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Things that Make December a Gratifying Time in Toronto

torontoBalancing nature, culture and a whole lot of adventure is the real Toronto experience. And during December, this gorgeous city of Canada is truly a fascinating place to visit. The gorgeous lakes, glorifying galleries and museums, glittering Christmas markets and great jubilation all around – this time of the year is celebrated with unsurpassed energy in Toronto. Let’s take you into finding out what makes flight tickets to the city sell like hot cakes for December travel!

Sparkling Christmas Markets

Magnificently decorated trees, glittering lights, happy shopping and delicious Christmas cakes and cocktails – visiting a Christmas markets in Toronto is a sure fire way to dig into an ocean of ecstasy and make the maximum bangs for the money spent on travel for holidays here. The Canadian metropolis plays host to numerous Christmas markets, with the largest and most popular being the one that is held at the Distillery Historic District.

Enthralling Events & Fests

From the theatrically dazzling “The Heart of Robin Hood” to the salubrious “Whole Life Expo” – December in Toronto features a number of festivals that keep getting bigger, better and hotter year-on-year. Fun-loving tourists can choose to be a part of these extravaganzas and enjoy dance, music, sumptuous food, drinks and load of merrymaking during their Toronto holidays.

Walk Along the Lake Ontario

Winter is not an ideal time to enjoy water sports in Toronto, but it doesn’t barricade beach-bummers to enjoy a romantic stroll along the Lake Ontario, admiring the stunning views and enjoying cool breeze. The popular lake also beckons the opportunities for cruising. Savouring the delicious snacks and sea foods at multiple snack bars is also a memorable experience, after having spent on flights and holiday packages!

Shop till you Drop

One of the largest and most modern cities in Canada, Toronto is a delight for shoppers, with its flashy malls and traditional markets selling everything imaginable. The Toronto Eaton Centre, in the heart of Toronto’s downtown, houses more than 250 trendy stores and appeals to spendthrifts, who have spent on flight tickets, to enjoy exotic retail therapy in Toronto! The Hudson’s Bay Company, Chinatown and Queen Street are some other places where shopaholics will surely get their kick.

Bike Ride Tour: Perfect Way to Highlight the Allure of Sightseeing in Vancouver

Vancouver is every cyclist’s dream owing to its steep terrains and well-carved-out paths which promise a perfect adrenaline rush. Most of the bike lanes are situated on the North Shore Mountains thus making it a perfect heaven for keen bikers. Below is a quick glance at two of the most prominent cycling routes of the city, which are extremely popular amongst cyclers netting air tickets aboard flights arriving in Canada.

Hiring a Bike

Bike RIde by Tavis Ford/ CC BY

Bike RIde by Tavis Ford/ CC BY

Hiring a bicycle in Vancouver is quite easy as the region is crammed full of bike rental stores offering bicycles for few hours or even for the entire day. Helmets and bike locks come complementary for the safety of the riders.

Coal Harbour

One of the most popular bike routes of Canada is Coal Harbour, located pretty close to the popular Stanley Park. All you need is to strap up the helmets, hop aboard the bike and make their way for the park. The park features some beautifully manicured gardens, stunning Totem poles, a thrilling water park for children, the Vancouver Aquarium, various restaurants and cafes. There are horse-drawn carriage rides, beaches and most importantly, the spellbinding views of the natural grandeur which together make an ideal backdrop for enjoying the most scenic holidays in Vancouver. It would be no exaggeration to say that a slew of cyclers from all over the world invest on tickets for Vancouver bound flight just to experience the thrill of this route.

Third Beach

Another compelling terrain to check your cycling skills while wandering in Vancouver is the Third Beach. This is an ideal family-friendly beach destination that offers great opportunities’ for sunbathing and swimming. Visitors may even sip a drink or grab a bite of some tantalizing dishes served at the concession stands. Another highlight is outdoor pool that makes for a great place to stop and cool off. After crossing the pools, travellers may find two separate paths, the first continuing towards the west, towards English Bay. And the second towards Coal Harbour and further heading towards the point where Stanley Park and Coal Harbour meet.

Splendid Colours of Christmas Celebrations in Peru

Splendid-Colours-of-Christmas-Celebrations-in-PeruThe most dazzling festive time of the year is just a month away and the world is getting ready for an extravagant spree. This is the time when family and friends meet and greet each other. However, there are few souls who travel during Christmas to explore how celebrations are different from their respective regions. If you are striving to taste the slice of Christmas celebrations in South America, buying tickets to fly to Peru is always recommended. Let’s check few prominent highlights of Christmas in Peru.

Pleasant Weather

Since Peru is located in Southern hemisphere, the country enjoys pleasant summer in December. large number of culture vultures board flights to this South American nation especially to soak up in the Christmas fever under the sun. Unlike UK, you can avoid wearing extra layers of clothes and immerse in the captivating folklore of Peru.

