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Popular Activities along the Corniche, Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi, capital of the UAE, has slowly but surely assumed a place of importance in the minds of international tourists booking air tickets to the Middle East in search of winter sun holidays. Among the numerous outdoor attractions on offer, the scenic Corniche of Abu Dhabi is one of the most popular where visitors do not require entry tickets to enjoy its beauty. Following are top activities on offer at this incredibly beautiful waterfront that seems to be without end.


Swimming Among the Waves of this Beautiful Coast

The Corniche is one of the best places in Abu Dhabi for a swim in the sea and the Blue Flag status attributed to this sandy strip emphasizes its safety. Travellers booking flight tickets to reach this glitzy emirate can ill afford to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy the rolling waves. Due to the popularity of this destination, beach umbrellas are in high demand especially on weekends hence arriving early is a good idea. As part of the many safety features in place, the swimming area is fenced a short distance off the coast by means of floating fences and there are many lifeguards posted nearby to ensure the safety of bathers. Moreover, the beachfront is divided into separate areas for singles, families and general public for the benefit of those interested in enjoying the sun and surf. There are over a thousand parking spots on offer and tickets to these spaces are available from the strategically placed kiosks nearby. Families with children who book air tickets for a visit to the picturesque emirate of Abu Dhabi can be sure that their kids will stay engaged at designated play areas of the beach.

Cycling Along this Stretch

The Abu Dhabi Corniche is a long stretch and the best way to enjoy the area is by means of a bike ride. Not only are there designated paths for bikes along this scenic waterfront, but various types of bikes may be rented for a ride to immerse oneself in the sunny scenery. There are four separate points from which the machines may be hired in lieu of an hourly fee. This fun way to immerse oneself in the scenery is sure to leave travelers gloating over their decision to book tickets on flights to reach Abu Dhabi in the UAE.

Some Pointers Regarding the Tipping Culture in the UAE

Tipping is essential a gesture of appreciation for services rendered, but for many in the services industry, these tips form an integral part of total earnings. The culture of providing such incentives tend to vary for each country with some like the United States requiring mandatory tips at restaurants, while others like Bangkok having no official or unofficial rules. The etiquette even varies within the country with some parts of the UAE such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi featuring large expatriate populations with differing ideas about how much to leave on the table. Furthermore, some establishments have strict rules regarding tipping and there have been instances when employees have been let go for accepting tips from customers. Following are some must know ground rules regarding these monetary incentives in the UAE if one is boarding flights arriving in this Middle Eastern destination.

In some countries, it might be mandatory to tip taxi drivers, but not in the UAE. However those disembarking flights in the UAE should follow the accepted practice of rounding the fare to the nearest Dhs5. This is of course discretionary and in many cases travellers have only paid the basic fare because of reasons such as rash driving.

Petrol pump attendants, parking valets, hotel bellhops and shopping packers are some of the other service providers who come in contact with holidaymakers disembarking flights in the country. Usually loose change or smaller notes are sufficient to ensure service with a smile the next time one visits. In case of beauty therapists and hairdressers, it is acceptable to add a Dhs10 note as a gratitude for the job well done.

Eating out at one of the local establishments specializing in ethnic cuisine is among the favourites of those booking their passage on-board international flights to United Arab Emirates. In most establishments, a 10% service tax is added to the bill amount, which is supposed distributed among the staff periodically. However, in some instances, it has been alleged that this amount has never made it to the pockets of those who actually deserved it. It is thus advisable that one provides the tip in cash to the deserving party and the amount range from 10% to 15% of the total cost of the meal.

Top 3 Tips for South African Safaris

The Rainbow Nation, South Africa is one of the most popular destinations amongst safari lovers from across the globe. The fascinating views of fearsome wild beats roaming about in deciduous woods is perhaps the reason that makes South Africa flights a revered commodity among global travellers and lens men. But it makes sense to get well acquainted to certain tips and advice that go a long way in ensuring pleasing safari trips to South Africa for those on flights to the country.


