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Popular Bird Watching spots in Vancouver, Canada

Thanks to its temperate rainforest, alpine landscape, giant mountains, waterways and most importantly, the coastal location, Vancouver is a city rich in birdlife.


From eagles to owls to jays to sandpipers to Spruce grouse to more endangered species of birds, this stunning coastal paradise is an ideal place to spot beautiful winged creatures. For bird watching is an interesting activity here, take a look at the list of popular places to spot colourful birds in their natural habitat.

Stanley Park Herons

Designated an ‘Important Bird Area’, Stanley Park’s Herons is home to the urban great blue heron (Ardea Herodias Fannini). With a dense population of other bird species as well, including the nestling pair of bald eagles, the park remains a major tourist attraction in the city. Usually the spring months are considered the best time to spot these winged creatures.

George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary

Established in 1963, George C. Reifel Migratory Bird Sanctuary is one of the top attractions in the city. The sanctuary is home to a large population of native and migratory birds including sandhill, cranes, bald eagles, lesser snow geese, greater and lesser yellowlegs, long-billed dowitchers, and the western sandpipers. The months from December to April are usually considered the best period to spot these birds in their natural habitat before they fly back to the north of Siberia.

Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park

With a population of over 3700 bald eagles including the giant Haliaeetus leucocephalus, Brackendale Eagles Provincial Park is a terrific place to spot wild eagles. For those of you who are serious about eagle watching, the annual Winter Eagle Festival and Count, held in January, and the Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, usually held in November, are must attend. Apart from eagle watching, fishing and game viewing can also be enjoyed in the park.

Boundary Bay

Home to rare species of birds and other interesting creatures, Boundary Bay is a popular attraction in Vancouver. The bay is known for being home to a diverse selection of waterfowl including anseriformes, duck, geese and swans. Eagles, hawks, owls and other migratory birds can also be spotted in this area. Apart from bird spotting, visitors can enjoy exciting water sports and activities such as hiking, trekking and camping in and around the bay.

Attention beer lovers! Here are top breweries in Vancouver


Often referred to as heaven for beer lovers, Vancouver, a busy seaport in British Columbia, Canada, is one of the best destinations to enjoy freshly crafted beers from ancient craft breweries. Here is a list of the top beer breweries for you to keep in mind for whenever you are in the city next!

Strange Fellows Brewing

Don’t go by the name, there’s nothing strange about this old world inspired brewery in Vancouver. Located in Clark Drive, Strange Fellow is known for crafting beer using traditional methods and modern creativity. Keeping in mind the diverse taste and preferences, around 20 beers are prepared here using a range of seasonal ingredients and authentic flavours. The in-house tasting room is an ideal place to enjoy the beer as the exchange of ideas and thoughts take place. To keep the fun spirit alive, events are organised here regularly.  If you like any of the beers, fill up your growlers or take a packaged bottled home.

33 Acres Brewing Company

Located on Main Street, 33 Acres brewing is a well-known brewery in Vancouver. It is an ideal place for hanging out with friends and family. Crafted out of natural ingredients and organic elements, beers at 33 Acres are among the best in town. Nine different flavours of hand-crafted beers are available at the brewery. The perfectly balanced beers are served with in-house delicacies. Beer tasting events and food trucks are a regular phenomenon here.

Red Collar Brewing

A famous family run brewery, Red Collar is among the oldest breweries in Vancouver. Located in Downtown Kamloops, the famous beer-lovers’ hub offers an exclusive range of over 25 beers produced and manufactured using authentic ingredients from the country and beyond. Interestingly, some of the raw materials are procured from far off European countries. An 80-seat tasting room is available within the complex. Beer festivals, activities and events are scheduled here regularly.

Off the Rail Brewing

Off the Rail Brewing is one of the recent additions to the list of breweries in the city. Located on Adanac Street, the popular brewery is known for featuring over 15 beers crafted and manufactured using organic ingredients and fresh flavours. There’s a bright and cozy tasting room for you to enjoy fresh beer anytime. You also have the option of filling up your growlers with beer or take home the best one as per your choice and taste. Beer festivals and other interesting fun events are held regularly at Off the Rail.

