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Five of the Best Holiday Experiences in Auckland, New Zealand

Located in the north of New Zealand’s North Island, Auckland is a buzzing urban hub visited by a large number of tourists all throughout the year. Famed for its captivating historical museums, stunning high-rise buildings, public galleries and natural delights such as glistening Aucklandislands, crystal-clear beaches, wildlife reserves and an array of cruising options and adventure sports, the city offers a lot to do and see for visitors of all sorts. Here’s the list of some top experiences in the city:

Auckland Harbour Dinner Cruise

One of the major draws of the city, this 2.5-hour sailboat cruise on Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour takes you through the stunning sights of Auckland. Visitors are served with a three-course meal during the cruise; they can choose between dining in the downstairs cabin or on deck to take in fascinating sights of the harbour. There’ll be a knowledgeable captain to share a lot of interesting information about the harbour and its history. Visitors can also have a wonderful time here steering the boat and helping the crew to hoist the sails.

Auckland Harbour Bridge Climb

If adventure is your thing, this should definitely be on your list! It is a fully-guided tour that takes you right to the top of the bridge giving a 360 degree view of Auckland. Participants are accompanied by a professional guide who helps them walk safely on a specially engineered catwalk. While you get to learn a lot about the bridge and spot Waitemata Harbour, Sky Tower, and other attractions through the walk, the last stop is a bungee jumping site, one of the thrilling spots in the city where you can take the plunge from and indulge in the lifetime thrilling experience of bungee jumping. You are provided with office lockers to keep your belongings before embarking on the adventure.

Auckland Discovery City Tour

A visit to the city is not complete without this half-day city tour. You can discover the best in the city on this tour; ranging from the stunning sights of yachts in the harbour to heritage listed buildings to the most iconic views over the city. Auckland Domain and a village of Parnell are a few of the highlights. You would also love to taste the different varieties of wines from popular wineries such as The Goldie Room Mudbrick and Te Whau, have a lunch on the Pride of Auckland yacht, and enjoy various cultural performances and much more during the tour.

Kayaking – Okahu Bay

Okahu Bay, a small sandy beach off Tamaki Drive is counted among the best places offering wonderful kayaking opportunities in the region. Be it the amateurs or the professionals, this is an ideal place for all to experience the thrill of kayaking. Besides kayaking, you can spend a perfect day here discovering the well-known Mission and St Heliers bays, and a number of cafes and restaurants along the coasts. You can also hire a boat for an individual experience.

Horse Riding on Muriwai Beach

With sparkling black sands and large colonies of gannets, Muriwai Beach is a stunning beach located in the west coast of the Auckland region. The beach is renowned for its wonderful horse-riding opportunities suitable for all, from casual riders to complete beginners to those a bit more experienced adventurers. The rides are held all throughout the week from morning to evening; and the horses here are totally kid friendly, making it an ideal family activity.


Upcoming Wine and Food Festivals in New Zealand

The beauty of New Zealand can’t be put into words. Suffice to say that the destination is called God’s Own Country and the denizens of this spectacular land certainly know how to live it up. This is evident by the colourful events and festivals held in different parts of the country. Here, we have mentioned some of the upcoming food festivals.

Taste of Auckland

Peek into Auckland’s food scene at the Taste of Auckland. There will be a variety of mouth watering delicacies as well as workshops by renowned personalities such as Depot, Miss Clawdy, Farina, Bracu, Maldito Mandez, Kazuya, Miss Moonshine, and many more. It will be held in Auckland from 17th to 20th November, 2016. Watch the top chefs of Auckland in action as they bring new flavours and delicacies to the table.

Kapiti Food Festival

One of the new entries to the top festivals in New Zealand, Kapiti Food Festival attracted around 130 participants from all across the nation.  Enjoy a delicious range of commercial food and beverages inclusive of sauces and dressings, liqueurs, dips, pesto, chocolates, condiments, wine, olive oils, coffee, ethnic food, and breads. It will be held on 3rd December, 2016 from 10 in the morning to 3 in the afternoon.

F.A.W.C! Food and Wine Classic


F.A.W.C! is a 10 day event organised throughout the spectacular Hawke’s Bay in New Zealand. In November 2016, visitors will enjoy an array of 80 amazing events while hundreds of people will participate. The event will also be graced by eminent personalities, including Ray McVinnie, Josh Emett, Nadia Lim, and Al Brown.

Gisborne Wine and Food Weekend

Don’t miss the Gisborne Wine and Food Weekend, which will be held at three different venues. Enjoy the festival at any of the venues, namely Matawhero Wines, Millton Vineyards, and Wine Central Showgrounds Pavilion. With a history of 20 years, it showcases myriad varieties of food and wines. Undoubtedly, the sparkling collection of wine attracts connoisseurs from all corners of the world. It will be held on 22nd and 23rd October, 2016.

