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Must-Visit Beaches for a Memorable Beach Holiday in Jamaica

Jamaica is a beautiful island country in the Caribbean. The country is blessed with picturesque beaches overlapped by warm turquoise waters, which makes it a popular beach destination with travellers across the world.


Its sandy and sunny beaches are a draw not only for the average Joe but also for celebrities from around the world including Hollywood stars. So, without much ado, here’s a list of some of the best beaches in Jamaica!

Doctor’s Cave Beach

Doctor’s Cave Beach is a must visit. It’s a five-mile long golden sand beach bordered by tranquil warm waters on one side and several plush beach resorts on the other. The beach, which is located on Montego Bay, is equipped with good facilities including tidy and tiled changing rooms; rental equipment like chairs, umbrellas and snorkelling gear; and numerous restaurants dishing out sumptuous delicacies. You will have to pay a small fee to gain access to this beach, which is a perfect place for family outings. Water sports such as snorkelling, glass-bottom boat tours, sailing, kayaking and water-skiing are very popular here. There is a ban on radios, footballs and vendors on the beach to allow visitors to relax on the sands with some privacy, but you may still find it teeming with locals and tourists in the evenings and weekends. So, be sure to visit this amazing beach early to reserve a good spot.

Treasure Beach

The magnificent Treasure Beach is located along the southern coast of Jamaica. Visit the dark sand beaches of this region, if a peaceful and isolated holiday is what you are looking for. Treasure Beach is in fact a series of four separate fishing villages having dark sand beaches that run as long as around 6 miles. You are likely to come across less number of visitors even during the peak season – giving you the perfect excuse to let go off your worries and enjoy the scenic warm waters with the backdrop of the spectacular Santa Cruz Mountains. Travellers can indulge in different activities including hiking, biking, fishing, kayaking and snorkelling apart from sun bathing here. The area around Treasure Beach has few lodging options, including beachfront cottages and guesthouses. In the evenings, you can head to the Pelican Bar to enjoy cold beers and savour a hearty meal at the nearby Frenchman’s Reef restaurant.

Boston Bay Beach

Boston Bay Beach, which is located along the eastern coastline of country, is a paradise for surfers and foodies! The postcard-perfect beach is a cove, which is surrounded by tree-covered rocks and deep-blue ocean waters. The beach is lapped by large waves, which make it the favourite among surfers – experienced and novices alike. You can easily rent boards or get lessons on surfing or windsurfing from the numerous beachfront outfitters located nearby. The beach is also safe for swimming. And after you work up your appetite with these and more fun-filled activities, head straight for any one of the several food stalls on the beach selling amazing traditional jerk delicacies. Boston Bay is considered to be the birthplace of jerk cuisine, so gorge on the perfectly cooked pork, chicken, lobster or sausages with rice and peas at Boston Bay Jerk Center and enjoy the best of Boston Bay.

Lime Cay

Lime Cay is a small low-lying island cay, which is located offshore the village of Port Royal in Jamaica. This spectacular cay is uninhabited as it submerges occasionally when the tide is high. You can reach the cay after a 15 minute boat ride from Port Royal soaking in the natural beauty of the surroundings. Lime Cay has one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. This white sand beach is secluded and peaceful on weekdays, which makes it a popular clothing – optional sunbathing destination. However, the beach is visited by many tourists and locals who come for recreation, sunbathing, food, beer and good times during weekends. The area offers some of the best snorkelling spots of the country, but travellers must bring their own supplies – mask, fins, food and drinking water – since there are no facilities on the cay.

Fun-packed things to do in Montego Bay, Jamaica

The second largest city in Jamaica by area and fourth by population, the Montego Bay is a well-known destination.


It entices travellers with picturesque beach views, verdant golf courses, open-air party spots and peaceful tropical areas. If you plan a holiday to this beautiful place, we have something exciting for you! Take a look at some fun-packed things to do.