Best time for safaris trips

The winter months of June to September makes for the best time to book flights for South African safari expeditions. This time of the year remains the most ideal time to spot wildlife from close quarters as many trees and shrubs and animals are out in the open more often foraging, hunting or grabbing a drink at a waterhole. The months of November to December make for best time to spot newborns and range of other great sights for vacationers buying air tickets deals for flights landing in South Africa. Also this time of the year sees summer migrant birds that arrive in hordes making this time of the year all the more gratifying for visitors.

Taking a pick from national parks

South Africa features over 600 parks and reserves and visitors on flights to the country for safari expedition may easily get confused on where to start. It is smart to chalk out a plan and zero down on dream experiences, from utter desolation to verdant savannah rich with life in all forms. Be it guided expeditions or isolated jaunts and budget-friendly or utterly lavish, visitors have panoply of spectacular national parks to choose from. KrugerNational Park and Hluhluwe-iMfolozi are just two of the popular picks in terms of national parks and reserves suited for wildlife safaris. It makes sense to choose the best spot for making one’s sojourn a worth remembering one.

Look for wildlife besides the usual ‘Big Five’

While there is no denying the fact that South Africa is immensely popular for the ‘Big Five’, there are many more critters to look out for in South Africa. Zebras, hippos and giraffes are just a few animals that keen spotters on flights to the country can spot! It pays to make a list of animals one is likely to see and make a list of the less famous ones and try to spot those. And quite obviously, one can’t appreciate the beguiling ugliness of a warthog until seen from close quarters and a herd of twitchy impalas remind that danger can lurk anywhere amidst the pastoral beauty.

Rejuvenate the Soul at Spa Resorts of South Africa

The beguiling spa resorts in South Africa know the art of rejuvenating the soul as well as mind! The nation is ranked as one of the popular luxury destinations and boasts vast range of accommodations that not only ensures a rewarding stay, but also excels at mollycoddling the tourists with gratifying spa treatments. Here is a rundown to some of the most popular ones that rank high on the itinerary of global travellers who invest on tickets for South Africa bound flights and seek accommodation at resorts with extraordinary spas.


Conrad Pezula is the second to none choice for luxury travellers buying tickets aboard flights arriving in South Africa. It is defined as haven where guests discover the best of opulence and are pampered with world class amenities in addition to personalized services. Its Peluza Spa works on the philosophy of spoiling with extraordinary treatments to create an everlasting effect on mind, body and soul. Its signature Maruwa collection of body treatment products are created by the local fynbos vegetation of the Western Cape. Heated massage water bed, medi-spa facility and range of therapeutic treatments are the reasons of visiting this splendid spa.

Thanda Private Game Reserve

Thanda is the plush private Big Five game reserve in northern Kwazulu Natal that offers something for everyone. Apart from enjoying great services, guests can wallow in reserve’s Wellness Centre that pampers with exclusive treatments using African potato and other unique products. Offering such a great experience, the resort captivates the imagination of hosts of travelers who invest on tickets on flights arriving in South Africa.

Arabella Western Cape Hotel & Spa

The proud resort is uniquely designed around the verdant landscape within the Kogelberg Biosphere. Many leisure travellers who buy tickets on flights arriving in South Africa make way for the enchanting hotel. It features utterly lavish rooms, with a private terrace overlooking the green grounds, swimming pool, hill views and lagoon waters. There are stylish restaurants and bars to savour the international cuisines. The award-wining spa is star attraction where one can enjoy the best of spa treatments.

Heedful Travel Tips for Those Planning Holidays to South Africa

The Rainbow Nation, South Africa is one of the most beautiful corners on the face of the world. The destination attracts thousands to look for seats aboard flights to soak in its unrivalled charm and magnificence. But visitors booking their seats aboard South Africa flights must remember that the country like any other holiday destination has its share of customs and norms that should be followed to the dot. Here’s a little list of some useful tips that go a long way in ensuring wrinkle free vacations to the country after boarding flights.