Three Popular Annual Food Festivals in New Zealand

New Zealand is well known for its penchant for delicious food and has also been defined as a haven for food buffs.


With their immense love for lamb and fish and chips to quirky preparations like Huhu Grub and the often debated yet loved Pavlova, the Kiwis sure know how to celebrate food and whatever comes along with it. If you happen to be in New Zealand, do buy tickets for these popular food festivals.

Auckland Seafood Festival (February)

The Auckland Seafood Festival commenced about eight years ago to celebrate New Zealand Seafood and Auckland Anniversary weekend. Apart from the delicious seafood, the festival also has a noble cause as the proceeds are given to charity. Over time, the festival has grown considerably due to the help of various stallholders and sponsors. This three-day festival of New Zealand seafood also includes live cooking demonstrations, musical acts and various contests. It is set on Wynyard Quarter, Halsey Wharf, and an operational port, which marks the centre of the fishing industry in Auckland.


If you are a cheese lover and happen to be holidaying in Auckland, Cheesefest is just your thing. The festival provides the ultimate experience for the cheese-lovers and gives you an opportunity to meet some of the most popular faces in the cheese industry from across the globe. You can visit the different stalls and sample cheese from some of the best local cheese-makers.

Wildfoods Festival

The Annual Wildfoods Festival is one of the most popular food festivals in the whole of New Zealand. It includes various traditional varieties, including Maori Hangi, which is the traditional Maori way of preparing food. The method has been in use since more than 2000 years. The food also includes some dishes which an outsider might find quirky. One example is Huhu Grub, which is prepared from the larvae of the Huhu beetle.

Top 3 Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in New Zealand

If you are looking for a different holiday experience this New Year’s Eve, New Zealand is one of the places you may want to head to.


As New Zealand lies in the Southern Hemisphere, the country witnesses summer in December, which ensures a unique holiday experience. The different cities in the country have an array of activities to offer on New Year’s Eve. Have a look at the top 3 places in New Zealand to celebrate the New Year’s Eve.


Being the most populated city in the country, Auckland promises an energetic atmosphere on New Year’s Eve.


There are various bars and pubs, which host events and parties in the city, but one of the best experiences, would be to watch the brilliant fireworks display at Sky Tower. For the best views of the fireworks, mount Eden remains a popular spot. Amusingly, you can also watch the fireworks from the comfort of your hotel room, as there are webcam facilities for recording the amazing views.


As the capital city of New Zealand, Wellington has the reputation of celebrating New Year’s Eve in a family-friendly manner. The NYE Festival takes place in Frank Kitts Park Lagoon.


The event starts at 10 PM with various activities that are apt for a New Year’s celebration in the capital. These include free screenings of iconic local movies, music by various renowned artists, and the countdown soundtrack by Orchestra Wellington, followed by stunning fireworks.


Gisborne has recently gained popularity for its stupendous New Year celebrations. One of the main reasons for this transition is the success of the Rhythm & Vines festival through the years. It is one of the most sought after destinations for New Year celebrations for locals and visitors alike. Be prepared to sway to the tunes of some of the best and internationally acclaimed musicians, presenting different genres such as (indie) rock and electronic among others.

Auckland Lantern Festival Flaunts Splendid Cultural Treasures of the Kiwi Nation

A plethora of colourful events and festivals add their own bit of charm to New Zealand. In the long line up of carnivals and festivities that dot New Zealand’s calendar, an eagerly anticipated one is the unique 16th edition of the Auckland Lantern Festival. It will be held from 26th February to 1st March, 2015. The event will be held at the popular Albert Park, central Auckland and is expected to entertain the visitors with a pool of exciting activities. Below is a quick rundown on the festival.

About the Festival

The Lantern Festival is one of the biggest and most popular cultural events in Auckland which signify the region’s lively ethnic diversity. This four day carnival is expected to be attended by thousands of people daily. Auckland Lantern Festival even celebrates the Chinese New Year which symbolises celebration of peace and tranquillity. During the event, locals and visitors can show off their creative skills by making beautifully decorated lanterns which are used for decorating the homes and streets.

What to Expect

Bring your family down to Auckland Lantern Festival for a gratifying holiday experience. Over 800 traditional Chinese lanterns are expected to light up the renowned Albert Park which will also be playing host to some stunning dance and cultural performances. A couple of entertaining theatre productions, namely “The Two Farting Sisters” and “Under the Same Moon” will also enthral guests. Traditional and contemporary Chinese culture performances showcasing martial arts, dance and live music are part of the festivities too.

Then there will be several cheerful processions and lantern painting demonstrations with people holding up their lanterns as well as other motifs to show the world their creativity and art skills. The grand finale of the festival will see extravagant fireworks further colouring up the city’s glittering sky.

