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Manila has a lot to offer to the holiday makers

The capital of Philippines, Manila is a bay side city on the island of Luzon presenting a heady combination of the East and the West. It is where a majority of tourists visit all throughout the year to explore a fine mix of Spanish colonial architecture and ultra-modern high-rises.

If you plan a holiday to Philippines anytime soon, do not forget to visit Manila where you’ve a lot to discover. Here’s the list of top things to do in the city:

Discover the marine world at Manila Ocean Park

Tourists of diverse taste and preferences are welcomed at Manila Ocean Park all year round. It is the first world-class marine theme park in the Philippines ensuring a fun time around its aqua-themed hotel and marine life attractions. Sharks and Rays Encounter, and Birds of Prey AquariumKingdom are a few prominent attractions of the park whereas mermaid swim experience, trails to Antarctica and Symphony Evening Show are another major draws. This place also delights food lovers with wonderful delicacies served at the restaurants such as Afford-a-bowl, Magic Stick, Foss Coffee, and Shawarma Station.

Visit the iconic and religious “Manila Cathedral – Basilica”

History lovers, architecture enthusiasts as well as spiritual seekers – all can spend an ideal day at the iconic “Manila Cathedral – Basilica”. It is the first Cathedral of the Philippines, and is the mother of all Churches, Cathedrals and Basilicas of Philippines. The statues of famous saints Manila Cathedral Basilicachiselled in Roman travertine stone placed at the front of this monument are a treat for sore eyes. Visitors would love to discover here six chapels alongside the right lateral nave, two on the left lateral nave and two sculpted angels along with a marble altar on the central nave.

Go on Manila Bay Dinner Cruise

An ideal way to enjoy the sights and tastes of Manila is to take a dinner cruise that takes you along the shoreline of Manila Bay. The cruise draws a large number of nature lovers from all over the world to Manila for a perfect excursion. Along with the spectacular scenery of Manila Bay, you will also get a chance to admire the surroundings against the backdrop of a colourful Cruisesunset. The amicable crew members give a warm welcome to the visitors in the Cultural Center of the Philippines. Moreover, a delicious Filipino dinner accompanied by live music is certain to amaze the foodie in you.

Learn about the History of Philippines at the National Museum

The National Museum is a must-see for history as well as art enthusiasts. It is an educational, cultural and scientific body collecting safeguards, displays and documents, and promoting scholarly study and public appreciation of works and various artefacts. You can discover here the cultural heritage of the Filipino people and the natural history of the country. The museum has multiple divisions such as Zoology, Anthropology, Botany, Geology, and Archaeology. Visitors need to keep in mind that firearms, food, bottled water, ball pens and smoking are strictly prohibited here.

Enjoy shopping at SM Megamall

With an array of shopping malls and markets, Manila is a perfect shopping place in the Philippines. The city is home to SM Megamall, the fourth largest mall in the world that has a maximum capacity of four million people and draws the attention of shoppers from all around. Situated in Ortigas Center Business District of Metro Manila, it has 800 stores selling everything from clothes, bags and shoes to watches, jewellery and accessories. You can enjoy free Wi-Fi access and valet parking within the mall. Besides, there are a number of dining options that will leave foodies spoilt for choice.


Discover the Rich Culture of the Philippines

The Philippines has a rich cultural heritage that appeals to travellers of all ages from all different parts of the world. If you are planning a holiday to the Philippines, make sure you explore the many cultural treasures of this country!


Baroque Churches of the Philippines

Baroque Churches of the Philippines are a collection of four Spanish Colonial-era baroque churches drawing the attention of the visitors with their unique architecture. The churches were included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List in 1993 and played an important role in the colonial past and identity of the country. Paoay Church in Ilocos Norte, Santa Maria Church in Ilocos Sur, San Agustin Church in Manila and Miagao Church in Iloilo are the four Baroque churches visited by a large number of architecture and history lovers.

