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Lima’s Obsession of Food Stretches from Pillar to Post!!


It would not be an exaggeration to state that Lima-bound flights are just the tickets to gourmet’s heaven. Drenched in gastronomy and adept in culinary art, Lima is extremely rich in food culture and leaves no option but to succumb to its bewitching gastronomic art. Its obsession for exotic flavours and eclectic cuisines are very much apparent at all those marvellous restaurants that blend their marvellous culinary art with ultimate of hospitality. These luring eating places are frequently flocked by international tourists who book flight tickets just to relish the quintessential taste of Peru.

Astrid y Gastón

Shyly tucked in unique Miraflores district, Astrid y Gastón is by all odds one of the most stylish eateries in Peru. Serving the sapid Creole-Mediterranean fare and mollycoddling with great hospitality, it has made its mark as one of the prominent hangout places for international tourists including Britons who hop aboard Lima bound flights.

La Mar Cebichería

Owned by a designer and celebrity-chef, La Mar Cebichería is another hotspot where you may savour the tempting flavours of Lima. The moderately-priced restaurant regales your taste bud with delicious ceviche, and traditional Limeño. It is only open for lunch and doesn’t take reservations.

Chala, Lima

The stylish yet laidback lounge cum restaurant is ideal for the Barranco neighbourhood that serves an extremely delicious “costa fusion,” tinged with Peruvian coastal and Limeño delicacies and Mediterranean flavours. The eatery offers alfresco under the lush tall trees and amid the starry lit sky, offering a memorable dining experience to travellers who seek to get the maximum bangs for the bucks invested on flights tickets and holidays.

Restaurant Huaca Pucllana

Looking for a rejuvenating dining experience? Head to svelte Restaurant Huaca Pucllana that offers a striking location amid complex of thousand-year old abode pyramid! With terrace looking out over the low pyramid and glistening walkways, it is undeniably a great place to savour the enchanting flavours of Lima.

An Insider Guide to the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas


USA’s Sin City, Las Vegas features a mind-boggling range of hotels and resorts in order to accommodate the ever-increasing influx of luxury seekers on Las Vegas flights. But the one hotel that catches the fancy of all and sundry is the Bellagio Towers. Constantly ranked alongside some of the world’s plushest properties, Bellagio hotel is spelled in the same breath as contentment and opulence. Here is an insider guide to this luxurious hotel in USA’s Sin City, Las Vegas.


The Bellagio Hotel features 3933 well-appointed guestrooms, including 512 suites that have been done in warm tones, rich hues, inviting furnishings and fanciful interiors to ensure a blissful stay for the guests. The wide range of room categories at the lush property makes it utterly easy for sybarites on Las Vegas flights to take the best pick. All guestrooms and suites in the plush hotel are equipped with a flat-screen satellite TV, a minibar and an iPod docking station to make sure that the modern-day, discerning luxury seekers opting to stay here are a happy lot.


Besides its plush rooms and in-room facilities, the hotel takes intimate fine dining to a different level altogether. The hotel features several award-winning restaurants, cafes and eateries to pair unrivalled fare with unmatched luxury. In fact, most guests who have stayed at the property believe that tempting dining is perhaps the major highlight of this lush property. From the French/Spanish menu of Picasso and Japanese dishes of Yellowtail, epicureans on Las Vegas with an intention to stay at Bellagio Hotel will be able to treat their taste buds to some of the world’s most innovative and delectable flavours complimented by an extensive wine list.


The Bellagio Hotel endeavours to quench all cravings in terms of entertainment and recreation for its guests who book Las Vegas flights and believe that holidays to USA’s Sin City are rendered incomplete without some exciting holiday shopping, spa therapy and other recreational activities. At this lush venue, visitors may pump up some iron at the fitness centre, woo the lady luck at the casinos, rest their weary head at the spa or find that perfect piece of souvenir at one of the many shops located here.

Cultural & Historical Holidays in Mexico: Top Attractions to Explore!


