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Learn About Pietermaritzburg, A Hidden Gem of South Africa

One of the lesser discovered places in South Africa, Pietermaritzburg is the second largest city in the province of KwaZulu Natal with a lot to impress tourists with. Be it the City Hall – the largest all red-brick structure in the southern hemisphere or The Natal Witness – the oldest continuously published newspaper in the country, the city is known for them all in the entire country.


Here’s the list of some of the city’s amazing places travellers can explore for a lifetime experience in South Africa:

Butterflies for Africa

A paradise for nature lovers, Butterflies for Africa is a world-class Butterfly and Monkey House in Pietermaritzburg. It is a place where visitors would feel to be in a captivating forest surrounded by some amazing nature’s delights. You can take your kids along to the house and spend a beautiful day delighting in the beauty of both exotic and indigenous butterflies and discovering the Butterfly Craft Shop, Coffee Bar, Butterfly Nursery and African Art and Craft Centre here. A Butterfly Garden planted with all sorts of butterfly food plants is another major draw of the place.

Golden Horse Casino

Golden Horse Casino is one entertainment spot in the city where fun never ends. Tourists from all across the globe visit this high octane casino to try their luck at different slot machines. This glamorous and lively casino is one of the world’s two casinos situated on a race course, and hosts a wide range of shows and events. You will be treated here with spectacular live performances and delicious food at a variety of restaurants. There are also some excellent accommodation options close to the Casino to have a luxury stay.

Kwa-Zulu Natal National Botanical Garden

Located along the Mayor’s Walk in the western suburbs of Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal National Botanical Garden is a place to spend an ideal picnic day. You can discover here rich wildlife and stunning biodiversity, and can experience a unique grandeur and charm of the nature. Also known as Pietermaritzburg Botanical Garden, the garden presents nature’s authenticity around its attractions including Plane Tree Avenue, Natural Forest, Insect Hotel, Clivia Dam and theme gardens such as the Cycad Garden, Zulu Demonstration Garden, and Permaculture Garden.

Tatham Art Gallery

Established in the year 1903, Tatham Art Gallery is considered to be one of the top art museums of South Africa. The gallery is located in an old historical building and appeals to visitors with its several works of art created by artists from all across the globe. There are several different exhibits to discover including a collection of significant British and French artworks dating back to the 18th century. Once you are done with discovering the museum, you can move to Café Tatham for a hot cappuccino, a refreshing cold drink or a perfect lunch.

KwaZulu-Natal Museum

Ranging among the top national museums in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Museum is a great place to learn about the history of mankind in south-eastern Africa. History lovers would love to discover here a fine collection of displays on regional archaeology, African culture, seashells, European settler history, insects and some forms of animal life. The museum is also home to some of the spectacular collections of Zulu craft objects. Besides, the animal collection here representing the rich wildlife diversity of South Africa, from Dinosaurs to insects and tiny marine mollusks, is another major draw of the museum.


Top Attractions in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa

Bordered by the Orange River and Drakensberg Mountains, the Eastern Cape Province is the second largest of the nine provinces of South Africa drawing thousands of visitors every year. From the inland desert to the sea, the scenery of the Eastern Cape is a sight to behold.
Below are some of the top attractions that tourists must explore on a holiday to the South Africa’s Eastern Cape.

Wild Coast

With a long stretch of shoreline between Cintsa in the south and Mtamvuna River in the north, Wild Coast presents a number of surfing spots drawing surfers from all across the globe. While the beauty of some of the world’s best coastal sceneries is a treat for nature lovers, a number of excellent rides on a well-exposed point break attract surfers from all around. Sharks Point, Lwandile and Mdumbi are some of the popular surfing spots you can discover on the Wild Coast.

Addo Elephant National Park


A place that was proclaimed in 1931 to save 11 elephants on the brink of extinction, Addo Elephant National Park is now home to over 500 wonderful African Elephants. Lying just north of Port Elizabeth, it is considered to be the third largest reserve in South Africa drawing visitors with not just incredible elephants but with a wide range of rhinos, lions, buffaloes, zebras and penguins. You can take a truly wild tour here enjoying game viewing and outdoor activities including guided walking, hiking and horse riding.

