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Discover the Rich Omani Culture in Muscat through These Experiences

Oman’s capital city, Muscat is a scenic holiday destination set on the edges of an arid desert. Overlooking magnificent emerald seas, the city has a lot to offer to tourists presenting a unique Arabian holiday.


Take a look at these interesting things you can do in Muscat for an ideal holiday experience:


With a number of tourist attractions, especially historical ones, Muscat is a perfect place for sightseeing. Visitors can discover Jalali and Mirani Forts – the famous historical attractions built in the 16th century by the Portuguese to have a peek into the nation’s interesting heritage. The Muscatrestored forts at Jabrin, Rustaq, and Nizwa are some other interesting places where you can spend an ideal day with your family. Besides, there is Al Alam Palace, the most prominent landmark of the city to experience a unique fusion of the ethnic and Indian traditions.


Muscat invites a large number of divers from different parts of the world all year round. The city offers an array of diving opportunities both within the city and down the shoreline to the south of the city. Visitors can delight in a clear look of some incredible marine creatures in the unspoilt Omani waters and can enjoy spotting whale sharks, barracudas, sunfish and turtles while diving. A holiday to Oman must include this thrilling experience in Muscat.


Food lovers can have a great culinary experience in Muscat. There are several types of restaurants all across the city offering exceptional dinning opportunities to guests. From the traditional Arabian to Indian to Chinese cuisine, you have a lot of choices to try here in the city. Al Hanan is the place to head to for delicious Indian dishes whereas Al Tarboosh is famed for serving scrumptious Arabian delicacies. Besides, you should not miss enjoying a meal at La Sultanah – a fine dining restaurant set in an ocean liner for a distinctive dining experience.


Shopping is one great experience in Muscat; shoppers can spend a beautiful time here discovering luxury malls and street markets. For a contemporary shopping experience in the city, Muscat City Centre Mall is just the perfect place to be. You can find here several stores of Shopping in Muscatwell-known clothing brands including Gap and Banana Republic. If you wish to grab traditional Omani items as souvenirs, you can go for beautiful pottery, handmade khanjars (daggers), and silver jewellery etc.

Exploring Qantab Beach

Tourists in Muscat would love to spend a few hours at the Qantab Beach. Whether you are holidaying with your family or friends, you can have an ideal time here indulging in some leisure activities such as swimming and picnicking. You can also simply relax and admire beautiful views of the beach while having a cool drink. All in all, it is a beautiful place to experience serenity in the city.

Australia’s Top Festivals That are Popular All over the World

While Australia is popular as one of the world’s best tourist destinations due to its awe-inspiring scenery, seeming eternal shoreline and varied metropolis areas, the festivals and events here festivalare a major draw. Huge crowds of people from different parts of the world visit the country to be a part of some tremendous festivals and cultural events celebrated here.
Take a look at some of the top festivals celebrated in Australia:

Tropfest Australia

Founded in 1993, Tropfest Australia is renowned as the world’s largest short film and first global film festival attended by more than 70,000 spectators. It started as a screening for 200 people at the Sydney’s ‘Tropicana Caffe’ and is held at Parramatta Park every year. The event delights visitors with the screening of 16 finalists and red-carpet arrivals, and an award ceremony where the Tropfest winner is decided by a panel of industry and celebrity judges.

Melbourne Food and Wine Festival

Celebrated to promote the food and wine culture of Melbourne and Victoria, Melbourne Food and Wine Festival is held annually in March since 1993. A number of food lovers from far and wide visit the country to become a part of this fantastic gastronomic celebration. The festival continues for ten days and comprises 300 events throughout Victoria. Visitors can enjoy regional lunches, sample gourmet fare, attend master classes and explore an array of pop-up restaurants during the festival. A number of celebrity chefs and famous personalities also become a part of the celebration.

Perth International Arts Festival

Celebrated every year in Western Australia, Perth International Arts Festival is the longest running cultural festival of Australia popular all over the world. Visitors get a chance to enjoy a wonderful program of art without borders during the celebration. It is the oldest international arts festival in Australia comprised of contemporary and classic music, dance, theatre, visual arts and opera. You would love to enjoy several wonderful performances by an array of talented international and national artists drawing around 500,000 people each year.


