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Top 15 Attractions and Activities for you in Downtown Los Angeles

Hollywood immediately strikes the mind when one thinks of Los Angeles. The vivacious city is full of entertainment.


Downtown Los Angeles offers an array of attractions, entertainment, and fun for travellers. With a lot to explore and enjoy in the city, it is on the holiday checklist of many a traveller. Here are some options for you.

1.    Griffith Observatory and Griffith Park

Visit the renowned Griffith Observatory to enjoy Hall of the Sky and Hall of the Eye. Discover the unknown facts and stories about the connections between man and space. Also, enjoy the stunning views of the city from the Griffith Park.

2.    Watts Towers

The unusual yet amazing creation of Italian-born tile-setter Simon Rodia, Watts Towers have been prepared using scrap metal. For three decades, Simon decorated 17 of the towers with mundane objects like green glass of 7-Up bottles. The tallest tower stretches around 100 feet into the sky.

3.    Disneyland

One is never too old to be in Disneyland. The world-popular venue of fun and entertainment offers a plethora of exciting rides together with Indiana Jones Adventure and Space Mountain.

4.    Los Angeles Conservancy Walking Tours

Travellers can discover the rich history and culture of Los Angeles by choosing a walking tour from the Los Angeles Conservancy. It includes a historical downtown tour and an art deco tour of nine buildings. Admire the architecture and charm of the city.

5.    Downtown Arts District

Explore the hidden art and talents on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles. The Downtown Arts District is a hub of jaw-dropping and amusing street art on Traction.

6.    Little Tokyo

Indulge in the lively culture, scrumptious food, and rich history of Japan at the Little Tokyo. The community in Downtown Los Angeles has Buddhist temples, Japanese restaurants, and Japanese gardens.

7.    Marvin Braude Bike Trail

Explore the popular Angeleno street tacos on bike or take a stroll down the Marvin Braude Bike Trail. It is also called as The Strand, stretched alongside the Pacific Ocean, from Will Rodgers State Beach to Torrance.

8.    Santa Monica Pier

What can be more thrilling than Santa Monica Pier? You will not regret spending your time riding the big ferry and playing various games to win prizes.

9.    Hollywood Walk of Fame and TCL Chinese Theatre

Enjoy the walk across the Hollywood Walk of Fame and TCL Chinese Theatre. The iconic pathway is not something to miss during a trip to Los Angeles.

10.    L.A. Central Library

The city is a haven for book lovers at its best! The L.A. Central Library is a hub of books from past to the recent times along with reading rooms steeped in the feel of early California.

11.    Blue Whale

The Weller Court in Little Tokyo is home to one of the best Jazz clubs in the city. Popular Blue Whales perform and entice every listener to the core. Immerse in the enticing jazz music till dawn at the club.

12.    Runyon Canyon

Enjoy the sunset overlooking the beautiful city of Downtown Los Angeles. Go hiking at Runyon Canyon and relish unmatched views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. Many celebrities also love to hike here.

13.    Chinatown

From rich culture to scrumptious food and friendly welcome by locals, Chinatown is way more than just another community arena. Treat yourself to delicious dim-sums and shu mai, whilst exploring the place.

14.    The Getty Center

One of the most popular attractions in the city, The Getty Center features a range of masterpieces pertaining to art and architecture as well as gardens and green lawns.

15.    Union Center for the Arts

The world-famous Union Centre for the Arts is a world related to visual art and artists. Visit to enjoy the grandeur and passion showcased inside.

Holidays to USA – Get Real About Your Dream Destination!

The United States of America is a dream destination for many travellers across the globe. It has innumerable tourist spots that range from amusement parks, historical monuments, restaurants to galleries.

The wide variety of stunning cities and towns will easily grab the attention of the trippers and make their journey a memorable one. But before packing your bags and boarding that flight to the “Land of the Free”, it is imperative that you learn as much as possible about this fabulous country.

