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Festivals and Events One Cannot Miss while in Canberra

The residents of Canberra are a merry lot and infect visitors with their enthusiasm and zeal. The people here love their festivals and the busy annual calendar reflects the mood of the city.


Right from ‘Truffle festival’, which is a foodie’s delight to ‘Floriade’, which celebrates the onset of spring, the city wears a festive look for most of the year.

The Truffle Festival

This festival is held every year from June to August in the capital city of Canberra, which is also fast turning into the Truffle capital. Numerous events are held such as travel hunts, tastings and degustation dinners. The place is famous for its Black Perigord Truffle harvest. You can also learn to make truffle cuisines and eat and drink at various restaurants.


This is one of the most awaited festivals in Australia. Between September and October each year, countless blooms are on display at the Commonwealth Park. This festival also presents a chance to learn superior gardening skills. The other attractions of Floriade include demonstrations of culinary talent by famed chefs, various kid activities and musical performances. Tourists can stay at affordable accommodation options close to the venue.

Winter Festival

Usually held between June and July, the Winter Festival offers ice-skating, toboggan rides, slides and many other activities that bring together people from all age groups and elevate the mood of the winter. This year, Garema Place in Canberra will host the famous festival. Your taste buds are definitely in for a good time as numerous stalls deliver mouth watering delicacies at the venue. Fly to Canberra and get ready to immerse in three weeks of uninterrupted fun.

Canberra Day

Since 1913, Canberra Day is celebrated as a public holiday. It gives a chance to the people of Canberra to bask in the glory of the beautiful city and its rich diversity. The festival is full of music, dance, various activities and exhibitions. This year, 14th March will be celebrated as Canberra Day. The famous Commonwealth Park will host the biggest party of the day with live DJ music, various exciting rides, and exclusive food vans to serve you delicious food.

Nara Festival

Nara Festival celebrates the long standing relationship between Canberra and the Japanese city of Nara. Thousands of candles are lit to show affection towards the sister city. The people of Canberra take this as an opportunity to do everything in true Japanese style. There are arrangements for Sumo wrestling, authentic Japanese food is cooked, and traditional Japanese music is played.

The Joys of Visiting New Zealand during winters

With the onset of winter in June, the North and South islands of New Zealand witness a huge influx of winter enthusiasts. Join the horde of holidaymakers to enjoy the stunning natural retreats, snowy landscapes, and wildlife. Also, ski or snowboard down the slopes and hike along the empty trails or go whale watching.


Besides, there is the Queenstown Winter Festival in June to look forward to. It is one of the most popular winter events, which attracts thousands of visitors. Read on to know some of the top winter highlights of New Zealand.

Experience Adventure at Abel Tasman National Park

Abel Tasman ranks among New Zealand’s finest coastal national parks with water sports, sky diving, trail walking and day trips as its main attractions. Hit the beach to soak up the sun by the day and lie under the night sky to admire the beauty of the place. Stay at a beachfront lodge to enjoy the coast. Various boating companies offer single day or multi day tours of the park. While professionals can rent a kayak and explore the wilderness of the sea on their own, amateurs may seek the expertise of a number of kayaking agencies.

Whale Watching, Kaikoura

Also known as the whale watching capital of New Zealand, Kaikoura is a fabulous place to watch these gigantic primitive mammals in their natural habitat. Ranging from the largest of dolphins, the Orca, to the smallest, the place has it all. A spectacular variety of sea birds makes this place all the more appealing.

Snowboarding and Skiing in the Alps

Home to the Southern Alps, New Zealand offers one of the best snowboarding and skiing experiences in the world. Snowboarding gear is available on hire and experienced instructors are there to teach you priceless lessons. Choose from a variety of places like Queenstown, Coronet peak and Treble Cone to snowboard to your heart’s content.

Train Journey with the TranzAlpine Express

No journey to New Zealand is complete without a tour of the beautiful landscapes of the country. The TranzAlpine Express, one of best in its class, offers a beautiful winter experience by taking you through the snow clad Canterbury Plains, the cascading slopes of the Alps, and the meandering rivers. Operated by Kiwi Rail, this train runs daily between Christchurch and Greymouth. The entire journey takes less than 5 hours.