Brassneck Brewery

Brassneck is loved by the locals who come here for get-togethers and outings. The in house Growler Shop and the tasting room offer a wide range of ‘’dangerously drinkable’’ fresh new beers daily. A total of 14 different flavours are available at Brassneck. It sure is a great place to enjoy a glass of wonderful beer and soak in the atmosphere of the place.

Top Winter Events in Vancouver

Simply because the mercury has dipped and the mountains are covered with snow, doesn’t mean that Vancouver has become quiet and laid back.


Winters in Vancouver, Canada’s brightest city, are special and packed with a series of festivities, snow activities, events, adventure sports, and lots more. So, warm up the winter season in Vancouver. Here’s how!

Winter Dine Out

Launched in 2002, Tourism Vancouver’s Dine Out has become one of the most popular winter dining events in Vancouver. In a city known for culinary delights, Winter Dine Out offers a wide range of discounted menus from 20th January to 5th February. The 17 day scheduled event provides diners and food enthusiasts the option to pick from hundreds of restaurants along with other guided dining adventures such as brunch crawls, cocktail master classes, wine debates, wine and beer tasting, street food markets, and much more. Surely, the event is not to be missed.

Skating in Robson Square

Nothing is more precious than freedom. Give yourself a treat this New Year with free ice skating at Robson Square. Located in the heart of downtown, Robson Square Ice Rink offers free ice skating from 1st January to 28th February. To qualify for the free session, all you need is to carry your own pair of skates. The rink also has a concession stand offering snacks and warm drinks to keep you active.

Snow Activities on Grouse Mountain

Winters in Grouse Mountain are packed with activities and events. Located 20 minutes north of downtown Vancouver, this mountain is no less than a mini epicentre for all snowy winter activities. The popular site hosts numerous year round activities such as skiing, ice skating, and hiking to name a few. Other winter activities here include snowshoe trials, illuminated Light Walk, and sleigh rides.

Winter Festivities

Be prepared to get surprised with never ending events and festivals lined up for this winter season in Vancouver. Celebrate New Year the royal way at top destinations in the city. Furthermore, enjoy the cultural extravaganza at the annual Chinese New Year parade. Over the years, the parade has become one of the most visited events in Vancouver. Enjoy extended New Year celebrations for your next holiday in this beautiful city.

Special Events

A plethora of festivities, activities, and events begin in January and last till the end of the season. Popular annual events in the city include Canyon Lights at Capilano Suspension Bridge and Annual Polar Bear Swim. One of Vancouver’s signature festivals; PuSh International Performing Arts Festival is held every year in the month of January. The 20-day festivities include live music, theatre performances, dance, and other hybrid performances.

The Powell Street Festival of Vancouver is Just Days Away!

The Powell Street Festival of Vancouver is a yearly celebration of Japanese art, culture and tradition. It is a way of recognizing as well as appreciating the contributions of the Japanese Canadian society in the path of nation building. The genesis of the festival dates back to 1977 and since then it has continued to remain the longest arts festival in Lower Mainland.


All about the Festival

The Powell Street Festival, also known as PSF, is an important event in the annual calendar of Vancouver. It is marked by three days of both indoor and outdoor activities and performances attended by huge crowds. Music, dance, martial arts show, sumo tournament, authentic Japanese cuisines, and exhibitions are some of the major highlights of the event. Creations by budding Japanese Canadian artists showcasing their talent and passion are other top draws of the event. Over the years, this festival has served well in promoting the rich heritage and culture of the Japanese besides providing a popular insight into the community’s way of life.

The 2016 Edition

The year, 2016 will witness the 40th edition of the festival from 30th July – 31st July in the Powell Street Area. Oppenheimer Park, Firehall Arts Centre, Vancouver Japanese Language School and Japanese Hall and Vancouver Buddhist Temple are the major venues across which various performances and events will be held. This year, the festival promises to be even better with live performances, craft shows, lip smacking Japanese dishes and much more. There will also be an interactive corner in Oppenheimer Park, and street party in Alexander Street. The festival will include performances from the likes of Australian koto virtuoso Miyama McQueen-Tokita and Tutchone-Japanese Tlinget-Scottish folk singer Diyet.

