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Top 4 Temples You Should Visit in Bali, Indonesia

Bali is as popular for its temples as it is for its beaches. In fact no trip to this Indonesian province is complete without paying a visit to the region’s grand temples. Here are some of the popular temples in Bali that you can visit while holidaying in the region.

Pura Besakih


Also known as the “Mother Temple of Besakih”, Pura Besakih is the largest and among the most beautiful Hindu temples in Bali. The temple complex has as many as 23 separate shrines, some of which date back to the 10th century. It is located in southwest side bevel of Mount Gunung Agung and offers panoramic views of surrounding forests and valleys.

Tanah Lot


Tanah Lot, one of Bali’s most famous landmarks, impresses visitors with its unique offshore settings atop an outcrop. Although tourists are not allowed inside the temple premises, many still visit the area just to enjoy the glorious sea views. Be here on the holy day of Kuningan to experience the revered heirloom pilgrimage and various cultural events at and nearby the temple. Only a 45-minute drive away from Kuta, Tanah Lot is among the top highlights of every Bali holiday.

Goa Gajah

Dating back to the 11th century, this cave complex was initially a site for meditation. A vast complex featuring a mysterious cave, a temple courtyard, ancient bathing pool and a selection of large stone relics, it is now a place of historical and religious significance for the Balinese. Spectacular views of the legendary Petanu River and green rice fields at this gorgeous archaeological site will also delight you.

Pura Luhur

Pura Luhur was built during the 11th century. The temple is situated on the edge of a 70 metre high cliff overlooking the Indian Ocean. Apart from the expansive sea views, the temple offers an intriguing cultural experience to visitors. Beware of the monkeys here. They are infamous for snatching visitors’ belongings.

Taste of the Danforth – A Hot Favourite Street Festival from Canada

The Taste of the Danforth is among the biggest street festivals in Canada. Now, in its 22nd year, this annual festival is perhaps the most prominent August event in Toronto and offers something for one and all.

Taste of the Danforth  by torontocitylife/ CC BY

Taste of the Danforth by torontocitylife/ CC BY

Visit Greektown area in Toronto from 07th to 09th August 2015 to enjoy the splendour of this event. Take a look at some of the highlights of the Taste of the Danforth.

Taste of the Danforth  by makeshiftlove/ CC  BY

Taste of the Danforth by makeshiftlove/ CC BY

Guinness World Records

In the 2015 edition of this Canadian street festival, you can participate in two world record challenges. The first challenge is Most People to Eat an Olive in 8 Hours! Just eat an olive to be a part of this record. The second challenge is Most People to Score a Penalty Kick in 8 Hours.

Celebrity Stage Performances

Frank D’Angelo Band

This popular Canadian band plays various genres of music and you can catch them at Taste of the Danforth. They will perform on 08th and 09th August at 8:30 pm.

Miss Asia Toronto Pageant

Watch the Asian beauties from Toronto compete for a place in the Miss Asia Final to be held in Hong Kong. Contestants from various Asian communities in this Canadian city will participate in this pageant and the winner will get an all expense paid holiday to Hong Kong.  The contest will start at 2:50 pm on 09th August and also feature a special performance by international pop singer Farahri.

Sol De Cuba

If you are a fan of Cuban music, you can ill afford to miss out the performance of Sol De Cuba, a 4-piece band directed by Pablo Terry that plays traditional melodies of Cuban Salsa, Cha Cha Cha, Mambo, Tango and American Jazz. They are going to rock the stage on 08th August at 05:05pm.

Philadelphia Folk Festival – An Annual Event for Music and Camping Lovers

In Philadelphia, the third weekend of August is dedicated to folk music. From 13th to 16th August, 2015, this Pennsylvanian city is going to celebrate the 54th edition of Philadelphia Folk Festival.

This is the largest and the longest running folk festival in the USA and here you can enjoy music genres such as country, blues, rock, and of course, folk! Every year, this live music event takes place near the borough of Schwenksville. This festival is popular not only for its music, but also for the camping opportunities. Read on to know more about the Philadelphia Folk Festival.


All Fest Tickets are available for those who wish to enjoy only the music at the fest. For camping and the festival, you need to buy All Fest Ticket + Tent Camping. Several guests camp here in their RVs (recreational vehicles). They need All Fest Ticket + Vehicle Camping as well as an RV Pass. Friday Only, Saturday Only and Sunday Only tickets are up for sale as well!


The campground is divided into two areas – light camping and heavy camping. The former is reserved for tent camping whereas the latter is suitable for RVs. Anyone over the age of five needs a wristlet to enter into the campground.