Step into the Rose Hall Great House

This is not for the faint-hearted! Built in 1770, the Rose Hall is a Georgian mansion popular for the legend of ‘The White Witch’.  As per the legend, in 1820, John Rose Palmer married Annee – a gorgeous and lively English girl. John didn’t know that she possessed ‘black magic’ powers.  Soon, he died! Annee’s next two husbands faced the same fate. To this day, people say that they have occasionally seen the spirit of Annee passing through the Great House!  Night tours are available.

Snorkelling in the Doctor’s Cave Beach

If you are into snorkelling and intend to visit Jamaica, Doctor’s Cave Beach is the perfect spot for you. The water is pleasantly warm, calm and clear, allowing one to explore the depths. The colourful fish life and stunning coral reefs are inexplicably spectacular! Beginners must participate in this activity with a knowledgeable guide. For obvious reasons, participants should avoid jelly fish, fire coral, and other stinging creatures while snorkelling.

Show off Your Skills at the White Witch Golf Course

White Witch Golf Course is an 18-hole championship golf course designed by Robert von Hagge and Rick Baril. It is deemed to be one of the best golf courses in the Caribbean region, differentiated by mountainous terrain, cool trade winds, bright-coloured foliage, and impressive ocean views.  Over the years, many travellers unanimously loved the experience of playing golf here.

Eat at The Pelican Grill

Tourists who want to treat their taste-buds to real Jamaican food must consider visiting ‘The Pelican Grill’. West Indian curries, escoveitched fish, and jerk chicken are served here.  Also, regular dishes like grilled steaks, broiled lobster, sandwiches, and burgers are available.  This extraordinary restaurant is popular among locals and visitors alike.  The Pelican Grill is apt for breakfast, lunch, dinners, meetings, and get-togethers.

Swim with the Dolphins at Dolphin Cove Montego Bay

This may be a once in a lifetime experience for you! Dolphin Cover Montego Bay is a marine attraction that allows visitors to interact and swim with one of the friendliest aquatic animals; dolphins. This will be a truly special experience. Furthermore, there are camel riding facilities too.

Three Popular Attractions in Ocho Rios, Jamaica

If you are planning to visit an exotic, adventurous and offbeat destination this holiday season, Ocho Rios is just the place for you. Ocho Rios, located on the north coast of Jamaica, is surrounded by a number of waterfalls and tropical gardens.


The place is famous for being home to various famous writers and musicians. The author of the famous James Bond series, Ian Fleming lived in Oracabessa. You can also visit the abode of the famous composer and playwright Noel Coward. But Nine Mile in Ocho Rios is known for being the birthplace and the final resting place of the King of Reggae, Bob Marley. Check out three prominent attractions here.

Green Grotto Caves

The Green Grotto Caves are popular as the erstwhile hideout for Spanish settlers and runaway slaves and were also used as a backdrop for a popular James Bond flick. Presently various species of snakes and bats reside in these famous limestone caves.  You can take guided tours from the Runaway Bay, to know more about the history of the caves and see the marvellous formations of stalactites and stalagmites along with a mesmerising underground lake. Senior citizens, children, claustrophobics and people with physical disabilities are advised not to go inside the caves as they are full of slippery paths and stairs.

Nine Mile

Nine mile can aptly be called the Mecca for music fans; especially the reggae lovers, as this is where the reggae legend, Bob Marley was born and finally laid to rest.  You can choose to take guided tours which will take you through a museum and the mausoleum where Marley is buried. The tour guides will also provide information about the Rastafarian religion and interesting stories from the extraordinary life of Bob Marley.

Dolphin Cove

Dolphin Cove situated across the Dunn’s River Falls is a popular marine park which offers encounters with sharks, stingrays and dolphins. The beautiful three acre park houses a natural cove where you can choose to kayak or snorkel among the lush vegetation of the rainforest. You can also choose to swim with the dolphins and pet them. Although there is a fee for swimming with the dolphins which is not included in the price of entry tickets, the experience is worth every penny. After spending some fun time with dolphins you can also take the Jungle Trail walk where you will come across snakes, iguanas, and various species of tropical birds.