Historic City of Vigan

Vigan is best known for its preserved Spanish colonial and Asian architecture. Situated on the west coast of Luzon Island, it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1999 and is one of the only five heritage sites in the country. Make a visit to the city and go back to the old Spanish colonial days as you explore the cobblestone streets and the ancient houses.

Chocolate Hills in Bohol Island

Chocolate Hills are a geological formation covered in green grass and are named so for its colour during the dry season. They turn brown during the dry season and seem to resemble the famous Hershey’s Kisses chocolates! Scattered across a 50 square kilometre area, these thousands of cone-shaped hills were declared the National Geological Monument of the country by the National Committee on Geological Sciences in 1988.

Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras

Sometimes referred to as the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’, Rice Terraces of the Philippine Cordilleras developed 2000 years ago on the island of Luzon. Situated at the foot of the Cordillera mountain ranges, these terraces were named UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995 for their cultural importance. The terraces with an altitude of up to 1500 metres and steep slopes of maximum 70 degrees are sure to impress the visitors.

Intramuros in Manila

Situated within the city of Manila, Intramuros is a 0.67 square kilometres historic walled area. Founded in 1571, this ancient walled city takes you back in time to the Spanish colonial period. The city is popular for its cultural performances and historical walking tours, and grabs the attention with its cobblestone streets and conserved ruins and architecture. For a unique experience in the city, you can enjoy a ride on kalesa – horse-drawn calash.

5 Reasons to Visit the Philippines


As per recent reports, the Philippines Airlines has reported a significant increase in flights between London and Manila when compared to last year. With the Philippines emerging as one of the favourite destinations of Britons in the past year, we thought it important to highlight for our dear readers all facets of Philippines’ exciting tourist offerings. Here are top five reasons for visiting this beautiful country in Southeast Asia.


It Has Incredible Rice Terraces

Anyone who has ever been to the Philippines will tell you that one of the most astounding sites to witness there are Banaue’s rice terraces. Carved into the mountains of Ifugao, these terraces are of majestic beauty and appear consistently at the top in tourist itineraries to the Philippines. Featuring on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites, these rice terraces offer an ideal escape to hikers and nature lovers. One of the most intriguing stops you can make on your journey through the Banaue rice terraces is at a local Mumbaki (witch doctor), believed to be endowed with special healing powers.

El Nido Offers an Ideal Escape

Surrounded by dramatic limestone formations and cerulean blue waters, El Nido is stunning and ethereal in beauty. Best explored on a sailing trip, El Nido also makes for a central stop during visitors’ exploration of the Bacuit Archipelago. The pristine beaches, part of idyllic resorts that are perfect for days when you just want hang out in the sun, are major draws for tourists.

Some of the World’s Best Diving Sites Can be Found Here

An archipelago of 7,107 islands, teeming with coral reefs, it is no surprise that the Philippines have some of the world’s best diving sites. You can start your exploration of the country’s underwater world at Tubbataha Reefs National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, popular for its lagoons and two coral islands. You must also test your diving skills at the Black Forest dive site off Panglao Island.

Festivals in the Philippines Are the Most Colourful In the World

Mostly a celebration of the country’s rich culture and traditions, the festivals in the Philippines are many and are all celebrated with a great pomp and show. Lasting from a day to a month, these festivals are a colourful conglomeration of rituals, costumes, dancing and singing. Some of the most popular and greatly amusing festivals celebrated in the country include Ati-Atihan and Sinulog Festival (held in the 3rd week of January), Panagbenga Festival (held in February), the weeklong Moriones Festival, the Kadayawan Festival ( held in August) as well as MassKara Festival held in October.

You Can Travel in Style in Jeepneys

Jeepneys are ubiquitous in the Philippines and they make travelling around in the country so much more fun and memorable. After the World War 2 ended, the American troops began distributing hundreds of surplus jeeps they had amongst Filipinos as gifts. The locals repainted them in bright colours and made minor altercations to the design of these jeeps before putting them to use. The Jeepneys are being used as the most popular means of commuting in the country ever since. Tourists love them for their vibrant colours, spacious interiors and for being a part of the country’s culture and past. The cherry on the cake is that it is very cheap to commute by a jeepney.