Jeffrey’s Bay


One of the five most famous surfing destinations in the world, Jeffrey’s Bay is a prominent tourist attraction in the Easter Cape province of South Africa. Visitors can explore here incredible marine life including aloes, shells, perfect points, dolphins, and classic reefs. This place draws surfers from all around the world with its consistent tubes and Supertube waves. Besides, the bay is famous for an amazing surfing event – Billabong Pro, hosted here every year and visited by a large number of surfers from all around.

Valley of Desolation

Often called “The Cathedral of the Mountains’, the Valley of Desolation is the most striking feature of the well-known Camdeboo National Park in the Eastern Cape. It is an ideal hiking spot drawing hikers from all over the world and offering stunning views of towering rock dolomite rock pillars and the surrounding countryside. Visitors can also discover here the semi-desert landscapes of the Great Karoo lying to the south and the distinctive peaks of the Sneeuberg Mountains to the north. Wildlife including many species of birds as well as mammals such as the Cape buffalo, springbok, kudu, and bat-eared fox is another major draw of the attraction.

The Storms River Suspension Bridge


Lying along the famous Garden Route, the Storms River Suspension Bridge is more than a 200-kilometre scenic drive stretching from the Eastern Cape to the Western Cape. This 77-metre long bridge is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Tsitsikamma National Park and spans the foaming, froth-topped waters of the Storms River mouth.


Visitors would love to hike through 900 metres of beautiful bird-rich forests and delight in the beauty of the waterfalls and stunning sea views. Standing on the bridge is a wonderful experience here giving you the feel of floating above the thrashing sea.

Some of the Best Surfing Spots Across South Africa


With its nearly three thousand kilometre coastline popular for waters with great swells and waves, South Africa has become a hub for the high adrenaline water sports that is surfing! In fact surfing at several of South African bays and beaches is a major draw attracting thousands of adventure enthusiasts from all around the world.


Here we’ve compiled a list of some of the most stunning surfing spots across the country.

Durban Cave Rock

Durban is the surfing capital of South Africa and if you wish to experience surfing alongside the locals, Durban Cave Rock is the place to be. With its regular swells, favourable wind directions and an array of reef, point and beach breaks, the beach presents wonderful surfing opportunities. You can consider visiting here during the months of April to September when most of the surfers are out on the beaches.

Elands Bay

With a rocky, kelp-covered shelf encircling a corner and altering into the sand at a tiny river mouth, this place is ideal for more experienced surfers. While the picture-perfect beach beauty of the bay is a treat for sore eyes, a number of reasonably priced hotels and guest-houses, and a campsite for backpackers make it a perfect holiday destination. Visit the place in summer months when you will have fine waves and swells to ride and experience the best of surfing.

Jeffrey’s Bay

Having voted “the best surfing destination of the world”, Jeffrey’s Bay is one of the top attractions in the Eastern Cape province of South Africa. It draws surfers with its consistent tubes and Supertube waves, and is a true paradise of aloes, dolphins, shells, perfect points and classic reefs. Also, do not miss to be a part of Billabong Pro, the world-famous surfing event hosted here every year and attended by many surfers from across the globe.

Long Beach

Those with an intermediate level of surfing skills will find Long Beach an ideal place to make the most of this water sport. This long, sandy beach offers small to medium swells and some of the best and most consistent shore breaks of South Africa. It can be surfed all throughout the year, however, winter is considered to be the best time to discover the Western Cape Province.

Wild Coast

Representing a long stretch of shoreline between Cintsa in the south and Mtamvuna River in the north, Wild Coast is home to an array of great surfing spots. While surfers can enjoy here excellent rides on a well-exposed point break, nature lovers can delight in some of the best coastal sceneries in the world. Sharks Point, Lwandile and Mdumbi are some of the well-known surfing spots to discover on the Wild Coast.

5 of the Largest National Parks of South Africa

‘Rainbow Nation’ South Africa boasts the finest wildlife on the planet along with mile-long beaches, deserts and vineyards. People from all over the world visit South Africa to discover the many thrills, apparent and hidden, in its hundreds of national parks! We’ve listed five of the largest national parts in the country. Take a look!