Delicious food adds more to the fun at the festival. Food vendors are available at the campground as well as the concert area in large numbers. These vendors serve local dishes in addition to specialties from Asia, Greece and Mexico. Meal choices are also available for vegetarians as well as vegans.

Kids’ Fun

The festival promises a memorable time for kids. Bring your kids to the Dulcimer Grove and work with them to create new things. Here, children can make souvenirs to take home while they listen to the storytellers.

Singapore’s Top Museums and Art Galleries

For culture vultures, there is a lot to explore in Singapore. This island nation is home to numerous museums that reflect its artistic magnificence and most tourists make it a point to visit Singapore’s popular museums and art galleries for an insight into the destination’s artistic and cultural side. In fact, art buffs visiting Singapore can spend a full day at museums and galleries.

Singapore Art Museum

Start your tour with a trip to the Singapore Art Museum. Also, known as SAM, this art museum is perhaps the best place in Singapore to admire contemporary art works created by local as well as other Southeast Asian artists.

The museum is housed in a 19th century building which was once a prominent school for Catholic boys. You can visit Singapore Art Museum all through the week and get a free entry on Fridays after 6 pm.

The Substation

This multidisciplinary art facility is around 450 metres from Singapore Art Museum and features various venues including a theatre, a dance studio, a gallery and classrooms. The theatre is a popular venue for music concerts, comedy shows and a range of art events whereas the gallery has a fine collection of visual and sound artworks. The dance studio, located on the second floor of the museum, is suitable for small scale performances and rehearsals.

Art Plural Gallery

Located just across the road from the Substation, this gallery is housed in a heritage building modelled on a beautiful Art Deco design. If you are a fan of modern art and design, visiting this gallery is a must. The Swiss art dealer, Frédéric de Senarclens founded this gallery in 2011 and it has been named as one of the best new galleries in the world.

Asian Civilisations Museum

This museum is a great place to explore the multicultural diversity of Singapore. Just a kilometre away from Art Plural Gallery, Asian Civilisations Museum features an extensive collection of artefacts from various pan-Asian cultures.Dehua porcelain figures, Chola Bronzes and Buddhist art from Tibet, India, Nepal and Vietnam are also on display at the museum.

Top 3 Delights of Hawaii Holidays, the Aloha Land

A single glance from your plane’s window, as it prepares to land in Hawaii, is enough to make you fall in love with this US state. Encased amidst emerald-blue oceans, the Islands of Hawaii will

Hawaii Holidays

certainly etch some indelible memories in your heart. Check out some of the must-have experiences for a holiday in Hawaii.

Snorkelling at Hanauma Bay

Reserve at least a day for snorkelling at Hanauma Bay, an environmental reserve situated on

Hanauma Bay

Oahu’s south-eastern coastline. While you need to buy tickets for snorkelling here, there is no fee for kids under three. You can hire snorkelling equipment at Hanauma Bay.

Enjoy a Road Trip

Go for a road-trip to the Windward Coast, situated on the Kalanianaole Highway, to see Koko Head, a dormant but remarkable-looking volcano. Drive further down the same road to the Lanikai Beach and take a break to relax here. This beach has been labelled as Hawaii’s best by the Travel Channel.

Eat to Your Heart’s Content

The local cuisine is one of the best aspects of Hawaii. In fact, food is an intrinsic element of Hawaiian culture. Dining at Duke’s Waikiki is a must for anyone visiting Waikki Beach. Named after the celebrity surfer Duke Kahanamoku, the restaurant offers a plethora of famous native delicacies such as huli-huli chicken, kalua pork, fresh poke, and much more.

If you plan to check out the tourist attractions of Oahu’s North-Shore, make sure that you drop by Giovanni’s Shrimp Truck, located outside Laie —their shrimp scampi is brilliant.


Top Attractions and Activities in Cederberg, South Africa

The ruggedly beautiful Cederberg region, with its lofty Cederberg Mountains and an enthralling wilderness area has charmed many a visitor. The striking landscape and beauty of the place makes it hard to believe that it is located just a two hour drive from Cape Town, the legislative capital of South Africa.

Activities to Enjoy in Cederberg

Go on a mountain hike and enjoy solitude in the lap of nature; enjoy bouldering and rock-climbing sessions at the Rocklands; take a dip in the fresh rock-pools; or wonder over the faint Bushman rock-art. There are many ways to unwind and enjoy the uplifting calm of this unblemished paradise.


