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Highlights of the Barbados Food, Wine and Rum Festival 2015

Every year, Barbados plays host to some of the world’s best chefs and sommeliers who descend on the island to showcase their skills.


Over the years, the ‘Barbados Food, Wine and Rum Festival’ has become a must-attend event for foodies from across the world. While rum tasting sessions, cooking classes, and beach parties form the crux of this wonderful festival, another aspect that adds colour to this festival is the great ambience.


This year, the event will be held from 19th to 22nd November, and will see celebrity chefs like Cliff Harding and Marcus Samuelson entertain the crowds with their culinary skills. Take a look at some of the major highlights of this year’s festival.

Party at the Oistins

Brace yourself for a spectacular night of local music, delicious fish, and terrific cocktails at the Oistins Fish Fry. One of the most popular food joints in Barbados, Oistins Fish Fry would host thousands of guests on 19th November.

Launch of Limegrove Lifestyle Centre

This event is marked for 20th November and will give foodies a great chance to meet their favourite chefs. Other highlights of this event include wine tasting sessions, great food and much more. Make sure you have your camera handy as this is going to be a glittering event for sure.

Exhibition Match at Holder’s Polo Club

How about watching an exciting game of Polo while you enjoy heady rum cocktails? Well, brace yourself for 21st November, when the exhibition match will be held at the Holder’s Polo Club. If you are fond of Polo, you’ll love this event. At night, select eateries will host dining events that will be spearheaded by top chefs, so make sure you book your table in advance.

Sign-off Beach Party at Needham’s

Head to the Needham’s Point Beach (11 AM – 3 PM) on 22nd November for a spectacular beach party. This sign-off event would be attended by locals and tourists alike, so the atmosphere is going to be electric. After all where else can you enjoy the perfect combination of beauty, dining, and culture.

November to December is peak tourist season in Barbados. So, book your flights and hotels in advance to be on the safer side. You’ll also save a lot of money by booking early.

Colourful Festivals in South Africa!

South Africa is a country that mesmerizes travellers from the word go. In fact, most people who holiday here only have great things to say about the destination.


While its diverse cultures, beautiful beaches, and scenic mountains are the top draws, the nation also stands apart due to its excellent festive scene. From Cape Town to Johannesburg, every city plays host to a number of big festivals. As they say, South Africans just love to get together for a cause, and more often than not that cause is celebration. Especially the months November and December see many big events and festivals taking place, some of which we have listed here.

Ficksburg Cherry Festival – November

Surprisingly one of South Africa’s biggest festivals takes place in a small town named Ficksburg. The festival celebrates the high revenue grossing cherry crop. Ficksburg Cherry Festival is more than 45 years old, and is attended by more than 20,000 people annually. From tasting cherry wine, eating exotic varieties of cherry to watching Friesian horse performances, there is a lot to enjoy here. The festival is all the more popular amongst music buffs.

Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts – November

Before Facebook was born there was a festival that got old friends together quite successfully. All you had to do was attend the Old Mutual Kirstenbosch Summer Concert at the Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden, a festival that celebrates the reunion of old friends and colleagues. With live performances by major bands, delicious meals at the lawn, and plenty of nostalgic moments to discuss, this is certainly one of the most innovative festivals in South Africa.

Rustler’s Valley New Year’s Gathering – December

A rocking festival before the New Year celebrations begin, ‘Rustler’s Valley New Year’s Gathering’ is held every year in Eastern Free State. The festival features a line up of dances, drumming performances, and great food for the spectators. To top it all, the astounding view of the Maluti Mountains certainly adds beauty to the whole experience. One of the most lively festivals, you just have to attend it for sure.

Beautiful Destinations from Northeast India

Not many places feature such a fantastic fusion of natural beauty and cultural richness as India’s North Eastern region does. Verdant mountain ranges overlooking majestic Buddhist stupas and monasteries, meandering paths through spectacular dense forests, glacial lakes, and a fabulous climate – this relatively isolated part of the country is truly a treat to the senses. Visit once and it’ll surely tempt you to come back for more. Here are some of the region’s fascinating tourist destinations.