Queenstown Winter Festival

Queenstown celebrates one of the best winter festivals of the southern hemisphere with lights, sound, music and fireworks by the end of June. A spectacular display of fireworks marks the opening of the festival followed by a host of other fun filled activities like live street music, comedy shows, mountain races and street parties. This festival is all about celebrating the city’s unique culture with pomp and grandeur. Get ready to enthral yourself for 10 full days from 24th June to 3rd July.

Top Art Festivals and Events to Enjoy in Chicago this Year

Chicago has always attracted tourists with its countless events, festivals, fairs and outdoor activities. True to its vibrant character, the city will host a bunch of exciting festivals in June this year.


If you are planning to visit Chicago anytime next month, you are bound to have lots of fun and enjoyment. For your convenience, we have listed some events and festivals below.

Old Town Art Fair

The Old Town Art Fair is a yearly celebration of art that seeks to encourage creative exchange between artists, art admirers and prospective art buyers. One may buy ceramics, digital art, paintings, photography, metal and stone works, textiles, fibres, jewellery and more. This community driven event is backed by over 750 volunteers almost every year.

Held on: 11th June to 12th June

Pivot Arts Festival

Formed in 2012 as a central hub that could connect innovative art activities of Chicago’s northern neighbourhoods, Pivot Arts is a must-visit festival that offers art, music, theatre and dance. Over the years, many artists, businesses and organisations have supported the par-excellent performances that are held here.

Held on: 2nd June to 12th June

Wells Street Art Festival

Celebrated in the popular Wells Street corridor of Old Town, Wells Street Art Festival is a prominent event where over 200 juried artists from across the continent come and display their skills. There are traditional paintings, sculptures, woodwork and digital arts on display for the enthusiasts. Beyond this, there is a performance stage, children’s play area, and food & drink venues too.

Held on: 11th June to 12th June

Remix Chicago

Remix Chicago is an art event, which signifies public awareness of recycling and the value of recycled art. Attendees can easily browse through and buy the items displayed here. The two-day event features workshops and education for people of all age-groups. Also, there’ll be great food and music.

Held on: 11th June to 12th June

Custer Fair

An Evanston tradition since 1972, Custer Fair is a major event where more than 300 local and regional artists, craftspeople, and commercial vendors come together to sell paintings, ceramics, pottery, photographs, graphic arts, wearable art, country and home craft, antiques and collectibles. The event will also give you a lovely chance to socialise with the locals.

Held on: 18th June to 19th June

Handy Information for a Skiing Holiday in Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the most amazing mountain slopes. Furthermore, its proximity to the Antarctic largely keeps the lower side of the country frozen throughout the year.


The frozen fields with even slopes have led to establishment of many commercial ski clubs and skiing enthusiasts from all across the world head to these places. To make the most of your experience, check out some useful tips.

Best Time for the Trip

Winters in New Zealand start in July and last till September. The onset of this season is an invitation to all skiing enthusiasts. July does not witness much snowfall. So, the month of August and the first half of September are ideal to visit this country, if skiing is high on your agenda.

Family-friendly Accommodation

A family trip is quite different from an individual expedition. So, while booking a ski resort, a lot of things like safety, proper accommodation and suitability for the kids have to be considered. For instance, Cardona Ski Resort is a perfect family friendly option. They also offer packages for beginners. Treble Cone is another family friendly resort, well known for the special attention it gives to children.

Fitness is Essential

Skiing in New Zealand is indeed fun but make sure that you are at your physical best. If possible, try to acclimatize to the cold adventure conditions by practising at indoor winter sport facilities before your trip. Plan your journey months ahead and be particular about maintaining your health. If you are suffering from any kind of ailment, take proper advice from the doctor before booking your flight.

Being Safe and Sound

Safety comes first when you embark on such an adventure. Travellers not comfortable with high altitude climate conditions should hire guides. Wearing proper clothing, helmets, protective gear, taking proper rest the day before and maintaining communication with other members while skiing are some of the important safety tips to be observed at all times.


Queenstown is definitely the place to go to if you want to have an unforgettable skiing experience. It is well connected by domestic as well as international flights. Rental cars can be hired straight from the airport.

The Wonders of Kenya beyond Wildlife

The first thing that strikes one’s mind when the word ‘Kenya’ is mentioned is its diverse wildlife and jungle safaris. True, but the country also offers a host of other activities and attractions.


