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All You Need to Know about Christchurch – the Largest City in New Zealand’s South Island

The newest city in the world and one of the most unique tourist attractions in New Zealand, Christchurch is where you can discover a fine combination of rich history, a bustling hospitality scene, entertainment venues, shopping extravaganza and fun-packed tours. Also called the “Garden City”, the South Island’s largest city draws the attention of travellers with its matchless beauty and exquisiteness.

Christchurch Here’s a look at what a holiday-maker must explore during a visit to Christchurch:

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

A place where beauty has no boundaries, Christchurch Botanic Gardens are a true delight for those who seek peace amidst nature. Founded in 1863 and much-loved by all sorts of tourists, it is just a perfect spot for picnicking with family and friends. What adds to the beauty of the garden is its glorious collection of the spring drifts of daffodils, summer roses, autumn leaf displays and cosy conservatories. A number of events too take place in the garden and it opens daily at 7 in the morning.

Orana Wildlife Park

If wildlife thrills your senses, Orana Wildlife Park is the place for you! It is the only open range zoo in New Zealand located on the outskirts of Christchurch. Home to the New Zealand’s only gorillas, this place draws the attention of a large number of tourists all throughout the year. You will also get to spot here animals and birds such as giraffe, white rhino and kiwi, and would love to hand feed giraffes and tigers. Guided tours with trained wildlife guides are available at the park that let you interact with various animals. One can also go for walkabout tours for a more fascinating experience.

Christchurch Canterbury Museum

Those who would be interested in discovering the rich cultural and natural heritage of the city can spend an ideal day at Canterbury Museum. The museum reflects the stories of Christchurch and Canterbury through its exclusive natural and human history collections in its beautiful stone building. There are more than 2.1 million items encircling Antarctic expeditions, Canterbury settlement, ethnology and natural history. Kids are certain to have a fun time at the Discovery. Besides, there is a cafe and a store to spend a relaxing time with your family and friends.

Victoria Clock Tower

Architecture and history lovers are certain to be in awe of the beauty of Victoria Clock Tower. Also known as the Diamond Jubilee Clock Tower, it is a heritage-registered clock tower that used to be a piece of Mountfort’s creative design for the Provincial Council Buildings. The tower is made of volcanic stone and limestone, and reflects the colonial ties between New Zealand and Britain. Visit here with your family and friends, and have an ideal day-out exploring the exquisiteness of the tower that has suffered severe damage due to an earthquake in 2011.

International Antarctic Centre

Located in the suburb of Harewood, Christchurch, International Antarctic Centre is an award-winning tourist attraction in New Zealand reflecting the wonder and spell of Antarctica. There is an array of experiences for all age groups in the form of various shows and activities including Penguin Feeding, Happy Feet, Beyond the Frozen Sunset, Ice Voyage, Husky Zone and Hagglund Rides. Foodies can treat themselves to a variety of handcrafted fresh delicacies here served at a cafe called ‘Priestley’s Antarctic Cafe’. It opens everyday from 9 AM to 5:30 PM.

Top Restaurants for Gastronomic Indulgences in Christchurch, New Zealand

Who likes plain and simple food when visiting a foreign land? Very few! Most people want food to be scrumptious, piping hot, and some even want it to be insanely spicy!


As the tastes and preferences differ from person to person, the demands change accordingly. That’s why we come up with a few popular restaurants that dominate the food scene of Christchurch, located on the east coast of New Zealand’s South Island.

Christchurch Tramway Restaurant

Would you like to dine in the only restaurant tram of New Zealand? The Christchurch Tramway Restaurant offers precisely that! While enjoying the tasty meal, customers can check out the fantastic sights of the inner city.


The 36-seater air-conditioned eating venue also serves chilled beverages complimenting the cuisine. The Christchurch Tramway Restaurant Dinner Tour departs daily from Tram Stop number 1, Cathedral Junction at 7.00 pm (March – October) and at 7:30pm (November – February).

Bloody Mary’s

Named after Queen Mary I of England, Bloody Mary’s welcomes everyone with its lavish space featuring local bluestone, dark oak, and rich leather furnishings. You can enjoy a typical New York style steakhouse experience here. The restaurant depends on the best local produce for its beef and lamb. The impressive wine list focuses more on the country-made wines. Champagnes can be ordered by glass or by the bottle.

