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Enjoy Spain’s Fun-Packed La Tomatina Festival 2016!!

Spain’s popular food fight festival called La Tomatina is round the corner! Every year, this celebration takes place on the last Wednesday of August. Following the same trend, La Tomatina will be observed on 31st of August this year at the Plaza del Pueblo, Buñol. Around 150 tonnes of tomatoes are supposed to rain down on participants during the event!

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

The official festivity is scheduled to begin at 10 AM. The first challenge will be Palo Jabon, a long greased pole with ham on its top. To elaborate, a person needs to climb up the pole and make the ham drop. In the meantime, those on the ground sing and dance in circles. When this is done, a water shot is fired on air and soon the area turns red due to the abundance of smashed tomatoes. The estimated number of tomatoes used is around 150,000 kg. After exactly one hour, the fight ends with the firing of the second shot. Participants can clean themselves from the hoses that locals provide or go to the pool of “los peñones” to wash off.

Rules to Follow

•    Participants should not bring bottles or hard objects as they can cause harm

•    Participants need to squash the tomatoes before throwing them. This is done to lessen the impact

•    Participants must not tear anybody’s clothes while enjoying the festival

•    Participants need to maintain some distance from the trucks

•    Participants should immediately stop throwing the tomatoes after hearing the second shot


•    Closed shoes are best for La Tomatina. In flip-flops, participants might get hurt or can lose them easily during the battle

•    Amateur and professional photographers should bring waterproof cameras

•    Wear old clothes or ones that are not to be used again. During the battle, they might get damaged, torn or dirty

•    Goggles prove useful. If not using them, participants should have something to wipe their eyes

•    Both domestic and international travellers should  book accommodation in advance


International travellers can put up in the port city of Valencia and make a day trip to Buñol for the festival. There are packages available that include hotel accommodation and transportation. Needless to say, prices vary as per the stay preference.


There’s no definite evidence on how La Tomatina originated, but according to a popular theory, dissatisfied townspeople revolted and attacked the city councilmen with tomatoes during a celebration. The act of throwing tomatoes was enjoyed to such an extent that people continued to play it year after year. In 2002, La Tomatina of Buñol was declared a Festivity of International Tourist Interest by the Secretary Department of Tourism.

La Tomatina, the Tomato War of Spain

La Tomatina is a tomato fight festival celebrated on the last Wednesday of August every year. It is the highlight of a week-long local festival held in the honour of the the Virgin Mary and the town’s patron saint, San Luis Bertràn.

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

The festival is held in the town of Bunol near Valencia in Spain. The population of Bunol is nearly 9000 and at the time of Tomatina, almost 40000 to 50000 people have been known to come here from all across the world. But, since 2013 official tickets have been introduced to limit the number of participants to 20,000.

History of La Tomatina

The first Tomatina was held in 1945, but no one seems to know how it all started. Some say it began as a fight amongst some friends, while others claim it all started at an anti-Franco rally. A vegetable stall is the common element of every story! It is said that people pelted each other with tomatoes from this stall. This practice was suppressed by the authorities initially, but in 1959 they eventually got into the spirit of the festival and became a part of it.

Funny Fight at La Tomatina

On the day of the great tomato battle, local shopkeepers thoroughly cover the windows of their shops with plastic sheets and thousands of locals and tourists come out on the streets, and so do trucks loaded with around 125,000 kilos of ripe tomatoes. Between 11am and 1pm, the streets are flooded with squashed tomatoes and tomato juice; footways are splashed with pulp and puree; and the participants are covered in red. Water cannons are fired to signal the start of the great tomato war.  Once the fight begins, it’s with everybody and for everybody; because every person after a few minutes looks the same–covered in squashed tomatoes.

Tomatina Tickets

Until a few years ago people in large numbers were coming from all the parts of the world to participate in the festival. In fact, the numbers started swelling to around 50,000. This caused security concerns as Bunol is a very small place and finally the town council of Bunol limited the number of participants to 20,000 by issuing tickets to the ones wishing to take part in the festival. A ticket costs nearly €10 and can be easily reserved online. Alternatively, you can also book an all inclusive, organised tour package to enjoy the La Tomatina.

Some Wacky, but Exhilarating Global Festivals You Should Attend in 2015

What do you like about a festival? The gifts? The decorations? The food? How about enjoying fun gambols like throwing tomatoes, of course the squeezed ones, at random people or dressing up as boogieman? There are many such wacky and wild fests, celebrated around the globe, which offer fun experiences of their own. If you are looking for something incredible, here are some festivals you can plan to attend.