In fact, Kenya, the home of the brave Zulu warriors, boasts a rich cultural history. Discover some of the best experiences you can look forward to.

A Day in the Masaai village

It is the perfect way to experience the traditional lifestyle of the Masaai tribe and their culture. You can stay in the village and explore health centres, co-operatives and other interesting things. The natives still follow a pastoral way of life and have not been completely touched by modernity. The main highlight of a village experience is the famous warrior dance performed in full tribal wear.

The Beach Experience

Kenya has miles and miles of beautiful beaches as it is flanked on one side by the Atlantic Ocean and on the other by the Indian Ocean. You can walk along the sandy beaches or just lie down and watch the Sun set over the horizon. The Diani beach, with its beautiful resorts is one such place which offers a fantastic experience. Wasini Island is pretty near to Diani and lets you immerse in a fun filled experience with dolphins and also lets you feast upon a variety of sea food at the popular restaurants here.

Hiking at Mount Kenya

Africa’s second highest peak will leave you with fond memories as you hike up to the top witnessing the beautiful ecology of the place. The expedition will take you through beautiful landscapes. You can ascend the peak from a choice of three routes, each with its unique profile and varying range of difficulty.

Live the Thrill

Kenya offers a wide array of adventure sports. It is in fact, among the best places for Kite surfing, due to its favourable wind conditions. A couple of highly popular places for windsurfing are Watamu and Diani. Sky diving, windsurfing, kayaking and paragliding are some of the other sports on offer at many places. Horse riding through the woods is also a fun-filled pursuit.

Immerse Yourself in the Winetopia of New Zealand

Presented by Singapore Airlines, Winetopia is perhaps the most comprehensive public wine tasting event in New Zealand. This globally popular event has won the 2015 Business Traveller Gold Medal for Best overall Wine Cellar and also the Gold Medal for Best First Class and Best Business Class Sparkling.


Without beating around the bush, let us know more about Winetopia, especially the exclusive elements it promises this year.


Winetopia is an ultimate wine tasting event, wherein travellers from around the world can savour marvellous wines from various regions of New Zealand, thus getting an idea of the new varieties and food matches. One may buy wines by the bottle, while hardcore enthusiasts even end up buying cases of wine to carry home as fond reminders of their trip. Besides wine, the event will also offer numerous entertainment facilities to ensure a fun-packed experience for one and all.

Basic Information of Winetopia, 2016:

When: 20th May, 2016 (05:00 PM to 08:30 PM)
21st May, 2016 (12:00 PM to 03:30 PM)
21st May, 2016 (04:30 PM to 08:00 PM)
Location: Shed 10, Queens Wharf, CBD, Auckland

Ticket Details: General Admission – 5 tastings + wine glass: $30.00
Premium MiNDFOOD Ticket ($150 Value): $65.00
Door Sales – $40.00 (Subject to Availability)
Buy Tickets – 0508 484-253

Winetopia 2016: More in Detail

With over 200 wines on offer to taste and take home, Winetopia is definitely one of the best places to discover your favourite wine. Guests may thoroughly explore the opulent world of reds and whites as well as the exciting varieties that lie between them. Not only this, there will be sommelier-led tasting classes and live music at the end of the session to add more value to the overall experience.

This is a great occasion for travellers to mingle with the locals and people of different countries. Attendees get an exclusive chance to share a glass with popular personalities. Famous artists who will grace Winetopia this year include Russell Brown, Colin Mathura-Jeffree, Melodie Robinson and Shane Cortese. To entice guests further, the event will declare one lucky visitor who’ll get two return Economy tickets to Vietnam!

Interested travellers should visit the official website of Winetopia for more information and updates.

Holidays to USA – Get Real About Your Dream Destination!

The United States of America is a dream destination for many travellers across the globe. It has innumerable tourist spots that range from amusement parks, historical monuments, restaurants to galleries.

The wide variety of stunning cities and towns will easily grab the attention of the trippers and make their journey a memorable one. But before packing your bags and boarding that flight to the “Land of the Free”, it is imperative that you learn as much as possible about this fabulous country.