The interactive corner at Oppenheimer Park will allow you to experience Asahi Pitch Game, go on a Buddhist sanctuary tour and take a virtual walk down the historical legacy of the area. The Vancouver Japanese Language School will hold the centre stage during these days with activities, exhibitions, DJs, and enthralling live performances!

How to reach?

There are a host of options to reach Oppenheimer Park. Take a bus, ride a bike or simply walk to the festival arena. The venue is disabled friendly and can be accessed by wheelchairs. The bike valet ensures that you can enjoy the festivities without worrying about your bike.

Gear up for the Festivities of Canada Day

Canada will celebrate its 149th birthday on 1st July. Popularly known as Canada Day, the event is marked with lots of fun, complete with music, family events, fireworks and live performances throughout the entire country.


The day, formerly celebrated as Dominion Day, acquired a more popular character, when it was rechristened as Canada Day later on. It is celebrated as a national holiday across the country.

How is it celebrated?

A host of activities and events are organized by the local governments, which include parades, carnivals, music shows and activities for all age groups. A sense of patriotism engulfs the mood of people and the national flag is on display at all places. Ottawa, being the capital city, celebrates the day in a somewhat more popular and grand manner. Most business establishments and government offices are closed and traffic is minimal. This year is expected to lure around a quarter of a million revellers in Toronto alone to mark the festivities.

If you plan to visit Canada, during this time of the year, then Ottawa is the place to be. Important places like the Parliament Hill and Jacques Carter Park organise huge parties that are flocked by hundreds of people. Cultural activities, entertainment shows and performances are a special feature of the celebrations. The evenings are marked with stellar performances by top artists of the country followed by a thunderous display of fireworks.

Celebrations at Canada Place

Canada Place is one of the most renowned landmarks in the city of Vancouver. The celebrations here are a tribute to the values, heritage and legacy that the country stands for. Watch out for the parade and colourful fireworks later in the evening at the waterfront area of Vancouver. Festivities will include Expo 86, pogo stick demonstrations, food carts, street hockey and a lot more.

Canada Day in Toronto

Like all previous years, this day will be celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto with live music, performances by dance troupes and brilliant display of fireworks. Also enjoy special water cruises at the harbour or visit Queen’s Park to indulge in a fun filled affair with activities and games.

Most Popular Cultural Festivals in Vancouver, Canada!

Vancouver is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Admired for its spectacular sights, attractions, and outstanding entertainment, the city is highly popular among travellers.


Moreover, Vancouver celebrates a number of exciting events and festivals. Here we have narrowed down a few top cultural events.

Eastside Culture Crawl

Eastside Culture Crawl’ is organized to educate people and boost their interest in visual arts through exhibitions, presentations and displays. More than 250 new comers and professional artists display their works. One can view and even purchase the fabulous art work pieces exclusively designed by potters, photographers and furniture makers.

The Folk Musical Festival

Vancouver celebrates ‘The Folk Musical Festival’ in July at Jericho Beach, where local as well as global artists perform together on one stage. This three day festival attracts a large crowd, especially the tourists staying in the city. There is another highlight, which may well change your approach towards folk music and cultural fest. It is ‘The Little Folks Village’, which is set up inside the venue where you can enjoy craft-making, singing, face-painting and story-telling sessions.

The Vancouver Writers Fest

The Vancouver Writers Fest brings people together to share their thoughts, and participate in intellectual conversations. Since 29 years, the Writers Fest has inspired thousands of lives by creating a medium for authors to connect with readers and by contributing an excellent swap over of ideas. We recommend, one should not miss this festival of stories narrated by authors, poets, and novelists.