Kruger National Park

One of the largest game reserves in Africa and the largest national park in South Africa, Kruger National Park is where visitors can experience the best of the continent’s natural riches. With around two million hectares of land, the park boasts of different environments, each with a

Kruger National Park

unique blend of flora and fauna. It is home to the Big Five as well as a plenty of smaller animals. You can even enjoy the night safari here, promising you more excitement!

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

A vast wildlife reserve between South Africa and Botswana, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is a beautiful region characterised by dry rivers, red dunes, thorn trees and pink and orange sunsets. Covering an area of around 38,000 square kilometres, the park presents spectacular South African wildlife. Spot predators like lions, cheetahs and leopards, and also get a chance to spot springbok and wildebeest seasonally. Besides, the park houses some big rest camps, with plenty of amenities and services for the guests. One can indulge in many recreational activities around the camps here.

Addo Elephant National Park

Home to more than 500 African elephants, Addo Elephant National Park, in terms of size, ranks behind Kruger National Park and Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park. Visitors can have a true African wildlife experience here while spotting rhinos, zebras, lions and buffaloes along with the elephants.

Addo Elephant National Park

Also, the park is home to the largest ground of African penguins in the country. The accommodation, ranging from luxury lodges to basic camps, caters to the requirements of all sorts of travellers.

Garden Route National Park

Lying along the south coast of South Africa, Garden Route National Park is a national park with a dramatic coastline, indigenous forests and the Otter Trail, one of the most famous hiking trails in South Africa. From boating and birding to mountain biking and kayaking, you can enjoy the best of adventures here. Visitors can choose from camps to a self-catering chalet for their accommodation needs. The wildlife includes the Knysna seahorse, pied kingsher, pansy shell, grey heron, Knysna lourie, and little egret, and draws a large number of wildlife enthusiasts from far and wide.

Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier National Park

A peace park straddling the border between South Africa and Namibia, Ai-Ais Richtersveld Transfrontier National Park is known for its spectacular scenery. While a number of mountain bike trails here makes the park a true haven for hikers, the Fish River Canyon, the largest canyon in Africa, appeals to nature lovers. Home to more than 200 species of birds, it is a popular place for bird-watchers as well. There are a number of accommodation options here, including rustic camping sites and chalets, catering to all sorts of visitors.

Explore Port Elizabeth, one of the most beautiful cities in South Africa

Famed as Africa’s Water Sports Capital, the ‘Friendly City’ Port Elizabeth is a lovely travel destination half-way between Cape Town and Durban in South Africa. It is the second oldest city in the country, offering plenty of wonderful beaches and incredible surf spots.


If you are looking for a perfect beach holiday in South Africa with a bit of culture, good food and some retail therapy, Port Elizabeth is the place for you. Here are some of the best attractions to explore in the city:

Algoa Bay

Situated 425 miles east of the Cape of the Good Hope, Algoa Bay is an ideal adventure spot in the city. One of the world’s few bays with two huge harbours – Coega and Port Elizabeth – it is where tourists love to indulge in exciting activities such as sailing, surfing, kayaking, wind surfing and kiteboarding. The bay is up to 436 metres deep and lies adjacent to the harbour city. Besides, it is a perfect spot to enjoy whale watching and being part of sunset cruises.

Kragga Kamma Game Park

A wildlife haven situated less than half-an-hour drive from the city, Kragga Kamma Game Reserve is a must-visit tourist spot. Ideal for guided safaris and nature walks, the park promises exciting wildlife experiences to the visitors. From White Rhino, Zebra, Nyala and Cheetah to Giraffe, Buffalo, Lechwe and Bontebok, you’ll get an opportunity to witness them all here in the park. You can rent a car to drive through the park.


A unique place to explore, Bayworld is a cultural and natural history museum boasting of a Snake Park and Oceanarium. It is a long-running kid-friendly place presenting plenty of maritime and historical exhibits, and animal shows. Snake interaction sessions, and seal and penguin presentations are the major highlights here. Moreover, you can treat your eyes to the amazing view of the slithery reptiles and underwater marine wonders, and can also witness a shark through the safety of a glass window.

