hosted by names like The Re-enactors, Assaulted Fish and Za Daikon will be nothing short of a treat.

Music maniacs can sway at the melodious renditions and groove at the pulsating beats of Cosmic Wink, LOUD, Kytami, Carol Oya and Spring.

Culinary Delights for the Gourmands

The festival is also a great place to savour Canadian and Japanese delicacies. Various stalls will be put up by names like Chicco Café, Damien’s Belgian Waffles and JAPADOG amongst many others.

Train Journey between Mumbai and Goa – All You Need To Know!

mumbaiMumbai and Goa are two most popular holiday destinations in the western part of India, visited by millions of domestic as well as international tourists. Travellers booking tickets to explore the south-western part of India often take a tour between the commercial capital of the country and the hottest Indian beach destination. Many of these vacationers prefer to book tickets for train travel on Konkan Railway stretch instead of boarding flights. A train tour between Mumbai and Goa bestows great opportunities to witness the inimitable scenic beauty of the route.

Konkan Railway  by Ramnath Bhat /  CC BY

Konkan Railway by Ramnath Bhat / CC BY

Konkan Railway offers various trains from Mumbai to Mangalore that connect the states of Maharashtra, Goa and Karnataka in India. Tourists often buy tickets for the train journey to enjoy the lush green valley between grand mountains of Western Ghats, milky-white waterfalls, criss-crossing rivers and white cloud patches with the backdrop of blue sky, all giving flights to fancies of the travellers!

goaHere is just a smattering of all that Mumbai to Goa rail travel on the Konkan belt offers.

  • Though the journey is time consuming, the breathtaking sight is worth the time.
  • Travellers get a chance to experience the thrill in very short intervals as the trains pass through long tunnels. In fact, during winters small streams can be seen squirting from the tunnels and mountain walls.
  • If you want to travel economical in India, travelling by trains is one of the ways. And travelling on this specific route by train is more affordable than flights as well as by road.
  • Rail journey between Mumbai and Goa is not just economical and scenic, but comfortable also, in comparison to road trip. You can stretch your body or take a nap. The berths are meant for sleeping. You’ll be provided pillows, blankets and sheets without any extra charge.
  • The trains have well-equipped pantry from where passengers can order food, according to their diet.

Not only for budget tourists, but for many holidaymakers seeking a scenic journey of the Western Ghats, this Konkan Rail journey is worth the cost of all the efforts!

Goa’s Best Temptations – Biggest Lures of Smallest Indian Province!

It’s gorgeous, it’s divine, and it’s a place where the spirit of the soul is lifted to new heights – Goa makes up for its miniature stature with an abundance of temptations that can make any traveller want to book flights in a jiffy and land on its pristine shores.

Even though Goa happens to be the smallest state in India, it is the reason for a substantial influx of foreign tourist in the country. Thousands of people arrive on flights on the Indian soil and head straight to the welcoming beaches and frivolous surroundings of Goa.

Exploring Goa is an exquisite experience, the value of which far exceeds that of the money spent on tickets to India. And to ensure that one gets to see the best of Goa, here’s a list of the best temptations that the destination has to offer.

Calangute Beach


goa-beachesaThink white stretches of velvety sand and foamy waves caressing them and that’s a fairly accurate picture of the Calangute Beach of North Goa. The beauty of the location is so sublime that its fullest potential can only be experienced by being there in person. Calangute Beach features in almost all the itineraries of travellers who book tickets to India for a perfect beach holiday.

Music and Parties

The land blessed with natural endowments also happens to be one of the merriest places in the world. Thousands of tourists book flights to Goa to be a part of numerous music concerts and parties which are hosted all round the year especially during the festive season of Christmas and New Year. For lovers of all kinds of music, from psychedelic to trance, Goa welcomes all the melodious souls with a plethora of exciting and enthralling events.

And the Food!

When it comes to food, Goa is nothing less than heavenly! From traditional Goan cuisine, which in itself is influenced by a number of global culinary techniques, to an extensive array of sea-food- the food scene in Goa is deliciously divine.

With all that it has to offer, it is no wonder that Goa holds the honour of being one of the most coveted tourist destinations of all times.

India’s Stunning Landmarks worth Spending Travel Money on

A treasure trove of sights, sounds, smells and tastes, India is a holidaymaker’s real delight, offering much to see and explore. However, a few of them are so enthralling that they leave on a visitor’s mind an indelible imprint. Whether you are an enthusiastic shutterbug or a ravenous reveller on a globe-trotting endeavour, here are some of most recognisable landmarks in the country that you will not mind disbursing your travel money for.