Celebration Day

European countries celebrate Christmas on 25th December but in Peru, real essence of this annual fiesta can be experienced on the night of 24th December. Colloquially, it is known as Noche Buena. This Spanish phrase literally means Good Night. Roster Mass or misa de gallo starts at 2200 hrs and at the midnight, celebration starts with champagne and grand roast turkey dinner.

Decoration and Gifts

Finding Christmas tree in Peru is not as common as it is in the UK. But Peruvians do decorate their homes with a variety of lights and plan lavish family get-togethers. This is the time when gifts and wishes are exchanged. Santa brings several gifts to add a smile to kids’ faces. At retablo or manger scene, one can take a closer at various wood carvings and paintings.


Scrumptious food is an integral part of Christmas celebrations. Epicureans buying tickets aboard flights to visit Peru during the most beguiling time of the year can savour mouth-watering dishes and beverages. Main highlight of the Peruvian menu on Christmas is Roast Turkey Dinner served with an impressive range of side dishes and salads.

Top 3 Venues Flaunting Performing Arts Scene in Melbourne

Want to sip on the cultural peg of Australia? Melbourne is the answer!


This metropolitan yet artistic city illustrates the rich Australian culture through a variety of performing arts events. Art enthusiasts, from across the globe, board flights to visit Melbourne to be a part of events taking place at the most notable performing arts venues in and around the city! Here’s a list of top-notch venues that facilitate the flamboyant performing arts scene of Melbourne.

Palais Theatre

This prestigious edifice was established in 1927 as a cinema but today, it is the largest seated theatre not only in Melbourne but in the entire Australia. Its name is there on the Victorian Heritage Register and entices large number architecture lovers with its captivating Art Deco style. The theatre is connected to various city points by tram, train as well as bus. The theatre hosts several musical performances all through the year. For these events, tickets are available on the official portal. List of facilities here include classy bars, cloaked counter and an ATM.

Festival Hall

Besides being a prominent concert venue, this site also hosts numerous sporting events. This almost a century-old hall was founded as West Melbourne Stadium in 1915 and served as a premium place to catch the action of professional wrestling and boxing bouts. Today, besides several indoor sporting events, travellers also buy tickets to enjoy the power-packed musical performances of world-renowned bands and solo singers. Festival Hall can accommodate more than 5000 spectators (including 1700+ seating capacity) at any given point in time.

Sidney Myer Music Bowl

This top rated outdoor performing arts venue is listed in Victorian Heritage Register. Its proximity to entertainment precincts like Southbank and Arts Centre make it easy-to-locate venue. With a capacity of over 30,000, it is best known for hosting annual event Carlos by Candlelight on Christmas Eve. Holidaymakers disembarking flights in Melbourne can consider visiting Sidney Myer Music Bowl to enjoy theatre shows, music concerts, Operas and an array of temporary exhibitions.

Top Literary Festivals to Attend during Winter Holidays in India


Without a doubt, winter is the best travel season in India. The climatic condition during the season is just perfect for outdoor sightseeing in most parts of the country. But even beyond that, winter is the time when literature-lovers can find several lit fests to keep them engaged and enthralled. Attend a talk season with high-profile authors and speakers, participate in knowledge-enhancing literary workshops, or buy some souvenir booklets to bring back home – these literary carnivals are certainly worth every penny spent on travel tickets and holiday deals.

Kochi International Book Festival

Locally known as ‘Antharashtra Pustakotsav’, the festival in Kochi, a charismatic coastal city in Kerala, is fast garnering the attention of literature-geeks from far and wide. Expect some fantastic literary and art competitions, cultural evenings and book launches during the 18th Kochi International Book festival that will take place from November 29 to December 8, 2014. Keen travellers can check Kerala Tourism’s official website for info about the fest and the entry tickets.

Goa Art and Literary Festival

Goa in winter is a place of unrestrained conviviality. If you’re boarding flights for the India’s beach capital this season, then be sure to attend the 5th Goa Arts and Literary Festival being held between December 4 and 7, 2014. People interested in art and literature will surely be enthralled by various workshops and literary encounters during this 4-day carnival. After a day of interaction with country’s literary geniuses, head on to Goa’s spectacular beaches for some sun and sand experience! Winter is the peak season in Goa as well as the rest of India, so it can be tricky to find last-minute cheap deals, but you can try out your luck and look to secure air tickets for Goa, if you haven’t done so till now.