Addo Elephant Park

The third largest national park of South Africa, Addo Elephant Park is where visitors can have the true African safari experience! A malaria-free, big five game reserve, it is an ideal place to explore a wide range of landscapes and flora and fauna. There are around 550 African elephants here – among the densest in the world. Not just the elephants but you will also get a chance to spot rhinos, buffaloes, lions, zebras and penguins. Besides, visitors can enjoy several outdoor activities such as horse riding, hiking and guided walking.

Sardinia Bay

Bordering the Chelsea Downs Nature Reserve, Sardinia Bay is a beautiful stretch of beach called “Sards” by locals. The sub tidal rocky reefs and sandy benthos along the bay make a sight to behold whereas water sports opportunities offered here, including boating and diving, are a treat for adventure enthusiasts. The beach is frequently visited by a number of surfers, sand boarding enthusiasts and kite surfers as well as families.

Hermanus – Top Attractions of this Beautiful Town in South Africa


Situated in Western Cape, Hermanus is a South African town teeming with natural marvels. Known to be a great place for spotting whales, it attracts tourists from different parts of the world. Have a look at some interesting things to do here, before you plan your travel itinerary to this beautiful town.

Whale Watching

Hermanus is generally considered one of the best places in the world to spot whales in their natural habitat. There are several different species of whales you can see here such as the Southern Right Whale, Humpback Whale, and Bryde’s Whale. Orca, the killer whale, can also be seen, though rarely. Just lounge on the beach and chances are you will be able to spot a large whale. There are several whale-watching cruises being run from the beaches here, offering you an opportunity to spot these massive creatures from up close.

Old Harbour Museum


Situated in the heart of Hermanus, the museum will acquaint you with all the best things about the art, culture and history of this wonderful little town. There are different sections of this museum, from open air displays to Fisherman’s Village and others, which you can visit.

Voelklip Beach

Popular for surfing, beachside picnics as well as lush green lawns, Voelklip Beach is one of the most popular beaches in the town, and people from all over the world visit here. The clearest blue waters will leave you mesmerized, offering you an opportunity to enjoy swimming and snorkelling.

Fernkloof Nature Reserve


Located in Kleinrivier Mountains above Hermanus, the Fernkloof Nature Reserve is a great place to spot several species of flora and fauna in their beautiful natural habitat. Spread across 1800 hectares, different fynbos species are found here. There are beautiful hiking trails here that you can explore with your friends or family. Also, the views of Walker Bay from the reserve will leave you awestruck.

Hoy’s Koppie

Hoy’s Koppie is an isolated hill rising around 75 metres above sea level and remains a beautiful picnic spot, popular especially among the tourists. Formed about 440 million years ago, Hoy’s Koppie is mostly composed of quartzitic sandstone. Enjoy incredible views of Hermanus, the Fernkloof Mountains and Walker Bay from the top of the hill.

Walker Bay Nature Reserve

Blessed with picturesque natural beauty, the Walker Bay Nature Reserve consists of five different coastal areas, and remains one of the most interesting places to visit and enjoy sightings of different species of flora and fauna.

Visit Top Wineries in South Africa


One of the largest producers of wine in the world, South Africa remains a dream holiday destination for wine lovers. Once you are here, it could be a rewarding experience to tour some of the country’s most famous wineries. Read on to know more.

Jordan Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

Producing great wines for over 300 years, Jordan Wine Estate is one of the oldest wineries in South Africa. Chameleon Sauvignon Blanc – Chardonnay, Chameleon Rosé, Chameleon Cabernet – Merlot and Chameleon No Added Sulphur Merlot are few of the most popular wines produced here. Also, there’s a restaurant and bakery within the complex. Besides, the winery organises wine tasting events regularly.

Boekenhoutskloof Winery, Franschhoek

Established in 1776, Boekenhoutskloof Winery is another old winery in South Africa. Known for its extensive collection of wines including a few vintage ones, this place produces gems like Chocolate Block (The wine with secrets to keep), The Wolftrap (ancient jaws await), Porcupine Ridge (named after a celebrated local) and Boekenhoutskloof (The Story of Seven Chairs). Also, there’s an in-house tasting room. Wine tasting tours and events are popular activities here.