Top Rated Holidays Attractions in the Philippines


A beautiful country in the Far East, the Philippines is an amazing destination for an exciting holiday. Have a look at the interesting places to visit that we have lined up for you so you can make the best of your time here.


This sublime island situated a little further from Cebu in the Philippines, is about 65 square kilometres with a population of about 470,000. It is a perfect place to have new adventures and experiences such as jet-skiing, scuba diving and snorkelling. The tropical weather, clear waters and white sands – all add to the beauty of this place. Take a closer look at the enchanting aquatic life here, and try some of the best seafood of your life. Relax on beach loungers or enjoy luxury spa therapies and rejuvenate yourself completely!

Rizal ParkRizal-Park

This is a historical park and is also known as the Luneta National Park. You must visit it if you are keen to learn about the culture, art and tradition of this country.Situated in the Roxas Boulevard, Manila, this is a major tourist attraction and people from all around the world visit here. With Spanish and American colonial influences, there are several historically important buildings here.

Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park

This river national park comprises of different terrains and landscapes. St. Paul’s Underground River Cave is one of the major attractions of this place. It’s a UNESCO protected area, home to several species of flora and fauna. People from different parts of the world come and visit this amazing place where you can hike, trek, or enjoy boat rides and safaris through the place, spotting some of the most exotic animals, birds, and flora you have ever seen.


With several resorts and beaches, it won’t be wrong to say that this is one of the most interesting places in the country. If you are looking for the perfect beach holiday, there is nothing like this place. Go island hopping, enjoy shopping for souvenirs, try local food and drinks, mingle with the local people and learn about their way of living and visit art galleries.

Coron Island

The land of lagoons and lakes and reefs, Coron Island is nothing short of a preview to paradise. The Philippines is literally an undiscovered gem and you will realise when you go here, how truly aesthetically blessed this place is.


What’s most unique about this island is that it is in the shape of a tear drop. To say that this place is beautiful could be a gross understatement; you have to see it to believe it! 800 kms south from Manila, this place is all sun, sand and surf. Beaches, mangroves and reefs – you can have the perfect island adventure here – go hiking, work on your sun tan, or play beach volleyball and sip on the finest cocktails when you are tired!

A Guide to Some of the Popular Museums in Manila, the Philippines

Manila is one of the most beautiful cities in the Philippines. A former colony of the Portuguese, the capital city today is known for featuring historical monuments and cultural sites dating back to the pre-colonial period.


Preserving and honouring the history of the region are prominent museums in and around the city. For those of you willing to know more, here is a guide to the popular museums in and around Manila.

Ayala Museum

Located in the Makati city, Ayala Museum is one of the most visited museums in Metro Manila. Established in 1967, the popular site features rare artefacts and historical items dating back to the pre-colonial era. Popular objects on display at the museum include ancient boats, finely crafted ships and other maritime vessels. Paintings by prominent artists like Juan Luna and Fernando Amorsolo are among the museum’s famous art collection. Exhibitions and workshops are conducted on a regular basis for tourists to learn about the history and culture of the city.

Lopez Museum

Located in the Pasig district, Lopez Museum is a famous art and history museum in Manila. Founded in 1960, it displays a wide collection of manuscripts, books, literary works of prominent writers and scholars, academic treatise, archival photographs, cartoons, microfilms and Filipiniana titles. Paintings and sculptures made by prominent Spanish artists and painters are among the popular attractions at the museum. Exhibitions, workshops, educational and publications programmes are organised regularly for tourists.