From serene monasteries to buzzing street markets and from the placid glacial lake Tsongmo (Changu) to the beautiful river Teesta – Gangtok, the capital city of Sikkim, awaits you with a dream-world of sights; both natural and man-made.


Plus, delightful cuisines, ample shopping options, and salubrious weather make this little mountain town a perfect holiday destination for just about anyone.

Not to miss Attractions: Rumtek Monastery, Do Drul Chorten, Tashi Viewpoint, and the beautiful Gurodongmar Lake.


Fondly billed as the “Queen of Hills”, Darjeeling is nestled in the foothills of Himalaya, at an elevation of 2,042.2 m above sea level.


Admire breathtaking views of the snow-clad mountains, try enthralling adventures or take guided tours to the world-famous tea plantations –  this captivating hill station in the Indian state of West Bengal promises you a memorable holiday.

Not-to-miss Attractions:  Tiger Hill, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Zoo, Chowrasta, and Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary


If solitude in the lap of nature is what you’re looking for, Shillong is the place to be.


Imagine strolling through lush green landscapes, and camping beside a beautiful waterfall while sampling delicious local cuisines. Fondly known as the Scotland of the East, this place will also becharm you with its ancient churches and cobblestone streets.

Not-to-Miss Attractions: The Sohpetbneng Peak, Shillong Peak, the Crinoline Falls, and the Elephant Falls.

Kaziranga National Park

Love wildlife? Visit Kaziranga National Park and take your love for nature to a new height. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the park is undisturbed by human presence and is a great place to see exotic wildlife in their natural habitat.


Though the great Indian one horned rhinos are the major draw for tourists, several other animal species like elephants, panthers and beers can also be spotted here. Home to a large population of migratory and native birds, the park is a haven for birding enthusiasts too.

Not-to-miss Attractions: The place is famous for its one horned rhinos and delightful birding opportunities.

Murfest 2015 – The Biggest Wellness Festival in Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia, is often associated with splendid nightlife and world class shopping. If you visit this metropolis in November 2015, you will also get the opportunity to explore another side of the city at Murfest, the Malaysian Urban Retreat Festival.


Be a part of this festival to celebrate the best of yoga, wellness, dance and music. The Hotel Pullman Kuala Lumpur Bangsar is going to host this lively festival from 13th to 15th November. Into its second year, Murfest 2015 is sure to attract locals as well as international travellers with its musical acts, yoga sessions, exhibitions and much more.  Let’s check out major highlights of this Malaysian festival.

Forrest Yoga

Murfest 2015 will kick off with this session. Attend this session to decompress your lower back while creating space in the spine. Sounds crazy? Well, it won’t when Cindy Lee will teach various asanas and exercises at Forrest Yoga on 13th November at 10 am.

Thinking with Ink

This session will be held on 13th and 14th November at 10 am and 8am. At this art therapy class hosted by Melanie Bayoud, you can unleash your inner creativity while building confidence and learning some stress relief techniques.

Hula Hoop Dance

Hula hoop dance is not everybody’s cup of tea but you can learn the basics of this fun exercise at the Hula Hoop Dance sessions of Michelle Hoops. Be a part of this occasion to learn about a range of hula hoop tricks. This event is scheduled on 14th and 15th November at 4pm and 10:30am. Hula Hoop Dance sessions are open for people of all ages.

Urbanite Concert

Urbanite Concert is a must for the fans of world music. Grand Ballroom Hotel Pullman Bangsar will host this concert on 13th November. Buy tickets for the concert and reach the hotel by 6pm to enjoy performances by renowned artists and bands such as Flame of the Forest, Aseana Percussion Unit, Nading Rhapsody and DEBU.