WOMADelaide (World of Music, Arts and Dance) is a world-renowned open-air festival held in Adelaide’s stunning Botanic Park. Introduced in 1992, this award-winning celebration draws acts

Music Fest

from across the globe to come and play, and takes place every year for four days. Around 20,000 people become a part of this exciting festival every year and delight in amazing performances by up to 500 artists from across the globe. KidZone, Taste the World, The Planet Talks, the Global Village and the Electro lounge are some major highlights of the festival.

Woodford Folk Festival

The most celebrated folk festival of Australia, Woodford Folk Festival is held near the semi-rural town of Woodford. Every year around 125,000 people and over 2000 local, national and international performers become a part of the festival. The festival continues for six days from 27th December to 1st January with a tremendous fire event on New Year’s Day. It comprises more than 430 events, ranging from street theatre, concerts, films and writers’ panels to folk medicine, debates, parades and craft workshops.


5 Unique Natural Attractions in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is among the most popular destinations in the far east. Indonesia’s top draw when it comes to tourism, Bali attracts holidaymakers all round the year mainly for its superb beaches,

Baliinteresting culture, beautiful temples, and a wide assortment of natural treasures. Here are some of the less spoilt attractions in Bali if you would like to go off the beaten path when holidaying here.

Mount Batur

For one of the best sunrises of your life, a trek to the top of Mount Batur, a 1,717 meters tall active volcano is highly suggested. A two hour trek to the top usually begins in the wee hours. Once you get there you will find the amazing views of the serene Lake Batur, magnificent Mount Agung, and the mesmerizing landscape to be truly worth the hike. There are two starting points for the trek and you can hire a guide to help you make your way up.

Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfalls

Having been discovered recently, these stunning waterfalls in north Bali near the Munduk village have become quite popular among tourists visiting this part of the island. Your entry ticket to this waterfall actually provides you access to a couple of other beautiful waterfalls that are great for swimming as well as photography. There are several attractions to explore in North Bali and Banyu Wana Amertha Waterfalls in the farther north would be an ideal addition to your itinerary for some great adventure in Bali.

Kanto Lampo Waterfall

Around half an hour drive from Ubud, the mighty Kanto Lampo is one of the most scenic waterfalls in Bali. Hidden in the midst of lush forest with clear water gushing down the beautifully cascaded rocks, Kanto Lampo is a great place for an escape to nature. A five minutes descent from the parking lot leads you to the waterfall but not before it has taken you through the beautiful rice terraces and a trek of rocky steps. Try to reach the waterfall as early as possible, because the place starts to get quite busy around noon.

Hidden Canyon, Beji Guwang

A natural wonder of Bali, the Hidden Canyon of Beji Guwang is a sacred and extremely mystic canyon that features spectacular rocks carved by the Beji river that flows through this canyon. The place is 15 km from Ubud and 14 km from Denpasar city. It is recommended for first timers to hire a guide for the moderately difficult trek through the canyon. Do not forget to bring trekking sandals or water shoes, swim wear, and a dry bag.

Angel’s Billabong

Angel’s Billabong, one of the most photographed spots in Bali is located on the charming Nusa Penida island. It is a natural infinity pool with crystal clear water through which you can see the amazing rock formations at the bed of the pool. The hues of the pool change throughout the day with the changing position of the Sun and it’s always a sight you would admire. Just make sure that you are visiting the pool during low tide.

Shopping in Seychelles: Five Popular Things to Shop in the Island

While Seychelles is a tourist destination drawing luxury travellers from across the globe to experience the best of beaches and adventures, shopping lovers can take back home an array Shopping in Seychellesof interesting things from here. If you are planning a holiday to the island anytime soon, do not forget to spare some time shopping these amazing souvenirs: Seychelles

Coco De Mer

One of the biggest nuts in the world, Coco De Mer is certainly the most iconic thing to buy in the island. Also known as sea nuts, these nuts are indeed hard to crack, and are conveniently available on Mahe and Praslin islands. You will have to take care of a few things while purchasing these nuts such as they must have holographic stickers and come with an official permit. You cannot leave the country with a coco de mer without proper certification; and if you do so, you may be charged a fine or possibly even sent to prison. The legal ones would be hollowed out, weighing around 5 KG.

Kreolor Jewellery and Craft

A major draw among jewellery lovers, Kreolor Jewellery and Craft is a popular jewellery and craft manufacturer in Seychelles selling jewellery designed using the skills of specially trained Seychellois goldsmiths and craftsmen. The company has five stores across Mahe, Praslin and La Digue. You can visit there and buy tastefully designed jewellery carrying true Seychelles spirit. You can also get your hands on exclusive crafts prepared using local materials at the stores.