UST Museum of Arts and Science

Situated in the Sampaloc area, UST Museum of Arts and Science is a famous museum in Manila. Established in 1871, it features a collection of documents and inscriptions related to botany, medicine and pharmacy. Visual arts images, coins, medals, ethnographic evidences, documents, and manuscripts are among the popular collectables at the museum. The museum also has a library and a laboratory.

Ateneo Art Gallery

Situated in Quezon City, Ateneo Art Gallery is a famous modern art gallery of the Philippines. Formally established in 1960, the art gallery is known country-wide for housing over 500 artworks including sculptures, paintings, drawings, photographs and posters. Works of notable artists from across the world including Fernando Amorsolo and Fabian de la Rosa are also exhibited at the gallery. Some of the paintings of prominent present day artists can also be spotted here. The regularly-held workshop at the gallery is an ideal workshop for budding artists and painters to show their creative side to the world.

Charming Not to be Missed Places in Cebu, Philippines


Charming Not to be Missed Places in Cebu, Philippines, scuba diving spots, historical attractions, and numerous luxury resorts. It is a very popular destination in the Philippines; let’s take a quick look at some of the most famous places in Cebu.

Bantayan Island and its Beaches

Visit the picturesque Bantayan Island and relax along its sunny tropical beaches. The beaches of Bantayan Island are among some of the most pristine ones. Once there, you can enjoy the hard to find combination of beauty and isolation together. Enjoy a laidback holiday here.

Magellan’s Cross

The Magellan’s Cross is a well-known historical landmark in Cebu. It is a wooden cross that was put in place by the famous explorer Ferdinand Magellan who brought Catholicism to the Philippines. Today, it is part of a chapel located close to Basilica Minore del Sto. Nino on Magallanes Street.

Basilica Minor del Santo Niño

Visit the Basilica Minor del Santo Niño, or the Minor Basilica of the Holy Child, in Cebu. It is said to be the oldest Roman Catholic church in the Philippines. The church was constructed on the site where the image of Santo Niño de Cebu was discovered by Spanish explorers led by Miguel Lopez de Legazpi in 1565.

Mactan Island

The Mactan Island is a beautiful coral island, which is known for its scuba diving spots and as a stunning beach retreat. The island is famous with travellers for its pristine beaches and five star beach resorts. A perfect leisure getaway to spend a few relaxing moments!

Olango Wildlife Sanctuary

Avid birdwatchers should not forget to visit the Olango Wildlife Sanctuary at the Olango Island. The island is full of exotic migratory birds from Siberia, Northern China, and Japan. Olango is used by these migratory birds as an important wintering ground. You will definitely spot rare and exotic birds at this bird watcher’s paradise.

Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple is one of the most visited tourist attractions in Beverly Hills, Cebu. It was constructed by the local Chinese community and is open to ardent devotees as well as tourists. The teachings of a famous Chinese philosopher called Lao-Tse are preserved here. The teachings are said to date back to 600 B.C. You may light joss sticks and worship here but you will need to climb 81 stairs.

The Heritage of Cebu Monument

Visit the Heritage of Cebu Monument to revisit the history of this beautiful island country. The monument is located in the original Plaza Parain and has sculptures depicting the significant and symbolic events that have happened in the history of the province.

Top 5 Festivals in the Philippines

The mood always seems to be colourful in the Philippines. After all, the celebrator frenzy of a number of exciting and colourful festivals throughout the year does its bit to create a merry festive atmosphere.


Many of the celebrations involve elaborate costumes, parades and processions. Come, let’s take a closer look at the festivities.

Get Bugged by the Bees in Buyogan Festival

Buyogan Festival is a one-of-a-kind celebration. People dress up and behave like bees-in-action. Costumed children buzz around in a bee-like manner. Other participants put tribal henna designs on their body and face to represent the Abuyog’s ethnic history. Usually, Buyogan Festival is celebrated in the last weekend of August. It coincides with the feast day of St. Francis Xavier.