Mexico is filled to brim with a wide range of cultural and historical attractions that appeal highly to tourists who pick up tickets on flights only to take in the mesmeric charm of the country. The number of art galleries, monuments and museums in the country are truly dizzying and even the most hardened of culture lovers would be left puzzled. Take a look a few of the prominent ones.


Tourists will rue if they let go of the opportunity to explore the incredible site of Teotihuacan. The Pyramid of the Sun is the highlight of the place and is a must visit for all and sundry. This is the second largest pyramid in Mexico. The Pyramid of the Moon is another popular feature of Teotihuacan. Surely, the culture vultures mustn’t miss out on a tour of this historically and culturally significant site.


Travellers will have their hands full at the city of Guanajuato that’s situated amidst the mountains of the Sierra de Guanajuato. Tourists who visit the place will love the colourful streets and alleyways that festoon the region. Colonial buildings are other draws of this busy place that appeals massively to the lovers of the culture, enticing them to get onboard flights zooming towards Mexico!

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Notwithstanding the name of the festival, the Day of the Dead is truly a lively cultural phenomenon that’s celebrated all over Latin America. Tourists who are booking their Mexico flights to take care of their cultural appetite will love the fest. The tombs are festooned with flowers for the return of the spirits! Offerings are also made at the cemeteries. The festival is an interesting aspect of Mexico vacations and holiday makers who really wish to incorporate the colourful cultural dash of the country must board their flights keeping in mind the dates of this event.

Chichen Itza

For many, a visit to Mexico is all about exploring the Mayan traditions. To this end, a trip to Chichen Itza is most warranted. Thousands visit this city after having boarded flights to the country as it allows the vacationers to unearth Mayan customs and relics. The temple pyramid of El Castillo is easily the most intriguing and popular landmark at the Chichen Itza.

Useful Info for Ninoy Aquino International Airport in Manila


Philippines’s capital city, Manila is a popular Far Eastern destination and thousands are often found scrambling for Manila flights, almost all year-round. Also called Manila International Airport, Ninoy Aquino International Airport (IATA: MNL) is one of the busiest airports in the country and makes for the major gateway to Philippines. With its sheer grandiosity and a slew of passenger friendly facilities and services, the airport often pleasingly stuns even the most seasoned of flyers on Manila flights. Here is an insider guide to the airport for those booking flights to the Filipino city of Manila.

Location & Connectivity

Located along the border between the cities of Pasay and Parañaque and around 7kms south of Manila city centre, Ninoy Aquino International Airport is fairly well connected to the rest of the city by a host of public transportation including private shuttles, public buses, taxis and car rentals. The airport is also connected to the Light Rail Transit by 2kms taxi ride to Baclaran station.


The state-of-the-art Ninoy Aquino International Airport features several lush lounges including Delta Sky Club Lounge, Pagstop Lounge and VIP Lounges to ensure premium passengers on Manila flights are pampered with superb hospitality, fantastic facilities and services during their stay at the airport. Premium passengers on flights to the airport are privy to superb facilities such as magazines, newspapers, WIFI & free Internet access, fax, TV and much more.


Dining & Shopping

The airport features a staggering choice when it comes to dining and shopping. There are several restaurants, bars and cafes peppered across the terminal building to make sure that epicureans on Manila flights are a happy lot. With several duty-free shops, a four-level shopping mall and scores of retail outlets, this cutting-edge airport in the capital city of Manila remains a port of call for most visitors booking flights bound for Philippines.

Other Passenger Facilities

Ninoy Aquino International Airport also features a range of other passenger-friendly services and facilities. There are several ATMs / Cash Machines, Car Rental Booths, Chapels & Prayer Rooms, Currency Exchange Booths, Tourist Information Desks, Luggage Storage / Lockers and Internet & WiFi connectivity for passengers on Manila flights.

