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First Night First Day Boston 2016

If you are planning to book tickets to an overseas destination for celebrating the New Year in a somewhat different manner, consider visiting Boston, Massachusetts in the US. In Boston, First Night/First Day Festival hosts a huge celebration on the commencement of the New Year. The festivities herald the New Year on a joyous note. About one million foreign and local revellers turn out to join the popular New Year event.


About the First Night Tradition

First Night Boston, the largest celebration of New Year’s Eve in North America is organised by First Night, Inc., a non-profit and independent organisation. The organisation manages the Neighbourhood Network of First Night in the greater Boston area, which is a community-based outreach program. The First Night New Year’s celebrations were first started in 1975 and have initiated many other First Night events in various cities across the US.  The main purpose of the celebration was to get performers and artists on a platform to showcase their talent and also to remove the emphasis on alcohol for the celebrations.

Event Highlights

Carrying the tradition forward, mayor of Boston, Martin Walsh will participate in the commencement of the festival and promoting the First Night concept of an alcohol-free New Year’s celebration for everyone. In the past, one was required to buy tickets in order to attend specific events but this year’s events are free and open to everyone making it a family-friendly affair. Most of the specialty attractions and entertaining events will be hosted at the Boston Common and Copley Square.

First Night

This year’s events will include the traditions from the First Night’s past such as light displays and ice sculptures. In addition, there will be various music and arts performances, a spectacular fireworks show over Boston Harbour at midnight, and the Grand Procession down Boylston Street.  MBTA will provide an extended commuter rail and subway schedule till 2 AM for First Night. The T-train (subway) will be free of charge from 8 PM and 2 AM.

First Day

Start your New Year with a First Day Fun Run/Walk on Boston Common. You will also find various discounts for attractions like museums and art performances around the whole of Boston. You can also attend the First Day brunches across the various restaurants in the city.

Festivals and Events to Enjoy Your May Holidays in Boston

bostonNo matter what time of the year you choose to visit Boston, you can easily find an event or two to celebrate the historical legacy of Boston, one of the oldest cities in the USA. In the month of May, Boston hosts several events and festivals where everyone gets an opportunity to explore the vibrant persona of the capital city of Massachusetts. In 2015, this metropolis is again going to amaze its guests in the month of May. Here are the top events that you may add to you itineraries to understand Boston in a better way.

Bluegrass On The Bogs (BOTB)

Listen to soothing acoustic ballads, stay in camps or recreational vehicles, attend a variety of workshops and savour delicious food; these are just a few highlights of this three-day annual festival which will start on 08th May. Bring your kids along to watch them play music on stage. Young musicians can participate in three workshops, but their names must be registered with the Kids Academy beforehand. Moreover, unlike other events, your pets can accompany you at BOTB. Remember, your pet must be on leash throughout the event.

Watch City Steampunk Festival

Be a part of this outdoor festival on 09th May at Common, Waltham, Massachusetts to explore a genre of science fiction where steam-powered machinery plays the protagonist. Besides hosting intriguing events such as Steamboy (film series), Steampunk & Doctor Who and Vintage, this festival also features various programmes for kids; A Steampunk Scavenger Hunt is the most prominent one.

American Craft Beer Fest

This is the largest craft beer festival on the East Coast where around 140 brewers showcase more than 640 craft beers. Seaport World Trade Center is hosting the eighth edition of this annual event on 29th and 30th May. First session is scheduled from 6 pm to 9:30 pm on 29th May. There are two sessions on the second day but the first session has already been sold out. But you can still try your luck for the final session.

Some Weird but Bewitching Museums from around the World

Some-Weird-MuseumsA collection of art, historical objects or well-preserved literature is what comes to mind when we talk about museums. How about museums dedicated to death, the occult and parasites? Sounds bizarre? Yes, there are some museums around the world that exhibit such eccentricities and even draw huge crowds. Check out this list of some of the weirdest museums in the world.

Museum of Witchcraft, Cornwall

Dedicated to the occult, this museum gets its fair share of visitors in Cornwall. It has the world’s largest collection of witchcraft-related artefacts, many of which were once owned by proclaimed or self-proclaimed witches and wizards. There is a warning on the museum’s portal, which reads ‘People with children of a sensitive disposition are warned that some of the exhibits are controversial.’ Do we need to say more?

Museum of Bad Art, Boston

Pay a visit to MOBA, as the museum is popularly called, and feel proud of your artistic ability! Aimed at collecting, preserving and exhibiting the ‘art too bad to be ignored’, the museum’s ever-changing exhibits feature some of the world’s most ‘wrongly-gone’ artworks across an array of themes such as Poor Traits, Unlikely Landscapes and Out of Proportion Figures to name a few.

Siriraj Medical Museum, Bangkok

Not the most obvious crowd puller in Bangkok, Siriraj Medical Museum has a unique display of human body parts, skulls, dead bodies and much more related to physiology. Dubbed as ‘Museum of Death’, it is not for the faint hearted, as many of its displays are disturbing. However, if you like quirky things, the collection is definitely worth exploring.

Parasite Museum, Tokyo

This museum is dedicated to parasites. The repository consists of about 300 species of parasites including tapeworms, head lice and many others. The highlight of the collection is a 30-foot tapeworm pulled out of a woman’s stomach. There is a detailed display of the creatures, complete with a research facility.

Tickets to World’s Most Popular Marathons


Running is indeed a great way to stay fit. So, what better way to keep up the good health by participating in top marathons of the world? Of course, not all will be able to finish these marathons but then it is the spirit that counts. Start training and rock the world’s most popular marathons!

Boston Marathon – USA

Considered as the oldest and most prestigious running race in the USA, the Boston Marathon takes place on the Boston Patriot’s Day. Many veteran runners are often found on a quest for air tickets to this American destination with a desire to take part in this esteemed event. Apart from the participants, many tourists who take Boston flights during the month of April enjoy the opportunity of witnessing one of the best known marathons in the world.

Big Sur International Marathon – USA

Another most popular marathon in the world, Big Sur International Marathon takes place by the beautiful coasts of Northern California. Every year a good number of sports lovers look for deals on tickets aboard USA bound flights to participate in this grand occasion. This event is also considered as the largest rural marathon in the world. This race starts from Big Sur to Carmel and provides great chance to witness the picture perfect redwood forest and the famous Bixby Bridge.

Berlin Marathon – Germany

The streets of Berlin are filled by more than forty thousand athletes in the month of September on the occasion of Berlin Marathon. Hordes of sport persons board flights to Germany with a desire to join the race. Many first timers are also seen buying tickets to the city to participate in the event, along with professionals. The race starts and ends near Brandenburg Gate, one of the renowned landmarks of the bustling metropolis and millions of people come out to cheer for the contestants.

London Marathon – UK

For those health freak first timers who wish to be a part in the esteemed event of Marathon, taking part in the London Marathon is perhaps the best idea to fulfil their dreams! During this racing contest, runners cover several iconic sites of London such as Greenwich, Meridian line, Cutty Sark, London Eye, Big Ben and Blackheath; which are enough to give flights to one’s fancy!