Top 4 Tourist Attractions in Jamaica

Jamaica, the third largest island in the Caribbean after Cuba and Hispaniola, has many claims to fame. Known as the land of reggae, Jamaica has a vibrant African vibe, complete with great food and friendly people. This attractive tourist destination also boasts beautiful surroundings. The natives are fluent in English and make life easier for tourists. Take a look at the top four attractions in Jamaica.

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Waterfalls are one of the most popular natural attractions in Jamaica. The falls are surrounded by lush greenery and promise a relaxing and tranquil spot for visitors. Rock climbing is


Jamaica by Evo Flash/ CC BY

a popular activity at the Dunn’s River Falls. It takes about 30 minutes to climb the falls. If you want to avoid the tourist crowds, go to the falls before 10 AM.

Black River Safari

Black River Safari treats you to sights of crocodiles basking in the sun, countless colourful birds, and lots of other wildlife. A safari on the Black River on the south coast of Jamaica spells sheer bliss for nature lovers indeed. Besides observing the wildlife, you can sample local dishes in the huts on the water’s edge. These guided tours are conducted on comfortable boats and give you the opportunity to learn a lot about the flora and fauna. You might also get a chance to touch the crocodiles under proper guidance and supervision.

Bob Marley Museum

Bob Marley Museum in Kingston is a tribute to the life and works of the legendary reggae singer Bob Marley. Located in the former home and studio of Bob Marley on Hope Road, the museum is the most visited of all tourist attractions in Kingston. The guided tour lasts an hour and provides insights into the fascinating life of Bob Marley and ends with a short film on the last days of the reggae superstar.

Doctor’s Cave Beach

No trip to Jamaica is complete without visiting Doctor’s Cave Beach. Among the major tourist attractions in Jamaica, Doctor’s Cave Beach in Montego Bay has a very touristy appeal. Located in Montego Bay, the beach with its white sands and calm turquoise waters promises beautiful unforgettable memories. This five-mile long beach is equipped with amenities such as changing rooms and bar.

Most Exquisite Natural Places in Jamaica That Every Romantic Couple Must Visit

If the word ‘Jamaica’ reminds you only of Bob Marley and those perfect athletes and their bright yellow & green t-shirts that say Jamaica, wait till we tell you about the place. Jamaica is a breathtakingly beautiful place that boasts gorgeous beaches, lush mountains, swaying palm trees, turquoise seas, exquisite coral reefs and lot more that can turn even a blasé traveller into a romantic heart who sings on the beaches and dances in the forests!! A large number of honeymooners book tickets on flights to Jamaica each year to celebrate their romance in this tropical paradise.

If you are couple and are planning to explore Jamaica, here are just three of the places you should not miss.

Dunn’s River Falls

A gaze distance away from Ocho Rios, the most popular town of Jamaica, Dunn’s River Falls is a place that never ceases to soothe the visitors’ eyes. The falls are considered to be a living

and growing phenomenon. It stretches across 180 meters of terraced waterfalls, tumbling over rocks and limestone ledges into the Caribbean Sea. Couples can hire a guide to climb the beautiful tiers to the top and explore the raw beauty of the place.

Negril Beach

If you are in Jamaica, you cannot miss the Negril Beach (also known as Seven Mile Beach). Hailed as the most appealing stretch of white sand and turquoise sea, the beach is sure to awaken the lover in you. Adventure couples can also participate in many water sports here.

Negril Beach

Negril Beach by Abir Anwar/ CC BY

Glistening Waters

‘Surreal’ is the only word that suits this place perfectly. If you were to go to only one place on your trip, choose this one and you will never forget your trip. Glistening Waters is the popular name for the luminous lagoon that bewitches the visitors with its unique beauty. The best time to explore this place is of course, night.  The naturally glistening water, the almost too-romantic-to-be-real views, and the amazing atmosphere will surely make you want to stop the time. To make the most of night, opt for a cruise; your experience will be unforgettable.