USA Info graphic

Located by both the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, the United States lies between Canada and Mexico in North America. The country is connected to all parts of the world with dozens of airlines serving the many airports here. Of course, it is the US based airlines that are most popular with travellers who are flying in to the country. American carriers such as Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and JetBlue Airways all have a wide global network  and connect US cities with top destinations around the world. When it comes to the busiest US gateways, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, O’Hare International Airport, and John F. Kennedy International Airport are some of the airports that handle most number of passengers annually. Large cities like New York and Los Angeles are served by multiple international airports.

USA is teeming with many fabulous tourist destinations, and each diametrically different from the other. While Orlando stands out as the finest family holiday destination, Las Vegas is preferred more by people with an urge to experience the pleasurable pursuits in life!

USA Info Graphics

There’s Los Angeles which seems to be the global capital of glitz and glamour but also Washington DC, a much more subdued city which is more likely to attract history and culture lovers. New York is undoubtedly the biggest city of them all and attracts all kinds of people, from prince to pauper. Miami, Boston, and Hawaii are some more fabulous places to visit in the US.

The number of tourist attractions/sites in the country runs into several hundreds. But keeping the cause of brevity in mind, we will only mention a handful of them. Of course, one just couldn’t keep out NYC’s [sg_popup id="58"]Times Square[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="63"]Statue of Liberty[/sg_popup] or [sg_popup id="65"]Central Park[/sg_popup] from any sightseeing list. There are at least a dozen more ‘must-sees’ in NYC but we move on.  [sg_popup id="59"]Grand Canyon[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="60"]Las Vegas Strip[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="61"]Golden Gate Bridge[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="62"]Niagara Falls[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="64"]Walt Disney World[/sg_popup], Central Park, [sg_popup id="66"]White House[/sg_popup], and [sg_popup id="67"]Universal Studios Hollywood[/sg_popup] are some of the most famous tourist attractions across the USA.

Not many leisure travellers worry about the weather when they plan a visit to the US.  The USA is a large country with astounding seasonal variations. There is always some part of the country at its climatic peak no matter what time of year it is. In very broad terms, September-October is the best time to be in the country as most of the cities enjoy excellent weather during fall.

People in America love to have a good time with their friends and family and there are good many occasions in the calendar year to do so. From the global phenomenon New Year’s Eve to children favourite Halloween (31st October), there are plenty of events and festivals celebrated by people here. Independence Day (4th July), Martin Luther King Day (January), St. Patrick’s Day (March), Easter (Variable dates) and Thanksgiving (November) are few others.

American food is easily available all over the world but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying it here. From hot dogs to juicy steaks and from apple pies to nachos, you can have the most heart pleasing food here. The country also boasts some of the world’s top rated restaurants.

Finally, we come to tips and advice that could come in handy for you. U.S. medical costs are very expensive and it is highly recommended that you get a good travel health insurance plan. As mentioned above, weather varies a great deal in this large country, so come prepared with proper clothing. It is best that foreign tourists avoid getting into discussions on topics like war and gun control.

Most Popular National Parks in Pakistan

If you are a nature enthusiast, you may consider Pakistan as your next holiday destination. The beautiful country has lots of natural wonders.


Take a look at some of the most stunning national parks in Pakistan.

Ayub National Park

Feel the essence of around 900 hectares of natural beauty. Nestled peacefully in Rawalpindi, Ayub National Park is one of the largest parks in Asia. Cherish a day of blissful sightseeing and enjoy various delightful activities. The park also has an open air theatre. Enjoy the panoramic views of the surroundings.

Central Karakorum National Park

Established in the year 1993, Central Karakoram National Park is a paradise for mountaineers and nature enthusiasts. It is home to some of the highest peaks in the world such as the Gashebrum II, K-2, Broad Peak, and Gashebrum. The sights of these lofty mountains are truly jaw dropping. And to top it all, the national park also has the world’s greatest glacier known as the Baltaro Glacier.

Chitral Gol National Park

Chitral Gol National Park is a stunning valley near the Chitral River. Visit this spectacular park to spot some of the rarest and most endangered wildlife in the region, including snow leopard, golden eagle and markhor. Spread across 19,151 acres of fertile land, it promises a majestic aura in the lap of nature to relax your senses.