Masks in the Masskara Festival

Held in the third weekend of October, Masskara Festival is a week-long fiesta. People dress in graceful costumes and dance on the streets. These attires are adorned with exotic feathers, gleaming sequins and multi-coloured beads. The vibrant masks signify the jovial Negrense spirit of putting on a happy face when faced with challenges.

Bangus Festival

One of the country’s most elaborate celebrations, Bangus Festival is highly popular for its cultural fusion. Dagupan City is marked by hundreds of barbecue grills for cooking bangus. There’s the grilling challenge too. Other types of competitions include bangus eating contest and search for the biggest and heaviest bangus. Tourists participating in this festival get the opportunity to dance and socialise with the locals. These dances denote the bountiful harvest of Bangus. It is celebrated in April every year.

Higantes Festival

Higantes Festival is a two-week long celebration in the honour of San Clemente – the patron saint of fishermen. There are multiple activities such as Misa Cantada, song and dance contests, on-the-spot painting competition and art exhibition. There’s a procession with thousands of individuals splashing onlookers with water. The festival also features The Higantes, i.e. huge papier-mâché figures up to 12-feet high and 5-feet in diameter. The Higantes Festival is held on 23rd November every year.

Tuna Festival

Tuna Festival is a great moment for people wishing to try out a wide variety of tuna dishes. After tasting the delicious cuisines, tourists can participate in the street carnivals and befriend locals. This festive occasion celebrates the abundance of tuna fish. This year, it will be observed on the 5th of September.

Three Must-visit Historical and Cultural Attractions in Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is one of the most popular cities and the centre of trade and commerce in Visayas, Philippines. Unlike Manila, Cebu is not so crowded, yet it has all amenities and facilities.


The destination is full of ancient historical monuments and its culture has largely remained intact over the course of time. If you are planning to catch a flight to this delightful destination, take a look at 3 of the top cultural and historical attractions here.

Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro, also known as Fuerza de San Pedro gives you a glimpse into the rich past of Cebu. Built by the Spanish under the command of Miguel López de Legazpi in 1565, the fort stands as a reminder of the Spanish influence in the city. Situated in Plaza Indepedencia, it is the oldest and the smallest fort in the Philippines. By paying a small fee for the entry tickets, you can gain some insight into the way of life under Spanish influence. The fort is triangular and consists of 3 bastions known as San Miguel, San Ignacio de Loyola and La Concepcion.

Basilica del Santo Niño

A few minutes’ walk from the fort will take you to Basilica del Santo Niño also known as Santo Niño Church and Minor Basilica of the Holy Child. Known as the oldest Roman Catholic Church in the Philippines, it is said to have been built on the exact spot where the revered image of Santo Niño de Cebu was discovered in 1565 under the command of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi.  The Catholic devotees often call the church, the “Mother and Head of all Churches in the Philippines”.

The Taoist Temple

The Taoist Temple, situated in the Beverly Hills Subdivision is built at an elevation of 300 metres above sea level. It is a soaring, vibrant and multi-storeyed monument.


Built in 1972 by the Chinese community of Cebu, it is the centre of worship for the followers of Taoism. It’s religious significance, beautiful architecture with vibrant setting and a dragon in the front makes it one of the most popular tourist destinations in Cebu City. The front entrance of the temple has been modelled on the Great Wall of China. You can make a wish and flip a coin in the wishing well here, read more about Taoism in their library and buy souvenirs for yourself and your loved ones from the souvenir shop located inside.

Most Popular Volcanoes in the World That Offer Amazing Holiday Experience

Who would have thought that powerhouses of destruction called volcanoes will become some of the most sought after attractions in the world? Volcanoes have always created curiosity among people. They have been praised, feared, talked about but they have never been ignored. Here is a quick peek into some of the most popular ones in the world that offer great experience to a traveller with a keen curiosity about this natural phenomenon.