Eeyore’s Birthday Party in Austin, Texas

Everyone loves to attend a birthday party. But what if it is of a donkey? Each April, Austin, the capital of Texas, USA, celebrates one such party and that too with wonderful enthusiasm. Thousands of people, locals as well as tourists, who have spent on air tickets for the metropolis, gather in Pease Park and enjoy live music, dance, horrid costumes and various weird activities. The event is usually held on the last Saturday of April and is named in honour of Eeyore, a depressed donkey from the AA Milne’s Winnie-the-pooh stories.

Mud Festival, South Korea

Mud Festival by Shawn Perez/ CC BY

Mud Festival by Shawn Perez/ CC BY

Wondering why tons of travellers board flights to South Korea during summers? It’s because of the marvellous Mud Festival that takes place in Boreyeong in mid July! A feast for the eyes, the event features many enchanting shows and lively street parades with bands, dancers and jugglers. But the real thrill is created when everyone is smeared with gray mud!! The mud, despite being filthy, has various medicinal properties and hence is beneficial for skin. People who plan to experience this unrivalled thrill should buy tickets for Seoul, from where Boreyeong is about 200km away.

La Tomatina, Spain

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

Another crazy fest that draws people from various parts of the globe, La Tomatina is held in Spain’s city of Buñol on the last Wednesday of August, every year. People throw tomatoes on each other and enjoy music and dance in large tubs full of tomato juice. Make sure to get your full body wax done, if you’re hoping to buy tickets for flights to partake in this wonderful event!!

Lath-Mar Holi

Lath-Mar Holi  by gkrishna38/ CC BY

Lath-Mar Holi by gkrishna38/ CC BY

Holi is a festival in India where people throw coloured water on each other. But how about playing it with bamboo sticks? Balloons or tomatoes were fine, but bamboo sticks? Don’t worry; you don’t need to take part in it! Just come to India to witness this exhilarating form of festival! People around Mathura, a small town in Indian state of Utter Pradesh, gather to play Lath-Mat Holi, every year. As per the rituals, men from Mathura and nearby villages go to Barsana to throw colours on the village ladies. But, they are chased away, or beaten if they choose to stay, by the village women holding sticks. The entire scene is truly exhilarating and worth the money spent on travel tickets and holiday deals. Many cultural programmes can also be enjoyed during this fest in India.

Top Free Attractions in Barcelona, Spain that Becharm All

Barcelona is a beautiful city that’s graced with infinite charms. The region’s cultural charisma is too majestic to be ignored by anyone who disembarks from the plane that land in the city. The city’s bars and restaurants are wonderful and the upscale ones can really delight the taste buds of yours. Yes, it has to be agreed that Barcelona, in specific and Spain in general, are expensive places to spend few weeks in. But, that doesn’t mean that those with no-so-heavy-wallets cannot enjoy their time in region. Take a look at different attractions/activities that are absolutely free for travellers who don’t wish to spend more after investing on flights, tickets, hotels, etc.

Barcelona by Bert Kaufmann/ CC BY

Barcelona by Bert Kaufmann/ CC BY


Barcelona has some wonderfully delightful beaches and enjoying most of them doesn’t cost much! Penny-pinchers can try lazing around the Barceloneta, one of the most popular beaches of Spain. Enjoy a cool drink at any of the many beach bars or even more affordably, enjoy reading an interesting book! It costs nothing.

People Watching

‘People watching’ is perhaps the most enthralling part of a holiday for many. Nothing beats the charm of checking out the local crowd as they go about their usual routine! The tourist in you might take delights in locating a range of characters walking on the streets. El Raval, a neighbourhood in the Ciutat Vella district of Barcelona, is a nice place to people watch! From students to backpackers, all sorts are found here.


Spain is a sort of repository, with many grand monuments of great cultural and historical interest in Barcelona representing that Spanish feature! Travellers who spend on flights and are willing to move around in search of significant marvels might find the Colombus monument and the grand Arc de Triomf the perfect venues to enjoy penniless sightseeing.

Mercat de la Boqueria

Tourists may wish to soak in some local flavours at the Mercat de la Boqueria, a famous indoor market hall. This is a great place for tourists to check out the several Spanish colours that are illustrated by the merchants and tradesmen. Roam around the place and take it all in!

Most Exciting festivals to Experience a Thrill-filled Holiday in Spain

Thrilling vibe of Spain is flaunted by several jaw-dropping and heart-pounding fiestas. To add novelty to your adventure experiences, plan a trip during below mentioned fiestas to your travel itineraries. These are jovial and certainly worth the cost of air tickets for flights arriving in Spain.