Rustenberg Wines, Stellenbosch

Rustenberg Wines is one of the most popular wineries in South Africa. It is an ideal place to treat yourself to some amazing wines. Five Soldiers, Peter Barlow, John X Merriman, Buzzed Kloof Syrah, Stellenbosch Sauvignon Blanc, Stellenbosch Roussanne, RM Nicholson and Red Muscadel are best loved wines produced here.  For the ones who wish to learn about the process of wine making, there’s an on-site cellar house.

Chamonix Wine Farm, Franschhoek

Producing a diverse range of exclusive wines and world famous spirits, Chamonix Wine Farm is among the most popular wine growing regions in the country. Lying in the heart of Cape Winelands, it produces big sellers like Chardonnay Unoaked 2017, Sauvignon Blanc 2016, Chardonnay 2016, Chardonnay Reserve 2016 and Reserve White 2015. Along with wine tasting, you can enjoy a range of local and international delicacies at the farm’s on-site restaurant.

Cape Point Vineyards, Cape Town

Known for its terrific location and of course, incredible wines, Cape Point Vineyards is another popular vineyard in South Africa. Lying in the heart of Noordhoek, it is home to some of the best vintage wines in the country. Cape Point Vineyards Cape Town Sauvignon Blanc, Cape Point Sauvignon Blanc Reservsbr copye and Cape Point Vineyards Isliedh are among the best wines you can enjoy here. There’s a wine shop from where you can buy wine for your friends and family. The wine tasting room here operates from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm and allows you to enjoy freshly prepared wine.

GlenWood Vineyards, Franschhoek

With its wine exported to 12 different countries, GlenWood Vineyards is a South African winery that certainly deserves a mention. Sauvignon Blanc Semillon 2016, Chardonnay Unoaked 2017, Merlot 2017, Semillon / Sauvignon Blanc 2016 Grand Duc, Shiraz Vigneron’s Selection 2016 and Chardonnay Vigneron’s Selection 2016 are some of the top sellers produced here. Besides, there’s an in-house restaurant where you can enjoy some amazing delicacies.

Dornier Wine Estate, Stellenbosch

A popular boutique style winery famed for its preserved wine, Dornier Wine Estate is yet another well-known wine estate in South Africa. With its exclusive selection of wines prepared using fresh grapes and other ingredients, this place remains a major attraction among wine lovers. Among others, Dornier CMD, Donatus White, Donatus Red, Dornier Chenin Blanc, Dornier Merlot, Dornier Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot, Dornier Equanimity Cabernet Sauvignon, Cocoa Hill Chenin Blanc and Cocoa Hill Red are the must try wines here.

Dieu Donne Vineyard, Franschhoek Valley

Dieu Donne Vineyard produces some delicious wines, such as Dieu Donné Sauvignon Blanc 2017, Dieu Donné Chardonnay Unwooded 2017, Dieu Donné Chardonnay 2017 and Dieu Donné Rosé 2017. Then there’s an on-site restaurant serving authentic food from all over the world. Also, the place has a wine tram that takes you across the site and the nearby locations.

Best of South Africa – Top Things to Enjoy In the Country

The rainbow nation, South Africa is a traveller’s delight. Sharing its borders with Indian Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean, this beautiful country is packed with numerous majestic destinations and attractions. Go through the list and find out about the different South African lures.



Stretching for over 1,500 miles along the coast of Indian Ocean and South Atlantic Ocean, South Africa is blessed with some of the best beaches in the world. Offering the best of sun, sand and sea, these beaches are perfect spots to relax or enjoy a range of amazing water sports. Umhlanga, Camps Bay, Clifton 4th, Llandudno, Muizenberg, Lappiesbaai and Grotto are few of the most popular beaches in the country.



Home to the famous Big Five – elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino – South Africa has an extremely rich wildlife.


