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Science Centre Singapore: A Junction of Education, Exploration and Excitement!


Singapore is a very popular tourist destination in Asia that has delighted the fancy of one and all. The city-state tempts tourists to net air tickets on flights to Singapore owing to its outstanding attractions and delights. Often dubbed as one of the most favourite holiday haunts in the world, Singapore has even emerged as a sought after educational tourism spot globally. This enigmatic destination brims with many educational centres which tops the travel itineraries of tourists. Amongst all, The Science Centre Singapore is a leading allure that promotes interest and creative learning in science and technology not just in locals but for visitors as well. The centre proudly makes science an inspiring and energizing experience for people of all age groups.

For more than 35 years now, Science Centre Singapore has strived as a successful custodian of innovation and creativity at its best. The centre organizes many distinct yet relevant shows, conferences and exhibitions which focus on captivating the development of scientific evolutions. Listed amongst one of the most innovative attractions in Asia, the centre features over 14 huge galleries which cover a good portion of titles all related to mathematics, science and technology. An additional 20,000m2 of outdoor exhibition space is reserved for display of Kinetic Garden, Eco Garden and Waterworks exhibition. The centre even offers a wide array of improvement programmes for eligible students that aim at balancing the school’s formal science education along with fun events, competitions and outreach activities that attract everyone.

Holidaymakers planning a trip to Science Centre must know that the excursion will take many forms. The place allows the visitors to expand their horizons, with something interesting at every step. One or two hours are quite enough for travellers who wish to know the bits but visitors seeking a full experience filled with exhibitions, shows and activities need to spend an entire day. The centre operates daily from 10 AM to 6 PM and tickets for the same can be booked online as well.

Newark Museum: A Must Watch on a Trip to Newark

Museums have always been a place with an abundance of culture, art and various other parts of the history. Museums around the world offer wonderful insight into the things that were before us and have become great places that make any holiday perfect, especially for history lovers.


Newark is one of USA’s most culturally rich cities and people booking flight tickets to the city have some of the best museums here to satiate their craving for a slice of interesting history.  Among them, the most prominent one is Newark Museum that has more than enough collection to keep you inspired and entertained for the entire day, and even more.

Newark Museum is the biggest museum in the city. Established in 1909, this museum boasts around eighty galleries of classic collection that includes Contemporary art, Decorative art, American art and arts from the other parts of the world like Asia and Africa. The mini zoo of the museum attracts children of all age as well as the adults.  Victorian Ballantine House of the museum teleports the visitors to a different era where everything is fascinatingly old fashioned. It is one of the great national historic landmarks of the USA. There is a planetarium as well to give the visitors a great view of stars and constellations. All the galleries of the museum are highly impressive and the Tibetan galleries exhibiting collection that was purchased from Christian missionaries are said to be among the best in the world.  Last but not the least, the Museum Shops are a true delight for people who would like to take few souvenirs on flights back home.

After a lot of sightseeing and an encounter with the ancient history and culture, if by any chance you feel like eating, there is a good café waiting to serve you just in the corner of the museum.
Before you leave, do visit the museum’s café to relish delicious snacks, desserts and beverages while you are lost in the thoughts of your favourite part of the museum.

There is a lot to see in this museum and at least a day is required to make the most of the trip. If you are contemplating booking flight tickets to Newark, this museum is truly worth your time and money.

Get Drenched in Some Thrilling Marine Activities in Kaikoura, New Zealand


A small destination with its own attractive history and archaeological remains, the picturesque coastal town of Kaikoura is an ideal place for marine life encounters and coastal walks. The entire region acts as a strong base for different kinds of wildlife experiences including, a chance to watch whales, dolphins, sea-birds and many other species of marine life in their natural habitat. The list just not ends here, in fact there is plenty to choose from. The much popular crayfish surely spoils the travellers for choice no matter they eat in or dining out. Here’s a quick look on some of the most popular activities in Kaikoura which set holidaymakers on a mad scramble to grab air tickets aboard flights to New Zealand.

Dolphin Encounter

Swimming with or watching the dusky dolphins’ in an open ocean environment is certainly a dream come true for most travellers who wish to encounter with the nature very closely. Dolphin Encounter is a very popular tour at the shore in the ocean off Kaikoura with the highest chances of locating the marine mammals than anywhere in New Zealand. Holidaymakers can easily sight marine mammals and seabirds in their natural environment in pods numbering anywhere in between 100 to 1000. The enchanting and acrobatic dolphins in the ocean leave travellers gloating over their decision to book tickets on flights to New Zealand.

