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Top 3 Tourist Attractions in and around Sialkot, Pakistan

Sialkot is one of the popular cities, located in the Punjab province of Pakistan. It is known as the “football production capital of the world”, exporting around 30 million footballs annually.


Sialkot is connected to all the major cities in Pakistan, by road, trains and flights. It takes just two hours to reach the city from Lahore and four hours from Islamabad. Although it is known for its trade and commerce, it has a rich historical and cultural significance too. Have a look at three popular attractions in Sialkot.

Iqbal Manzil

Iqbal Manzil lies in the heart of the historic city and is one of the most popular attractions of Sialkot. It is the birthplace of the renowned poet Sir Muhammad Iqbal, also known as Allama Iqbal and is revered in many countries including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. He is also known as the national poet of Pakistan. Iqbal Manzil was the family residence of Iqbal and was purchased by Iqbal’s Grandfather, Mohammad Rafique. Many international as well as local tourists come to Sialkot just to visit the residence of the famous poet. The residence was renovated and converted into a museum-cum-library in 1977 and ever since, it has been a part of the national heritage.

Tomb of Imam Ali-ul-Haq

Imam Ali-ul-Haq, also known as Imam Sahib lived during the times of Feroz Shah Tughlaq, in the 13th Century CE. He was one of the most influential figures in spreading Islam in Sialkot. He is known as a martyr who sacrificed his life fighting against the Rajah of Sialkot and his shrine is located at the place where he attained martyrdom. The mausoleum comprises of narrow corridors which leads to the shrines. It has a beautiful courtyard where you can sit and reflect. There is a bustling market outside.

Marala Headworks

The Marala Headworks is located on the Chenab River, near Sialkot. This colossal hydro-engineering project is considered to be a great place for family picnics and outings. It is also popular as a fishing and angling spot. Countless people come here to relax, enjoy the surroundings, and indulge in outdoor activities. During winter, it becomes a home for various bird species such as Common Cranes, Mallards, Greylag Geese, Pallas Gull’s, Eurasian Bitterns, and many others, which make it a bird-watching haven.

Alluring Places In Islamabad Where Tourists Flock from Around the Globe

Islamabad is a beautiful city in Pakistan widely known for its natural beauty. While the rolling mountains and wildlife make for enchanting distractions, a rich history and cultural heritage does its bit to add that extra zing. Tourists reserving flights to Islamabad may definitely look forward to a lovely eclectic holiday experience. Each year, visitors book flights from around the globe to soak in the peaceful atmosphere and explore the various attractions of Islamabad.

Shah Faisal Masjid

Shah-Faisal-MasjidDiscover the beauty and majesty of the white marbled Shah Faisal Masjid. Located against the backdrop of the picturesque Margalla Hills, this beautiful mosque has been designed by Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. It was built in the memory of King Faisal. The minarets and overall structure of the Shah Faisal Masjid, along with the mosaics and a spectacular chandelier further add to its grandeur.


 Daman-e-Koh by Farhan Chawla/ CC BY

Daman-e-Koh by Farhan Chawla/ CC BY

You will get a marvellous view of Islamabad at the scenic Daman-e-Koh, which is located on the Margalla Hills.  Ample of scope for hiking in the verdant forests treat visitors to a rich slice of nature. Peer Sohawa is a popular spot for visitors here, complete with good picnic spots, great eateries, snack bars, and fine restaurants.

Margalla Hills

 Margalla Hills by Kamran HashmiCC BY

Margalla Hills by Kamran HashmiCC BY

Come to Margalla if you are game for some nature walks and serious hiking. In fact, be it walking or driving, and cycling or camping – there is no dearth of activities one may indulge in. Especially, the breath-taking and lush green hillsoffer plenty of opportunities for hiking. The number of walks offered to tourists range from half day to full day itineraries. The bar-be-que and other fare at the popular “The Khokha” restaurant  is yet another irresistible charmer here.

