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Learn About Some Interesting Places to Discover in Tunisia

Bordering the Mediterranean Sea and Sahara Desert, Tunisia is a welcoming North African country drawing attention with its phenomenal geographic beauty. From the pristine beaches to the vast Sahara dunes to the momentous landmarks, the country has it all to impress holiday-makers from all corners of the world.

Beaches in Tunisia

Here are some amazing attractions you can visit and explore in Tunisia:


One of the world’s best ecological destinations, Djerba is a picture-perfect beach escape in the Mediterranean Sea lying off the coast of Tunisia. This beautiful island is renowned for its cultural richness and a unique architectural theme, and appeals to a large number of people, majorly French, Italian and German tourists. You can visit here with your family and friends and spend a beautiful time discovering Mediterranean beaches and whitewashed desert towns. Besides beaches, you cannot miss to explore Houmt Souk, the major highlight of Djerba.

Bardo National Museum

Located in the suburbs of Le Bardo, Bardo Museum is one of the most renowned museums in the Mediterranean region. It is a jewel of Tunisian heritage settled in an old Beylic palace dating back to the 19th century. You will find here one of the most significant mosaic collections of the world and will also get a chance to discover a fine collection of Punic jewels and a gallery of Christian baptisteries and Roman sarcophaguses. A Roman ship’s cargo wrecked off the coast of Cape Africa is the major highlight of the museum.

Sidi Bou Said

A beautiful town 20kms away from the capital, Tunis, Sidi Bou Said is visited by a large number of nature lovers all throughout the year. Known for its unique white and blue architecture, this cliff top village of petite dimensions draws the attention with its picturesque beauty. Here you can enjoy an absolutely phenomenal view of the Mediterranean Sea and can delight in the beauty of the artistic buildings and streets. Besides, there are a number of captivating cafes, art shops, and souvenir shops to explore within the town.

Medina of Tunis

One of the first Arabo-Muslim towns of the Maghreb, Medina of Tunis is a famed traditional site lying in a fertile plain region of north-eastern Tunisia. The town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979 and is visited by history enthusiasts from different parts of the world. There are around 700 monuments to discover including palaces, mosques, mausoleums, madrasas and fountains dating from the Hafsid and the Almohad periods. You can visit here with your family and friends and can spend some ideal time learning about this north-African city.


Once the major rival of Rome, Carthage is an ancient city founded by the Phoenician Queen Elissa in 814 BCE. Located on the north coast of Africa, it was the base of a powerful trading empire spread across the entire south Mediterranean. While it is an ideal place to delight in history at some top attractions including Carthage Museum and a number of Roman Sites, there are several villas surrounded by gardens packed with purple bougainvillea and red hibiscus blossoms that ensure a beautiful time for nature enthusiasts.

Best 5 Beautiful Beaches in Kerala, India

Kerala, a beautiful coastal state in India so blessed by nature that it is recognised as God’s own country. Mainly popular for its pristine backwaters and serene hill stations, Kerala may not be the top of the line beach destination, but the beaches here certainly contribute to its allure. There are plenty of beaches along the 380 km long coastline of Kerala that are bound to amaze you, but here are the best beaches that you must consider visiting.

Kovalam Beach

This beach is the most popular beach in Kerala. The Kovalam coastline comprises of three beaches, the iconic Lighthouse beach, the Hawah beach, and the Samudra beach, all three Kovalam Beachtogether forming the 17 km long famous crescent of the Kovalam beach. All the three beaches offer picturesque landscapes and are dotted by several restaurants and cafes. The lighthouse beach remains fairly crowded and if you wish to find a more secluded spot, head to Hawah or Samudra beaches.

Cherai beach, Kochi

A secluded white sand beach near Kochi, Cherai beach is a thin 10 km long land strip with the Arabian Sea on one side and backwaters on the other. Ideal for swimming, the waves on this beach are mostly calm and you can even sight dolphins here. Off the coast, you will find dense coconut groves and some pocket friendly restaurants as well as resorts.

Varkala Beach, Thiruvananthapuram

Another beach frequented by foreign tourists, Varkala beach is the only beach in Kerala with a stretch of rolling cliffs running through its length. Several cafes, restaurants, and beach shacks Varkala Beachthat are setup throughout the edge of the cliff provide excellent views of the Arabian Sea. A great place to relax and meditate, the beach is famous among youngsters, hippies, and yoga enthusiasts.