  • South Africa has a high level of crime. Though South African authorities deploy tourism police to protect tourists, it makes sense to exercise general safety precautions. Major tourist centres are pretty safe to visit, but it makes sense to be vigilant against petty crimes in crowded places. It is sensible to avoid flaunting valuables, cash and jewelleries in public.
  • There are particularly high levels of crime in the Berea and Hillbrow districts and around the Central Business District of Johannesburg. It pays to remain vigilant at Durban’s city centre and beach front area. Don’t walk alone, especially in remote areas and avoid isolated beaches and picnic spots.
  • Ensure that your passport is valid for at least 30 days from the date of your exit from the country. It is important to have two blank pages for visa endorsements and stamping on your passport. Britons may get a visa free entry to the country for holidays up to 90 days. Also carry a yellow fever certificate, if travelling from a country with yellow fever history. Make sure to follow the entry essentials to the dot as South Africa is a disciplinarian in terms of entry rules.
  • Do carry a proof of identity or a copy of your passport as you may be required to produce valid identification by South African officials.
  • Be on guard against rabies when visiting the region of Kwazulu-Natal. Also sun is too intense in most parts of the country and it makes sense for travellers who are boarding flights to be on guard against the sun. Also be vigilant against malaria when visiting the North-Eastern regions of the country.

A Brief Guide to Hotel Grand Nile Tower in Cairo

Egypt’s colorful capital of Cairo teems with a vibrant range of accommodation options that can put even some of the royal palaces to shame. But the one that simply hogs all the limelight is Grand Nile Tower, formerly Grand Hyatt Cairo hotel. Overlooking the River Nile, this luxurious property remains popular with a huge fraction of travelers booking Cairo flights to explore popular attractions such as the Citadel, the Egyptian Museum, the Giza Pyramids, and the Sphinx. Here is a brief guide to this lavish retreat in the city of Cairo.


Accommodation options

GrandNileTower features 715 well-appointed rooms and suites that have all been done elegantly and offer sweeping views of the Nile. The wide variety of rooms ranging from Standard Rooms, Club Rooms, Grand Suite, Diplomatic Suite and Royal Suite allow travellers to take their pick. All rooms and suites in the hotel feature modern amenities such as high-speed Internet access, marble bath, air-conditioning, satellite TV, work desk, twin beds or king bed to ensure comfortable stays for luxury seekers on flights to the city. The wide variety of rooms ranging from Standard Rooms, Club Rooms, Grand Suite, Diplomatic Suite and Royal Suite allow travellers to take their pick.

Dining & Entertainment

The GrandNileTower in Cairo gives other hotels a run for their money when it comes to dining and entertainment. Tantalizing dining seems to be the forte of this luxurious property and the hotel features many fascinating venues to treat taste buds to some of the world’s most coveted flavours. Sakya, the Revolving Restaurant, Okashi, Fontana, La Dorada, Chingari, La Famiglia and NubianVillage are just some of the many venues that dish out a countless variety of multi-ethnic cuisines making this hotel a preferred choice amongst epicureans booking Cairo flights. Likewise, the property never fails to impress when it comes to entertaining its visitors on Cairo flights with daily live entertainment. Some of the popular venues within the hotel for entertainment seekers are Baccarat, The Revolving Restaurant Lounge, Lobby Lounge and Pool Lounge.

Recreational Activities

The hotel leaves no stones unturned when it comes to entertaining those with a penchant of shopping, sightseeing or other recreational activities. The hotel features Galleria shopping arcade and entertainment centre, cinemas and food court, Royal Club and heated outdoor swimming pool. Besides, the hotel also offers Nile River cruises aboard its private yacht, Marquise.

Add Oriental Charm with Asian Delicacies While in Dubai!