Taj Mahal, Agra

Taj Mahal AgraOne of the Seven Wonders of the World, this magnificent structure is built on the bank of River Yamuna and is no less than a mesmerising treat to the eyes and senses. A symbol of love, the edifice stands testimony to the architecture brilliance of Mughal era and is a must-visit site for everyone boarding flights for India holidays.

Golden Temple, Amritsar

Golden-Temple-AmritsarA stunningly shinning dome built of tons of gold, a holy nectar pool and unrivalled religious passion and purity – the Golden Temple in Amritsar reflects grandeur every inch of its surface. This splendid structure is located in Amritsar in Indian state of Punjab and is a major pilgrimage centre for Sikhs. Architecture design blends Muslim, Hindu and European design and allures many keen travellers netting tickets on flights to discover India’s architectural wonderments.

Khajuraho Temples

Khajuraho-TemplesHistory comes alive in an erotic form at the world acclaimed temples in Khajuraho. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the town has more than 75 temples, magnificent in form and astonishingly carved. Erotic sculptures designed on the temples in Western Complex make them instantly recognisable, enticing hordes of international tourists to buy tickets to travel this part of India.

Lake Palace, Udaipur

lak-palaceWho can resist the stupefying charm of Mewar heritage as witnessed in Udaipur, Rajasthan? The Lake Palace is a living testimony to it! Thousands visit the ‘City of Lake’ to admire the architectural brilliance of this majestic palace nestled in the heart of Lake Pichola. Those who can afford to stay in this royal property, which now happens to be one of the world’s most luxurious heritage hotels, will know what lavishness really entails!

Sample the Exquisiteness of Most Popular Ramadan Markets in the World!

Ramadan is a time of the year when you can experience varied facets of the Muslim world. Besides spiritual significance, this month allows you to rejuvenate your senses while being a part of the cultural extravaganza. Shopping is another highlight of Ramadan. Around the world, several special marketplaces known as Ramadan Market are set up, where one can buy best of the items at throw away prices and gorge on scrumptious fare. Here are few popular markets worth a visit to add a new chapter of shopping to your travel diaries.


Malaysia is one of those countries where shopping has emerged as one of the most favourite pastimes. During the Holy Month, a good number of Ramadan Bazaars come to prominence. Travellers buying tickets aboard flights to the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, during Ramadan must contemplate visiting Kampung Baru Ramadan Bazaar at Jalan Raja Alang. This is among the largest ones in KL. Market at Bukit Bintang also a must visit, if you are keen on exploring the cultural effervescence during the Holy Month. Travellers in Klang Valley can ill afford to miss out on spending time at Shah Alam Ramadan Bazaar.


dubaiDubai is the most happening place in the entire Middle East and during Ramadan there are numerous activities you can be a part of. Shopaholics boarding flights to Dubai must add Ramadan Night Market to their itineraries. Dubai World Trade Centre is the venue for this 10-day shopping event which is concluding on 27th July, 2014. Scores of retailers from across the globe are participating in the event. While walking around, you would come across an impressive range of jewellery, perfumes, electronics, leather, garments and much more. Besides shopping, there are numerous food stalls where you can taste authentic Middle Eastern cuisine in addition to varied selection of international delicacies. Activities such as bouncy castles, indoor rides and sand painting are enough to keep kids busy. No entry tickets are required to be a part of this shopping-cum-cultural event.


Travellers reserving tickets to fly to Canadian cities such as Toronto and Ottawa can enjoy shopping at various Eid Bazaars and Ramadan Markets. Largest Eid Bazaar known as GTA Eid Festival in Toronto will be set up at Toronto Convention Centre. This will be the 29th edition of this event and will feature various activities; shopping is among the most prominent ones. Jami Omar Eid Bazaar in the capital city of Ottawa is the best place to shop for trendy and traditional dresses just before Eid.

Enjoy New Zealand Holidays during the Famous Matariki Festival in July!

New Zealand Dance by New Zealand Dance/ CC BY

New Zealand Dance by New Zealand Dance/ CC BY

Holidays to the thrilling holiday destination, New Zealand is suddenly getting popular and hotter than ever before. And the entire credit goes to the fast approaching Matariki Festival. This amazing international festival is already underway from 28th June 2014 but travellers are still scrambling for deals on flight tickets to New Zealand to at least enjoy the final part of it that takes place in July end. This much renowned event of New Zealand is celebrated with utmost excitement and zeal as it marks the beginning of Māori New Year. The distinct belief behind this extravagant gala event is that during this time of the year the star cluster Matariki, better known as the Pleiades, appears in the dawn sky above Aotearoa New Zealand. However, Matarik has now revived as a celebration of culture, people, language, history and spirituality.