Whale Watching

Often famed as one of the best whale watching destinations in the world, Kaikoura is a perfect location to partake in an exciting up-close encounter with the world’s largest toothed predator, the Giant Sperm Whale. Flocked by tourists round the year, this famous town is gaining quick popularity not just amongst the adventure travellers but with the blasé souls as well. A typical whale watch tour may also include live encounter with New Zealand’s Fur Seals, Dusky dolphins and the endangered Wandering Albatross. The destination even attracts the largest concentration and variety of sea birds on mainland New Zealand that includes different species of Albatross, Petrel and Shearwater.

Bird Watching

Much popular for whales and dolphins, Kaikoura also provides a wonderful opportunity to view an impressive array of seabirds and most importantly the mighty Albatross. The town boasts a greater assortment of seabird species within a small area than anywhere along the New Zealand’s coastline making it the one of the most visited travel spot. The line encounter with Albatross enables the visitors to get up very close to the seabirds and thus allowing for some fantastic and incredible photo opportunities. A large array of petrels, shearwaters and much more can also be sighted at the shores.

Top 4 Leading Holiday Destinations in Malaysia for Sightseeing


For most holidaymakers planning on an island getaway in the Far East, Malaysia remains one of the most preferred choices to head to! Offering myriad of engaging lures that provide ultimate bliss, this stunning archipelago promises a rewarding holiday to the tourists reserving tickets to Malaysia. Here’s a rundown to top four leading holiday spots in the island-nation that are popular with the sightseers.

Kuala Lumpur

If you didn’t get the window seat in flights and missed out the panoramic view of Malaysia, there is no need to feel sad! Experience the bird’s eye view of the capital city of the nation from the 86th floor of the Petronas Towers! One can opt for the skybridge tour as well to add some more thrill in their vacation. Besides, wildlife lovers are often seen to look for entry tickets to KL Bird Park and explore various species of birds in their natural habitat.

Cameron Highlands

Holidaymakers booking air tickets to visit Malaysia and seeking natural pursuits and isolation from the hustle and bustle of the chaotic city life, can take a tour to Pahang’s Cameron Highlands. Feel the cool breeze in your hair, inhale the fresh aroma of strawberry plantation or witness lush tea gardens covering the rolling hills – choices are limitless to immerse in the nature.

Kek Lok Si Temple

Kek Lok Si Temple is imposingly perched on the Ayer Itam hills at Penang district. This holy shrine is an incredible example of Chinese, Burmese and Thai architecture. Tourists, especially pilgrims look for good deals on tickets to Penang with a desire to visit this sacred place of worship and get fascinated by the grand seven storey pagoda and the statue of Goddess of Mercy.

Mount Kinabalu

This is the highest mountain in the archipelago of Malaysia and one of the prominent lures for the thrill seekers. Located at Borneo, this UNESCO World Heritage site offers an opportunity to enjoy the picture perfect surroundings including the waterfalls, lush green forest and clear blue sky with white cloud patches while trekking the rugged surface of the mountain.

Top 5 Smart Phones Travel Apps for an Uninterrupted Holiday


The world is taken over by modern innovations and travel fraternity is not untouched from this ever-emerging advancement of technology. Today, travelling to even the remotest region on our globe is perceived as a fun activity. Why? Just because of technology! There are numerous mobile applications that make a traveller’s life easy while visiting any part of the world. These mobile apps have become an integral part of every holiday. If you are asking how and why, these apps have all the answers.


Kayak is one smart phone app that is considered as the lifeline of tech-savvy travellers. Travel basics such as flights, tickets and accommodation in addition to access of notable travel guides and travel sites make Kayak a versatile option to download on your mobiles before buying tickets to your destination. This free application is available on all major platforms such as Android, iOS, Kindle and Windows. Moreover, it allows users to compare prices of tickets, check flight status and much more.


TripAdvisor does not require any introduction, if you are a seasoned traveller. This travel app features everything that you find on their portal. Its easy to navigate interface provides latest info as well as genuine reviews on top rated hotels, dining options and activities in various cities across the globe. One can also browse through photographs posted by other holidaymakers.

Offline City Guides

TripAdvisor’s another app known as ‘Offline City Guides’ boasts number of guides to popular tourist destinations. Whether you have an internet connection or not; main highlights of a particular city are just a click away. This application has emerged as one of the most reliable city guides.


Having difficulties in organizing your travel itinerary? Download Tripit on your smart phone. Besides storing information of your tickets, flights, car hire and accommodation, you can also keep a check on weather conditions. It also allows you to access your plans directly from your inbox.


Owing to the services of these three apps, it has become very easy to keep in touch with near and dear ones from every corner of the world (wherever internet is available). WhatsApp caters to the needs of hardcore texting lovers whereas Viber offers free calling. To enjoy face to face conversation, Skype is the best bet!

Tech savvy travellers looking to save handsome amount while making the most of their gadgets on international holidays consider checking out the blog on money saving tips for tech savvy travellers.