Alappuzha Beach, Alappuzah

If you are in Alappuzah, it’s probably because of a houseboat stay in its pristine backwaters. Apart from the beauty of the backwaters, the beauty of the Alappuzha beach is something you must soak in. An abandoned pier at the beach that is more than 130 years old stays extended into the sea and can work as a great photography prop. The beach is at its liveliest best during festivals that are held here during the months of October- February.

Muzhappilangad drive-in Beach, Kannur

A beach where you can drive? Yes, Kerala’s only and India’s longest drive-in beach, Muzhappilangad Beach is known for all the right reasons. The hard sand along the 4 km long stretch of this curvy beach makes it perfect for driving cars and bikes without any issue. Nominated by BBC as one of the top 6 beaches in the world for driving, this beach is also equally enjoyable off the wheels as it presents a picture perfect landscape and a wonderful sunset.

Learn About Pietermaritzburg, A Hidden Gem of South Africa

One of the lesser discovered places in South Africa, Pietermaritzburg is the second largest city in the province of KwaZulu Natal with a lot to impress tourists with. Be it the City Hall – the largest all red-brick structure in the southern hemisphere or The Natal Witness – the oldest continuously published newspaper in the country, the city is known for them all in the entire country.


Here’s the list of some of the city’s amazing places travellers can explore for a lifetime experience in South Africa:

Butterflies for Africa

A paradise for nature lovers, Butterflies for Africa is a world-class Butterfly and Monkey House in Pietermaritzburg. It is a place where visitors would feel to be in a captivating forest surrounded by some amazing nature’s delights. You can take your kids along to the house and spend a beautiful day delighting in the beauty of both exotic and indigenous butterflies and discovering the Butterfly Craft Shop, Coffee Bar, Butterfly Nursery and African Art and Craft Centre here. A Butterfly Garden planted with all sorts of butterfly food plants is another major draw of the place.

Golden Horse Casino

Golden Horse Casino is one entertainment spot in the city where fun never ends. Tourists from all across the globe visit this high octane casino to try their luck at different slot machines. This glamorous and lively casino is one of the world’s two casinos situated on a race course, and hosts a wide range of shows and events. You will be treated here with spectacular live performances and delicious food at a variety of restaurants. There are also some excellent accommodation options close to the Casino to have a luxury stay.

Kwa-Zulu Natal National Botanical Garden

Located along the Mayor’s Walk in the western suburbs of Pietermaritzburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal National Botanical Garden is a place to spend an ideal picnic day. You can discover here rich wildlife and stunning biodiversity, and can experience a unique grandeur and charm of the nature. Also known as Pietermaritzburg Botanical Garden, the garden presents nature’s authenticity around its attractions including Plane Tree Avenue, Natural Forest, Insect Hotel, Clivia Dam and theme gardens such as the Cycad Garden, Zulu Demonstration Garden, and Permaculture Garden.

Tatham Art Gallery

Established in the year 1903, Tatham Art Gallery is considered to be one of the top art museums of South Africa. The gallery is located in an old historical building and appeals to visitors with its several works of art created by artists from all across the globe. There are several different exhibits to discover including a collection of significant British and French artworks dating back to the 18th century. Once you are done with discovering the museum, you can move to Café Tatham for a hot cappuccino, a refreshing cold drink or a perfect lunch.

KwaZulu-Natal Museum

Ranging among the top national museums in South Africa, KwaZulu-Natal Museum is a great place to learn about the history of mankind in south-eastern Africa. History lovers would love to discover here a fine collection of displays on regional archaeology, African culture, seashells, European settler history, insects and some forms of animal life. The museum is also home to some of the spectacular collections of Zulu craft objects. Besides, the animal collection here representing the rich wildlife diversity of South Africa, from Dinosaurs to insects and tiny marine mollusks, is another major draw of the museum.


5 Popular Tourist Attractions in Phuket, Thailand

One of the most popular tourist destinations in the Far East, Phuket is a holiday hotspot for couples, families, friends, and solo travellers alike. Famous for its spectacular beaches, glorious nightlife, top notch entertainment, and awesome shopping places, the island brims with travellers all round the year. Phuket is also the gateway to Phi Phi Island, the most fascinating place to be in Thailand. So, what are the best places to visit when in Phuket? Let us find out.