Cederberg by Jon Wade / CC BY

Cederberg has an extraordinary botanical variety as the region is a division of South Africa’s Cape Floral Kingdom. The globally renowned Rooibos tea is grown here amidst the twisted rock formations by local cultivators.

The landscape of Cederberg makes it one of the most appealing regions for hiking. It is also popular amongst rock climbers due to numerous mountain climbing spots such as Wolfberg Arch, Maltese Cross, Sneeukop, Cracks, Krakadouw peak, Sneeuberg and Tafelberg.

Natural Attractions in the Vicinity

More than 5000 hectares of wilderness give you the chance to relax your mind fully. The sight of stunning varieties of Fynbos (the natural shrub-land in the strip of the Western Cape), cascading waterfalls and shimmering natural rock pools fill ones heart with delight. These pools, especially the more secluded ones, are popular biking destinations and prove to be the ideal resting spots for trekkers.

Beaverlac – the Beautiful Getaway

Beaverlac has been well known as a retreat for the nature enthusiasts and is highly recommended for the ones with a love for botany. Apart from the beautiful waterfalls, the place also has stunning rock structures and bird-life, including the black eagle.


Beaverlac by Jolene Bertoldi/ CC BY

The place also comprises of two rivers, i.e. the Ratel and the Olifants that flow in the course of the Beaverlac Nature Reserve.  The occasional hoots of the nocturnal birds or the silent rustling of the nocturnal animals, is just mesmerising. To ensure harmony with nature, no musical devices are allowed inside the reserve.

Top Places for Bird Watching in India

Bird watching is a popular pursuit among tourists in India. The country has a number of places where birding enthusiasts can observe a wide range of colourful bids.

Kaziranga National Park

Kaziranga National Park by Subharnab Majumdar/ CC BY

Kaziranga National Park, Assam

Kaziranga National Park in Assam is mostly known for its population of one-horned rhinoceros but Kaziranga is also a lovely location for bird watching. There are a number of local and migratory birds that can be seen at the park. Some of the birds found here are Pale-capped Pigeon, Bengal Florican, and Swamp Francolin.

Panna National Park

Panna National Park by Brian Gratwicke/ CC BY

Panna National Park, Madhya Pradesh

Panna National Park is located just 46 kilometres from Khajuraho in Madhya radesh. In Panna, you can see about 300 species of birds including nearly sixty five aquatic ones. Honey Buzzard White Necked Stork, King Vulture, Blossom Headed Parakeet, Slaty Headed Scimitar Babbler, Paradise Flycatcher and Bareheaded Goose are some of the many birds that you’ll find here.

Lava and Neora Valley, West Bengal

A walk along the Algarah Road in Lava is known as India’s best ‘birding-mile’. The beautiful hill station of Lava is located in the eastern part of the Himalayas in Darjeeling, West Bengal. It is a hotspot for biodiversity and the misty coniferous forests are home to some of the most fascinating birds. When in Lava and Neora, one can expect to find birds such as the Rusty-bellied Short-wing and the Satyr Tragon.

Bharatpur Sanctuary

Bharatpur Sanctuary by Priyambada Nath/ CC BY

Bharatpur Sanctuary, Rajasthan

Bharatpur Sanctuary is a World Heritage Site. It covers an enormous area and holds more than 350 species of birds. Around one in every three birds in Bharatpur is a migratory one, including famous Siberian Cranes and Pelicans. This wide-ranging variety of avian species has made Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary a favourite destination among nature buffs and wildlife photographers.

Holidays in Mexico in August 2015: Explore the Rich Culture of Mexico

If you are travelling to Mexico in the month of August, you can be a part of various celebrations in


numerous Mexican cities. We are listing some of the most popular festivals that will be held in August 2015. Check out the ones you may want to accommodate in your itineraries.

Chihuahua International Festival

This is perhaps the most popular cultural event in Chihuahua, the largest state in Mexico. From 01st to 24th August, 2015, Chihuahua City and Ciudad Juarez are going to host over 500 cultural events. Dancers, musicians and theatre artists from Mexico as well as other countries will captivate your senses with their powerful performances.

Bisbee’s East Cape Offshore Tournament

This fishing tournament is among the most popular ones that Mexico hosts. Hundreds of teams participate in the festival to win a cash prize of around $4 million dollars. This event transforms East Cape, Baja California into a party destination for five days. The 2015 edition of this tournament is scheduled from 05th to 09th August. Be a part of this ‘open to public’ festival to spend a day out at the beach, watch competitive fishing and feel the thrill when judges weigh the huge catches.