Masala Bhangra Dance Workout

This lifestyle program is based on Bollywood styles and the Indian dance form of Bhangra. Attend this high energy session hosted by Shalini Bhargava to learn a few dance steps and stay physically active. Masala Bhangra Dance Workout will be held on 13th, 14th and 15th November at 1:30pm, 4:00pm and 10:30am.

Holidays to India: All You Need to Know


India is a famous holiday destination and is visited by millions of foreign tourists every year. It is important for tourists to learn as much as possible about this intriguing country. India is located in the south of the Asian continent, and borders the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal. As far as flight connectivity is concerned, Air India and Jet Airways are the two major international carriers which connect key global cities with top Indian gateways such as Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, and Bangalore.

info India’s capital city is New Delhi, which is also a major tourist destination and boasts attractions such as [sg_popup id="8"]the Red Fort[/sg_popup] and [sg_popup id="4"]India Gate[/sg_popup]. Along with New Delhi, Agra, Rajasthan, Goa, Kochi, Darjeeling, and Mysore are some of India’s top rated travel destinations. When it comes to key attractions in the country, [sg_popup id="6"]Taj Mahal[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="7"]Jim Corbett National Park[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="5"]Gateway of India[/sg_popup], the [sg_popup id="9"]Golden Temple[/sg_popup], and [sg_popup id="3"]Ajanta Caves[/sg_popup] are usually listed among the most famous tourist sites in the country.

Of course, every tourist would like to know about the weather conditions in the country before going ahead with his flight bookings. So here it goes. India has the best weather during the winter months of November to March. If it is the affordability you are looking for, plan a holiday tour to India during the month of April or October. You would do well to avoid flying to India during the summer and monsoon seasons, which is usually the period between May and August. You can also plan your holiday in the country around the major festivals celebrated here. Diwali (October-November), Holi (March), and Ganesh Chaturthi (August-September) are some of the most colourful Indian festivals you will find anywhere in the world.

Your holiday in India is incomplete unless you enjoy at least few of the country’s most delectable dishes. Butter chicken is an exceptionally popular dish and you must enjoy it while in India. Indian curries and kebabs are equally popular among tourists. For sub regional flavours, order for Rajasthani or South Indian platter. But make sure you eat at popular restaurants. You can judge the popularity of the place by the size of the crowd eating there. Also, avoid the street side fare. While the locals may find it delicious, it could lead to health hazards like diarrhoea. Talking about health, it is strongly advised that tourists avoid drinking tap water in India. Also, carry a strong mosquito-repellent with you as mosquito-borne diseases are common throughout the country.

Here are few more tips for you to remember. Dress conservatively and avoid public display of affection in any part of India. Locals may find it offensive. Always insist on travelling by meter, be it auto or taxi. Tourists must follow basic precautionary measures and be cautious about their surroundings in unknown places.

A Perfect Day in Luxor, Egypt

Luxor spoils one for choice with its slew of attractions and exciting activities to do. Often referred to as the world’s greatest open-air museum, this extraordinary place boasts majestic grandeur and history that find reflection through its well-preserved architectural edifices.


The meandering River Nile adds its own bit of charm to the destination. If you are visiting Luxor, you may want to know how to spend an exhilarating day there. Well, that’s exactly what we have presented here.

Go on a Hot Air Balloon Ride over the West Bank of Luxor

Hot Air Balloon

Take in the breathtaking panorama of the city from the sky. The ride will give you a bird’s eye view of the archaic edifices of Luxor.There will be a professional guide to assist and educate you about the history of these structures throughout the flight.  The glimpse of the vast temples and tall statutes shining under the brilliant rays of the sun will expose the real beauty of Luxor. This hot air balloon ride will certainly be one of the best activities you would indulge in during your entire trip.

Enjoy the Attractive Sound and Light Show at the Karnak Temple

Karnak Temple is the most beautiful and astonishing one amongst all the monuments of Luxor.  The sound and light show, that is presented every evening in the temple premises, will take you on a wonderful journey down Egypt’s memory lane. Besides feeding you historical titbits, this show also gives you a guided insight into all the sections of the monument. After the show, simply sit on the banks of the Sacred Lake and reflect upon the beautifully spent evening, while watching the dazzling reflections of the lit up monuments in the waters of the lake.