Patong Beach

The most happening place in Phuket, Patong Beach is a perfect destination for a fun-filled time. You can lounge on this beautiful beach, or chill out at the several pubs, restaurants, cafes and shacks that dot this lively stretch of white sand. Patong is also lined with ritzy nightclubs, beer Beachbars, go-go bars, massage parlors and cabarets that spill over into the street. Feeling adventurous? You can always go for water sports like snorkelling, jet skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, and more.

Karon Viewpoint

A perfect spot to view the incredible landscape and seascape of Phuket, Karon Viewpoint is frequently visited by tourists as well as the locals. The viewpoint mesmerizes its visitors with the panoramic sights of the Andaman Sea out front, but the three beautiful crescent beaches (Kata Karon ViewpointNoi, Kata Yai and Karon beaches) that lie to the north of the viewpoint certainly get more attention. You can visit here during the evening hours to enjoy the sunset and the incredible views of the city and the three beaches as they light up.

Phi Phi Island

Thailand’s crown jewel, the mesmerizing Phi Phi Island is just a couple of hours away from Phuket. The white sandy beaches, pristine blue ocean, the awe-inspiring landscape, and the Phi Phi Islanddazzling nightlife make this island worth the hype created around it. You can either plan a day trip or book a stay at one of the many beach resorts on Phi Phi Island.

Wat Chalong

Out of the many Buddhist temples in Phuket, Wat Chalong is the most important one. The main temple building has a fragment of Lord Buddha’s bone, making it significant among locals as Wat-Chalongwell as tourists. The temple complex is decorated beautifully with wall paintings, sculptures, and other interesting design elements. The temple opens everyday from 7 AM to 5 PM local time and attracts hordes of visitors on weekends and Thai holidays.

Big Buddha

The newly built Big Buddha statue is an iconic 45 meters tall landmark in Phuket. Sitting on top of the Nakkerd Hills, the marble statue can be noticed easily from far away. The summit also Big Buddhaworks as a great vantage point to view the charming landscape of Phuket. You can either take a hike, or rent a scooter/taxi to reach the statue. There’s an entry fee which includes a visit to the adjacent museum.

Visit Hamilton to Explore the World-class Natural Beauty of New Zealand

Located in the North Island of New Zealand, Hamilton is a beautiful place known all over the world for its rich history, warm and welcoming spirit and contrasting splendours.

Hamilton New ZealandIt is the largest inland city of New Zealand that straddles the superb Waikato River and thus, comprises an array of picturesque natural delights.

HamiltonHere we’ve collected some prominent natural attractions of Hamilton.

Hamilton Gardens

Spread over 50 hectares southeast of the city centre, Hamilton Gardens are run by the Hamilton City Council in New Zealand and are a sight to behold. Consisting of a large park, restaurant, cafe and extravagant themed enclosed gardens, this place is an ideal escape for travellers of all age groups. With Maori as well as Japanese influences in their style of construction, the gardens appeal to art and architecture lovers from different parts of the world.

Waitomo Caves

Lying under the green hills of Waitomo – a village on the North Island, Waitomo Caves are visited by nature enthusiasts flying in to New Zealand from all across the globe. The caves have thousands of glow worms that lighten up the aura entirely. Visitors will find a number of small waterfalls and limestone formations within the caves that capture the attention with their matchless beauty. The easiest way to discover the caves is with a walking or boat tour.

Hamilton Zoo

The largest zoo in the North Island of New Zealand, Hamilton Zoo is a wonderful wildlife spot with more than 600 native and exotic animals. Set amidst 25 hectares of lush and tranquil surroundings, the island ensures an ideal time with the largest walk-through aviary in New Zealand dedicated to native birds and plants. You can also explore some scenic picnic areas, an al fresco dining area and an on-site cafe within the park.

Parana Park

With a unique Kowhai theme, Parana Park draws the attention of nature lovers from all around. There are many wonderful walking paths to discover that offer stunning views of the Waikato River. The park comprises interactive bird sculptures and water features ensuring a perfect picnic time for all age groups. Besides, there is a playground area and a water park within the park where kids can have an ideal fun time.

Waikato Museum

A regional museum that captures the attention of history, architecture as well as nature lovers, Waikato Museum is one of the major draws of Hamilton. Visitors can have an insight into the arts and culture of the region through exciting exhibitions and activities here. There is a gallery within the museum presenting an array of tour exhibitions and a varied and interesting permanent collection of artwork by famed New Zealand and regional artists. Surrounded by various natural delights, the museum promises a perfect picnic time for visitors.