Islamabad Zoo

Islamabad Zoo offers excellent options for wildlife enthusiasts as well as educative recreation for people of all age brackets, especially children. Also known as Marghazar Zoo, the Islamabad Zoo was started in 1978 as a sanctuary for Indian gazelles, spotted deers and leopards found in the region.The zoo houses around 600 different types of animals and is a thrilling place for young people as they witness wildlife from close quarters.

The Surreal and the Subtle Offerings of Pakistan-A Day in Islamabad

What could be a better way to witness the true charm of a country than to alight from flights right at its capital city? Islamabad does justice to Pakistan by offering tourists an authentic and quintessentially Pakistani experience. For those who wish to spend a day exploring the exquisite and the esoteric wonders of Islamabad, this guide is sure to come handy.

Waking up to the Muezzin’s Call is Truly Divine 

If you have booked tickets to spend a day in Islamabad, then the muezzin’s call from the largest mosque in Pakistan, the Faisal Mosque, is bound to offer a soothing acknowledgement of your visit to the incredible country. The melodious rendition implores travellers to start their explorations as a new dawn settles in.

Faisal Mosque

Faisal Mosque

A Fresh Morning Calls for Some Fresh Air and a Hearty Breakfast!

Gear up all the morning energy and head on to the lush landscapes of the Margalla Hills. Enjoy breathtaking views from the gardens of Daman-e-Koh, a famous viewpoint tucked atop the hills. And the strolling and trekking has fuel your hunger pangs, you can surely dive into some delicious offerings of the Pir Sohawa, a resort which also houses one of the most picturesque restaurants in Pakistan.

Time for Some Dedicated Sightseeing

Avid travellers are not only good at netting the best deals on flights tickets; they are also good at indulging in immersive travel. And one cannot fully immerse oneself in a place without witnessing its culture, artistry and heritage. Head on with gusto to the Lok Virsa Museum, an institution that exhibits the creative and crafty side of Pakistan with its multifarious visual delights.


Witness the Contrast of the Past and the Present

Located close to the popular Shakarparian Hills, the Pakistan Monument resembles both the glory of the nation and the nuances of a colonial past. After feasting your eyes on the brilliant architecture, you may head towards the Saidpur Village, which stands in stark contrast of the yesteryears with its modernist renovations and classy venues.

A Serene Evening is always a Memorable One

Hop on a boat and let the tranquillity of the Rawal Lake calm your senses before you board your return flights and bid a fond goodbye to Islamabad.

Islamabad Dining Delights: Around the Asia in Four Restaurants


Hordes of epicureans board Islamabad flights to relish its culinary delights and seldom return disappointed. A melting pot of varied cultures, this charming capital of Pakistan is a perfect place to savour different types of cuisines from around the Asia. Dining venues range from immensely upscale bistros to elegant, yet pocket-friendly restaurants and offer something exotic for all. Here are some recommendations to help you make the most of your money invested on travel tickets and holiday deals:

Sakura Japanese Restaurant, Marriott Hotel (Japanese)

Sakura redefines Japanese dining with delicious authentic cuisines and the spectacular interior with a live Teppanyaki station. The chick eatery is a part of Islamabad Marriott Hotel and will win you over with scrumptious food complemented by coveted Japanese hospitality.

Top Picks: Chicken Teriyaki & Tempura, Sashimi and fried Shrimp.

Golden Dragon (Chinese)

Both locals as well as international tourists visit this elegant eatery to savour the best of Chinese cuisines in Islamabad. It serves on platter a wide range of dishes, all cooked to perfect. Cordial staff will make you feel at home and leave you gloating about your decision of dining here after disembarking Islamabad flights.

Best Picks: Soft Noodles/Lo Mein, Pork chow Mein, Beef Chop Suey and Shrimp Egg Foo Young.

Cafe Lazeez (Indian)

“The best Indian food in Islamabad”, this is what has often been said about Cafe Lazeez, located on Bhattai Road in Islamabad. The chic eatery is known for its delicious naans, crispy kebabs and varied shades of Chicken Rizala flavoured with aromatic spices. Great service from the friendly staff makes experience more enriching and well worth the cost of travel tickets, dining and other expenses for Islamabad trip.