Jaipur Literary Festival

The Jaipur Literary Festival, now in its 15th year, will be held from January 21st to 25th, 2015. This one of most revered and prestigious lit events in India takes place in the historical Diggi Palace Hotel in the Pink City ‘Jaipur’ and attracts a huge number of literature-lovers from far and wide. This year, the event has a broad array of activities lined up, such as the sessions with many Indian and international writers, literary and art competitions, poet meets and music programmes. Food-lovers boarding flights to attend this event in India are also in for a treat, as Jaipur is widely famed for its culinary delights.

Top Three Destinations to Celebrate the New Years’ Eve if you are in Thailand!!

We might have different cultures and thus different festivals to celebrate all across the globe. But there is one that is celebrated by the entire world together – the New Years’ Eve. Of course, every country has its own way of celebrating this international festival and Thailand is no exception. Holidaymakers who are planning to book their trip to Thailand in the last week of December might want to stay there to enjoy the New Year as the country has a number of destinations that offer unforgettable New Year celebrations. Here is a quick look at just three of them.


bangkokWorld class restaurants, extravagant shopping malls, pumping nightlife and luxurious river cruises – there is no dearth of entertainment in Bangkok. A large number of party animals from all around the world book flights tickets to Bangkok each year to join the adrenaline-pumping fun. Though there are many venues that popular celebratory points but the best one is of course the Central World shopping mall. The celebration features marvellous fireworks, a beer garden and live entertainment with DJs and bands.


pattayaHailed as one of the top destinations to enjoy New Years’ Eve in South East Asia, Pattaya offers an amazing blend of ancient culture and modern world charms. Bali Hai pier is where it is all happening. It is the centre of attraction as all the major events and activities will be held here. One thing that you should not miss is the magnificent firework; do remember to choose the right spot to enjoy the view at its best. Visitors must also take a walk along the Pattaya Beach Road to catch the best of the celebrations.


phuketThe largest island of Thailand cannot be ignored when it comes to New Years Eve celebrations. Those who love beach parties would be delighted to know that Phuket throws some really insane beach parties, especially on the advent of the New Year. Surin Beach is, of course, the hot spot as this is where the crowd will be and this is where it is all happening. Star studded night, top DJs playing, amazing fireworks, and an unforgettable experience – this is the least you will get in Phuket!

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China: A Must Visit For Every Nature Lover

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park is one of the most exquisite national parks in the world and a must visit for anyone who is a true admirer of nature’s breathtaking beauty. It is sits on the northwest border of the Hunan province in south-central part of China. Impeccably adorned with some of the most scenic mountains, emerald lakes, deep caves, mesmerising valleys and utterly intriguing cultural heritage, this glorious place has emerged as a true natural repository and a source of inspirations for legendary movies like Avatar. Visiting this remarkable place would do adventure enthusiasts a world of good. The memorable experience is certainly worth their time and money invested on flight tickets.

A Bit of History

Zhangjiajie boasts a rich history. Once, it was a place where no one would have thought of stepping foot. It is believed that Zhang Liang a notable strategist of the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-24 AD) lived here in fear of Liu Bang, the first emperor of the Han Dynasty. It was considered to be extremely remote and inaccessible. Over the course of time, things have changed and in 1982 it was recognised as China’s first national forest park.


Breathtaking views, rich culture, amazing cuisines and a galaxy of entertaining activities to do – Zhangjiajie is an action packed place that keeps you entertained to the core. Huangshizhai, Golden Whip Stream, Yaozizhai, Yuanjiajie, and Yangjiajie are the five scenic areas that you should not miss. A large number of travellers book flights tickets every year to explore the mystical charm of this place.

Important Accommodation Info

There are about 854 hotels that are open for guests throughout the year.

Among them, 53 are star-rated hotels – 2 five-star, 6 four-star, and 37 three-star hotels.

How to Get Here

Once you are in China – no matter where – getting here is a cakewalk. There are a number of airlines that offer frequent flights from Shanghai and Beijing. Air China, China Southern Airlines and China Eastern Airlines are the most prominent ones.

Nearest Airport

Zhangjiajie Hehua International Airport is the nearest one. It is connected to more than fifty destinations in China, Hong Kong, and Macau.

Yellowstone National Park, USA-A Quick Look into the World’s First National Park


From the magnificent peaks and serene lakes to hot springs and geysers, Yellowstone National Park located in the U.S. state of Wyoming is packed with charms that are too splendid to miss. May be this is the reason why thousands of travellers book flights tickets every year to explore this true beauty of nature.