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

The PuSh International Performing Arts Festival presents innovative work in the field of live performing arts. Every January, for three weeks, the festival is organized together with acclaimed global and local artists who inspire viewers as well as new artists and create productive relationships between artists and the general public around the globe.

Artswells Festival

The four day Artswells Festival has always been a favourite event amongst locals and tourists alike. From across the country, artists travel to this little mountain town of Vancouver to participate in this inspiring association. One can see more than 100 musical performances on 12 stages, including folk, hip-hop, pop, and last but not the least, jazz.

Top Events and Festivals in Vancouver during May, 2015


Travellers visiting Vancouver during the month of May have lots of fun things to look forward to besides just sightseeing. During this month, the city hosts numerous events and festivals offering a sneak peek into its diversified culture and character. No matter, whether you are an ardent foodie or are simply looking for an amazing time with your family, Vancouver has an event or two to make your May holiday a memorable affair.

Vancouver Marathon

Vancouver Marathon has been named in several coveted lists including CNN’s ‘World’s Most Exotic Marathons’, and Travel and Forbes’ ‘Top 10 Destination Marathons’. On 03rd May, 2015, the race will start from Midlothian Avenue in Queen Elizabeth Park. Be a part of this popular annual marathon. Its route includes parks, beaches and the spectacular seawall of Vancouver.

European Festival

At this annual festival, participants from around 30 European nations showcase the continent’s interesting heritage. Visit Swanguard Stadium on 30th and 31st May to enjoy colourful cultural performances. You will also get the chance to relish lip-smacking cuisines from participating countries such as the United Kingdom, France, Turkey and Russia. Sample these scrummy dishes with a range of beers and wines for an authentic European dining experience.

Vancouver International Children’s Festival

At this festival, kids of all ages can participate in numerous activities and workshops such as pottery, music, theatre, face painting and storytelling. Besides learning several new things, children also get to meet kids of different nationalities and cultures. The week-long event is scheduled from 25th to 31st May at Granville Island, a popular shopping area in the city.

The City of Bhangra Festival

Bhangra is a dance form that originated in Punjab, India. From 28th May to 06th June, the City of Bhangra Festival will rock Vancouver. For 10 days, several parks and clubs in the city are going to host performances of popular Bhangra groups. At these venues, you will also get the chance to learn this dance form.

Gaiety Galore at the 38th Annual Powell Street Festival, Vancouver

Come August 2014, and the city of Vancouver, British Columbia will light up with the radiance of sheer joy and merrymaking as the 38th Annual Powell Street Festival is about to commence on 1st of August and will continue till the 3rd of August, 2014.

A Time for Endless Fun and Frolic

The Powell Street Festival, conceived by the Powell Street Festival Society (PSFS), commemorates the friendly relations between two nations, Canada and Japan. Tourists who have booked tickets for their Canadian holiday during this time can be a part of the largest Japanese-Canadian Festival in the country.

The Powell Street Festival gives enough reasons to the creative souls to book flights to Vancouver to participate in the celebrations. It is an amazing place to witness some of the finest exhibits of

Japanese art, music and food.

The primary reason why most musicians and artists book tickets to Canada to attend the event is that the Powell Street Festival not only facilitates the ongoing trends but also encourages new found talent to shine amidst an enthralled crowd.

Attractions and Highlights of the Festival

The 38th Annual Powell Street Festival will have a plethora of performances and activities to delight locals and tourists alike. Tourists who have booked flights for Vancouver for this time will get an exclusive opportunity to indulge in some of the finest dance, music and art shows.

Many acclaimed performers like Erika Mitsuhashi, Takuro Otani and Double Ropes Caravan will be a part of the event. The ‘Displays and Visual Arts’ section includes reputed names like Emi Honda and Jordan McKenzie, BC Bonsai Society and Vancouver Ikebana Association.

For those who appreciate theatre and performing arts, events hosted by names like The Re-enactors, Assaulted Fish and Za Daikon will be nothing short of a treat.

Music maniacs can sway at the melodious renditions and groove at the pulsating beats of Cosmic Wink, LOUD, Kytami, Carol Oya and Spring.