Mayon Volcano, Philippines

Mayon volcano by denvie balidoy/ CC BY

Mayon volcano by denvie balidoy/ CC BY

Known for its perfect symmetry, Mayon Volcano is also known as the ‘Perfect Cone’ and ranked as one of the most popular attractions in Philippines. The conical shape of Mayon makes it look incredibly beautiful as a classic volcano. People who are booking tickets on flights to Philippines and have an interest in volcanoes should certainly visit this place. Situated in the province of Albay, the volcano stands about 2,463 metres.

Mount Etna, Italy

Mount Etna by SNappa2006/ CC BY

Mount Etna by SNappa2006/ CC BY

Sicily boasts the tallest and the most popular volcano in Europe that draws a large number of tourists every year who block tickets on flights to Sicily. There are a number of myths associated with this mighty creation of the nature. Roman poet Virgil wrote about this volcano, according to him, it is a home of a mythological god Hephaestus and a one-eyed monster Cyclops. A guided tour to Mount Etna is one of the most amazing experiences in Sicily. As Etna is still active, it is important to take guidance before visiting.

Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji by Emran Kassim/ CC BY

Mount Fuji by Emran Kassim/ CC BY

The highest mountain in Japan witnesses more than 200,000 tourists every year. Mount Fuji is almost perfectly conical in shape and a significant symbol of Japan, ever shining in culture and artistic creations of the nation. For a number of months, the volcano remains completely covered in snow, which adds even more charm to the place. En route, tourists can find huts and tree houses to rest. Those who are planning to tour Japan should certainly check out this place.

Mauna Loa, USA

Mauna Loa by Lauren Bacon/ CC BY

Mauna Loa by Lauren Bacon/ CC BY

Considered to be the biggest volcano above the sea level, Mauna Loa must be visited at least once in a lifetime. One of five volcanoes forming the Island of Hawaii in USA, it is the most amazing place to experience the true might of a volcano and an incredible sightseeing destination  for  every tourist disembarking at USA flights . This scenic volcano can be visited anytime of the year but it is important to check what Hawaii Volcanoes National Park officials have to say about the weather and several other factors.

Lionel Richie All Set to Perform Live in Manila, Philippines in April 2014


The legendary American songwriter/singer, Lionel Richie is all set to stage a special performance in Manila on April 5, 2014 to offer an extravagant musical dose to all his keen fans in Philippines and the rest of the world. A part of Lionel Richie’s ‘All the Hits-All Night Long Tour’, the concert in Manila, Philippines is one of the most awaited events in entire Far East.

The concert will be Lionel Richie’s maiden performance in Philippines’ capital city after his successful concert performance in New Zealand.

The R&B icon is expected to entertain the audiences in Philippines with his everlasting romantic hits that have ruled the Billboard listing for long including Hello, Say You Say Me, Stuck on You, Easy, All Night Long, Endless Love and many more.

Five-time Grammy Award winner, Lionel Richie started his career with the legendary band The Commodores and composed, sang and featured in some of the biggest chartbusters including Brick House, Too Hot to Trot, Machine Gun, Easy, Sail On and Three Times A Lady.

In 1982, Richie went solo and went to entertain the audiophiles with hits like Truly, You Are, Ballerina Girl, Running with the Night and Dancing on the Ceiling. At the age of 64, Richie yet again ruled the Billboard chart for several months with his 2012 release, Tuskegee.

Besides Manila in Philippines, the Oscar and Golden Globe award winner musician will also perform live at some of the world’s most popular holiday hotspots including Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Dubai, Vancouver, Seattle, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Manchester, Chicago, Boston, Atlanta, Toronto and London as apart of his ‘All the Hits-All Night’ Long Tour.

Music lovers who are planning to invest on Manila flights and hotels to attend the concert and sing along the musical maestro may also explore countless attractions, partake in innumerable fun-filled activities and tease their taste buds to some of the most flavoursome cuisines in the city.

Lionel Richie’s concert, to be held at the Smart Araneta Coliseum in Manila, is sure to become the highlight for all those who have made flights and hotel arrangements for April 2014 holidays to Philippines’ colourful capital city.