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Chaukhandi Tombs: Memories of Karachi’s Long-Forgotten Past

Chaukhandi-TombsKarachi, one of the largest cities of Pakistan, ranks as one of the preferred entry points among international tourists booking flights for the country as the metropolis is home to one of the busiest airports in the sub-continent. Though this part of the nation is more famous as a hub for commercial activities, Karachi features a number of historic monuments that have impressed travellers from across the world. One of the often-overlooked historic sites close to city is the Chaukhandi Tombs, the relics of a long forgotten past in this historic land. Read on to know more about the memorable experiences on offer in case you are planning to book flights to this top urban centre of Pakistan.

The Little Known History

The Chaukhandi Tombs are characterised by elaborate and delicate designs that are sure to leave tourists at Karachi awestruck with their sheer brilliance. These early remnants of Islam date back to the later medieval times and house the remains of prominent members of the Baluch and Jokhio tribes. As an example of architectural styles originating in Sindh, they truly have no equal and being located close to the Karachi city they are easy to reach for anyone who lands from flights at Karachi.

The Unique Architectural Confluence

Though the entire area features influences of early Islamic architecture, there is also evidence of Rajput-style of architecture that dominated the region before the Mughal era. The geometric designs though carved out of stone are so delicately and beautifully done that they seem similar to patterns commonly associated with woodwork and textiles. Another unique aspect is the dedication of tombs to both women and men, which bear different markings. Jewellery designs (necklaces, bracelets, earring etc.) denote the remains of women while turbans, swords, daggers etc. denote men, but, human figures are few if any, according to Islamic beliefs.

Tour Options

Travellers who plan a visit to this necropolis after arriving at Karachi can look forward to an enjoyable daytrip far from the bustle of the city. Apart from the chance to get a peek at the region’s rich historic heritage, the experience is also sure to be memorable as one of the best picnic during holidays in Pakistan.

Three Sea-Facing Restaurants for Sumptuous Dining in Karachi!

It is not without a reason that Karachi is considered a foodie’s paradise. A melting pot of varied cultures, the city boasts a diverse dining scene that is more than capable to overwhelm even the most discerning epicureans! Apart from an array of upscale eateries located in city’s malls and major hotels, there are many sea-side restaurants where dining is treat to the senses. Offering toothsome cuisines in a soul-soothing ambience; sea-facing restaurants in Karachi promise a wonderful experience that will surely live up to the money spent on travel tickets and other holiday deals. Here are a few popular options to take your pick from!



romantic sunset spot by the evening and a glittering sea-facing restaurant by night, Kolachi is charm personified that allures hordes of romantic couples and families, alike. Guests would love a range of authentic Pakistani cuisines complemented by a scenic milieu and swift service. Spicy barbecued Hunzai Kabab and the Kolachi Karahi are two must-try dishes!

The Village

A romantic, seafront location is the primary reason why the Village is such a big hit with couples boarding flights for Karachi tour. Then there is an eclectic menu of mouth-watering delicacies and pleasing hospitality making it stand apart! There are exotic drinks to sample, like cane juice and Lassi. For the more judicious guests, the restaurant also offers the facility of terrace dining. No wonder, the eatery catches the fancy of hordes of holidaymakers who spend on air tickets to sojourn the Pakistan’s charming metropolis.

Usmania Restaurant

Located at the famous Clifton beach, Usmania Restaurant welcomes you with regal seafront ambiance and delicious Pakistani cooking. An ever-evolving menu of the restaurant comprises an array of regional and international dishes. It is truly a place to be at, if you’re looking for a chilled out dinner in a captivating neighbourhood of the Arabian Sea. Feast on Cheese Steak, Chicken Cherry, and Vegetable Cutlets or Usmania Special Prawn like many do! Pleasing hospitality is sure to leave you enthralled and gloating on your choice to pick this eatery after disembarking Karachi flights.

Top Karachi Attractions that Delight Tourists on Holidays to Pakistan

Karachi is a major Pakistani city. Karachi is often referred as the commercial epicentre of the Pakistan as against Lahore, the Cultural Capital of Pakistan. However, Karachi is not only a thriving business hub but also a wonderful cultural hub. A number of tourists are always keen on exploring the various gifts of the city, be it the historical monuments, museums, parks or beaches. Travellers, who are planning a trip to the city, must make it a point to check out the following sites to truly unravel the charm of Karachi.


Mohatta Palace Museum: Named after its founder Shivratan Chandratan Mohatta, the museum has a staggering range of relics and exhibits for guests. People will love the collection of ceramic art that has been accumulated over hundreds of years. One can even learn about the British reign in Pakistan from the different memorabilia displayed here. Further, tourists might love to take a look at the letters written by famous personalities. History aficionados will take a fancy to the place after having booked tickets on flights to Karachi and landing at the museum.

