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World’s Top Medical Tourism Destinations


Medical tourism is a growing concept, especially among westerners who find the cost of medical facilities and cosmetic procedures a bit too steep back home. Take a look at top global destinations that are renowned for medical tourism.


India, with its all too well publicized poverty and social issues may not be the most likely place for sophisticated advanced treatments, but the country undoubtedly is the front runner when it comes to medical tourism. Top doctors and low costs are the biggest factors that drive people to the shores of this ancient country. The prevalent of English language in the country further drives Europeans and Americans to book their flights to India when there is a little ‘tweaking’ needed to the nose or chin!! Apart from cosmetic surgeries, eye treatments are very popular in the country.


Malaysia is a beautiful country and among the leading medical tourism destinations in the world. Penang, Malaysia’s beach resort town is famous for medical centers offering cosmetic surgeries. Breast augmentation is easily the most popular cosmetic surgery being sought in the area. So much so that even some travel and tour operators offer these surgeries in the flights and holiday package!! For more ‘serious’ medical procedures, Malaysia’s capital Kuala Lumpur is the likely address. The natural surroundings and the refreshing milieu make the country a perfect option for post-surgery rehabilitation.


Iran is the blossoming destination for medical tourism. Plastic surgery is big in this country. Procedural costs are very low as compared to those in the west and this is the reason many of the westerners are often found seeking deals on flights to Iran.


Israel is another top contender when people look for places where they can have the best medical treatment. The country is known for its expertise in diverse fields, which range form cancer therapy to dermatological treatments.