Some good news for foodies! There will be a street full of massive stalls dishing out delicious Asian and New Zealand cuisines.

Stroll Along Auckland Walkways to Immerse In the Distinctive Kiwi Splendour


Auckland, the largest city of New Zealand is a fabulous amalgamation of rural charm, glistening waters, appealing wildlife and stylish streets. The sheer might of city’s varied avenues can be best revealed through its different walkways. Grab air tickets to Auckland and let the heat within fuel the adrenaline in you! Have a look at two of the popular walks of the city which are certainly worth the bundles spent on air tickets aboard flights arriving in New Zealand.

North Shore Coastal Walk

Brimming with a wonderful string of glittering beaches and sheltered bays, the scenic coastline of Central Auckland’s North Shore is one of the most popular walkways in New Zealand. The walk at the coastline is a small section between the Milford Beach and Takapuna Beach which further leads to the much celebrated North Shore heritage trail. North Shore Coastal Walk starts from Long Bay Regional Park and passes through some of the best beaches and suburbs of the shore, and reaches out to Devonport, a historical seaside village. Throughout the route, holidaymakers may see or even join the locals in different activities including surfing, swimming, fishing, kite flying and many more. The entire route is of approximately 23 kilometres; however visitors may choose to do the whole trail, or just sections of it, as there are numerous entry and exit points en route.

Hunua Falls Upper Lookout Walk

Yet another compelling walkway of Auckland which is sure to set nature lovers on a mad quest to net air tickets for New Zealand is Hunua Falls Upper Lookout Walk. A part of East Auckland, the walking trail starts from the gorgeous Hunua Falls which is one of the most popular tourist attractions for both hikers and walkers in the bush-clad Hunua Ranges. The fall is almost 30 meters high and cascades over a hard volcanic basalt ledge. Also, the entire Hunua Fall is surrounded by lush green forests which are home to many native trees and tree ferns, including Cabbage Tree, Ponga, Tanekaha and Totara. Giving a quick window to the amazing flora of the region, this is one of many walks through the Hunua Ranges, which can also be combined with other short trails.

Top 3 Regions to Gorge on Scrumptious Seafood in New Zealand


Seafood! If this word tickles the fancy of your taste buds, you must try New Zealand’s seafood at least once in your life. This dazzling country is blessed with incredible coastal areas that are reputed for serving lip-smacking seafood. Let’s take a look at few Kiwi destinations that always show up in the lists of foodies boarding flights to New Zealand to taste the nation’s scrumptious seafood.


Don’t go by the name! This seaport is often billed as the seafood capital of New Zealand. No other port in the country gets more fishes than Bluff. Visit any of the restaurants here; their menus are peppered with incredibly innovative dishes to add novelty to the culinary experiences of locals and tourists alike. Undoubtedly, numerous fish species are available to satiate the carvings of foodies from all walks of life. But your visit to this port area is incomplete without tasting creamy oysters. Every year, the area hosts Bluff Oyster and Food Festival, one of the most popular seafood festivals in New Zealand, in May-June. It allows visitors to taste varied dishes made of oysters as well as to participate in oyster-related activities. Event tickets are available on the official website.


True seafood lovers know why this part of North Island is famous. In case, you are unaware, visit here to taste world’s tastiest scallops. Every year, scores of epicureans plan a trip to this region to be a part of Annual Scallop Festival that takes place in August-September every year. In 2014, this foodie affair started on 6th September. Those who want to spend their weekend amidst flamboyance of New Zealand culture, spellbinding aromas of fresh scallops and unique activities must buy tickets for this extravagant affair.


Want to taste scrumptious seafood but cannot compromise on cool metropolitan vibe? Auckland is the place to relish the sumptuousness served in a plush platter at the city’s swanky restaurants. Pearl Garden is one of the oldest food joints where food lovers pay a visit to enjoy delicious seafood featuring a blend of Chinese flavours. Chinese food lovers booking flights to enjoy holidays in Auckland must consider dining here to taste best Chinese seafood in the city. Ostro Brasserie and Bar is another popular restaurant in this metropolis where you get an opportunity to taste Pacific Rock Oysters, Cloud Bay Clams, mussels and prawns.

Three Breathtaking Experiences for Adventure-freaks Boarding Flights for New Zealand

Considered as the birthplace of bungee jumping and jet boarding, New Zealand, for adventure seekers, is as good as it gets! A vast shoreline boasting countless aquatic sports, wildlife-filled rainforests and snow-clad mountains promising exhilarating trekking experiences are just a few reasons why so many adrenaline aficionados have fallen under the spell of this fascinating country. Here are some heart-throbbing experiences awaiting thrill seekers boarding flights for New Zealand holidays.