USA Info graphic

Located by both the Atlantic Ocean and Pacific Ocean, the United States lies between Canada and Mexico in North America. The country is connected to all parts of the world with dozens of airlines serving the many airports here. Of course, it is the US based airlines that are most popular with travellers who are flying in to the country. American carriers such as Delta Air Lines, Southwest Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, and JetBlue Airways all have a wide global network  and connect US cities with top destinations around the world. When it comes to the busiest US gateways, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Los Angeles International Airport, O’Hare International Airport, and John F. Kennedy International Airport are some of the airports that handle most number of passengers annually. Large cities like New York and Los Angeles are served by multiple international airports.

USA is teeming with many fabulous tourist destinations, and each diametrically different from the other. While Orlando stands out as the finest family holiday destination, Las Vegas is preferred more by people with an urge to experience the pleasurable pursuits in life!

USA Info Graphics

There’s Los Angeles which seems to be the global capital of glitz and glamour but also Washington DC, a much more subdued city which is more likely to attract history and culture lovers. New York is undoubtedly the biggest city of them all and attracts all kinds of people, from prince to pauper. Miami, Boston, and Hawaii are some more fabulous places to visit in the US.

The number of tourist attractions/sites in the country runs into several hundreds. But keeping the cause of brevity in mind, we will only mention a handful of them. Of course, one just couldn’t keep out NYC’s [sg_popup id="58"]Times Square[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="63"]Statue of Liberty[/sg_popup] or [sg_popup id="65"]Central Park[/sg_popup] from any sightseeing list. There are at least a dozen more ‘must-sees’ in NYC but we move on.  [sg_popup id="59"]Grand Canyon[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="60"]Las Vegas Strip[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="61"]Golden Gate Bridge[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="62"]Niagara Falls[/sg_popup], [sg_popup id="64"]Walt Disney World[/sg_popup], Central Park, [sg_popup id="66"]White House[/sg_popup], and [sg_popup id="67"]Universal Studios Hollywood[/sg_popup] are some of the most famous tourist attractions across the USA.

Not many leisure travellers worry about the weather when they plan a visit to the US.  The USA is a large country with astounding seasonal variations. There is always some part of the country at its climatic peak no matter what time of year it is. In very broad terms, September-October is the best time to be in the country as most of the cities enjoy excellent weather during fall.

People in America love to have a good time with their friends and family and there are good many occasions in the calendar year to do so. From the global phenomenon New Year’s Eve to children favourite Halloween (31st October), there are plenty of events and festivals celebrated by people here. Independence Day (4th July), Martin Luther King Day (January), St. Patrick’s Day (March), Easter (Variable dates) and Thanksgiving (November) are few others.

American food is easily available all over the world but that doesn’t stop you from enjoying it here. From hot dogs to juicy steaks and from apple pies to nachos, you can have the most heart pleasing food here. The country also boasts some of the world’s top rated restaurants.

Finally, we come to tips and advice that could come in handy for you. U.S. medical costs are very expensive and it is highly recommended that you get a good travel health insurance plan. As mentioned above, weather varies a great deal in this large country, so come prepared with proper clothing. It is best that foreign tourists avoid getting into discussions on topics like war and gun control.

Astoria Music Festival – A Premium Musical Event in Portland, Oregon

Portland plays host to numerous colourful events, where music buffs get the chance to enjoy a variety of musical performances. Astoria Music Festival is one such event. Into its 13th year, this


festival is scheduled to be held from 13th to 28th June, 2015. This notable summer event is among the biggest music celebrations in Oregon and features numerous highlights and surprises for music aficionados. Let’s check out a few of them.

Gala Opening – All Beethoven

On 13th June, Liberty Theatre will host this gala event where the melodies of Beethoven, played by violinist and concert master of Los Angeles Philharmonic, Martin Chalifour, are sure to captivate your senses. This beguiling performance will be followed by a symphony.

Chamber Music Workshop

This 5-day workshop will begin on 24th June and allow you to participate in intensive coaching offered by the globally famous musicians, Cary Lewis and ENSO Quartet. The participants will also get to rehearse for ‘the Concert for Family and Friends’ as well as the Closing Ceremony. The tuition fee of the workshop includes admission to the festival events and entry to the chamber music concert where the workshop coaches perform.

