Interesting Things to Do in Singapore in February

Listed amongst the most visited tourist destinations of the world, Singapore draws travellers all throughout the year with its exceptionally green environment, cultural diversity, enormous shopping malls, exhilarating nightlife and more. However, the month of February is more Singapore inviting with an ideal medley of picturesque bio diverse setting, amazing weather, profuse festivities and the hint of ethnic roots amidst high flying structures.

Here’s the list of some interesting things to do in Singapore in the month of February:

Delight in the red vibe of Chinese New Year

The red festive feel of Singapore in the month of February is a hit among tourists from different parts of the world. The city celebrates Chinese New Year in this month and turns into a sight to behold with the bright colours, non-stop revelry and sheer exuberance. Visitors would love to Chinese New Yeardiscover a full Chinese vibe across the delightfully lighted streets, sprawling markets and fascinating river cruises, and will enjoy delectable Chinese cuisines all across the markets. The Chingay parade on this day is a unique event which is a treat to attend and just perfect to enrich your knowledge of the Chinese culture.

Go to night safari

Night Safari in Singapore is quite popular among wildlife lovers from all over the world; and February, being characterised by pleasant nights which are neither very cool nor too hot, is considered to be an ideal time for night safari in the city. Next to the Singapore Zoo, the Night WildlifeSafari is the world’s first safari park to spot nocturnal animals. You can visit here with your family and friends, and feel the adrenaline rush taking a tram ride or walking the trails frequented by a wide variety of fauna.

Be a part of Thaipusam Galore

Held in February, Thaipusam Galore is an annual religious festival of Singapore celebrated to showcase pure devotion and sacrifice of material and physical desires. Visitors can experience the city’s cultural diversity and colourful traditions being a part of the festival. It is a two day celebration full of colours and fun when Hindu devotees seek blessings, fulfil vows and offer thanks. The cultural performances by males and females dressed in brightly coloured traditional attires, and breathtaking fireworks are a major draw of the festival.

Experience the city’s stunning skyline

There’s something magical about Singapore’s skyline that draws a majority of visitors all throughout the year. However, it can be best experienced in the month of February with clear lighted sky from Mount Faber – the second highest hill of Singapore. You will take the hassle Skyscrapersfree cable car ride to this mountain and enjoy the best view of the coveted skyscrapers while delighting in the natural backdrop that creates a beautiful sight. This will certainly make you understand why Singapore is termed as the powerhouse city.

Have an exciting shopping experience

The weather in Singapore in the month of February is quite pleasant and there’s a chance of rains. It is the best time to go out and indulge into an exhilarating shopping extravaganza. VivoCity – the largest shopping mall in Singapore is a perfect place for an ideal shopping day with family and friends. You can shop at a number of exclusive fashion brands, enjoy a variety of delectable delicacies at multi-cuisine restaurants or simply relax at the theatres with a tub of popcorn and a good movie.