Canyoning on Auckland’s West Coast

No longer isolated from mainland Auckland, the West Coast allures adrenaline junkies in hordes to discover its dazzling beauty and exotic water sports. One of the most enthralling experiences here is canyoning through the Blue Canyon’s stretch of forest-fringed cascades and natural pools. The series contains around 17 cascades that demand high stamina and great jumping techniques to get across. But the real challenge is at the end where one has to descend down a 25-meter gushing waterfall. Opportunity to see native wildlife and stunning natural beauty in the area make excursion more rewarding, well worth the cost of travel tickets for holidays in/around Auckland, New Zealand.

A Leap of Lifetime from Auckland’s Harbour Bridge

Auckland-Harbour-BridgeAuckland’s Harbour Bridge is where the first ever organised commercial bungee jump was made by A J Hackett in 1986. That itself is enough reason for bungee jumping enthusiasts to buy tickets for arriving in New Zealand’s adventure capital. But if you’re not content with it, then let yourself be assured that a leap from this historical bridge is a surreal experience amalgamating excitement. The thrill comes from the free-falling, about 40 meters down the point, and a smooth series of rebounds.

Skydiving over Lake Wanaka

Lake-WanakaFor a sheer heart-throbbing escapade, nothing compares the expedition of skydiving and there is no place like New Zealand to try it! Adventure-freaks from across the globe grab tickets on New Zealand flights to explore the breathtaking views of Lake Wanaka and the magnificent landscapes surrounding it, while flying like birds! The lofty snow-clad mountains resemble a white carpet around the jewel-like lake. Most skydiving operators in the region offer a tandem jump. Novice divers are offered lessons on what to do and how to conduct during excursion.

Auckland to Host New Zealand International Film Festival from July


New Zealand has always been a notable choice for snowy adventures and breathtaking landscapes. But did you know that Kiwi also adore cinema to the core and host a grand New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF) every year? Held across the country during the second half the year, it is one of the most sought after film festivals in Oceania and make for a great time for beholding the passion of Kiwis for cinema.

Auckland is the key destination for the Film Festival and attracts a slew of tourists during this time. If you are also planning a visit between July and August then do partake in this glorious event. It is scheduled to take place from 17th July to 03rd August, 2014 at The Civic Theatre at Corner Queen Street and Wellesley Street in Auckland. Other theatres to enjoy the screenings of some of the best creations in various languages are SKYCITY Theatre, Rialto Cinemas Newmarket, Event Cinemas and Academy Cinema. The opening ceremony will start at 1900 hrs and movies will be featured till midnight.

If you are an avid filmmaker and looking for inspiration, there are numerous titles to buy tickets for. Although, NZIFF Auckland is majorly a non-competitive festival, NZ’s Best is one category where winner takes away the grand cash prize. NZ’s Best is a competition of short films where six titles have already been selected. These six titles are Cold Snap, Eleven, Over The Moon, Ross &Beth, School Night and U.F.O. Movie freaks boarding flights to Auckland to be a part of this film festival can like their Facebook page and follow their Twitter to keep up with the latest updates related to this gala event. For more information on New Zealand International Film Festival, browse through the official website of the event

Volcano Climbing is the Most Distinctive Activity to Enjoy in Auckland


Auckland is sure to leave you with jitters of adventurous fancies with skywalking, sea diving, kayaking and several other thrilling activities. But one activity that sets this Kiwi city apart from other destinations that are said to be the Mecca for adrenaline junkies is Volcano climbing. Every year numerous hikers and climbers buy tickets aboard Auckland bound flights to indulge in this activity. Auckland is home to some of the most popular volcanoes in the world. Here’s a list of a few that you can contemplate on climbing.


This is the youngest of all the volcanoes in Auckland and this fact makes it a must visit spot for thrill seekers boarding flights to enjoy volcano climbing in New Zealand. You just need to buy tickets for ferry to reach here from Auckland Downtown and admire one of the most iconic geological formations in the city. While climbing up you would come across lava caves, various species of native trees and orchids. There are vantage points that offer scintillating views of the surrounding lush greenery.

One Tree Hill

As the name suggests, this volcano features a pine tree at its top. This is the largest in Auckland and is a must visit site for culture vultures investing pounds on tickets to visit this Kiwi city especially to explore the dazzles of Maori culture. This hill boasts terraces around fortifications known as Maori Pa. Cornwall Park is located at its base and is a sought after picnic spot for locals and tourists alike. Once you reach at the top, you would not only find the pine tree but also the grave of the city’s founder, Sir John Logan Campbell.

Mount Eden

Strategically located in Maungawhau, this is Auckland’s highest volcano and has emerged as one of the most preferred attraction for adventure lovers netting tickets to board flights landing at Auckland International Airport. Be a part of guided tour and know about the Maori historical legends while admiring the surrounding natural enchantments such as occupation terraces and lush parkland.