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Explore the Unravelled Facet of Dubai with Desert Safari


Dubai Desert Safari is one of the most exciting and thrilling outdoor activities that push the sale of air tickets aboard flights arriving in UAE’s second largest emirate. This exhilarating ride allows the visitors to enjoy the charming sand dune bashing in arid landscape that surrounds the entire city. The trip takes the riders deep into the desert and lets them experience one the most beautiful things!! The fantastic blend of tanned terrains, fascinating Bedouins and thin vegetation makes for an unmatched holidaying experience. Here’s a quick rundown over the top Desert Safari tours on offer in Dubai that assure a whale of a time to the holidaymakers grabbing flights tickets to the destination.

Morning Desert Safari

Listed amongst some of the top desert safari experiences holidaymakers must have while holidaying in Dubai, Morning Desert Safari is the most preferred choice amongst the visitors. As the name itself suggests, this safari tour is done in the morning hours thus giving the travellers enough time to enjoy the dashing and lively nightlife of Dubai. The car picks up the riders in the early morning hours and takes them straight to the desert. On reaching the place, visitors can enjoy a 20 minutes safari aboard 4 x 4 sophisticated SUV vehicles that pass through amazing sand dunes. After the safari, one can try hands in the 15 minutes Quad biking, camel ride and sand skiing which are sure to give them a jaw-breaking experience. In between the entire trip, soft drinks and water bottles are provided to the guests and later they are dropped at the preferred destinations.

Evening Desert Safari

An experience that must be shared with family and friends while holidaying in Dubai is the electrifying Evening Desert Safari that surely is worth every penny spent on air tickets to UAE. The tour kick starts in the afternoon across the golden deserts of Dubai giving several photo-stops to the holidaymakers during an exciting dune drive to Camel Farm; the very first destination. The drive further continues zigzagging across the red-hot desert giving the riders an out of the world holidaying experience. The next stop-over is at a perfect location that allows the guests to have a close glimpse at the beautiful sunset just before reaching the campsite area. Here one gets an incredible opportunity to relish a slow camel ride, partake in sand boarding or try out a distinct heena design on hand or feet. The visitors are later served a tantalizing Barbecue dinner. They can also enjoy viewing an awesome dance performance by well trained beautiful belly dancers.

Volcano Climbing is the Most Distinctive Activity to Enjoy in Auckland


Auckland is sure to leave you with jitters of adventurous fancies with skywalking, sea diving, kayaking and several other thrilling activities. But one activity that sets this Kiwi city apart from other destinations that are said to be the Mecca for adrenaline junkies is Volcano climbing. Every year numerous hikers and climbers buy tickets aboard Auckland bound flights to indulge in this activity. Auckland is home to some of the most popular volcanoes in the world. Here’s a list of a few that you can contemplate on climbing.


This is the youngest of all the volcanoes in Auckland and this fact makes it a must visit spot for thrill seekers boarding flights to enjoy volcano climbing in New Zealand. You just need to buy tickets for ferry to reach here from Auckland Downtown and admire one of the most iconic geological formations in the city. While climbing up you would come across lava caves, various species of native trees and orchids. There are vantage points that offer scintillating views of the surrounding lush greenery.

One Tree Hill

As the name suggests, this volcano features a pine tree at its top. This is the largest in Auckland and is a must visit site for culture vultures investing pounds on tickets to visit this Kiwi city especially to explore the dazzles of Maori culture. This hill boasts terraces around fortifications known as Maori Pa. Cornwall Park is located at its base and is a sought after picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. Once you reach at the top, you would not only find the pine tree but also the grave of the city’s founder, Sir John Logan Campbell.

Mount Eden

Strategically located in Maungawhau, this is Auckland’s highest volcano and has emerged as one of the most preferred attraction for adventure lovers netting tickets to board flights landing at Auckland International Airport. Be a part of guided tour and know about the Maori historical legends while admiring the surrounding natural enchantments such as occupation terraces and lush parkland.