Cook ‘N’ With Gas

Cook ‘N’ With Gas is a multi-award winning bistro serving high-quality and contemporary New Zealand cuisine in a legendary villa. The friendly and knowledgeable staff efficiently fulfils the requirements of customers. This 16-year old eatery is a favourite amongst locals and a good place to hang out with friends. Advance booking is suggested as Cook ‘N’ With Gas is fully occupied almost every night. It is open from Monday to Saturday – 6 PM onwards.

Samurai Bowl

Are you ardently fond of any of Sushi, Sashimi, Kara-age, and Ramen? Then, head to Samurai Bowl. This casual-style Japanese restaurant offers the real taste of Japanese food at cost-effective rates. To grab the attention of more people, it has a stimulating monthly special menu, which includes fresh seasonal fish, meat, and vegetables. The suggested drinks are draft beer, wines, and cocktails.

Little Star Vietnamese Restaurant

Little Star Vietnamese Restaurant is a place which lets you relish a true Vietnamese cuisine. It is a family business run by a Vietnamese and has Vietnamese chefs. The flavoursome preparations are made from fish, meat, and vegetables. Apart from comfortable dining rooms, there is a private dining room for special occasions.

Handy Information for a Skiing Holiday in Christchurch, New Zealand

New Zealand is home to some of the most amazing mountain slopes. Furthermore, its proximity to the Antarctic largely keeps the lower side of the country frozen throughout the year.


The frozen fields with even slopes have led to establishment of many commercial ski clubs and skiing enthusiasts from all across the world head to these places. To make the most of your experience, check out some useful tips.

Best Time for the Trip

Winters in New Zealand start in July and last till September. The onset of this season is an invitation to all skiing enthusiasts. July does not witness much snowfall. So, the month of August and the first half of September are ideal to visit this country, if skiing is high on your agenda.

Family-friendly Accommodation

A family trip is quite different from an individual expedition. So, while booking a ski resort, a lot of things like safety, proper accommodation and suitability for the kids have to be considered. For instance, Cardona Ski Resort is a perfect family friendly option. They also offer packages for beginners. Treble Cone is another family friendly resort, well known for the special attention it gives to children.

Fitness is Essential

Skiing in New Zealand is indeed fun but make sure that you are at your physical best. If possible, try to acclimatize to the cold adventure conditions by practising at indoor winter sport facilities before your trip. Plan your journey months ahead and be particular about maintaining your health. If you are suffering from any kind of ailment, take proper advice from the doctor before booking your flight.

Being Safe and Sound

Safety comes first when you embark on such an adventure. Travellers not comfortable with high altitude climate conditions should hire guides. Wearing proper clothing, helmets, protective gear, taking proper rest the day before and maintaining communication with other members while skiing are some of the important safety tips to be observed at all times.


Queenstown is definitely the place to go to if you want to have an unforgettable skiing experience. It is well connected by domestic as well as international flights. Rental cars can be hired straight from the airport.

Scirt World Buskers Festival – An Annual Extravaganza for Culture Vultures in Christchurch

ChristchurchCome to New Zealand this summer and experience the very best of different worlds with Scirt World Buskers Festival in Christchurch. Be it highly skilled acrobatics, hoola-hoopers, trapeze artists, musicians, dancers or any other sort of performer that catches your fancy – the festival has got it all! A complete sell-out each year, this extravagant carnival is scheduled to begin from January 15th and will last for 11 days i.e. till 25th January, 2015.

Every year, this one of the most popular cultural events of New Zealand attracts over 300,000 people who grab flights’ tickets for New Zealand from different parts of the world to enjoy nearly 55 performances by artists from 8 countries. The star attraction of this carnival is that it celebrates the entire city and its people by incorporating elements of festival and makes the event all the more exciting and fun-filled!

What to Expect?