Dubai, a contemporary holiday destination, is known for flaunting an enchanting multi-cultural society. This spectacular facet of the Middle Eastern gem is enhanced by mouth-watering dishes served in sophisticated restaurants. If your taste buds are craving for specialities of Asian nations while holidaying in Dubai, you won’t find scarcity of options. Holidaymakers boarding Dubai bound flights can choose from plethora of restaurants serving delectable fare from India, China, Thailand and Japanese.



This world class restaurant is a part of the exclusive Armani Hotel. This upscale eating joint entices guests with its elegant decor, world class service, a view of Dubai fountains and of course, appetizing Japanese cuisine. The twist of traditional and modern dishes of the nation makes for an interesting dining venue for epicureans booking flights arriving in the extravagant metropolis. Besides sushi, other worth-trying specialties on their menu are Robatayaki, Raw Fish, Teppanyaki and Tempura – all well capable to give wings to your flights of fancy!!


This is another site at the third floor of world-class Armani Hotel with an ability to satiate the appetite of foodies longing for Indian cuisine after disembarking flights at Dubai. Its elite setting and calm ambience is well complemented by captivating views of Downtown Dubai. This award-wining joint is the swankiest Indian restaurant in the entire city and is an integral part of the itineraries of holidaymakers longing to taste delicious curries and exotic desserts prepared in a traditional manner. Drinks menu is highlighted by authentic teas.


For those interested in savouring a truly Thai experience, dining at the Benjarong is a must! This magnificent restaurant is a signature establishment of Dusit Thani, a luxurious hotel located at flamboyant Sheikh Zayed Road.  As you step into Benjarong, the aura and ambience transforms to royal Thai sophistication from Arabic charisma. Scrummy hot and sour soup i.e., Tom Yam Koong is just a start of a lip smacking experience which includes dishes like Kong Wang Ruammitr Benjarong, Mee Grob Chao Wang and Kong Wang Ruammitr Benjarong. Surely, a place worth enough to invest money on flights and hotel rooms in Dubai!

Top Places and Tips for Shopping in Dubai

If you find shopping beguiling and feel a sense of gratification during or after it, then pack your bags for a Dubai holiday. The dazzling metropolis of the UAE is home to some of the best shopping enclaves in the Middle-East and creates an urge in keen travellers to book tickets onboard flights for basking in its incredible shopping extravaganza. From swanky malls to glittering souks and impressive street markets; the city is sure to leave customers spoilt for choice. Here are some tips for those buying tickets for immersing into the emirate’s quintessential retail therapy.


Dubai Mall

A part of the lustrous Downtown Dubai complex, this world’s largest mall is a wonderful place to satiate one’s appetite for brand shopping and hence sets keen travellers from across the globe on a mad scramble for travel tickets for Dubai.  The festival time sees a huge influx of shopaholics, locals and internationals tourists alike, due to the attractive sales taking place in the mall. Besides an amazing shopping extravaganza, the place overwhelms one with an avalanche of dining avenues and exotic entertainment options.

Dubai Souqs

Visit them to sample Dubai’s opulence along with its intriguing traditional cultures. Bustling with people and replete with everything your heart desires, these Middle Easter-style bazaars are a must visit for all those grabbing tickets on cheap flights arriving in this leading metropolis of the UAE.

One of the popular Dubai Souqs is Bur Dubai Souq, a textile bazaar with fabrics and carpets of eclectic variety and some appreciable antiques and Indian Saris on sale. Gold Souq sells a broad range of souvenirs and of course gold in its many attractive forms. Quality of gold here is better, and price is negotiable too. So be ready to haggle. Spice Souq, as the name indicates, is a place to find some of the best quality spices in the Middle East.

Diera Mall

It is another preferred shopping spot for locals as well as tourists booking tickets on Dubai bound flights. Among the best buys are clothes, shoes, electronics and supermarket goods. Prices are pretty much at par, if not cheaper than the local markets. Go there towards the end of the summer and you will get some really good deals.