The Bushveld and Savannah regions of the country thrive with animal life. Addo Elephant National Park, Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Hluhluwe Imfolozi Game Park, iSimangaliso Wetlands Park and Mapungubwe National Park are some of the country’s most famous spots to admire the rich animal and bird life.


South Africa is teeming with a wide range of interesting attractions, much to the delight of the travellers here. Apartheid Museum, Cradle of Humankind, Two-Oceans Aquarium, Cango Caves, Castle of Good Hope, Voortrekker Monument, Union Building, District Six Museum and Constitution Hill are some of the top-rated attractions across South Africa. When it comes to treating families with fun time, theme parks such as Gold Reef City and Ratanga Junction could be the best bets.


South African cuisine is among the most diversified in the world, thanks to the myriad ethnicities that have flourished here and influenced the cooking techniques. Bobotie (spiced minced meat baked with an egg-based topping), Boerewors (sausages), Malva Pudding (sweet pudding consisting of apricot jam and cream sauce), Chakalaka (spicy dish of onions, tomatoes and often beans), Bunny Chow (hollowed out loaf of bread filled with curry) and Melktert (milk tart) are among the must try dishes in the region. Along with the fancy restaurants in big cities like Cape Town and Johannesburg, the roadside eateries and food trucks are great spots to enjoy terrific local delicacies.



South Africa certainly knows how to party! This colourful country has a calendar full of exciting events and fun celebrations.


Cape Town Minstrel Carnival, Cape Town International Jazz Festival, Knysna Oyster Festival, Oppikoppi Bushveld Festival, Royal Reed Dance, Arts Alive Festival and Jacaranda Festival are some of the top festivals where people can have a great time and at the same time enjoy the region’s cultural might.


Be it antiques, handicrafts, porcelain jewellery, leather items or wooden products, South Africa has it all and offers a terrific shopping experience to all. Bay Harbour Market, Rosebank Sunday Market, Bryanston Organic & Natural Market and Cowhouse Market are some of the country’s most popular spots to hit for a gratifying shopping trip. You can also visit the many malls of the country.


First produced in 1659 from fine French Muscadel grapes, South African wine has come a long way. Featuring over 6000 different types of wines and home to around 600 vineyards, wine produced in the country is among the best in the world. Stellenbosch is one of the largest wine producing cities in South Africa.  You can surely opt for the wine tasting tours and events that are regularly held at various towns across the country.


South Africa is a country rich in culture and heritage. Mostly influenced by the native population, entertainment in the region includes folk dance, music, theatre shows and poetry. Heavy metal, afrobeat, benga, azonto, bongo flava, apala and Indlamu are among the traditional music and dance forms in the country.

Most Beautiful Coastal Cities in the World

There’s something about coastal cities that seems to have propelled them to the very top of tourism fame. Some of the world’s largest cities are all coastal wonders that have always been big hits with the tourists obsessed with sun, sand, and surfs!  Keep reading and find out which coastal cities are the top picks among the Brits.

Nice, France

Promising a blend of old city charm and modern opulence, Nice is a stunning beachside city in France. Located in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region of the country, this town is famed for its pristine beaches, fabulous markets and glorious architecture.


Blue, Neptune Plage, Voilier Plage and Paloma are the best beaches in the city, all perfect of seaside frolicking and enjoying water sports.  Promenade des Anglais, Palais Masséna, Vieux Nice (Old Town), The Cours Saleya and Musée Matisse are among the top attractions in Nice.

Sydney, Australia

From unspoilt beaches to sparkling harbours and from lush gardens to attractive corals and hidden lagoons, Sydney is a beautiful coastal paradise.