Top Picks: Chicken Rizala, Dal Makhani and naans.

Rock Bistro (Local Pakistani)

No ‘true-blue epicurean’ can claim epithet until some of the local delicacies are savoured. And perhaps the best place to do in Islamabad is Rock Bistro, located in street 11-A, F-10/2. It offers hygienic, delicious Pakistani cuisines paired with an elegant ambience. Book your table at the top floor to take in the captivating views of Margalla hills.

Best Dishes: Local cuisines, steak and prawns.

Tour to Taxila – A Must Enjoy Expedition from Islamabad!

If the ancient arts of Gandhāran and the remnants of Vedic culture tickle you pink, Taxila is the place to be while holidaying in Islamabad. Every year a good number of globetrotters, especially those having a penchant for history and archaeology board flights to Islamabad and take a day tour to Taxila. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most important archaeological sites in South Asian region and narrates the ancient tales of rich history dating back from 6th century BC to the 5th century CE. The mystical ruins found in this region depict a lot about various dynasties which ruled here over the centuries. A visit to these historical treasures offers an opportunity to peep into rich cultural heritage of this prehistoric evolution.


Holidaymakers disembarking flights at Islamabad can drive down to Taxila and explore the pre-historic ruins to get a deeper insight on the Gandhāra, Hun and Kushan Empires. Taxila Museum is one of the ideal places to head to if you have a special interest in Kushan dynasty and Buddhism. Various displays from that era like old coins, temple friezes as well as artefacts made of silver and bronze depict the political, social as well as economic structure of that particular time. This thought provoking repository is open to public every day from 8 am to 12.30 pm and 2.30 pm to 5.30 pm; except first Monday of each month and closes early during the holy month of Ramadan.

Apart from drawing an impact on the glorious past of the Indus Valley Civilisation, this heritage site nearby Islamabad, boasts several landmarks and monuments that reflects the colonial period of the nation. The Army Museum, Rajah Bazaar and Pakistan Monument are few of many prominent tourist attractions near Islamabad portraying the pre-independent period of the country and draw attention of many local as well as foreign tourists arriving here by flights. Besides, nature lovers taking holidays in Islamabad often avail weekend getaway tours to the Margalla Hills. This is a part of Murree Range and offers breathtaking sceneries which are enough to give flights to visitors’ fancies. Moreover, the crisscrossing hiking trails have made Margalla one of the prime reasons to take an expedition here.

Islamabad Attractions That Draw Holidaymakers to Pakistan

Islamabad is one of the most rapidly developing and progressing cities in the world. It is also home to various attractions that draw tourists to this historic city every year. Travellers net flights from around the world to witness the warm hospitality of this capital city in Pakistan. Take a glance and discover all that Islamabad has to offer.

Islamabad Attractions

Shah Faisal Mosque

Visit the beautiful Shah Faisal Mosque which is located near Shaharah-e-Islamabad. Set against the breathtaking Margalla Hills, this beautiful mosque has intricate architecture and murals designed by a Turkish architect Vedat Dalokay. Travellers coming on board Pakistan flights will discover that Shah Faisal Mosque is one of the biggest mosques in the world and can accommodate around 15,000 people.


Daman-e-Koh is a spectacular hill top garden as well as viewing point situated in the middle of the Margalla Hills. Once you are in Islamabad, after disembarking flights, climb up to the stunning heights of Daman-e-Koh for a splendid view of Margalla Hills. Travellers who come on board flights to Pakistan’s capital love the hiking trails, views, picnic spots and the eateries around this hill top garden.

Rohtas Fort

Islamabad has a rich cultural and political history and this is very evident though the imposing historical monuments which primarily have an architectural style that belong to the Pathan period in Pakistan. The Rohtas Fort has a foundation of steep rocks based on the bed of river Khan. Visitors netting flight tickets to Islamabad are highly enthralled by such majestic fortifications which speak volumes about Pakistan’s history.