Five of the most Picturesque Driving Destinations in South Africa

South Africa is one of the most scenic countries in the world. So it remains a firm favourite with drivers and car-lovers as they can whip through the panoramic country lanes and head for long drives with friends and family. It is the poetic beauty of the mountains and the huge sprawl of open landscape which gives them goose bumps. Here is a quick look at the top 5 driving destinations in the country!


Eastern Cape

Eastern Cape is one reason why backpackers book flights to this nation. It is wild, natural and breathtakingly scenic. With pristine beaches and prominent game reserves tucked up in this nook, it offers a thrilling driving arena. Holidaymakers booking flights bound for South Africa to sample its natural charms must take a ride across this wonderful region.


The highway of N3 gives one access to the panorama of DrakensbergMountains. Cool climate, breezy milieu and some archaic rock art formations make this region a stunning site for drivers. This place in South Africa is also reputed for Bushman history and for some leisure activities like cycling, rock climbing, hiking and trekking.

Garden Route

Garden Route region commences from Cape Town and takes you through a fabled land of moors and passes. Winding roads, steep slopes and an all-conquering scenic beauty will leave you thrilled to pieces. Enthusiastic drivers often book tickets on Cape Town bound flights simply to enjoy a few hours of drive along this area.

Kruger National Park

KrugerNational Park gives visitors the chance to combine the passion of driving with the pleasure of game-watching. This driving site requires drivers to go a bit slow so that they can check out more of its wildlife legacy and make the most of their money spent on flights and holiday deals for the destination. This park has, over the years, prompted countless wildlife buffs to plan a holiday in South Africa.


If you are interested to check out South Africa’s countryside charm, then this place is the one you should settle for. It is quaint, it is perfect and it gives you every reason to book flights and vacation packages for the wonderful nation.

Flying to Dubai on Emirates the Leading Airline of the Year

Based in Dubai, Emirates, the national carrier of UAE has been honoured as “World’s Best Airline” by highly esteemed Skytrax at 2013 World Airline Awards. In addition, the premier carrier bagged two awards ‘Best Middle East Airline’ and ‘World’s Best In-flight Entertainment’. The World Airline Awards polled about 18 million business and leisure fliers from more than 160 nations all over the globe.


The great honour is a testament to Emirates’ never-ending efforts to be the world’s best airline. It is very much apparent that passengers who book tickets on Dubai bound flights completely rely on airline’s peerless services that extend from the moment they make their reservation to the moment they arrive home at the end of the journey.

Many travel experts believe that it is the vast on-board facilities that play an important role in making Emirates, the world-class airline. From seating to dining and from entertainment to cabin crew, the Dubai based airline offers the best of everything. The comfortable and highly commodious seating in all the cabins of Emirates flights has been carefully designed. Air travelers booking economy class tickets on Emirates flights can take advantage of personal seatback monitors offering over 1,500 channels of news as well as entertainment. While Business Class seats are well-equipped with lie-flat bed and other superlative amenities including touch screen controller for adjusting the seat; in-seat power supply and more. First Class of this Dubai based carrier on the other hand, is all about privacy and personalized services with sliding door and various wonderful features.

Last year more than 30 million passengers took Emirates flights, connecting across the extensive network and enjoyed the vast on-board innovations such as the ground-breaking in-flight entertainment system ice offering over 1,500 channels of entertainment. The marvelous feature is a second to none way for killing the time and taking pleasure in latest movies, television, audio and games from around the world.

Airline dining on Emirates flights redefine the dining experience with brilliant kinds of dishes and refined wines that are carefully selected and prepared. Besides, passengers buying tickets for Emirates flights can use their mobile phones on certain aircrafts and they can chat, tweet or check email by connecting to OnAir Wi-Fi.

Dubai based Emirates has set an extremely high bar for others. Its impeccable in-flight services, global network and outstanding fleet sometime make one realise how less they paid for their tickets on Dubai flights and how much more they got in return!