Vital Entry Tips for Britons Hopping Aboard Brazil Flights

From endless glamorous beaches to unspoiled cultural treasures and dense Amazon rain forests, Brazil unfolds itself as a colourful riot of superb sights, dramatic sounds, melodious rhythms and vibrant cultures. But that’s not all! Glitzy cities, long winding rivers, exhilarating shopping and tantalizing flavours all seamlessly blend together to make Brazil flights such revered commodity amongst holidaymakers from the UK and the rest of the world. But it is important to remain heedful of vital tips on entry requisites to the country as a little carelessness in following the rules may spoil one’s vacation in this land of mystery and surprises. Here’s a little insight into a few fast facts about entry requisites as advised by FCO before booking tickets aboard Brazil bound flights for a gratifying vacation. For more and updated details, please visit the official website of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.


Visa Requisites

British nationals on Brazil flights do not necessarily need to procure a visa before-hand and can enter the country without a visa as a tourist. For detailed information about visas, one must visit the official website of the Brazilian Consulate in London. Brazil is a disciplinarian in terms of immigration laws and Britons on Brazil flights must make sure of following the Brazilian immigration laws to the dot on arrival in the country. Visitors need to satisfy the Federal Police (the Brazilian immigration authority) of their intended purpose of trip to the country. In addition, Britons on Brazil flights need to ensure that they possess enough money to sponsor the duration of their stay and provide details of their accommodation and return or onward travel tickets to the immigration authorities. Visitors must also ensure that their passport is stamped, failure to which may result in hefty fines on departure. It is important to take special care of the immigration landing card as it required at the time of departure and one may be fined in case the immigration landing card is lost. Those planning to extend their stays in Brazil should apply to the Federal Police for an extension. Overstaying the visa is an offence and it may call for a notice to leave the country at one’s own expenses. It may also attract hefty fines and possible deportation.

Passport Requisites

British nationals planning to book Brazil flights for holidays must ensure that their passport is valid for a minimum period of 6 months from the date of entry into the country.

Magical Miami – Satiate Your Fantasy for Best of Beach Fun and Food


The ever-glowing city of Miami is such a destination where sparkling beaches and food are obsessions. Loads of holidaymakers buy tickets aboard USA flights with the agenda of sunbathing and treating their taste buds with the best of the world. Miami is a paradise on earth with sunny weather and crowded cool beaches accurately delivering the perfect holidaying experience. The locals in this modern city of USA are very friendly who pile up the oddity of America and take you to an all new world. Sand lovers and epicureans taking flights to the destination are truly rewarded with the wonderful coast and delicious food after landing here. Here’s a quick rundown of some of the stamping ground to relish the ultimate of beaching and finest of eating!

South Beach

The quintessential South Beach is a compelling halt for every sand lover boarding flights to the beautiful city of Miami. Located on the Ocean Drive, the beach definitely defines glamour and glitz with its lively crowd spotted all over. You will witness legions of celebrities drunk in intoxicating flavours of Miami. This white sand-covered stretch is very popular amongst the models for fashion shoots as well. This trendiest era is just not restricted to sun’s grace, but the holidaymakers can even savour the eclectic flavours of USA. They can make way for Big Pink, a classic American place known to regale with exotic American cuisines or check out the other eating joints like Cheeseburger Baby, La Sandwicherie and Puerto Sagua.

Virginia Key Beach

The historic Virginia Key Beach is segregated into two different sections holding two distinct entrances. Travellers taking Miami flights are immensely impressed with its picturesque vistas. With a very decent crowd visiting the place, this remains a busy destination for family holidaymakers. An important part of the spot is also highlighted by the Virginia Key Park. The park remains much occupied during the weekends when families come to relax. Within the proximity of the destination are a countless dining options that lure the epicureans to treat themselves with a blend of international and local cuisines. Some of the best bets are Jimbo’s, Vero’s By the Bay and Atlantica Fish House & Market in Bayside Hut.

Tantalizing Nightlife – Another Excuse to Book USA Flights

Whether you’re looking for a lively party or a relaxed evening at a cosy bar, there are plenty of options in the USA for a prefect nightlife-centric holiday trip. The USA has some of the best nightlife hotspots that never fail to impress with fun-filled nightly celebrations.