Lose yourself in the Old souk

Want to experience the real Luxor essence? Step into the Old Souk and explore the bustling life of modern Luxor. All the locals in Luxor shop here for their day to day needs. The main entry of the market is of special tourist interest. Here you would find major shops that sell jewellery, spices, scarves, T-shirts leather goods, souvenirs, bags, clothing, and much more. The strong aroma of the spices and incense sticks will follow you all around the market. Just across the lane you can spot a New Tourist Souk that lacks the Luxor touch but is much better organised.

Four Ways to Experience the Heavenly Charm of Maui Island

At Maui, there are diverse attractions and activities that can cater to almost every age, interest, and mood. From nature to sports and culture to history, this island has plenty to offer to visitors.


At Maui you can also find numerous ways to explore the hidden and magical beauty of this island. Here we have shared a few lovely ways to explore the island.

Explore by Helicopter

A helicopter ride is the best way to explore the hidden charm of Maui Island. Helicopter can take you to some of those beautiful parts of island that are inaccessible by any other means. Take a helicopter ride and cruise above the jaw dropping waterfalls, glide down to get up close to the majestic Haleakala Crater and hover along the rough volcanic coastline.

Bike down the Volcano

One of the most popular activities on the Island! Biking down the volcano sure gives an adrenaline rushing start to the day; especially if you are a thrill seeker. This ride from the top of the Haleakala to the base of the volcano will certainly be one of your most overwhelming experiences during your trip. Looking at the crater from so close will definitely be an unparalleled experience. The blissful views of the rising sun from the top are simply breathtaking.

Go canoeing

Surrounded by water from all the sides, Maui Island can also be explored by way of canoe. This tour also offers great opportunities of whale watching and snorkelling as per the passenger’s interest. A canoe trip in the south Maui waters will also give you an experience of how Polynesians reached Hawaii in ancient times. Private kayak tours are also available for the ones looking for a private guided tour.

Hike through the trails

Maui has many amazing hiking trails that can prove to be a haven for the ones interested in nature photography. These hiking trails are full of scenic views, complete with clear water streams, lush greenery, picturesque mountains and a lot more. Hire a professional hiking guide to explore hidden waterfalls, fresh water streams, bamboo forests, saltwater pools, isolated beaches and a lot more. You can also hike across the Maunalei Arboretum Trails and learn interesting facts about the trees and plants.

Three Popular Canadian Ski Resorts

Canada has long been the favourite destination for snowboarders and skiers from all over the world. The country has skiing spots for both amateurs and experts, it’s not as expensive as Europe, and most of the ski resorts rank quite high when it comes to safety. In fact, many ski resorts in Canada have safety boundaries marked by rope, and some of the top ones are even protected from avalanches. So if you love the snow and are looking for a slope that could challenge your limits then Canada is definitely a good bet. For winter sports buffs, here are some of the best ski resorts in Canada.

Whistler, BC


One of the most popular ski resorts in Canada, Whistler is famous for its 2 mountains (Whistler and Blackcomb) which provide ample skiing space for one and all. The resort has nursery slopes for beginners as well as open bowls for experts. In fact, the skiing area is so vast that you can go for miles without worrying about the boundaries. Travellers can also enjoy eagle watching and zip lining tours here.

Revelstoke, BC

Boasting the thousands of acres of slopes, Revelstoke is considered one of the most promising ski resorts in Canada. The resort is equipped with 2 chairlifts and has good safety equipment in reserves. Revelstoke ski resort also organizes track sessions so that you can become familiar with the terrain before heading out for adventure. The town is just a 10 minute drive away so there are plenty of shops and restaurants nearby.