Blue Metropolis Montreal International Literary Festival – Must Visit for Literature Lovers


For those who write, those who read and those who have a passion for both, Blue Metropolis Montreal International Festival is one of the top literary festivals in the world and a big push to spend on flights tickets to the Canadian city. It is a great confluence for all the writers and is world’s first multilingual literary festival that is celebrated annually in Montreal. Founded by Montreal writer Linda Leith in 1997, the idea of forming this non-profit organization was to bring together writers from all over the world of different cultures, languages and ideas.

The inspiration of this organization was “Write pour écrire”, literary event that was organized by Linda Leith, Ann Charney and Mary Soderstrom (members of the Writer’s Union of Canada). This event brought together writers of various languages and has been admired greatly. The urge grew and that is how Blue Metropolis Montreal International literary Festival came into existence. First ever event of this organization was from April 19 to 23 in 1999. And since then the popularity has grown in the writers’ fraternity and the rest of the world. When it was organized in 2010, people from around the world took part in it. Musicians, actors, journalists, publishers, literary translators, illustrators and of course, writers joined this event and made it a great success.

The organization also focuses on kid; the Blue Metropolis Children’s Festival has been added in 2008 and been a great hit among children ever since, encouraging them to push their parents to board flights to the city. It brings the children authors in contact with kids all around the Montréal town. Blue Met has been expanding its wings and has been featuring events in Shanghai and New York.

Great authors like Colm Tóibín, Joyce Carol Oates, Amitav Ghosh, Dany Laferrière, A. S. Byatt and many others have been awarded here for their work in literature here. If you are lucky, you might meet your favourite author at this event as this confluence of great minds in the world of literature brings a lot of celebrity authors. When the crowd gathers here, the view is one of a kind. Whether you have a taste for a particular genre or are a lover of all kinds of literature works, Blue Metropolis Montreal International literary Festival should be in your ‘must visit’ list after you have invested on flight tickets to the city.

Best Family Holiday Destinations in New Zealand that are Worth Visiting

Whether it is their iconic Kiwis or the breathtaking natural beauty, New Zealand has always been one of the most sought after holiday destinations in the world. When it comes to family holidays, New Zealand offers a really big list of things to do and see. There is absolutely no shortage of family fun here. Here are just three of the top family friendly destinations that are not only pleasant to visit, but live up to every penny families invest on tickets to New Zealand.


queenstownTickets to New Zealand remain highly revered commodity. Thanks to the very enthusiasm and extraordinarily thrilling adventure of Queenstown that can make even the most jaded soul turn into a cheering spirit. Beautiful lake and alpine areas bless this place with some of the most spectacular views. Swimming, rides, rafting and countless other things make Queenstown a fitting place for family holidays. Every site, every activity and every experience in Queenstown leave families gloating over their decision of booking those flight tickets to New Zealand. Take the famous bungy jumping and experience the thrilling rush of adrenaline as you watch the breathtaking views of the town from above.  Join the countless water sport activities or simply take your kids to Vortex Cinema – the list is endless.


christnchurchRenowned for its botanical gardens, Christchurch is a perfect place to spend time with your family. Picturesque picnic spots, adventure filled places, family friendly hotels and many other charms make this place a must visit for those who have a family with diverse interests. Whether you are an adventure lover who wants to feel the rush or a nature lover who simply wants to enjoy the jaw dropping views of nature, Christchurch will not disappoint. Take a tour to Lake Pukaki where nature is at its best. The fascinating tranquillity of this place is intoxicating. Visiting the famous botanic gardens with a family is a must do as it is the most sought after charm of this city and you really don’t want to miss it.


aucklandIf you have kids, you should really buy tickets to Auckland. The place is simply a heaven for children as it offers a myriad of fun activities. Water world, zoo, observatory and lot more, sometimes it is just so confusing what to choose. Visit the famous Kelly Tarlton’s Antarctic Encounter and Underwater World where the penguins are the prime attractions, take a tour to the Auckland Sky Tower where you can enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view of the surrounding and if your kids are big enough, they can take a sky walk here. Auckland has lots of family friendly hotels available so getting accommodation is always a pleasant experience here.

