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Top 3 African Adventure Destinations to Plan Holidays

Do you often dream climbing a lofty mountain? Do the sudden calls of wild animals fascinate you? Or does the captivating world under water entice you? If it’s a ‘yes’ for any of the above mentioned queries, Africa is perhaps the ideal place to head to!


Featuring vast deserts, dense rain forests, soaring mountains and tumbling waterfall; Africa promises a wonderful holiday experience to adrenal junkies boarding flights to the destination. Besides, the opportunity to witness the exotic wild species from East and South Africa at a close proximity set thousands of adventure enthusiasts on a mad scramble for flights to many destinations in this continent. Let’s check out top three amazing countries in Africa which are sure to give flights to your fancies!


Kenya and wildlife safari are synonymous! Home to Africa’s Big Five, the country remains one of the best places for Safari in Africa. A safari in Kenya offers a chance to encounter the Big Five as well as other species of the animal kingdom while travelling through the dense forests and the open savannas. NairobiNational Park and Masai Mara are the top two reasons that play a vital role in the sale of air tickets to this East African country.

South Africa

Addo Elephant National Park in South Africa remains a priority for many wildlife enthusiasts looking for deals on flights for holidays in Africa. Founded in 1931, this third largest nature reserve of South Africa houses more than five hundred elephants. Apart from these huge mammals, this park boasts cape buffalos, dung beetles, hyenas, and African penguins; and a glimpse of this rich wilderness is being worth to the cost of flights to South Africa.


Walk High and Sleep Low! If this is what you follow while travelling, a trek to Tanzania’s Mount Kilimanjaro would be a great experience! Located in East Africa, this 19,336 feet high snow covered peak is considered as world’s tallest walkable mountain. This six day trek will take the hikers from different climate zone and one does not need to be an expert to climb the summit.