Culinary Delights for the Gourmands

The festival is also a great place to savour Canadian and Japanese delicacies. Various stalls will be put up by names like Chicco Café, Damien’s Belgian Waffles and JAPADOG amongst many others.

One day in Vancouver-How to Enjoy!


What to see and what to overlook, are few of many issues that often baffle time-pressed travellers who travel to Vancouver just for a day. It is always sensible to focus on key attractions that highlight the essence of the city and offer maximum bangs for the bucks invested on flights and overall trip. Take a look at major draws that one can ill afford to miss in Vancouver.

Stanley Park

For travellers booking flights to enjoy holidays in Vancouver, Stanley Park is a must visit attraction. Numerous transit travellers who have considerable amount of time between their connecting flights prefer to spend time amidst lush greenery of Stanley Park instead of killing their time at Vancouver International Airport. Besides soothing surroundings, this park is also popular for its major landmarks such as the Lost Lagoon, Nine O’Clock Gun and Siwash Rock.

Vancouver Aquarium

This spectacular attraction is a part of Stanley Park but needs a special mention for its diverse collection of marine mammals. This is the largest aquarium in Canada and integral attractions for families reserving seats on Vancouver bound flights. Exhibits and live shows not only display marine creatures such as sea otters, dolphins, eels and three-toed sloths but also create awareness among visitors.

Robson Street

After experiencing an exquisite time with dolphins and fishes, holidaymakers can head to Robson Street, a notable shopping precinct located in Downtown Vancouver. Shopaholics boarding flights landing at this city love to take a stroll through this street which is dotted with renowned fashion stores as well as shops with cheap options. Most notable fashion brands here that give flights to the fancies of fashionistas are Gucci, Aldo, Armani Exchange and Zara. Apart from shoppers, Robson Street also entices scores of epicureans with its wide selection of restaurants and cafés such as CinCin Ristorante, Thai House, A Taste of India and Tsunami Sushi. Foodies may also bid adieu to their day in Vancouver by gorging on delicious Indian cuisine at Punjabi Market or lip-smacking oriental fare served at Chinatown’s restaurants.

A Taste of India for Those On Flights to Vancouver

Vancouver, a coastal city on the mainland of British Columbia, Canada, is a fantastic holiday destination that is perhaps among the most ethnically diverse cities in the world. Among the several ethnicities represented in the city, Indians make a large proportion of it. Holiday makers who wish to sample the “Indian-ness” on their trip to the city can plan a eating out experience to the city’s various Indian speciality eateries.


Vij’s Indian Restaurant

This is perhaps the most renowned Indian restaurant in Vancouver and is surely the place to head to if it is the dishes from India that are sought keenly! The USP of the place lies in the fact that it serves a variety of Indian fare and is not limited to, say Northern Indian delicacies. Tourists who board flights to the city and are hoping for a fulfilling eating-out experience can certainly pay a visit to this eatery that uses meat, seafood and locally available produce.

Palki Restaurant

Palki is another splendid restaurant that doles a wide range of Indian dishes that are traditional yet prepared in a unique manner to sate the adventurous. It is not just the Indian food that’s available to patrons. The fare available is inspired from the entire Indian subcontinent and guests can also enjoy delicacies from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. For all those ‘Indiaholics’ who are investing on flights to Vancouver, a stint at Palki is a sure-fire way to experience the ancient country like no other way. Even the décor reminds people of the Asian nation.

Maurya Indian Cuisine

Another new option for foodies who are buying tickets on flights to visit Vancouver is the Maurya Indian Cuisine. The restaurant serves exotic, delicious dishes with a special focus on the health and hygiene. The eatery uses minimal oils and creams and the food served is much lighter than the traditional Indian fare. However, there is no compromise on the taste aspect of it. The food is served in the most elaborate manner and all those who eat here are likely to feel like rajas and maharajas of India!! Food lovers who are already onboard flights to the city can surely enhance their eating-out experience in Vancouver with Maurya Indian Cuisine.