Three Most Glittering Gems of Iconic Hong Kong Skyline


A booming port and a flourishing city/state in the Far East, Hong Kong has long been a big hit with globetrotters seeking fun-filled holidays in this part of Asia. Perched on China’s South Coast, Hong Kong is actually a thriving metropolis that does not mind splashing, splurging and parading its lures. Besides a vast array of sightseeing attractions and gratifying shopping and dining scene, Hong Kong flaunts a dazzling skyline that never fails to leave on visitors a mesmerising effect! Soaring skyscrapers with futuristic design and the majestic Victoria Peak in background – you will be taken in, almost instantly, by Hong Kong’s magnificent skyline that seems to give a stiff competition to top Asian cities flaunting an awe-inspiring skyline. Listed below are three most glittering gems of Hong Kong Skyline.

International Commerce Centre

The tallest building in Hong Kong, around 1590 feet high, International Commerce Centre was completed in 2010 and is now a prominent pillar in Hong Kong Skyline. The 118 storey building has an appealing architecture design. Besides, it houses a five-star hotel (the Ritz-Carlton), world’s highest swimming pool and Bar (OZONE) and a large shopping mall on the basement, making it a popular haunt of sybarites netting flight tickets for Hong Kong holidays.

Two International Finance Centre

Perched on Hong Kong Island, IFC consists of two towers. Completed in 2003, the taller building is 415 meters high and showcases Hong Kong’s staggering wealth of modern era. Watch the skyscrapers after the sunset when they illume amazingly, and you will surely get a splendid experience, well worth the cost of air tickets on flights arriving here. The tenants in theses iconic towers include IFC mall, China International Capital Corp and Bank of America.

Central Plaza

Standing majestically in Wanchai North’s business district, Central Plaza is widely renowned for its astounding height and a very bold architecture design. More than 370 meters tall, this 78-storey building is structured in three different sections: a high tower base forming the entrance, a tall tower body consisting of offices and a tower top with plant floors and a tall pole. Inside the skyscraper, there is a church as well, which has been considered the world’s highest church.

Biggest Mosques in the World to Gauge the Grandiosity of Spiritual Fervour!!


Islam has presence all over the world and mosques define the spiritual richness of the religion. There are numerous mosques across the globe that have been added to several elite lists. Today, we will check about the biggest mosques in the World that do not only lure religious travellers but architecture lovers as well.

Masjid al-Haram, Saudi Arabia

This majestic mosque is located in Mecca. It is the largest in the world and considered as the holiest place in the Muslim world. It spans around Kaaba. People turn their faces towards Kaaba while offering prayers, no matter in which part of the world they are. Also known as the Grand Mosque, it is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. Millions of Hajj pilgrimage book tickets to Saudi Arabia to pay a visit here.

Al-Masjid al-Nabawī, Saudi Arabia

After Masjid al-Haram, this mosque is considered as the second holiest site. It is strategically located in Medina, Saudi Arabia. It is the resting place of various Islamic leaders such as Muhammad, Umar and Abu Bakr. Its splendid structure is highlighted by ten minarets, two courtyards, Green Dome and tombs. Besides religious travellers, several students also buy tickets aboard flights to visit this city to be a part of religious studies. Al-Masjid al-Nabawī also boasts a court and a community centre.

Imam Reza Shrine, Iran

This holy site is an iconic attraction in Iran and is notable for being home to the mausoleum of Imam Reza. The grandiosity of this shrine is not only defined by its large prayer halls. This complex is also dotted with a library, a museum, Goharshad Mosque, the Razavi University of Islamic Sciences and a cemetery. Dust Clearing is the most popular ceremony that creates an urge in numerous travellers to invest in air tickets to fly to Mashhad in Iran!

Essential Info You Want to Know Before Buying Tickets to NYC Bus Tour


Dubbed as the Big Apple of the USA, the city of New York truly amazes its every visitor. Featuring an incredible blending of shining skyscrapers and lush green public gardens, swanky shopping arched and colourful flea markets – this buzzing metropolis promises a bouquet full of treasured moments to all those booking tickets to New York. Though New York is tagged as one of the most expensive holiday destinations in the world, the city never fails to meet the expectations of budget tourists as well. For travellers who wish to explore the various flavours of the city without spending an arm and a leg, reserving tickets with the ‘Shop, Hop and Top NYC Bus Tour’ is perhaps the most convenient way to discover the gems of NYC.

This is one of those bus tours that allow passengers to customize their own itinerary. Shoestring travellers holidaying at New York and willing to roam around the bustling metropolis are often found to look for the tickets to avail the ‘Shop, Hop and Top NYC Bus Tour’. This trip takes passengers to the Empire State Building, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, Madame Tussaud’s, Top of the Rock Observation Decks etc. which are considered as the top attractions in New York City. Besides, shopaholics can take up the cruise trip to the Woodbury Common’s Premium Outlets.