Experience the Slice of China in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


Multifaceted culture of Kuala Lumpur is often overshadowed by its glittering cosmopolitan charm. But, many travellers who are booking flights to experience every flavour of the Malaysian capital don’t limit their travel itineraries to swanky shopping malls and bubbly nightlife, rather they prefer to start their excursion from its ethnic enclave – Chinatown. Located in Chee Cheong Kai, this traditional Chinese locality of Kuala Lumpur is deeply drenched in Oriental culture. Boasting instances of Chinese history and heritage, colourful shopping and eating spree as well as myriad of tourist attractions, this area remains one of the most popular ethnic enclaves across the globe. Let’s discover what all experiences are stored here for those reserving tickets on flights to Kuala Lumpur.

Many holidaymakers landing on flights at the international airport of Kuala Lumpur and wishing to explore traditional Chinese flavours in Malaysia are often seen to head to this neighbourhood. Many are seen strolling around this lively district discovering the striking sight and sound of Chinatown. Known as the budget shoppers’ paradise, this enthralling destination gives an opportunity to sharpen the haggling skills of keen buyers. And if you are a dedicated shopper, Central Market is probably the place for you! Starting from Malaysian batik prints to eye-catching handicrafts and herbs, everything is available here at dirt-cheap prices.

kuala-lumpurAre you a foodie and reserving tickets to Kuala Lumpur with a desire to taste the scrumptious oriental cuisines? If so, a visit to the Chinatown is highly recommended! Crammed packed with restaurants and hawker stalls offering all sort of delicacies, ranging from steamed dumplings to smoked meat and variety of seafood; the aroma of this street is sure to bring smile on one’s face. Taste the sweet-sour-spicy food at Assam Laksa Stall, savour hokkien mee at Restoran Kim Lian Kee and enjoy dinner at Seng Kee Restaurant with a platter of claypot lou shu fan and siew yuk noodles.

Apart from shopping and eating out, this enclave offers many interesting sights. While walking along the street, catch a glimpse of colourful character and lively scenes. Spiritual souls and art lovers can visit Kuan Ti Temple and Annexe Gallery. Don’t forget to go for a fish spa before ending the tour to this buzzing district.

Best Whale Watching Destinations in the World


Whale watching is turning into a fascinating and thought-provoking adventure activity such that a good portion of holidaymakers’ net flights tickets to different destination in the world. This unique activity allows you to have a close encounter with one of the most majestic and graceful giants in the world in their natural habitat. Here’s a quick rundown on some of the most celebrated whale watching destinations in the world that triggers the sale of air tickets on worldwide flights.

Kaikoura, New Zealand

Situated on the eastern coast of New Zealand’s South Island, Kaikoura is a small seaside town that remains bustling with international travellers throughout the year. The destination is internationally acclaimed whale watching destination and ranked as one of the world’s most prominent places to sight sperm whales. Holidaymakers making their way to the region can choose a typical whale watching tour which allows them to see New Zealand’s wildest aquatic creatures including Dusky dolphins, Fur Seals and the endangered Wandering Albatross. Flights have also been introduced which offer an aerial view to a larger region, making it easier for the visitors to encounter sperm whale.

Hermanus, South Africa

Hermanus is one such destination in the world where the visitors do not need to stretch their legs much and bend into the sea to have a perfect view of the giant whales. Situated in Walker Bay, at the southern coast of Western Cape, the region offers one of the best shore-based whale-watching opportunities in the world. This is also a vital reason for pushing up the sale of air tickets on flights arriving in South Africa. Active in the month of July, the southern right whales that love the warm, shallow waters surround all the sides of this seaside destination, making it a hub of giant mammals. The best attraction in Hermanus is a 6-mile-long Cliffside path along the coastline that remains a perfect perch for feasting eyes on hundreds of whales frolicking in the open waters.