Collaborative Keyboard Apprentice Program

This apprentice program is once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for keyboard players to assist the chamber music preparation and performances by notable artists. Besides, they will get to help the participants of the Vocal Apprentice Program in rehearsals. Musicians selected for this apprentice programme are entitled to full scholarship on tuition fee.

Grand Finale – Donizetti’s MARIA STUARDA (Mary, Queen of Scots)

Scheduled for 28th June at Liberty Theatre, this concert portrays a fascinating political story, which features famous characters such as Queen Elizabeth I, Duke of Leicester, Earl of Shrewsbury and Lord Cecil to name a few. The music is played by Astoria Festival Orchestra, Festival Chorus and Apprentice Vocal Artists.

3 Top Spots For Pizza Lovers Booking Flights to Los Angeles


For cinema lovers, Hollywood dreamers as well as wannabes, Los Angeles is definitely a paradise. However, if you think the glamorous city is only about its glitzy portrayal, ask from epicureans; they give you more reasons to book flights to this ostentatious destination. Gastronomic richness of the metropolis is evident from the city’s restaurants that serve cuisines from across the globe. But Los Angeles shows a special respect towards Italian delights. Let’s check few restaurants that top the list of pizza lovers.


Foodies craving to satiate their appetite with Italian specialties while holidaying in Los Angeles must add Sotto to the travel itineraries. This upscale joint is famous for its pastas and dishes from the southern part of the country but pizzas served here leave guests asking for more. Gastronomes reserving seats on flights arriving in this city must try Neapolitan Pizza at this restaurant which is cooked in a wood burning oven. Delicious desserts and a variety of drinks add to the scrumptiousness of pizzas.

Pizzeria Mozza

Out of innumerable pizza eating spots in Los Angeles, why you should opt for this? Here’s the explanation. Unlike traditionally made Neapolitan pizza, the chefs prepare airy and burnt pizzas with crispy and very thin in the centre. Aglio E Olio, Pizzette and Bianca are few notable varieties that foodies can’t compromise. Holidaymakers boarding LA flights and intending to dine at this sophisticated eating spot can also try Ribs Al Forno, Napolitana and Pane Bianco.

800 Degrees

No, it’s not the temperature of the restaurant but if you start rating the taste on ‘degrees’ this restaurant will score more than 800 degrees for sure. Their quick service sets them apart from other food joints in Los Angeles. Their menu features an array of pizzas however, if you are looking for a customized one with your favourite ingredients, it won’t be a challenge for the expert chefs. Besides pizzas, their menu also features an extensive list of salads and pies that make an interesting combination.

Top 3 Kids-Centric Facets of Los Angeles

Undoubtedly, Los Angeles is best known for the glittering ambiance of Hollywood but there is more to the city for families booking flights to the City of Angels along with their kids. The glitzy metropolis is dotted with amusement parks, beaches and scores of attractions that keep children asking for more. If you are planning your next vacation to LA, don’t compromise on taking young travellers to these sites.


Aquarium on the Pacific

The Pacific Ocean hides several treasures of nature beneath its pristine waters. If your kids keep querying about the world that lies underwater, Aquarium on the Pacific is the place that should be on your priority list while reserving flights to Los Angeles. This is one of the largest aquariums in the USA and gives flights to the fancies of those yearning for a close encounter with sharks, rays, whales, butterfly fish and octopuses. Crazy Submarine rides are meant for young tourists with a sense of exploration.

Pacific Park

Santa Monica is a must-visit attraction for tourists boarding flights landing at Los Angeles. PacificPark here cannot be overlooked, if accompanied with children. This is the only place in this world where you can enjoy a ride on Ferris Wheel, which is powered by solar energy. Steel Roller Coasters in addition to several other jaw dropping rides make for an impressive kids-specific draw in Los Angeles. Apart from being one the oldest seaside parks in the country, it is also famous for its traditional arcade games such as Riptide Ring Toss, Wac-A-Mole, Pier Plank Plunge, Break a Plate and Roller Derby.