The theme for this year’s edition is ‘kaitiakitanga’ (guardianship), which gives the visitors an amazing opportunity to think about their individual roles. The Matariki Festival, often famed as one of the best cultural festivals of New Zealand, will see the city come alive with some incredible live music performances, poetry, family events, Kapa Haka, theatre, dance and art. All these events are sure to leave holidaymakers gloating over their decision to grab air tickets aboard flights to be in New Zealand just in time. Moreover, the celebrations of this festival are not only restricted to just one region or city rather it is celebrated throughout kiwi land with same enthusiasm. Wellington’s famous museum, Te Papa hosts Matariki celebrations, featuring 25-day programme that includes talks, astronomy sessions and concerts.

The Puaka Matariki Festival, a prominent carnival of the South Island is held in Dunedin in the month of July. The fest witnesses many spellbinding celebrations and events that include storytelling, lantern parades, contemporary dance, whānau ‘have a go’ sessions and a midwinter carnival. Other renowned performances that promise to keep the visitors entertained are Matariki on The Move, He Wai, Tree Planting, Mana Wahine, Vessels of New Life, Hike Bike Auto and Mata Ariki. Matariki is all about exhibiting your best and getting involved!!

Stern Grove Festival 2014: A Staple for Music Lovers Flying to San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is one of the most happening and lively destinations of the USA and hardly gives the people here a reason to stay calm! However, one of the many excuses currently, which are keeping people here on their toes, is the much renowned ongoing musical festival, Stern Grove. Celebrated during the months of June, July and August, this gala event sets countless merrymakers on a mad quest to grab flights tickets to San Francisco.

This magical music event hosts an incredible series of admission-free concerts and strives to provide talented performers a distinct opportunity to showcase their talent in front of the world audience. Moreover, the carnival aims to cater all forms of diverse audiences by arranging live performances and shows by a different class of artists across varied genres on select Sunday afternoons. Stern Grove is currently in progress and attempts to enhance and promote San Francisco’s rich culture and heritage by presenting to the world a wide selection of musical charms.
Holidaymakers already vacationing in San Francisco or those who have booked air tickets to the city to board their flights in the coming weeks must not forget to include this gala celebration in their travel itineraries. The event is being held at Sigmund Stern Recreation Grove, popularly known as Stern Grove. The centre is a eucalyptus-wooded natural amphitheatre with trees forming the walls for the exquisite outdoor concert venue.

Each Sunday afternoon, right from the start until the end of the festival, is reserved for some world class act, concert or show to treat both local and global visitors to some of the finest performances. While June saw many finer events concluding, several more prominent performances are still in the pipeline to ensure a whale of a time to the arriving guests. Below are the scheduled events of Stern

Grove Festival:

July 27: Rufus Wainwright and Quartet San Francisco
August 3: Andrew Bird and the Hands of Glory and Todd Sickafoose’s Tiny Resistors
August 10: Darlene Love and Monophonics
August 17: Sergio Mendes and LoCura
August 24: The Zombies and Vetiver

Top Places for Best family holiday in Johannesburg

Johannesburg has always been one of the prime destinations in South Africa. A major chunk of tourists book flights tickets every year to spend their holidays here. Being the second largest city in Africa, Johannesburg has a lot to offer to its visitors. People who are blocking their tickets on a family holiday to this city will find that there is no dearth of things to do and see. While Great parks, amazing zoos, beautiful gardens and fascinating museums entertain the kids, there are a large number of family friendly hotels that take care of accommodation issues. Here are just three of the top attractions that holidaymakers must not miss on a family vacations with kids.

Cradle of Humankind

This is one of the places that does not only entertain the children but also offers an educational experience. Cradle of humankind is a beautiful complex of limestone caves that draw the attraction of the visitors. It is also a UNESCO world heritage site. Magalies Wild Game Farm, Hennops Hiking Trail, Blaauwbank Historic Gold Mine – there is a lot to do and see here.

Gold Reef City

Gold Reef City by George Groutas / CC BY

Gold Reef City by George Groutas / CC BY

Offering an array of fun and entertainment options, Gold Reef City is an amazing theme park that offers kids a complete fun experience. People who are booking tickets on flights to Johannesburg and are with children should definitely not miss this place. There are a large number of gaming options and if you feel like experiencing something more wonderful, try the 4d movie and you will not be disappointed.

Johannesburg Zoo

Johannesburg-ZooJohannesburg is a great place for the children to learn while enjoying. The abundance of wildlife, a number of fun activities and a lot of sightseeing make this zoo one of the most sought after attractions in Johannesburg. One of the best things to do while you are is Safari. The day Safari offers a different view of the zoo while the night safari takes the experience to a whole new level.