Monterrey International Film Festival

Rated as one of the top five film festivals in Mexico, Monterrey International Film Festival allures audiences and artists from across the globe. One of the main highlights of this festival is MECE, the Student Short Film Showcase, where students from various local universities get an international platform to showcase their works. Into its 10th year, this 6-day film festival will start on 25th August. Cineteca Nuevo León, Teatro de la Ciudad and Auditorio San Pedro are among the venues to watch film screenings, meet stars and interact with filmmakers.

San Luis Potosi National Fair

Scheduled from 08th to 31st August, this fair represents various facets of the rich culture of San Luis Potosi, a Mexican state which is bordered by nine other states. The festival offers an opportunity to explore the eclectic culture of this Mexican state at theatre performances, art exhibitions, and opera and dance shows.

Five Spectacular Skyscrapers in Hong Kong

Recently, Hong Kong’s skyline was ranked the best in the world by a renowned infrastructure data company, Emporis. The city is dotted with many towering buildings, which indeed make for a sight to behold. Here are five of the most prominent of Hong Kong’s skyscrapers.

Central Plaza

Completed in 1992, Central Plaza soars 347m high over the beautiful Victoria Harbour. It has a unique exterior shape and a triangular floor plan that gives most of the offices and restaurants, inside the building, gorgeous harbour views. On the top of the building is a bright neon pole that changes colour every 15 minutes after sunset. Visitors have free admission to its 46th floor gallery which offers spectacular views of the surrounding area.

International Commerce Centre

International Commerce Centre stands at 484m, making it the tallest building in Hong Kong and seventh tallest in the world. As the name suggests, the building is home to some of the biggest business brands in the city. Some notable tenants include Accenture, Morgan Stanley, and ABN-AMRO.

Bank of China Tower

Also called BOC Tower, it is located at 1 Garden Road, and is renowned for its unique exterior

Bank of China Tower

design resembling bamboo shoots. The building was designed by the award-wining Chinese American architect I.M.Pei and soars up to a height of 300m. It is the fourth tallest building in Hong Kong and a prominent part of the city’s skyline.

Two International Finance Centre

At 416.8 m, Two International Finance Centre (2IFC) is the second tallest tower in Hong Kong. The architecture is relatively simple; it is a square-shaped glassy skyscraper. The skyscraper is designed to accommodate business institutions. It is one of the few buildings in Hong Kong that feature double-deck elevators.

HSBC Building

Built in 2003, HSBC Building is acclaimed as one of the world’s most expensively constructed properties. The construction of the building incurred an expenditure of HK$5.2 billion. The glittering skyscraper was designed by the famous architect Lord Norman Faster and is located on the southern side of Statue Square. During weekends and holidays, the area is a popular gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

International Arts Carnival 2015 – Enjoy Hong Kong Summers with Your Family

July-August is a good time to be in Hong Kong as the city hosts the International Arts Carnival during the period. A variety of cultural activities and stage performances by renowned international

Hong Kong

groups are organised at the annual carnival. There is much to enjoy, experience and learn during this more-than-a-month long event, scheduled from 10th July to 16th August, 2015. Check out a few highlights of the International Arts Carnival.

Legend of the Silk Route

This acrobatic show is the first event of the International Arts carnival. The colourful show by Shaanxi Acrobatic Troupe comprises more than 20 acrobatic feats and energetic dance performances. Hong Kong Cultural Centre Grand Theatre will host this entertaining amalgamation of history and culture from 10th to 12th July. Entry is not permitted to kids under three.

National Youth Orchestra of the United States of America

Also known as NYO-USA, this event features a team of 110 young musicians from the USA, performing under the supervision of notable pianist YUNDI and conductor Charles. Visit the Hong Kong Culture Centre Concert Hall on 26th July to enjoy the symphonies of Beethoven and the compositions of Berlioz.

Too Many Penguins?

Considered an apt show for kids aged between one and four, it illustrates the funny story of a lone but happy polar bear which has to deal with too many penguins in his neighbourhood. Watch penguins of various sizes arriving on the stage by boat, car and balloon. This unique story of tolerance and friendship is narrated by Frozen Charlotte, a UK-based artist.  Kwai Tsing Theatre Black Box Theatre will host this show from 16th to 19th July.

Franz & Friends’ Voyage Undersea

This 3D musical show is perhaps the most diversified event at the International Arts Carnival. Its highlights range from animation to drama and puppetry. The show is created by  Image in Motion Theater of Taiwan. Tuen Mun Town Hall Auditorium is the venue for this show that’s scheduled on 25th and 26th July.