Travellers reserving tickets for USA flights arriving in Miami often get pleasingly stunned by the happening and chic nightlife scene of the city. The trendy South Beach neighbourhood in the city generally steals the show with its ever celebratory mood. You’ll discover everything from plush dance clubs to luxurious lounges like Cameo, LIV, Mynt Lounge etc., in and around its art-deco streets. Enjoy refreshing drinks and exotic cocktails at hip and happening spots in true blue Miami style at this Magic City of America with a Latin twist.

Las Vegas


The iconic city of Las Vegas needs absolutely no introduction! With its reputation as a giant playground for both the hedonists and the hermits, Las Vegas makes merrymakers’ scramble for flights bound for the USA! You can party hard at some of the worlds’ most amazing nightclubs like TAO, Pure, Marquee, LAX etc., and spend an evening wooing the lady luck at one of the many palatial casinos such as HAZE and Ghostbar. But if you are looking for less flashy pursuits, make your way to the Fremont Street and spend a romantic night over a drink or two.

New York City


You will discover that no city in the USA has a wider variety of nightlife options than New York City. Travellers can spend an evening in numerous ways, whether sipping on refreshing cocktails or enjoying at one of many lounges and dance bars like Santos Party House, S.O.B.’s, Club Shelter, Marquee, etc. Music lovers must do well to enjoy karaoke nights with friends in the city.



Travellers arriving on flights bound for the USA would be amazed to see how America’s Windy City, Chicago turns to a party mosaic full of live music, dance beats and theatrical performances as soon as the scarlet sun fades down the ocean. The city features a staggering range of posh lounges and fantastic nightclubs such as Crimson Lounge, The Violet Hour, The Green Mill, Spy Bar, Primary etc. But more matured visitors may head out to one of the many quiet, cosy bars and enjoy a relaxed night out.

New Orleans

Most visitors booking flights to the city of New Orleans in the USA get startled by the city’s distinct nightlife flavour! The city comes alive with neon-lights and deafening music after dark. Party-goers on flights to the city in the USA may let their hair down and party till the wee hours of the morning at one of the many clubs and lounges including Cosimo’s, Golden Lantern, St. Charles Tavern, Bridge Lounge, Davenport Lounge etc.

Park Royal – A Lavish Stay amidst Dazzling Persona of Kuala Lumpur


Kaleidoscopic Kuala Lumpur flaunts a slew of lures for travellers from all walks of life, be it shopaholics, epicureans or party animals. Besides this ostentatious streak, what else does this Malay capital has in store for you? A lot! The city is dotted with a variety of historical as well as cultural extravaganzas and for nature lovers, cool highlands in the outskirts is an apt escape. Amidst all these dazzles, if you want to experience an unparalleled sophistication blended with unsurpassed hospitality, a spell at Park Royal Hotel needs to be there on your itinerary. This business hotel is always a top choice among corporate travelers booking flights to Kuala Lumpur. Let’s check a few details about Park Royal.

A Little Overview

This 21-storey luxury property features 426 lavish guestrooms and suites offering a captivating view of city’s glittering skyline highlighted by Petronas Twin Towers. Revitalizing spa therapies and scrumptious dining at upmarket eating joints such as Hot Gossip and award-winning Si Chuan Dou Hua Restaurant top the list of facilities offered at this hotel. For travellers disembarking flights at Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Park Royal also makes for the closest city hotel.


Park Royal is strategically located amid the most prominent areas in Kuala Lumpur. Just step out of this hotel to immerse in the pleasant heat of Kuala Lumpur’s shopping, dining and effervescent nightlife.

Nearby Attractions to Explore


Bintang Walk is just few steps away. Gastronomes reserving seats on KL flights find no reason to stay away from this part of the city which is peppered with a range of restaurants serving Arabian delicacies. Jalan Alor and Lot 10 – the Gourmet Heritage Village are other culinary highlights of Bintang Walk. Berjaya Times Square, situated in close vicinity of this hotel, is a must visit for shopaholics boarding flights landing at Kuala Lumpur. Apart from shopping, this world class complex also features an indoor theme park boasting jaw-dropping rides and exhilarating activities for the entire family. As the sun sets, night markets and lively nightclubs add new colours to the enchantment of the flamboyant world that surrounds Park Royal Hotel.