Winnick Family Children’s Zoo

Located in Los Angeles Zoo, it should be a part of the itineraries of travelers purchasing tickets on flights destined for the urban area. This state-of-the-art children’s zoo boasts a petting zoo, an adventure theater, an animal care centre, a cave and pop-up bubbles through which little ones can admire prairie of dogs. At Muriel’s Ranch, you can touch the goats and sheep and get acquainted with wildlife at adventure theater. Neil Papiano Play Park is a playground located on premises where families can arrange a picnic.

A Brief Guide to Popular Family-Friendly Hotels in Los Angeles

Hotels in Los AngelesWhile Los Angeles is best known for its glitz and glamour, there are many fascinating attractions that overwhelm the family vacationers arriving in the city. From laid-back gardens to action-packed amusement parks and a number of entertaining as well as informative museums; the captivating metropolis in the USA has it all! Quite naturally, Los Angeles tickles the fancy of families booking tickets aboard flights for a fun-filled holiday in the country. Besides, a panoply of hotels provide fitting accommodation in the city adding more to the pleasure of families booking tickets on cheap flights for holidays to the USA.

Here is a rundown of some popular family-friendly hotels in Los Angeles.

Magic Castle Hotel

Situated near the Hollywood’s Castle Magic, this well-renowned property is perhaps the best bet for family-travellers holidaying in Los Angeles. The massive hotel has over 40 rooms and offers excellent amenities and revered hospitality. But what makes it popular among families is that it lets its guests enjoy awesome magic shows at the Castle Magic, along with various recreational facilities. Kids will also love the thrill of swimming in a heated pool here. Rooms are well designed and are equipped with many family-friendly amenities. Surely, a stay here lives up to every penny spent by families on buying air tickets onboard scheduled direct/indirect flights for holidays in this vibrant city of the USA.

Hotel Bel-Air

This luxurious hotel is located at the Stone Canyon Rd and is away from the hullabaloo of the city. It boasts a wide range of facilities that bring smile on even the most cynical lips. There is a nice swimming pool available for both kids and adults. A wonderful spa with great attendant here offers an array of holistic health treatments. Food seems to be the other indulgence at Hotel Bel-Air; Multi-cuisine restaurants in the hotel serve a variety of delicacies from across the world promising something for every platter. A plethora of game facilities are also available to please the young ones. With all this and more, the property remains a perennial hit and catches the fancy of many family vacationers who buy cheap deals for tickets aboard the USA bound flights.

Top Fine Dining Restaurants for Epicureans to Los Angeles

Los Angeles, the gleaming jewel of USA is extremely popular for its electrifying nightlife, and amazing number of attractions steeped in invigorating charm. The place is also immensely popular for its fine dining restaurants that have been invariably winning the hearts of millions of excursionists boarding USA flights for the tour of the city. Take a look at the top dining venues of the town!


Michael Cimarusti’s Providence in Los Angeles serves remarkably flavoursome aquatic menu for the discerning sea food enthusiasts from USA, and from afar taking flights to the city. Connoisseurs to the venue can choose from various scrumptious delights that lavishly fill the menu. Some of the luscious fares one can sample here include maine lobster, king salmon, and Norwegian cod etc. And for the true epicureans who are all set to splurge, the restaurant’s fourteen to sixteen course chefs’ menu is a great choice to dig into the authentic delights. Though the sixteen course menu is pricey and expensive on pocket, it is worth the value of money spent on flights to the USA.


It’s not only its Michelin two star ranking that has been pulling crowds to try out the tempting delicacies of this outstanding venue, but also its fabulous ranking in the list of the best eateries of USA and its top ranking in Zagat for being the best eatery in Los Angeles. Melisse has an expertise in delighting its valued patrons and epicureans disembarking USA flights at the city with its extraordinary French Cuisine served amidst contemporary and chic decor. The service of the restaurant is flawlessly immaculate and perfect, and dishes absolutely divine. No wonder, the venue ranks among the top eating choices of tourists buying seats on USA flights for the glittering Los Angeles.