With so much to see and do, it would certainly become baffling for the merrymakers to choose one. To make it a bit simpler, the event in 2015 has been characterized into five distinct genres namely – Ouch (events of expressions and body manipulation), HaHAA (events to make you laugh), LALALA (stuff with music), TA-DA (stuff with an element of magic) and WOW (daredevil and dangerous content). The shows start at different venues from early morning hours and go on till midnight. Moreover, after attending the crazy shows and live performances, visitors may further wander around the different city points to get entertained at the seven outdoor stages and venues, or face an engaging encounter with the roving performers.

Visitors must keep in mind that there can be random incidents of being squirted by a water gun in public as well as daring adventures like getting called up on stage to show your best to the world!! With the theme of – ‘Something for Everyone’, World Buskers Festival in Christchurch makes sure that it satisfies the fancies of visitors of all age groups getting aboard flights to the city. The renowned Tip Top Buskers Kid Pitch is a remarkable performance by the young ones who go an extra mile to prove that kids have no boundaries when it comes to entertaining the world!

Akaroa and Banks Peninsula: A must visit Attraction while in Christchurch!

No matter what type of traveller you are, if you are buying tickets and boarding flights to Christchurch, Akaroa & Banks Peninsula is not to be missed. A journey to this exquisite spot offers an unforgettable experience. Picturesque vistas at every nook and corner, interesting culture, incredible underwater life and a rich wildlife make this place a wonder land of many charms. A mere one and half hour ride from Christchurch will take you to this beautiful place, which travellers know as a perfect getaway! It is important to know that if you are planning to visit this place, one day might not be enough to experience it all.

Akaroa & Banks Peninsula by Phillip Capper/ CC BY

Akaroa & Banks Peninsula by Phillip Capper/ CC BY

A bit of History

Originated from the volcanoes on the east coast of the South Island of New Zealand, the Banks Peninsula has witnessed a lot of changes over the course of time. After a number warfare and foreign interference, the place has finally settled and became one of the most sought after attractions around Christchurch, and something every soul hopes to explore after boarding flights to the region.

The Underwater Life

The marine life of the park is remarkable. Here you can spot the fur seals and a number of species of fish playing in the sparkling waters. Hector’s dolphin, the smallest and rarest dolphin in the world is also found here. The peninsula also shelters the mainland’s largest white-flipper penguin colony. Swim with the dolphins, try boating or kayaking or simply watch them from the shore – the experience is sure to be delightful.

Driving Routes and Walks

There are two ways to explore the Banks Peninsula – driving and walking. If you are driving, follow the Summit Road to experience the jaw-dropping views of the peninsula’s bays and beaches. If walking is your thing, fasten your backpacks and get ready to explore the wide web of walking trails that offer one of a kind experience. Walking is the best way to witness the rich birdlife and flora while everything is pleasantly serene. The outer bays of peninsula are also worth exploring. Here you will find some beautiful, unspoiled beaches that are perfect for a romantic picnic. Those who love to dive in the blue can simply take the leap as the water is ideal for swimming!

Let Christchurch Fests & Events Enliven the Journey to the Next Year!!

As we glide into the last four months of an eventful year in 2014, travellers can hardly contain their adrenaline rush with the knowledge that there’s a lot to see before the year comes to a close. For those who are planning to lay their hands on tickets to Christchurch, New Zealand, these last few months will be no less than a joy-ride.

See for yourself how Christchurch has geared up to entertain its guests for the months of September to December.

Back to Basics in the Month of September

Farmers and Crafts Market by LincolnSquareInsider/ CC BY

Farmers and Crafts Market by LincolnSquareInsider/ CC BY

For those who have booked tickets to visit Christchurch in the month of September, one of the most popular fiestas in New Zealand, the weekly Lincoln Farmers and Crafts Market, is certain to delight you. On multiple dates in a month, the Lincoln area near Gerald Street comes alive with local merchandise and an overwhelming community spirit. It is one of the best places to experience the farm-culture of New Zealand which the wonderful locals still abide by.

Come October and we are Ready to Rock!

ChristmasThe Christmas Country Fete in Culverden is the ‘biggest and most popular Fete’ in New Zealand. This year the New Zealanders are awaiting the 30th day of October to celebrate their 23rd fete. Known for its dining and entertainment options, the fete is also coveted for the extensive choices it offers when it comes to splurging to your heart’s content. There is no dearth of souvenirs for tourists to purchase before they board their return flights.