Best Desert Safari Experiences in the World Holidaymakers Just Can’t Miss

lDesert safari is indeed one of the most luring baits that set adventure freaks on a mad quest to grab air tickets for flights to different world destinations. This exciting adventure activity allows the holidaymakers to enjoy the enthralling dune bashing in scorched landscape near the city. The adventure filled ride over 4 x 4 sophisticated SUV vehicles through stunning spectacles of tanned terrains and challenging Bedouins all together make for a lifetime experience. Here’s a quick list discussing about the best desert safari destinations in the world.

Black Rock Desert, USA

The state of Nevada is much popular for Los Vegas however the Black Rock Desert in the region attracts many adventure seekers owing to its amazing desert safari trial. The accommodation for the visitors is set inside a camp at the oasis or the travellers even have a choice to soak in natural hot springs. The desert boasts dry lake beds, natural wet lands, scary cities and abundant flora and fauna which make the entire safari experience much more enthralling. Holidaymakers craving to experience a natural American desert life must not wait to net flights tickets for USA and partake in the Black Rock Desert Safari.

Cairo, Egypt

egyptEgypt is and will always be a hot favourite desert safari destination attracting holidaymakers from all corners of the world. Cairo, the capital of Egypt boats an extensive desert area providing enormous opportunities to the global visitors to participate in desert safari. The safari terrain of Egypt is quite extensive in comparison to other destinations and travellers need to spend almost a week to see the desert tourism in Egypt.

Dubai, UAE

dubaiDubai undoubtedly tops the popularity charts when it comes to experiencing the authentic slice of desert safari. Safari tours in the city are organized in both morning and evening hours thus giving the adventure seekers enough time to enjoy the amazing sport. Visitors can enjoy a 20 minutes safari aboard 4 x 4 SUV vehicles that pass through amazing sand dunes bashing. One can even try hands in the 15 minutes Quad biking, sand skiing or camel ride which are sure to give them a jaw-breaking experience. Soft drinks and water bottles are provided to the guests and later they are dropped at the preferred destinations.

The Divine Beauty of the Seven Sisters! Welcome to North East India!

The magnificently diverse nation, India, is known for the abundant blessings that Mother Nature could ever endow on any landmass. The North-Eastern part of India, fondly referred to as ‘the seven sisters’ which resemble the seven states (at present, eight, including Sikkim) of the region, is a place which boasts of unparalleled scenic beauty, a harmonious unity of multiple cultures and ethnicities and the heart-warming hospitality of the people.

When Flights Disembark in Heaven

The unspoiled charm of the North-East owes its existence to the fact that it is considered to be an offbeat destination. However, the magnetism of the region is felt and admired by many seasoned travellers who vouch for the beauty and simplicity of the pristine landscapes. There is so much to marvel at and yet more to experience that tourists feel overwhelmed at the prospect of booking flights to the North East.

Mother Nature in Her Gorgeous Avatar

Booking tickets to North East India delights those who wish to get mesmerised by some of the most exquisite creations of nature.

Tea gardens of Assam by Arun Bharali / CC BY

Tea gardens of Assam by Arun Bharali / CC BY

Meghalaya by Rajesh Dutta / CC BY

Meghalaya by Rajesh Dutta / CC BY

Be it the sprawling tea gardens of Assam, the snow-capped Himalayan ranges of Arunachal Pradesh, the plethora of enchanting lakes, mystical waterfalls and mysterious caves of Meghalaya, the tropical forests of Mizoram- all contribute to the process of enhancing the grandeur of the blessed land.

Top it up with the living root- bridges of Cherapunjee, the blossoming valleys of Nagaland and the floating islands of Manipur- the canvas would look like nothing less than a heaven on earth.

Mizoram by rajkumar1220 / CC BY

Mizoram by rajkumar1220/ CC BY

Cherapunjee by Arup Malakar / CC BY

Cherapunjee by Arup Malakar/ CC BY

Valleys of Nagaland by rajkumar1220/ CC BY

Valleys of Nagaland by rajkumar1220/ CC BY

The People and Their Cultures

Tourists who book tickets to the North East are often amazed at the multiplicity of cultures, languages and ethnicities that define the region.

The frivolousness of the diverse cultures comes alive in the form of numerous festivals, dance, music and art. The demure Bihu dancers of Assam sway to the beats of the drums while the Manipuri classical dancers enchant people with their gracious gestures.

North East India is the place where one can witness the jovial celebration of the human life and all the elements that surround it.