Top Attractions

Stretching across 3,472 square miles, Yellowstone National Park is so vast that it is not feasible to explore all of it in a day or even two. The entire area is worth exploring, there are many spots one should not miss. First one among them is the Old Faithful (Upper Geyser Basin). Considered to be the best among the attractions one should not miss in Yellowstone National Park, the Old Faithful is a cone geyser that erupts almost every 91 minutes and boasts the most predictable geographical features on Earth. Mammoth Hot Springs is another awe-inspiring attraction that remains on the itinerary of every nature lover who plans a visit to this park after spending money on tickets aboard flights. Being the headquarters of the park, the area preserves a great deal of history. Apart from these two, Lower Falls and Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone are also the most fascinating features in the park. Some other noteworthy attractions include Hayden Valley, Tower Fall, Lower Geyser Basin and Yellowstone Lake.


Activities Around

There is so much to see and so much to do in this spectacular park. It offers a number of exciting activities that are sure to entertain the visitor. For those who are interested in hiking, the park has some unspoiled hiking trails to explore. In addition to this, travellers booking tickets on USA bound flights and arriving at this park may enjoy the mesmerising views of beautiful basins, gorgeous waterfall, lush forest and pristine lakes. Those who wish to fish can spend their day at the lake. There is also an option for horse-riding. Apart from that, there are many other activities offered such as rafting, zip-lining and much more.

Interesting things to know

Yellowstone National Park is not only America’s first national park; it also boasts the title of being the world’s first national park.

The Park is a designated World Heritage Site.

Yellowstone National Park has more geysers and hot springs than anywhere else on Earth.

Top Two Film Festivals Enticing Cinema Fanatics to Canada

With film festivals all over the world celebrating and honouring the people who create movies, Canada offers its own share of fascinating festivals. Film festivals of Canada offer one-of-a-kind experience and a wonderful prerogative to explore the art of filmmaking, listen to the creators, talk about their exclusive work, and view the best of international cinema in different genres. Also, each festival broadcasts the summits and workshops as a part of the festival in order to give the visitors every possible update on cinema. Two out of the many annual film festivals which make holidays in Canada a remarkable affair are discussed below.

Vancouver International Film Festival

The much celebrated Vancouver International Film Festival is a colourful cultural extravaganza that makes flights tickets to Canada sell like hot cakes. Within few years of its foundation, this wonderful gala event has grown to become one of the most important and influential festivals in Canada and North America that features a pool of entertainment and educational programmes. This exciting and extensive two-week festival takes place in late September and early October, and every year close to 200,000 attendees head to Vancouver in the hopes of viewing some of the biggest classics of cinematic art. During the festival, films from more than 75 countries in different genres are screened on nine giant screens including international line-up such as world’s top films and other undiscovered gems.

Montreal World Film Festival

The Montreal World Film Festival was founded way back in 1977 and has now become one of the largest and the oldest film festivals of its kind in the entire world. Held in late August every year, the festival besides being a heaven for cinema and music lovers from different genres also features a world of programmes and events which are aimed at inspiring the development of quality cinema throughout the globe. Some of the well famed regular features of this popular festival include First Films World Competition, Documentaries of the World, Tributes, Student Film Festival (Canadian and international sections) and Documentaries of the World. Cinema lovers looking forward to plan unique holidays in Canada must not forget to book entry tickets for this amazing festival, well in advance.

Navy Pier – The Most Diversified Spot in Chicago


Returning from Chicago without immersing into the splendour of Navy Pier is quite impossible. Why? The moment you reach at this popular landmark, a refreshing breeze from Lake Michigan will caress your face and kaleidoscopic charms of Chicago will introduce to an ever-enticing facet of the USA. Whether you are an adult, a kid or a senior citizen, availability of diverse range of activities and attractions would have something to suit your taste and interest. Most popular spotlights of this former shipping facility include parks, concert venues, gardens and restaurants. Here’s a list of attractions that rank high in the lists of travellers disembarking flights at Chicago.

Navy Pier Ferris Wheel

Besides being one of the most recognized attractions in Chicago, this is also among the most notable Ferris wheels in the USA. It is open throughout the year and its tickets are available online as well as at the Pier Park’s ticket booth. Faint-hearted travellers can consider avoiding this 150-foot high gigantic Ferris wheel. Sit in it and admire the 360 degrees panoramic views of the captivating surroundings.

Chicago Children’s Museum

Boarding flights to Chicago with your kids? Make it a memorable as well as an educational holiday for them at Chicago Children’s Museum. Here, kids can be a part of various activities that allow them to understand and learn a variety of things while having fun. Buy tickets for this museum and give them an opportunity to invent a flying machine, climb on a ship and make a building. The facility also hosts numerous special events. Go through the official portal to check for an event that tickles your fancy.

Dining Cruises

Visitors also consider adding a sightseeing tour on cruises to their itineraries. Buy tickets and board boats docked at the Dock Street to excurse the aqua-blue waters of the lake and admire the scintillating skyline of Chicago. These cruises also offer scrumptious dinner. Couples keep these rides on their lists to enjoy a romantic meal while admiring the fascinating scenery of spectacular sunset.