Yi-King Essential Oils

Yi-King Essential Oils are the essential oils made from the finest Seychelles ingredients and loved by travellers from all over the world. These oils got their name from a French aroma therapist living on Mahe Island who created them. The oils have been created based on a person’s date of birth and are related to the eight master elements recognised by Chinese medicine including sky, wind, earth, mountain, water, thunder, fire and lake. You can purchase them from the top hotel spas in Seychelles including Denis Island Resort, Constance Lémuria, Constance Aphelia and the Hilton.

Black pearls

You cannot go back home from Seychelles without purchasing black pearls, one of the most beautiful things the island owns. These pearls from Black Pearl Ocean Farm located on the island of Praslin, close to the airport are a specialty of the island. The black pearls are not necessarily black; they range from a light silvery to very dark grey and they may also look pink, blue, green, lavender, copper, bronze or golden. They are priced according to their colour, lustre, shape, size, surface perfection and nacre thickness.

Takamaka Rum

Quite popular among rum lovers from different parts of the world, Takamaka Rum is one thing in the island for which you can seal the deal in an instant. It is amazing, local rum; particularly the dark spiced rum distilled, aged and blended in the Seychelles at the Trois Frères Distillery in Mahe Island. It is traditionally served as a post-meal drink in the island and much loved my local residents. You cannot miss to grab your hand on Takamaka Rum if you are out for food shopping in the island. You can also try here coco rum, white rum, extra dark and aged varieties.

Five Best Places to eat in Siem Reap, Cambodia

Probably one of the biggest questions that goes through every travellers’ mind while planning a visit to the grand Angkor Wat temple is whether they will be able to find good food around the Siem-Reapcity which mostly looks like an ancient outpost according to pictures. Well, the city of Siem Reap is right around the Angkor Vat archaeological park and is quite developed. Hotels, Restaurants, Cafes are easily accessible and serve some really good food. For a tourist spot that attracts Best Places to eat travellers from all over the world, availability of authentic mouth-watering local dishes to cuisines from various other countries doesn’t comes as a surprise. When in Siem Reap, make sure to experience its lovely food scene at these places.

Cuisine Wat Damnak

One of the top rated restaurants in Siem Reap, Cuisine Wat Damnak serves Khmer cuisines with a French twist. Set up in a traditional wooden Khmer house, the restaurant is run by the celebrated chef Joannes Riviere, and is listed among Asia’s top 50 restaurants. Two menu sets are served at the restaurant that change fortnightly. For a fine dining experience at Cuisine Wat Damnak, make sure you book a table in advance.

Blue Pumpkin

A quite popular name in Siem Reap, Blue Pumpkin has multiple branches in the city, including one right at the entrance of the Angkor Vat complex. Known for its French and Asian food, it has a wide range of menu and serves juices, coffee, cakes, pastries, burgers, sandwiches, spring rolls, and many such western and Asian dishes for breakfast and lunch. It opens really early and is a good place to grab a breakfast before you go for a sunrise view of Angkor Vat.

Miss Wong Cocktail Bar

A gorgeous cocktail bar setup in a classy Chinese ambience, Miss Wong Cocktail bar is not just known for its wide range of cocktails, but also for its lip smacking Asian snacks and dishes. The bar attracts a generous crowd owing to its striking interiors, good music, amazing cocktails, and dishes like dim sums, fried chicken wontons, soy pork belly with noodles, bok choy and more.

Malis Restaurant

Another celebrated restaurant in Siem Reap, Malis Restaurant serves authentic Cambodian as well as international cuisines, and the lavish setup of this fine dine restaurant on the riverside just adds up to the experience. The all you can eat breakfast at Malis is a real treat and includes unlimited beverages such as juices, tea, and coffee. The restaurant stays busy throughout the day, so we suggest booking a table in advance.

Street Food

Discovering the street food scene in Siem Reap is an adventure in itself. Food stalls dot the markets of the city with a variety of Cambodian dishes on offer. Some of the famous dishes to Street Foodtry are Lort Cha (fried egg noodles), Num Pang (a mouth-watering baguette sandwich, Chive cakes, deep fried shrimp cakes, barbeque skewers, grilled squid, and more. Although most vendors do not speak English, almost every stall has menu in English with prices.