Banff, AB

Banff ski resort has 3 ski areas (Norquay, Sunshine Village and Lake Louise) with Lake Louise being the most popular, offering more than 4000 acres of slopes and 9 lifts. The best part about Banff is that you’ll get many tour operators offering exciting packages for your winter holiday; packages that include everything from flight tickets to accommodation to adventure. Banff Town itself is a pretty lively place with more than 100 restaurants and bars, so there is a lot of fun to be had here. During winter, these resorts are booked to capacity so make sure you make sure you make your reservations well in advance.

Top 3 Attractions of Jaisalmer: the Golden City

Jaisalmer is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Rajasthan. Situated near the Thar Desert, it is known for its yellow stone architecture and has earned the epithet, “Golden City”. There are various tourist attractions in Jaisalmer that will amaze you. Let’s have a look at 3 of the top attractions in Jaisalmer – India.

Jaisalmer Fort


Jaisalmer Fort, constructed by Rao Jaisal in the 12th Century is a colossal affair of yellow sandstone, various gateways, Havelis, temples and the main palace building or the Raj Mahal.  The fort glitters like gold due to the effect of the sunlight on its yellow sandstone walls. Thus, it has been very aptly billed as ‘Sonar Quila’ or the Golden Fort.  Situated on the Trikuta Hill, it is one of the most visited attractions in Rajasthan. The entry tickets to the fort are reasonably priced. Keep aside a day to explore the fort at a leisurely pace.

Gadi Sagar Lake


The Gadi Sagar Lake is an artificial lake constructed in the 14th century as a water conservation point. Situated just a kilometre away from the Jaisalmer Fort, it attracts tourists as well as locals in hordes. Various temples, including the famed Krishna temple at Tilon Gate dot the banks of the lake. Between the months of November and February, various migratory birds arrive in the area and gather around the lake. Boating facilities are available.

Silk Route Art Gallery

Silk Route Art Gallery is the best place to go for shopping. The place boasts some of the finest collections of handmade bags, belts, patchworks, clothes, antiques, shawls and other accessories. The quality of every item, including shawls, bed sheets and antique items is unique and of excellent quality. You can indulge in a wonderful shopping experience and carry various souvenirs back home.

Three Wonderful Lures of Antigua

Antigua, a part of the eastern Caribbean is home to some of the world’s most captivating beaches. In fact, Antigua boasts that it has “one beach for everyday of a year”.


Antigue by Mathieu Nivelles/ CC BY

It is a hot tourist destination and people from all parts of the world book tickets to the destination for a relaxed weekend. But Antigua is not about just about beaches, it also has a rich history and culture associated to it and its various tourist attractions take you to the bygone era. Have a look at some of the of the best tourist attractions in Antigua.

St. John’s

The capital city and ship port of Barbuda and Antigua, St. John’s is a beautiful collage of history, culture and modern lifestyle. From the quaint old cottages of the colonial times to the thriving colourful markets, St. Johns has an eclectic charm. It’s a great place for shopping as there are various duty-free shops towards the Heritage Quay and various souvenir shops at Redcliffe Quay. The best days to visit the harbour-side public markets are Saturdays and Fridays. For brilliant views of the harbour and the city, Fort Barrington and Fort James are the best options.

Indian Town National Park

The Indian Town National Park, situated on the northern coastal parts of the island, has stunning scenery. There are more than 36 species of birds that inhabit the acacia trees and the whole area is a perfect place for camping. This park also features the famous Devil’s bridge, naturally made by centuries of limestone deposits. Another exciting thing about the place is that during the high tide, the waves force the geysers to gush out water through the blowholes of the rock nearby.

Dockyard National Park

Situated in the English Harbour, one of the most famous attractions of Antigua is Nelson’s Dockyard National Park. It houses the British Naval Dockyard constructed in the 18th century along with a handful of other historical buildings and trails. The park remains open from 8 AM in the morning to 6 PM in the evening, daily. There is a charge for the entry ticket and it also includes entry to all the other sites including Dow’s Hill and Shirley Heights. The tours are closed on Sundays.