Hong Kong: Useful Airport Info for Arriving Travellers


Inundated with an array of tourist trappings, Hong Kong entices holidaymakers from all corners of the globe. And the state-of-the-art Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) serves as the major gateway for these international tourists who board flights to sojourn this fascinating metropolis. Noted as one of the busiest airports in Asia, it is nestled on the island of Chek Lap Kok, with easy accessibility from all areas in Hong Kong. But what makes HKIA stand apart is its seamless connectivity with major cities globally and second to none passenger amenities. Here is some useful info for passengers arriving here for the first-time.



There are plenty of transportation options to get to and from the airport. Passengers with flights disembarking at its terminals can use the Airport Express to reach the Hong Kong’s central business district. They also have taxis waiting outside the terminals. Though a bit pricy, they will offer you a comfy and private ride to your hotel or any other desired destination. Excellent bus network connects the airport with major areas in the city and makes for a fitting choice for budget travellers who board cheap flights for Hong Kong and want to save on transfers in the city.

Shopping and Dining

From duty free liquor to designer’s accessories and kids wear to books & magazines; shopaholics spending on flights for sojourning Hong Kong will be left spoilt for choice at this airport. Both Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 feature myriads retail outlets, where passengers can shop to their heart’s content. Similarly, foodies will love to gorge on an array of delicacies, local as well as intercontinental, at multiple eateries at this major aviation hub in Asia.

Passengers’ Convenience

Needless to say, passengers arriving at HKIA get a world-class experience. It boasts efficient check-in and immigration facilities to ensure fast and convenient immigration clearance. Multiple tourist information counters also help visitors in many aspects. Enhanced security measures are in place to avoid any wrongdoing. Then the Meet and Greet parking, various gaming zones and adequate space for meetings and conference are some other remarkable services that make the experience well worth the cost of flights for the destination.

Hong Kong Disneyland – Get Immersed in Fantastic Family Fun

A holiday with family is always an exciting affair, and if it is at Disneyland Hong Kong, it is going to be more cherishing than you have ever envisaged. From thrilling rides to bedazzling shows and spooky adventures to delicious dining; Hong Kong Disneyland, despite being the smallest of all such ventures worldwide, is where entertainment and merrymaking has no limit. Take a look at what this fascinating place has on offer that sets even the most blasé souls on a quest for cheap flights bound for Hong Kong.

Theme Parks


There are seven different theme parks inside Disneyland named as Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tommorowland, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch and Toy Story Land. Main Street USA gives visitors a feel of the 20th century town of America. Plenty of Victorian styled buildings, vintage cars and an array of old-style cafes here offer a truly realistic experience, well worth the cost of entry tickets as well flights for a trip to this fascinating place.

At Fantasyland, the fun is really unrestricted. Enjoy an array of enthralling rides, meet your favourite Disneyland characters and watch dazzling stage shows – it is nowhere less appealing than its counterparts in terms of fun and entertainment.

Toy Story Land is a must-go if you’re here with kids. Being surrounded with life-sized toys, your little champs will feel in a dreamy land. You too would have a wonderful time absolutely worth most of your money invested on flights and holiday deals for the destination. Mytic Point is the latest addition, yet is equally rewarding with plenty of rides, 3D illusions and spooky ventures. Grizzly Gulch is where visitors will be transported to an old mining town.

Check out these tips

Located at Penny’s Bay, Lantau Island, this place is all about merrymaking, of course at a price! Before you go, check online for discount deals. Hong Kong International Airport, where international flights to the city land, is well connected to Disneyland by several means of transportation. By train, it takes around half an hour to reach the park. To avoid standing in long queues at the entrance, purchase your tickets at the station. Buy some snacks and bottled water before you enter Disneyland. Water and soft drink inside the park cost dearly.