Few Useful Tips

•  CitySights NY Bus Tour Tickets are valid for ninety six hours from the time you arrive in New York City and exchange your confirmation voucher for boarding tickets.

•  There are various deals on up-gradations for tickets. Do check with your travel agent before booking tickets to the tour.

•  Though most first timers are often found to opt for the guided tours, it’s highly recommended to take up the New York Freestyle Package and enjoy a ‘72-hour All Loops Tour’ which include three additional options for cruises, top tourist spots, meals, and a free access to several museums.

•  If you are travelling here in winters, do board a covered bus. The city of New York features extremely chilly winters. Hence, do cover yourself with few layers while travelling by the ‘Shop, Hop and Top NYC Bus’.

•  Do not forget to bring extra batteries for your camera!

Experience Extravagance Unlimited at Avani Bentota Resort & Spa


A fair share of holidaymakers grabbing air tickets aboard flights arriving in Colombo strongly believe that Avani Bentota Resort & Spa is one of the most luxurious resorts in the city. Located on the expansive sandy stretches of Bentota, this property is set right in the heart of the metropolis allowing the visitors to feel the golden sand between their toes and warm sun on the skin. This world-renowned property was built with an inspiration from ancient villages thus creating a unique home-away-from-home ambiance offering a spectacular beach-side setting. This accommodation option is a prominent choice that triggers the sale of air tickets on flights bound for the destination.

This lush property features five different categories of elegantly furnished and intricately designed guestrooms that let visitors’ fall asleep amidst the melodious sounds of the azure ocean. The different categories of rooms include Standard, Superior, Deluxe, Suite and Avani Suite and all rooms feature Avani’s signature comfort and warmth as well as a plethora of facilities and amenities to ensure utmost comfortable stays for holidaymakers. Each room is well equipped with air-conditioner, a terrace or balcony, DVD player and IPTV for the entertainment of the guests. Wake up late and treat yourselves to a lazy breakfast on your terrace which is complementary for the guests.

Avani Bentota Resort & Spa without doubt steals the crown when it comes to fine dining in Colombo. The property pales almost all other resorts when it comes to dining and ensures that it serves some of the most authentic local as well as international fares to rule the heart and soul of out-of-state epicureans netting air tickets on flights to the city. The different eateries with-in the property includes Bentota Restaurant that serves zinging-fresh local seafood in the form of prawns, lobsters, fragrantly-spiced noodle and rice dishes. Visitors may even settle back in their favourite seat at one of the two bars and order some fresh juices or hard drinks from an extensive range of beers, spirits, wines and cocktails.

The hotel even holds its own reputation amongst different estates in Colombo in terms of recreational facilities. Tourists spending a hefty sum on tickets onboard flights arriving in Colombomay choose to pamper themselves at the lavish spa and wellness centre. Swimming in the outdoor pool, work out at the state-of-the-art gym and relaxing at the sauna are just some of the many other activities to keep the visitors entertained and engaged for days.

Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon to Begin in Cape Town, South Africa


Holidaymakers, especially sport enthusiasts who have booked flights to South Africa’s Cape Town and are in the city on 18th and 19th this month have got another reason to get charged up! The Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon, arguably world’s one of the best sporting events and that excites locals as well as international athletes, is starting on 18th April. The two day event will wind up on 19th April.

The journey of this popular sports event started in 1970. Eventually Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon has become one of the world’s most popular marathons, with more than eleven thousand runners participating in the Ultra Marathon and more than sixteen thousand competitors taking part in the Half Marathon of this year.

In initial days, runners used to run fifty six kilometres, participants of Half Marathon used to cover twenty one kilometres and other fun runs used to take place. And during these forty four years of time span, South Africa has witnessed many locals to get the winning title.

Apart from the professional participants, Two Oceans Marathon welcomes amateur sport lovers as well. One can take part either in the ten kilometres trail or twenty two kilometres trail which will take one through the lower slopes of Devil’s Peak and the forests above the University of Cape own.

Though these runs are more popular among the beginners, experienced athletes are also found to accept the challenges to win against the rocky steeps. Besides, a series of International Friendship Run also take place at the rugby fields of the University of Cape Town.

Apart from the grand sport events, the Two Oceans Marathon Initiative offers a fantastic way to give something back to the community by fund raising for education and sporting needs of children as well as environmental issues involving parks, flora and fauna, as well as animals and marine creatures.

Sport lovers and tourists who arrived on flights at this beautiful metropolis of South Africa and planning to stay in Cape Town during the weekend can visit the Annual Expo, arranged by Old Mutual Two Oceans Marathon and get a deeper insight on the sport’s trends, latest news on outdoor adventures; buy sport apparels and nutritious supplements etc.