Islamabad Zoo

Do you love animals and wildlife? Simply visit the Islamabad Zoo on the way to Daman-e-Koh and enjoy watching the animals with family and friends. The wealth of wildlife in Islamabad Zoo has caught the fancy of many international travellers. A good number of family vacationers taking Pakistan bound flights include the Islamabad Zoo in their itinerary too. It has plenty of wildlife ranging from beers, leopard, elephants, deer to beautiful birds like peacock, turkey etc to keep kids entertained.

International Airport Info for Visitors Buying Tickets to Islamabad

Buying tickets to Islamabad boosts record number of International Tourists. Benazir Bhutto International Airport is the premier international airport that greets passengers who book air tickets to Islamabad, Pakistan’s colorful capital. The airport is highly acclaimed for its superb dining, extravagant shopping and luxurious lounges. Often first time visitors who book Islamabad flights get pleasingly shocked by the grandiosity of this majestic international gateway in Pakistan. Here’s a little insight into the lounges, shopping and dinning available at Islamabad’s Benazir Bhutto International Airport.



The international airport of Islamabad features Rawal and CIP lounges for passengers booking first class and business class tickets to Islamabad. The lavishly decorated lounges feature a wide range of modish facilities in order to pamper the guests with sheer luxury and revered hospitality. Premier passengers are treated to a sumptuous set of services and facilities at the CIP lounges including snacks/beverages, TV screens, showers, comfortable seating arrangements amongst a host of many other amiable services.


There is absolutely no dearth of quality eateries and speciality restaurants at the airport and gourmands are treated with a riveting world of tantalizing flavours that are sure to dazzle the senses. Pearl Continental Hotel, Rawal Restaurant and Airport Café are just some of the many dining pads that serve a variety of appetizing, exotic food and snacks and beverages to entertain epicureans booking flights to fly in and out of Islamabad.


Shopping seems to be the forte of Benazir Bhutto International Airport. In fact, TR shops, Book & Magazine Shops, gift Shops, Pakistani Handicrafts Shop and duty free shops available at the airport catch the fancy of almost every bargain hunter booking flights to fly in and out of Islamabad.


Owing to the increasingly higher number of foreign travellers taking Islamabad flights and wanting to different city points, the airport features good transportation links. One may find bus service, yellow cab or taxi services available round the clock to move to and from the airport complex.

Vital Entry Tips For Flyers Booking Air Tickets to Islamabad

Pakistan’s colourful capital, Islamabad is a popular tourist destination and thousands of travellers from the UK and the rest of the world book Islamabad flights, every year. But it is important to know that Islamabad also has its fair share of entry regulations that should be followed to the dot. Here is little rundown on entry requirements for Islamabad, but it makes sense to consult the website of Foreign and Commonwealth Office for more updated details on the same.



British passport holders’ booking air tickets to Islamabad must remain heedful of procuring a visa before-hand. Breaching visa regulations is a criminal offence and may call for hefty fines and/or detention.

Journalists’ visas usually have additional travel restraints and one is required to fulfil all such requirements to the T. Those looking for details on Journalists’ visa restrictions before making reservations aboard Islamabad flights must consult the High Commission for The Islamic Republic of Pakistan in London

Passport validity

British flyers planning to book tickets to Islamabad must ensure that their passport is valid for a minimum period of six months at the time of visa application in order to avoid any incidences of entry denials.

UK Emergency Travel Documents

UK Emergency Travel Documents (ETDs) are valid for entry into the city. Those with Emergency Travel Documents must ensure either a valid visa or a valid identity card issued by the Pakistan government.

Travelling with children

Single parents or other adults on flights to Islamabad with a child must ensure carrying documentary evidences of parental responsibility, particularly if the child is of Pakistani origin as immigration authorities may require the evidence before permitting the child to leave the city.

Exit requirements

All passengers flying out from Islamabad must have a valid visa, a Pakistani national identity card or a valid Pakistani passport. If visa has expired for British passport holders, they may not be allowed to board their flights. In such a situation, they would need to contact the Ministry of Interior in Pakistan for an exit visa. They may also be charged a fine.