Let’s Speed Up the Pace in November

The languor of long-haul flights is certain to disappear as the energy of the Show Day Races seeps in the masses of Christchurch. The event showcases some of the best ‘pacers’ and ‘trotters’ in the country. Those who are interested in witnessing the amazing race can book tickets for the show which is scheduled for the 14th of November this year.

And that’s how we Reach December! Christmas Time!

Like the rest of the world, Christchurch too gets infused with the glory of Christmas. Travellers who are planning to board flights to Christchurch at this time of the year must surely experience the event ‘A Cantabrian Christmas’ on the 20th of December. Visitors can grab tickets for the concert which brings out the best of the musical side of Christchurch.

Explore the Crest of Adventure and Exhilaration at New Zealand Cup and Show Week, Christchurch

Enchantment of intriguing spring is about to knock the doors of New Zealand. And the Kiwi Nation knows how to celebrate this time of the year. If you are boarding flights to enjoy November in New Zealand, you will find numerous opportunities to be a part of the celebrations and experience the cultural vibe of New Zealand. New Zealand Cup and Show Week is one such event which entices travellers from across the globe to participate in the most prominent spring festival in Christchurch. Let’s check out the details about this flamboyant event.

New Zealand Cup and Show Week


‘New Zealand Cup and Show Week’ is scheduled to take place in Christchurch from 08th to 15th November, 2014. No matter whether you are a fashionista, a dance lover, a racing enthusiast or a thrill seeker, buying tickets for this fiesta is a must.

Popular Events

Sothys New Zealand 2000 Guineas Day: Riccarton Park is the venue for Guineas Day, an action-packed event where horses compete to cross the finish line as quickly as possible. There are four types of entry tickets to this event ranging from general entry to a premium one that offers complimentary parking space.

Urban Assault: Menu of this race comprises of much more than running. Whether you are competing as an individual or as a team, your stamina, patience and enthusiasm will be tested by various obstacles namely running, sliding, climbing, scrambling, lifting, jumping and crawling. Many a times it is billed as one of the wackiest races in the world.  If you are over 13 and reserving seats on flights to Christchurch be a part of this assault planned on 09th November.

Christchurch Casino and New Zealand Trotting Cup Day: Yearning to take a look at the splendid aura of Christchurch’s elite class? Yes! Mark 11th November in your calendar since it is reserved for this spectacular event where glitz and glamour blend with nail biting finishes of the Westfield Riccarton Style Stakes Finals.

Professional Bull Riders New Zealand Cup: Adventurous souls might not like to miss the action of this dangerous sport. This event is the most recent addition to this spring festival. Professional bull rides from New Zealand and other nations try to stay atop the bull for as long as possible. The winner does not only take away hefty cash prize but also qualifies for 2015 PBR Built Ford Tough World Finals.

Redefine Your Christchurch Holiday with Captivating Day Trips!

Booked tickets to New Zealand to spend an incredible holiday in South Island? Being key gateway to South Island, Christchurch ought to be there on your priority list. Also known as the Garden City of New Zealand, it allows you to explore the tranquil vibe of the Kiwi nation blended with cultural and contemporary lifestyle. There is lot to experience and enjoy in Christchurch. To enhance your New Zealand holiday experience contemplate visiting areas that are located a few hours away from the Garden City. Here are few areas that make for impressive options to plan a day trip from Christchurch.


This small yet striking seaside town is easily accessible by road and can be reached in around one and a half hour. Majorly, this town is known for its French history. However, the real essence of the region lies beyond the era that was dominated by the French. You can be part of cruises and enjoy a swimming session with dolphins. This seaside town is among the best regions to gorge on seafood in New Zealand.

Arthur’s Pass

Opt to travel by train to reach Arthur’s Pass. This TranzAlpine Train journey is not only convenient but also allows you to admire the scenic beauty of New Zealand. Hikers boarding flights to Christchurch would not mind adding Arthur’s Park National Park to their itineraries. Besides hiking, this protected area also offers apt conditions and facilities to be part of mountain climbing and skiing.