Nestled along the mighty Pacific Ocean, this city is teeming with a wide range of experiences for travellers who fly to Australia. Harbour Bridge, Opera House, Darling Harbour, Port Jackson, Sea Life Sydney Aquarium, The Rocks and Hyde Park are some of the city’s major lures along with the beaches.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Famed for its natural riches and never ending carnivals, Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. Featuring an extensive coastline along the Atlantic Ocean, this stunning coastal city is blessed with beautiful golden sand beaches, scenic surrounding landscapes and an amazing nightlife. Christ the Redeemer, Sugarloaf Mountain, Copacabana, Corcovado, Santa Teresa, Sambódromo, Botafogo and Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon are the top attractions of the city.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is another beautiful coastal paradise in Europe. Founded as a Roman City the Middle Ages, the city is famous for its pristine white sand beaches, ancient structures, and traditional monuments and forts. Sagrada Família, Park Güell, Casa Milà, Gothic Quarter, La Boqueria and Tibidabo Amusement Park are among the must visit attractions in the city. Passeig de Gracia, Carrer de la Portaferrissa, Carrer de la Boqueria, and Carrer de Ferran are the thriving commercial and shopping hubs of the city.

Cape Town, South Africa

Perhaps the most beautiful of them all, Cape Town delights the travellers with the best of sun and sand. Located on the shore of Table Bay, the coastal city is famed for its unique skyline that’s punctuated by the Table Mountain that sits slap bang in the middle of the city.


Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden, Robben Island, Victoria & Alfred Waterfront, Two Oceans Aquarium, Lion’s head and Castle of Good Hope are the different city attractions that are visited in hordes. Boulders Beach, Long Beach and Muizenberg Beach are the top spots to have beachside fun.

7 Superb Beaches in South Africa

Beaches in South Africa are among the best in the world. The dramatic setting of the beaches here offers a unique seaside experience to travellers coming in from all corners of the globe.


While there are plenty of impressive beaches in this country, heeding the cause of brevity we can only list some of the most popular ones among them.

Llandudno Beach, Cape Town

Situated in a tiny cove called Logies Bay, Llandudno Beach is a beautiful secluded beach in Cape Town. Renowned for its white sand, turquoise water and numerous hidden corals, the beach is ideal to indulge in beach sports and different other adventure activities. Several small restaurants and eateries, serving lip smacking food, line up the beach.

Lappiesbaai Beach, Stilbaai

Also known as ‘The Bay of Rags’, Lappiesbaai Beach is a stunning beach. Situated along the Garden Route in the town of Stilbaai, the beach is an ideal spot to relax under the sun and rejuvenate. Along with all the beachside fun and watersports activities, you can spot whales and dolphins here during the months of December and January.

Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town

Camps Bay Beach is a famous Blue Flag beach in South Africa (Blue Flag beaches are operated as per strict ethics that respect the environment as well as the visitors). Camps Bay Beach is loved by the visitors for its sparkling blue waters, soft white sands, tall palm trees and the majestic mountains that stand in the background. The place has some exciting cafes and restaurants where tourists can enjoy great food and a warm environment.

Muizenberg Beach, Cape Town

Stretching along the False Bay coast, Muizenberg Beach is a spectacular family beach in Cape Town. The beach has fine golden sand and balmy ocean water, making it easy for the visitors to enjoy different water sports activities, such as surfing, deep sea diving, scuba diving and kiteboarding. Gateway Shopping Centre and Sibaya Casino are the two tourist attractions here.

Grotto Beach, Hermanus

Grotto Beach is another Blue Flag protected beach in the region. Located almost halfway between Cape Point and Cape Agulhas, the beach is perfect for those looking for a quick escape from the busy city life. Beachfront restaurants are best to enjoy traditional cuisines. Between September and November, Southern Right whales can be sighted from Grotto Beach.

Trafalgar Beach, South Coast

Situated near Port Edward, this terrific beach is quite popular among divers and surfers. Owing to the 90 million year fossil bed featuring fish, shellfish, plants and planktons, snorkelling is a favourite activity among the guests here. Treat your taste buds to freshly prepared seafood and other traditional delights at the beachfront restaurants and eateries.

Lucien Beach, South Coast

Located in the beautiful resort town of Margate, KwaZulu-Natal, Lucien Beach is a splendid Blue Flag beach. Due to the warm ocean waters along the Hibiscus Coast, swimming is the most enjoyed activity here all throughout the year. Spotting whales and dolphins during the winter months is quite an attraction among the visitors. Small tuck shops, selling handmade goods and paintings, can be visited by tourists who wish to buy some sort of souvenirs of their holiday in this beautiful country.