Paradise for Bikers – Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, South Dakota

Sturgis Motorcycle Rally of South Dakota; if you know about this rally and are a hard-core biker, you must be tearing pages off the calendar. If you do not, let us enlighten you a bit.
Sturgis Motorcycle Rally is one of the biggest and the best motorcycle rallies in the world. Every year, the city of South Dakota witnesses an amazing crowd of biking enthusiasts that turn this place a ground of celebration.

More than 700,000 riders join together to share the adventure, the experience is one of a kind. When the flocks of motorcycle enthusiast move together on their ‘beasts’, it is easy to know why the rally of Sturgis is a paradise for bikers. If you wish to be a part of the biggest motorcycle rally in United States, you are certainly going on a trip that will make you so addicted to this place that you will book the next year’s ticket, right after your trip ends! Ride your beast on the legendary roads like Needles Highway, Iron Mountain Road, the Wildlife Loop, Vanocker Canyon Road and Spearfish Canyon – there is nothing quite like it. Take a tour to some of the most sought after destinations such as Mount Rushmore National Memorial, Custer State Park, Crazy Horse Memorial, Bear Butte State Park, the Badlands and Devil’s Tower National Monument. The infamous town of Deadwood and mining town of Lead await as you take the huge, wide turns at Highway 14A, explore the towns like Hill City, Silver City and Custer when you are going rough on the curves of the incredible Highway 385, there is absolutely no shortage of adventure in the Black Hills National Forest.


Scheduled dates are August 4-10, 2014. The motorcycle rally will start on August 4 and the journey will be of a whole week.

Few Things

Plan it early
Decide where you are going to stay before you book tickets
GPS is really good but Paper Maps are just so cool
Show off your wardrobe collections
A law-abiding biker is always welcomed

Kerala and Kashmir – Top Destinations for Houseboat Holidays in India


Imagine a boat that is intricately designed with beautiful architecture, in the middle of water and has all the amenities of a modern luxury hotel. Now imagine you are holidaying in one of those! Fascinating, right? India has two of the prime destinations that can offer you an unforgettable house boating experience. Here is a quick rundown to those two destinations.


Tranquil backwaters, pristine beaches, rich culture, exotic cuisine and countless other things make Kerala a must visit. When it comes to house boating, this place is a heaven. People of Kerala are very passionate about their boats, they call it kettuvallams. A kettuvallam is made purely of wood and not even a nail is used while making it, the boats are a piece of traditional art. These kettuvallams are then further decorated with all the luxurious amenities and various items like bamboo mats, wood of coconut trees and coir for beds – everything inspired from nature. Millions of people grab hold of tickets on flights arriving in Kerala to stay in one of these floating beauties. Savouring your favourite tipple lounging aboard these house boats, some of which are two-storey high, and feasting your eyes on the jaw dropping sights and rich flora around while cruising leisurely through the meandering backwaters is an amazing experience possible only in Kerala.


The unparalleled natural beauty of this place alone makes it a must visit for those who wish to explore the very best of Mother Nature’s resplendence. Houseboats are one of the prime attractions here and those who wish to take a break from the conventional ‘staying in a hotel’ experience, houseboats in Kashmir are perfect. The best part is that whether you are budget holiday maker or an extravagant high rolling traveller, there is a boat for everyone. Take a pick from more than a thousand of those beauties that are designed to give you an escape from the usual world, the experience is simply indelible. Watch some of the most heavenly views of nature, relish the scrumptious cuisine or simply relax in the luxurious comfort of your houseboat, there is nothing more relaxing.