Clifton Beach: For beach bums headed to Pakistan, there aren’t many sites as pretty as the Clifton Beach. Tourists can enjoy a wide range of recreational and leisure activities at the beachside. There are stalls, camel and hose riding facilities, small shops, etc. The place is a huge hit with local families and any international traveller who is spending money on flight tickets to learn about the place would be delighted with the jamboree that’s paraded here, each evening. Kids will love the amusement park of the area. It features a bowling alley and an aquarium, among other things.

Mazar-e-Quaid: A popular attraction among locals and foreign tourists, Mazar-e-Quaid is the tomb of founding father of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah. The tomb is located right in the middle of the city and is rather well-known for its wonderful architectural designs. It is a fantastic site to learn a thing or two about traditional and contemporary construction style of Pakistan.

Things to Know Before You Book Karachi Cheap Flights

Karachi, despite having lost its status as the capital of Pakistan, has always been the heart of the country’s flourishing economy. It happens to be the largest and most populous metropolitan city of the nation, its prominent seaport as well as the centre of its banking, industry and economic activities. With an assemblage of people from almost all races and religions of Pakistan, the city is also considered the country’s cultural crux. And the tourists who grab hold on tickets for flights heading to Karachi will be delighted by its stunning panoply of mesmerising sights and awe-inspiring cosmopolitan delights. No wonder, heaps of tourists vie hard to get Karachi cheap flights and land in the city to unravel its fascinating blend of natural as well as man-made wonders.

Karachi cheap flights

However, there are a few important points that you, as a traveller, must know before booking flights tickets to Karachi. Take a look!

Despite a lot of buzz in its everyday happenings, culture in Karachi is traditionally tinted. The city houses a significant number of religious destinations that are coveted among its multi-ethnic population. So avert disrespecting the local traditions and deities. Do not spit, urinate or do anything else religiously offensive nearby the places of worship in the city.

Some tourists booking flight tickets to Karachi, particularly the ones from western countries may get mistaken by the impressive and modern facade of the city into romancing at public spots. But Pakistan’s culture does not allow one to make such open exhibition of private affairs. So even if you’re visiting the city for a romantic sojourn, do not descend to the point where people find your behaviour objectionable.

While in Karachi, avoid wearing any outfit that appears provocative. There is not any written rule though; you will be better off packing a couple of convoluted dresses before boarding your flights to be worn while outdoors in karachi.

The city of Karachi happens to be the connecting centre to almost every place in Pakistan. So you can book Karachi cheap flights to land in the city and then can easily head to any other place in the country.

The Karachi International Airport of one of the busiest in the country and hosts numerous international as well as domestic airlines that offer cheap flight tickets for travel across the country and globally.

International Airport Info for Karachi Cheap Flights

Jinnah International Airport (IATA: KHI), one of the largest and busiest airports in Pakistan, is perhaps the most popular international gateway to Pakistan. Many full-service and low cost carriers operate direct/indirect flights to the airport, which provides travelers with numerous opportunities to bag tickets to Karachi.


The international airport at Karachi operates as a secondary hub for Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), the country’s flag carrier and features the Ispahani Hangar that is equipped to handle repairs of wide-body aircraft. Additionally, the airport also operates as a key hub for top private operators in Pakistan like airblue and Shaheen Air that operate from Karachi. Cheap flights of these airlines connect Jinnah International Airport with the key domestic terminals within the country. Karachi Cheap Flights are operated by leading carriers from around the world.

CIP Lounge

The lavish CIP Lounge at this airport boasts of an exclusive user group comprising of those travelling in first or business class aboard flights destined for Karachi. However, others can also avail of the various amenities at this lounge provided they are credit card holders of few select national and international banks. Special access cards that enable access of the CIP lounge are issued by the airline to those travelling in First and Business classes. The lounge provides its patrons with free internet, shower facilities, newspaper as well as other amenities to improve their travel experience.

Shopping and Restaurants

Travelers booking tickets aboard Karachi flights can easily make their way to the many retail outlets and snazzy restaurants within the airport premises. Some of the popular items on sale at the airport include memorabilia and popular arts/crafts of the country including rugs, carpets, oynx, gems etc. The restaurants at this expansive international terminal serve up a wide range of domestic and international cuisine for those who book flight tickets to Karachi from all over the world.

Additional Services

Elderly or physically challenged passengers availing air tickets to Karachi are assured of a wide range of special facilities designed to ensure their comfort. Visually challenged international passengers on Karachi flights can easily find their way within the terminal by following the internationally accepted signage posts placed within the airport. There are also designated prayer areas, money changers and ATMs for those reaching the airport on Karachi flights.