Kaikoura by Edwin Lee/ CC BY

Kaikoura by Edwin Lee/ CC BY

Love for marine life brings hordes of travellers to Kaikoura, every year. Moreover, it’s the best choice among those looking for a one day tour from Christchurch. You can choose to book tickets with any bus service or TranzCoastal Train to travel from the Garden City to Kaikoura. A road trip also entices several tourists who want to click some of the most impressive gestures of quiet nature. Besides sightings of dolphins, fur seals and whales, relish on scrumptious seafood! Maori cultural tour is a prominent highlight of this day trip.

A Peek into the Beautiful and Picturesque Hagley Park, Christchurch

The beautiful country of New Zealand, adorned with the bounties of nature, also has its fair share of man-made attractions and thereby entices tourists to book tickets for this destination. One such place is Hagley Park, which was created by the government with a view to entertain and engage many people for ages. This park is situated in Christchurch and its premises are graced by the beautiful Avon River.

Exotic Flora

Tourists arriving on flights to New Zealand make it a point to include Hagley Park in their itineraries. The park teems with a profusion of exotic blooms and the garden path is laced with many such patches. The park is also adorned with the delicate blooms of the cherry trees in the spring season.

Boat Rides

The Antigua Boat Shed lets tourist hire boats and cruise through the calm waters of the Avon. These boat rides are much coveted by the tourists who book tickets to visit the park with their friends and families and who wish to experience the serenity that surrounds the park.

Man-Made Wonders

The park also houses some amazing man-made attractions like the World Peace Bell and the Peacock Fountain. The beauty of these artefacts is enhanced by the scenic beauty of the park. Tourists take delight in the incredible combination of the natural and the artificial as they find the experience worth the money spent on flights.

Events and Festivals

Hagley Park at Christchurch hosts a number of events and festivals which are enjoyed by tourists and locals alike. Owing to the large size of the park, and its pristine scenic beauty, Hagley Park is considered to be a suitable place for a large congregation of people. The merry-making and inclusion of one and all can be seen in festivals like the World Buskers Festival. Many performers from varied parts of the world come to New Zealand to enliven the spectators at Hagley Park with their creative, innovative and hilarious acts and shows.


The park, which also happens to be one of the largest in the country, is also favoured by the sporty kinds. The park has a golf club and long stretches of cycling tracks which is bound to gladden the hearts of tourists.

The beauty of Hagley Park is too valuable and exclusive to be missed.

Top 3 Places First Time Travellers Must Not Miss in Christchurch, New Zealand

Christchurch is blessed with an ever charming natural beauty. From its breathtakingly beautiful views of snow-capped mountains to serene lakes and lush green parks, the city never fails to draw the attention of the visitors who book tickets to New Zealand for a perfect holiday. There are a number of places to watch in this wonderful city but if you are first time traveller and not sure where to head first, start with these.

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

Christchurch Botanic Gardens

If a garden is more than 140 years old, it is obvious that it has a lot to offer. It all started by planting an oak tree somewhere in 1863. The garden has been adding number of plants species from all around the world ever since. Today, Christchurch Botanic Garden takes pride in having one of the finest collections of exotic as well as native plants in New Zealand. Do not forget to visit the potager and herb garden.

Lake Pukaki

Lake Pukaki - New Zealand

Lake Pukaki – New Zealand

The crystal clear turquoise blue waters and the snow tipped mountains of Mount Cook National Park is enough to give visitors a view that will make them forget everything else! Just a 45 minutes drive from Mount Cook Village takes you here. Lake Pukaki is one of the three alpine lake that flow north-south, it is the largest among them. The picturesque view of the lake and the lush greenery around is a must-enjoy for anyone who is in Christchurch for first time!

Banks Peninsula

A place of volcanic origin, Banks Peninsula is one of the most scenic places in New Zealand. Those who are booking tickets on flights to Christchurch for the first time should certainly visit this place. Spectacular views of bays and beaches, rich birdlife and many other charms make this place simply magnificent. There are some really great beaches that are perfect for picnicking in this area.

ChristchurchBest Time to Visit Christchurch

Christchurch is perfect for touring all year round but it still doesn’t hurt if anyone devotes time for understanding New Zealand climate. It is cold in June, July and August but not too cold to ruin the vacation. It totally depends on your preference whether it is summer that excites you or you like winter more. Every season, the city shows a different colour.