Khunjerab National Park

The beautiful Khunjerab National Park is a mystifying destination, which will enchant you to the core. The scintillating park has an abundance of wildlife. Established in 1975, it is spread across nearly 560,714 acres of heavenly terrain in the Gilgit-Balistan province of Pakistan. If lucky, one can spot leopards and other elusive wildlife.

Kirthar National Park

Settled serenely between Karachi and Jamshoro District of Sindh, Kirthar National Park was once home to the largest number of leopards. It is a wonderful place to witness the amazing scenic vistas of high mountains full of flora and fauna.

Are you a Daredevil? Well, prove it in Australia

Do you like to live on the edge? Do you like to challenge yourself with death defying adventures? Well luckily there is a place for all you daredevils and the place is none other than Australia.


Sky diving, bungee jumping, rafting and surfing; the list of nail biting adventures that ‘Down Under’ offers is indeed long.

Bungee Jumping at Cairns

For some reason, throwing yourself from a height by harnessing yourself to a rubber rope seems to be the most desired of all adventure activities. And the setting of tropical Cairns is just perfect to live the thrill. ‘AJ Hackett Bungee Tower’ is one such place where the joy and thrill of jumping down to just above the earth’s surface can be accomplished.

Mountain Biking in the New South Wales

Mountain bikers are in for an experience of their lifetime as The Great Dividing Range in New South Wales has a deeply challenging terrain and is one of the most acclaimed off road biking destinations in the world. The road is full of surprises with twists and turns which requires expert maneuvers. Akuna Bay and West Head Loop, Barry Way and Lions Road Loop are some of most exciting mountain bike trails in the South Wales area.

Skydiving at Byron Bay

The sheer experience of skydiving at the Byron Bay is just amazing. The skydiving team at this place is very well equipped and boasts of zero casualties till date. Coming to Australia and not being a part of this escapade is a sin for all daredevils. No, this is not an exaggeration.

Scuba Diving at The Great Barrier Reef

The joy of scuba diving at the Great Barrier Reef, the only visible living structure from the space can be compared to none. An extensive biodiversity and mesmerizing deep water living organisms make this place a heaven for scuba enthusiasts. The shallow spots are just right for amateur divers while professionals can venture deep into the ocean for added thrill.

4×4 ride at Fraser Island

Imagine being on a journey with a few other backpackers sharing adventure stories while you embark on a trip across the largest sand island in the world. You can camp at different campsites, light a fire and let the serene beauty of the night sky overlooking the ocean mesmerize your senses.

Adventure and Fun in Bali, the Saga Continues

If your idea of holidaying includes lots of adventure, fun, great food and scenic beauty, there are only a few places that can match the appeal of Bali.


Luxurious resorts, great beaches, a world of adrenalin pumping activities and vibrant night life make Bali one of the best places for adventure and fun. The places mentioned below allow one to unwind to the core.

Snorkelling at Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida

If snorkelling has always excited you, rest assured that Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Penida will leave you absolutely satiated. These are the two of the most exotic locations for snorkelling, complete with beautiful corals, tropical fish life and colourful vegetation. Lembongan Day Cruises, operated by various agencies, make the experience all the more overwhelming.

Flying Fish experience at Tanjung Benoa Beach

Fly in the air just like a fish by strapping yourself to a rubber boat which has been attached to a speed boat. Yes, though this sounds crazy, it is real. The boat pushes one against the waves making the person fly high. This experience is as close as it can get to personifying a flying fish.

Paragliding at Denpasar

Paragliding is a widely acclaimed adventure sport and Bali offers a great experience in this regard. The trade winds from the Indian Ocean provide the right amount of thrust for a smooth flight from June to October. Various operators conduct tandem flights and even allow you to fly with a professional depending on the deal one has opted for.

Motocross at Bali

A dirt bike takes one to places where all other means of transport may fail. This is what motocross is all about. It lets you penetrate deep into the forests of Bali encompassing rivers, villages, hills etc and gives an amazing off road biking experience. If exploring real Bali is on your agenda, motocross is just the right thing for you to spice up your travel itinerary.

Climbing Mount Batur

After all the excitement and adventure a trek to this beautiful mountain will give you the visual satisfaction of a lifetime. The rising Sun, as seen from the summit of an active volcano is worth taking this arduous trek at the crack of dawn. The return journey involves visiting the tropical coffee plantations.