MBK Shopping Mall: Go for Rewarding Shopping in Bangkok


Bangkok and shopping are almost synonyms of each other! Almost every traveller buying tickets to sojourn the ‘City of Angeles’ is blown away by its varied, yet intriguing retail therapy. No wonder, Bangkok is known as a shopaholic’s paradise! A great part of the credit goes to MBK Shopping Mall, one of the most capacious malls in entire Thailand! With eight floors jam-packed with an array of shops and outlets selling everything from clothing to fashion accessories and electronic items to furniture, MBK Shopping Centre has long been a big hit with shopping freaks, locals and tourists alike. Other than that, a beehive of recreational activities keeps visitors engaged and entertained when they are not partaking into shopping adventures. Here is a quick guide on this legendary avenue for rewarding shopping in Bangkok:

On Offer

Almost everything that your heart may desire for! To begin with, countless of fashion outlets cover a broad selection of jeans, handbags, shoes and other trendy apparel! Depending on your pocket, you can shop at bargain stores or designer and flagship outlets of international brands. Take a closer look at the quality and craft, if your idea of shopping here is to put you bargaining skills to the test. Those looking to buy electronic goods and mobile phones find MBK a real heaven! Mall’s fourth floor is entirely dedicated to gadgets that are available at hefty discounts. Besides, a supermarket at ground floor and a small craft market leave shopaholics gloating over their decision of netting tickets onboard flights landing in Bangkok. Like other modern malls in the city, MBK features a large food court where you can sample a variety of Thai and international cuisines. An entertainment complex, a computer game arcade and remarkable karaoke facilities make experience more enriching and well worth the cost of flights for the destination.

How to Get There?

MBK is located at the western corner of Pathumwan intersection, diagonally opposite Siam Discovery Centre. It can be accessed easily from virtually all parts in the city. If you take taxi, ask driver to drive to ‘MBK’. BTS Siam Station is also within walking distance. For those on limited budget, catching normal or air-conditioned buses to the mall is a good option.

Blast from the Past – Discover the Historic Town of Gastown, Canada!


If you have an interest in colonial history of Canada, Gastown can be considered as your next holiday destination! Today’s Gastown is a mix and match of glorious past and progressive present, and this old town of Vancouver promises a memorable holiday to travellers, especially historians landing on flights here. Named after the famous seaman ‘Gassy’ Jack Deighton, this is one of the most popular historic towns in North America, established in 1867. Featuring a plethora of heritage sites, this national historic site in British Colombia draws a fare share of Britons to board flights to Canada for visiting Gastown, every year. Let’s take a look at some of the lures of this historically rich city.

Holidaymakers, who have a desire to explore the grand architectural styles of Gastown and looking for deals on flights arriving here, get an excellent opportunity to witness the marvellous structures depicting historic events. A tour to the Waterfront Station can be a good start for your sightseeing expedition to explore the city’s colonial past. Established by the Canadian Pacific Railway authorities as the Pacific Terminus for transcontinental passenger trains from various American destinations, this station is one of the major intermodal public transportation modes in Vancouver. Besides, Woodward’s, Jimi Hendrix Shrine and Sam Kee Building are some of the attention grabbers which appeal to many historians arriving at Gastown aboard flights.

After exploring the astounding architectures of the metropolis, it’s time to witness some of the iconic landmarks and monuments! Most holidaymakers reserving seats on flights bound for this heritage township consider their vacation incomplete without visiting the Steam Clock. Take a stroll along the Water Street and you’ll see the famous monument. Discover the mechanism of a clock powered by the heat of umpteen underground pipes. This is a compelling photo-stop as well. Once you’re satisfied with poses in front of this structure, roam around the markets, art galleries and museums scattered around the area.

Vancouver Police Museum is another destination where time just flies and one doesn’t even realize! Visitors having a fondness for the city’s former defence system and forensics are often found on a quest for tickets to this museum. Displaying the seized weapons, bullet-damaged brain slices and photos covering a tough era, this repository will surly give flights to one’s fancies!