What enraptures the guests at Hatfields, located in this gleaming city of USA, is the perfect symphony of flavours created by its chefs with the market fresh fare. The phenomenal food served in the soothingly contemporary settings and impeccable service adds to the popularity of dining experience here. All this and much more make it a favourite destination of both the locals and holiday makers reaching the city on Los Angeles flights from far and wide to unwind and chill out with families and pals. Croque Madame is one of the most delectable delights here that should not be missed out by the die-hard bon vivants.

Los Angeles – Top Reasons for its Popularity

Glittering with Pacific Ocean beaches and drenched in Hollywood’s flamboyance, down to the last detail; Los Angeles is hell-bent on taking the stage and be the cynosure. The USA’s second largest city is a Mecca where you celebrate life and delight in the best of museums, theatres, live music, shopping and nightlife. No wonder why cheap deals for flights to Los Angeles vanish like greased lightning and are sold as soon as they are announced!

Los Angeles Flights


Touring Hollywood remains a quintessential Los Angeles activity for almost every tourist taking flights to the city. Incorporating Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood Boulevard and Melrose Avenue, it is the heart and soul of the city. Hollywood Blvd. is renowned for entertainment history while Sunset Blvd. teeming with myriad clubs and pubs is the party capital. Melrose Ave, on the other hand, is a compelling stop for indulge in shopping spree and intoxicating nightlife. There is a world of attractions including Griffith Park Observatory, Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Hollywood Wax Museum, Ripley’s Believe it or Not and Hollywood Bowl.


A jewel in the crown of Los Angeles, it is the globe’s most prominent amusement park and undeniably the biggest lure setting millions on a mad scramble for tickets on flights to this American metropolis. The magical kingdom is categorised into themed lands namely, Main Street USA, Tomorrowland, Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland and Toontown, each packed with umpteen rides and entertainment. Here, age is no bar and dreams are reality! Highlights include Star Tours, Indiana Jones Adventure, Haunted Mansion Space Mountain and much more. Nearby is Disneyland California featuring theme areas representing California. You can enjoy the wonders of Golden Gate Bridge and then make way to Paradise Pier, Hollywood Pictures Backlot and Golden State for having a whale of time. The marvellous experience of visiting Disneyland is a true reward for those who strive hard to get deals for flight tickets for holidays to Los Angeles.

Top Two Los Angeles Airport Hotels At A Glance

Los Angeles flightsConsidering the abundance of hotels in close proximity to Los Angeles International Airport (LAX); business and time-pressed travellers taking flights to LAX certainly enjoy best in services, amenities and hospitality. They comfortably stay and take advantage of convenient location near the major, international gateway of the city. Take a look at two of the most popular hotels ranking high on the itinerary of tourists who reserve tickets aboard Los Angeles flights and seek accommodations near LAX.

Crowne Plaza Hotel

Connected to the terminals by a complimentary shuttle bus service, the on-site property boasts trendy club, chic restaurant and high tech fitness centre. The standard rooms featuring Wi-Fi, a cable TV, spacious work desk and an array of mod cons ensure rewarding stay. Designed to cater to varied tastes and preferences of the guests, Crowne Plaza undeniably makes for an apt option for all and sundry. Whether you are working, meeting or dining, it has something for everyone. No wonder why swarms of time pressed vacationers taking flights arriving in Los Angeles prefer to book this with the plush property.

Holiday Inn

Holiday Inn situated less than 1.2 miles from the gateway, is a comparatively cheap option. With elegant décor, business-friendly amenities, free Wi-Fi access, outdoor heated pool, classy lounge and much more, it has everything what travellers grabbing tickets on Los Angeles flights seek in an apt accommodation. The Executive Club level rooms are intricately decorated and feature a fine set of standard facilities like mini refrigerator, daily USA Today delivered Monday to Friday, work desk, additional bath amenities and much more. Guests can also take advantage of 24-hour, complimentary shuttle that operates every 15 minutes. In addition, its fitting location close to aerospace defence industry, giants namely Neutrogena and entertainment options like Manhattan Beach, Hollywood or Disneyland is added fillip for those lodging here.