Pyrenees to Costa Brava Bike

One of the most exciting events of Spain that compel holidaymakers to grab flights tickets is Pyrenees to Costa Brava Bike Tour. This thrilling event commences from the impressive Barcelona, allowing bikers to complement and praise the stunning views. The route is filled with a wide plethora of attractions, which are unique to the destination. One may even sight the wonderful train for the Tour De France while passing through the breathtakingly beautiful routes to French Pyrenees. Keen bikers can further climb and descend from one of the highest cemented roads in the Pyrenees (La Collada de Toses), and enjoy the tempting Catalan fusion cuisine.

Costa Brava Bike by Arturo Espinosa/ CC BY

Costa Brava Bike by Arturo Espinosa/ CC BY

La Tomatina

This week-long gala event comes packed with a repertoire of events that include music concerts, fashion parades and fireworks. It is a food fight festival that usually takes place on the last Wednesday of August every year in the Bunol near to Valencia in Spain. The festival starts after a brave soul climbs up a two-story high wooden pole to reach the coveted ham at the top. Renowned as ‘World’s Biggest Food Fight’, it is one of the reasons why tickets on Spain bound flights remain revered commodity especially before and during August.

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

La Tomatina by Graham McLellan/ CC BY

Running of the Bulls

Promising a near-death experience to the participants, Running of the Bulls in the old town of Pamplona is one of the most thrilling and breath-taking festivals in the entire world. During this festival, people in large groups assemble awaiting the official commencement by the mayor. Minutes after the announcement is made, a rocket is fired towards the sky and the partying begins with great fun and excitement. The run starts at 8 am in the morning from a particular place where the bulls are kept and ends in the Pamplona’s bullring.  The thrill begins just after the bulls are released and they approach in a very fast speed towards the partakers. The total stretch is of over 825 meters and the average time of the run is over 3 minutes.

Running of the Bulls by Chelsea Nesvig/ CC BY

Running of the Bulls by Chelsea Nesvig/ CC BY

Best Bicycle Tours in the World That Every Bicycle Enthusiast Must Try At Least Once

Exploring new places, finding new adventures are not everyone’s cup of tea. But for those who have passion, Mother Nature offers a myriad of destinations to explore. Some are breathtakingly beautiful, some are risky and some are simply both. People who have a love for bicycle tours, there are some really amazing tours not to be missed. Here are just four of them.

Connemara, Mayo and Galway Safari (Galway, Ireland)

Galway by Bike week /CC BY

Galway by Bike week /CC BY

The eight day tour round trip from Galway is one of the reasons why people from around the world book flights tickets to Galway. As the area of West Ireland is far from the hustle and bustle of cities and tourist crowds, one can witness the unspoiled views of nature en route. Organized by Cycling Safaris, the trip includes seven nights’ stay with the traditional Irish cuisine breakfast and evening meal, a bike rental, a guide in support van, route maps and many more.

Tasmania East Coast Classic Cycle Tour (Tasmania, Australia)

Tasmania  by LeeAnne Adams/CC BY

Tasmania by LeeAnne Adams/CC BY

Known for its lush farmlands and wine regions, Tasmania is a great place to explore. As you depart from Hobart, you will traverse a number of beautiful plains and vineyards. A number of coastal fishing towns can also be spotted. If you wish to stop over, there are some really nice beaches en route and finally, there are magnificent granite mountains of Freycinet National Park. Island Cycle Tours are the organisers of this tour.

Vermont and New York’s Lake Champlain (Vermont and New York State, USA)

Lake Champlain  by Alison and Fil/CC BY

Lake Champlain by Alison and Fil/CC BY

Being one of the largest lakes in USA, Lake Champlain offers a spectacular experience to its visitors at the time of the fall. The lake is situated between the Mountains and the Adirondack Mountains which make it even more beautiful to look at. Sojourn Bike Tours hosts this event and the trip includes a five nights’ accommodation, lavish meals, a cruise across the lake and lot more. There is always a van support available.

Pyrenees to Costa Brava Bike Tour (Catalonia, Spain)

Pyrenees  by Nelson L /CC BY

Pyrenees by Nelson L /CC BY

Start the journey at the stunning Barcelona and you will never be the same again, as the tour offers a number of attractions that are nowhere to be seen. Watch the pros train for the Tour De France as you pass the breathtakingly beautiful routes to French Pyrenees, climb and descent one of the highest paved roads in the Pyrenees (La Collada de Toses), savour the Catalan fusion cuisine – Bicycle enthusiasts who are blocking tickets on flights to Catalonia will find no dearth of attractions here.